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Numerous ancestors associates of Spokane-area Afghan refugees accept been larboard in Kabul, a basic beyond than any added American burghal but New York.

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Old Style and New Style dates – Simple English Wikipedia, the free | How To Write The Date In Old English

It’s a Sunday in backward August, eight canicule afore the aftermost American soldier will leave Afghanistan.

Kazim Abdullahi, a association agent for the Apple Relief refugee resettlement agency, is camped out at a barbecue table at Friendship Park in Spokane. At atomic 50 Afghan families beleaguer him, affairs up admonition on their phones, assuming him IDs, agriculture him basic capacity on the ones they love.

A few weeks beforehand — as the American aggressive began affairs out of Afghanistan, as a attenuated Afghan government rapidly collapsed, as a resurgent Taliban administering swept beyond the country — Kazim beatific out a ambulatory cry to the bounded Afghan association to accompany him at Friendship Park.

“We started autograph bottomward the names of the ancestors associates larboard behind,” Kazim says.

Four added agents associates from Apple Relief appear to help. One bounded ancestors gives them the names of four relatives. But addition has a account of 90 — families run big in Afghanistan — all trapped in Kabul.

Kazim is typing, admonition it all into English, converting dates from the Islamic to the Gregorian calendar, and agriculture it into an Excel spreadsheet. Aboriginal name. Aftermost name. Date of birth. Abode of birth. Authorization number. Reasons their lives may be in added danger.

The achievement is that if they get the account to the appropriate people, at atomic some of those bodies could still be rescued.

As the sun sets, as his laptop array drains away, as President Joe Biden’s Aug. 31 abandonment borderline draws closer, they accomplishment a account of 2,000 names. Kazim allotment the abutting two days, and they appear up with 500 more.

“I’m aloof aggravating to save as abounding as possible,” Kazim says. “That’s what I accept my job is.”

Across two countries, endless refugees, veterans, politicians and above contractors were all aggravating to save accompany and ancestors who faced Taliban checkpoints, airport mobs, a abnormal ascendancy and an absurd deadline.

And in best cases, for all their efforts, those accompany and ancestors associates didn’t get out. Alike afore that aftermost flight aerial off from the Kabul tarmac, Kazim knew it was too backward for many.

Five canicule afore the American aggressive left, he got a call: A suicide bombing had targeted the throngs of Afghans awash alfresco the gates of Kabul’s airport. Thirteen Americans and over 160 Afghan civilians were dead.

“I accept pictures, videos, of those bodies, that bodies are sending me,” Kazim says.

Some of those bodies, he says, were names on his list.

And he believes those deaths were alone the start. Canicule afore the withdrawal, he abashed that those larboard abaft — including some of his own ancestors and Afghans like him who’d helped the American aggressive — will be larboard with alone one option.

“Wait for the time to appear and absolutely the Taliban will annihilate them,” Kazim says. “That’s all.”

Young Kwak photo

World Relief Association Agent Kazim Abdullahi, who came to Spokane on a Special Immigrant Acceptance eight years ago, says America’s abandonment does not beggarly the end of the violence. “It’s the alpha of the war,” he says.


His above co-worker, Baumgartner writes to the U.S. government, was “an exemplary, talented” affiliate of the aggregation who provided acute operational abutment “as they fought adjoin the opium poppy that is so annihilative for Afghanistan.” Now, Baumgartner writes, this aide “fears for his activity and his family.”

In 2009, Baumgartner had been a noncombatant counternarcotics adviser in Helmand province, one of the best alarming genitalia of Afghanistan and one of the world’s bigger producers of actionable opium.

Sayed — to assure him, the Inlander is not appliance his absolute name — was the team’s appointment manager.

He was “positive, agog and warm,” Baumgartner says. He’d action tweaks to the clear architecture of the team’s anti-poppy PSAs. He’d bang Pakistani pop songs on apathetic Thursday afternoons. He had able opinions on WrestleMania. Aback Eleanor Mayne, the team’s added noncombatant adviser, had a birthday, he commissioned a block — complete with Afghan-flag-colored frosting squiggles and the bulletin “The-31-Birthday-Miss-Eleanor.”

Like abounding bodies in Helmand, Sayed had developed up acutely poor. While the Afghanistan government alone paid $100 to $200 a month, Sayed got $600 for alive on Baumgartner’s team, a buoy for the adolescent man who proudly showed off his baby son to his office.

But the big bacon came with crosshairs: The Taliban’s abuse for alive with a non-Muslim government was death.

Baumgartner larboard Afghanistan afterwards seven months. He affiliated Eleanor, got adopted to the Washington accompaniment Senate, and in 2011, wrote an op-ed blue-blooded “Time to leave Afghanistan,” declaring that the “bipartisan embarrassment is costing lives” and was bedevilled to fail.

And Sayed? In 2012, a car bomb went off at Sayed’s appointment in the Helmand basic of Lashkar Gah, killing assorted co-workers and abasing others. He couldn’t aloof leave. Afterwards a acceptance to addition country, he couldn’t alike get on a plane.

Yet aloof as his assignment put his activity in danger, it additionally gave him an escape route: If you could prove he’d been alive with the Americans connected abundant and that his activity was in danger, he could get a Special Immigrant Acceptance — SIV, for abbreviate — and he would be able to abscond Afghanistan for America.

After all, that was how Kazim came to Spokane. He’d spent bristles years allowance the Americans in Kabul as a translator and computer expert. But eventually, he started accepting a lot of bearding threats and bare to get out.

Thanks to the SIV program, Kazim says, he accustomed in America about eight years ago.

Sayed applies for the aforementioned affairs in 2017, which requires an busy alternation of government-mandated hoops — like including belletrist from Baumgartner and added able supervisors, and proving his activity is absolutely in danger.

In sometimes-broken English, he absolutely capacity the threats he’d faced on his application: the “huge car bomb explosion”; the drive-by ballista who accursed on his car; the alarming buzz calls from alien numbers; the actuality that his home apple was a Taliban bastion while the burghal he formed in was “under the attacks of insurgents every day and night.”

“I accept the appropriate to alive with my ancestors in a safe location,” Sayed writes. “Otherwise they will annihilate me.”

And afresh all he can do is wait. Months go by. Years go by. He hears nothing. He goes about his life, a afterlife book looming.

By 2020, a address from the Accompaniment Department’s ambassador general, or centralized watchdog, had appear aloof how bankrupt the SIV approval action was. The excess was bad — over 10,000 applications — afore President Donald Trump took office. It got worse beneath Trump. The official in allegation of administering the affairs larboard and was never replaced. Emailed applications sat unopened for 30 days. Alike as the applications accumulated up college and higher, added agents associates were never hired.

And aback COVID-19 hit, the action went from bizarre to absolute Kafkaesque: Completing the action about consistently appropriate an in-person account at the U.S. Admiral in Kabul. But with the coronavirus rampant, they weren’t accomplishing in-person interviews in Kabul.

Sayed submitted his SIV appliance in the aboriginal summer of the Trump administration. It’s alone at the actual end of Trump’s administering — October 2020 — that he gets a response.

It’s a rejection.

The arrangement cardinal he’d submitted, the letter stated, “was allegorical in U.S. Government databases.”

Yet, addition accessory with the exact aforementioned arrangement cardinal got approved, Baumgartner says.

How to say the DATE in English
How to say the DATE in English | How To Write The Date In Old English

“They were authoritative a lot of impaired denials,” able clearing advocate Margaret Stock says about the SIV process. “Like somebody who couldn’t apprehend actual able-bodied was account the packets.”

Instead of actuality acquisitive to accomplish the affairs run smoothly, Stock says some in the Accompaniment Department didn’t assume to appetite bounded Afghan staffers to be able to arrive to America too easily. If a bounded Afghan analyst at the Kabul embassy, say, confused to the United States, the Accompaniment Department would accept to go analytic for a replacement.

Whether the botheration was illiteracy, aloofness or anti-immigrant antipathy, politicians beyond the alley abuse the flaws in the SIV affairs as one of the bigger failures of the withdrawal.

“When it bureau activity or afterlife for our trusted allies, we can’t let ascendancy and red band angle in the way,” Democratic Sen. Patty Murray says in a statement.

Still, the Trump administering had fabricated above advance on addition antecedence in Afghanistan. In February 2020, Trump addled a deal. Trump, who thundered adjoin the U.S. for swapping bristles Taliban prisoners to chargeless “traitor” soldier Bowe Bergdahl, active a accord with the exact aforementioned barter bulk — 5,000 Taliban soldiers freed in barter for 1,000 Afghan prisoners.

The Taliban swore not to abutment terrorism. In turn, the United States promised to alpha affairs out of Afghanistan.

“When it bureau activity or afterlife for our trusted allies, we can’t let ascendancy and red band angle in the way.”

To a man like Kazim, the angle of dupe the Taliban’s chat is acutely insulting.

“If they say that ‘we are not activity to annihilate you,’ the aboriginal actuality they’re activity to annihilate is you,” Kazim says. “They’re not humans. They’re monsters.”

He was a adolescent in 1989 aback the Soviets larboard his country. But he knows what happened next: The Taliban rose up and bedeviled power, outlawing music, banning women from school, captivation accessible executions and massacring civilians.

“We are aback about 30 years ago,” he says. What has happened afore in Afghanistan, Kazim predicts, is “going to appear afresh and afresh and again.”


This June, Apple Relief, the bureau that resettles refugees in Spokane, abutting 56 added faith-based organizations in a letter argumentation with the government to accept a plan to abandon the added than 17,000 awaiting Afghan SIV applicants. Fly them to a country like Guam for processing, they propose, afore affairs out the aggregate of our military.

“We’ve been authoritative that address to the Biden administering for months, and frustratingly, they didn’t act aloft it,” says Matthew Soerens, Apple Relief’s civic administrator of abbey mobilization.

Courtesy of Eleanor Baumgartner

Civilian counternarcotics adviser Eleanor Baumgartner (right) with Brigadier Accepted Khatool Mohammadzai, the aboriginal changeable paratrooper in Afghanistan.

Some Afghans, including a few of Kazim’s ancestors members, were in denial.

“I alleged them, allurement them, ‘Please leave the country,'” Kazim says. “‘You accept the advantage to go now. Don’t absence it.'”

But others apperceive absolutely what’s happening.

On July 21, Eleanor — now Eleanor Baumgartner — heard from an old friend: In an email blue-blooded “need your help,” Sayed alerts her that his burghal of Lashkar Gah was beneath annoy by the Taliban, and he badly needs abutment for his SIV appliance appeal.

Her husband, Michael, now Spokane County’s treasurer, makes one aftermost address to the Accompaniment Department, autograph that the “rapidly breakable aegis bearings in Lashkar Gah” had put Sayed in abhorrent danger.

The action in Lashkar Gah rages for weeks, and on Aug. 13 avalanche to the Taliban. They booty Kabul two canicule later.

Courtesy of Eleanor Baumgartner

Michael Baumgartner (center) afore he was a accompaniment senator, belted by an Afghan ancient and badge officer.

As the Baumgartners alpha to broadcast Sayed’s case, it gets aggregate with not aloof politicians like Spokane’s Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, but with the ad hoc organizations — ones with names like Aggregation America and Task Force Dunkirk — that accept sprung up to admonition accomplishment efforts.

On Aug. 21, Sayed gets an email from a stranger.

“My name is Michelle,” she writes. “I’m actuality to admonition you get out.”

Sayed is wary. His accompany accept accustomed affected emails authoritative agnate claims.

But this one is legit. It’s from Michelle Ruehl, an Air Force Academy adviser who already flew 800 action hours over Afghanistan, but now is volunteering with an alignment alleged Allied Airlift 21.

Started as some West Point graduates aggravating to get their accompany out of Afghanistan, Allied Airlift 21 had acquired into article added ambitious, controlling aggregation affiliate Adam DeMarco tells the Inlander.

Like Kazim, they’d put calm a connected account of names. They put added than 50,000 Afghan names on their “Afghan Ally Register” and set about aggravating to accomplishment them.

First step? Get them to the airport.

“I apperceive this is hard,” Ruehl writes to Sayed in an email. “Please accumulate faith.”

But if he can get to the Kabul airport, she has a plan: Accept abundant food to ascendancy out for 48 hours. Go for the Arctic gate. Hug the southeast wall. Accumulate on the south ancillary of the road.

“You will accept to advance your way through the mob and get to area you can physically see the Marines,” she continues. “Make eye acquaintance with the Marine and HOLD UP THAT BLUE passport.”

Sayed weighs the risks. He has a wife. He has bristles kids. He has a acquaintance cogent him about battery in Kabul. Afresh again, aback he sees a Facebook rumor that Special Immigrant Visas had already been canceled, the abhorrence of actuality trapped overwhelms him.

“I can’t alive anymore in Afghanistan,” he writes. “I anticipate [we were] larboard behind. Please sister, I absolutely charge your assistance.”

On Aug. 25 — beneath than six canicule afore the aftermost burden jet lifts off in Kabul — Kazim sits bottomward with McMorris Rodgers to allotment the account of names he’d aggregate with Apple Relief.

He’s not as abashed about SIV holders or Americans as abundant as all the added ancestors associates of the Spokane Afghans who don’t accept anyone lobbying for them.

But there are alone so abounding aeroplane seats and alone so abundant time. Kazim says that McMorris Rodgers tells him that if Biden delays the withdrawal, they ability accept a bigger adventitious of actuality rescued. But for now? It’s mostly too late.

26 Easy Ways to Write the Date on a Letter - wikiHow
26 Easy Ways to Write the Date on a Letter – wikiHow | How To Write The Date In Old English

That aforementioned day, Sayed gets a bulletin from Ruehl with a change in instructions: Don’t go to Kabul.

“I am so apologetic my acquaintance but they are alone demography US passports,” Ruehl writes to Sayed. “I aloof don’t appetite you to booty the accident of activity all the way to the airport and afresh they about-face you back. … We are allurement our government to change what’s happening.”

But he additionally gets the bulletin he’d been cat-and-mouse on for four years: His SIV address had assuredly gone through. And this time, it worked.

He’d been disqualified acceptable for a Special Immigrant Visa. He still didn’t accept official approval to get on a plane, but he’d austere the bigger acknowledged hurdle to accurately break in America. The botheration was accepting there.

He decides to accident it.

“Eleanor, my wife is adage accost to you and your family,” Sayed writes in a WhatsApp bulletin afore he departs. “She is adage ‘Thank you so abundant for all the kindness….’ There [are] no words to express.'”

It’s over 430 afar from the Helmand arena to Hamid Karzai All-embracing Airport in Kabul. Google Maps says it’s at atomic a 14-hour drive on Civic Artery 01. And Sayed’s family, as war confusion their country, affairs to booty the bus.

There are Taliban checkpoints all forth the way. The abstracts he and his ancestors are accustomed — potentially their admission out — could get them asleep if discovered.

But Sayed hangs on to hope.

“Inshallah, there will be no botheration on the Kabul highway,” he writes.

For a abounding day, Eleanor doesn’t apprehend annihilation from Sayed.

Finally, he ancestor up on WhatsApp. He explains their bus had been damaged in Ghazni Arena — about centermost to Kabul — but he was already afresh on his way to the airport.

He’s still on the alley aback the airport bomb goes off.


Only three basic gates advance into the allotment of the airport controlled by American troops, and afterwards the bombing, the aggressive begins adjustment some of those shut.

Even before, accepting in could feel impossible. Kazim says his brother-in-law and his mother accustomed three times to get through the mob at the airport, alike as the Taliban would absolutely exhausted the army back.

“They had a freaking cable — like an electricity cable, one of those huge ability cables — and they would alpha hitting anybody who tries to get close,” Kazim says.

But finally, those ancestors associates got through. The flight lifts off. Kabul shrinks into the horizon. He calls them while they’re in Amsterdam.

“He showed me his back, all the signs of bruises acquired by that cable,” Kazim says. “He said, ‘Kazim, I’ve been there three days… but it was like three years.”

His beforehand sister tries, too, but never makes it through.

“‘Kazim, I went there,'” he recalls her saying. “‘They use gas. They use [rubber] bullets. I got hit. I got bruises.'”

For an Afghan woman, Kazim says, actuality ashore in a army with so abounding men apprenticed adjoin her was a decidedly actionable experience.

And for a ancestor like Sayed?

“This one video he shared, there was a 2-year-old, who was ashamed to afterlife — ashamed and covered in blood,” Eleanor Baumgartner says.

For him, there’s no affecting last-minute blitz for the airport. Alike if the above appointment manager, with his wife and bristles kids in tow, somehow managed to advance through the crowds, about the Taliban, and able the gates, to abode a absolutely completed Special Immigrant Acceptance into the easily of the exact appropriate American official, it wouldn’t accept mattered.

When the evacuations began, a government announcement had gone out, appliance the aforementioned ascendancy wielded to abandon the South Vietnamese during the abatement of Saigon, that meant that as connected as Sayed managed to get on the alike to the United States, he could accomplishment processing his SIV appliance while active in America.

But adjoin the end, alike Afghans accustomed absolutely accustomed SIV-stamped passports who’d risked their lives to admonition America were actuality angry abroad at the airport.

Stock, the able clearing attorney, says she heard that “somebody said they were alone declared to let citizens on.” Alike abounding American citizens weren’t accepting through.

Stock says a acquaintance of chastening at the Accompaniment Department was cogent her that “the White House is chief who lives and who dies appropriate now,” but she additionally says “nobody knew who the abracadabra person” absolutely was.

In the anarchy afterwards the bombing, Apple Relief alleged for the abandonment to be delayed able Aug. 31 “if that’s what it takes to save lives and accumulate our nation’s charge to our allies.”

Biden doesn’t budge. In fact, the Americans leave beforehand than abounding expected.

The aftermost American alike lifts off a minute afore clocks in Afghanistan beat over to Aug. 31 — a abounding 24 hours afore the borderline passed. The aboriginal abandonment is a appropriate choice, the New York Times explains, advised to abstain the accident of both agitator attacks or a billow of Afghans aggravating to board.

“I was not activity to extend this always war,” Biden said in a accent aftermost week. “And I was not activity to extend a always exit.”

On the one hand, the abandonment had been a arresting achievement: Over 122,000 Afghans and Americans had been airlifted out from Kabul in alone a few weeks. But the New York Times estimates that as abounding as 300,000 of our allies had been larboard behind.

“This is heart-wrenching,” McMorris Rodgers tells the Inlander. “We are abrogation abaft Americans and Afghan interpreters and added allies, abaft adversary lines. This is fundamentally wrong.”

Before the withdrawal, Kazim said, he helped at atomic 20 get out. But there are still bags on his account remaining.

McMorris Rodgers’ appointment had helped seven of the Afghans they were aggravating to abetment get to Washington, D.C., including a abundant woman and her husband. But 120 of the others her appointment had hoped to admonition remained abandoned in Afghanistan.

Diplomatic efforts to accomplishment Afghan allies will continue, the Biden administering stresses.

But for now, it’s demoralizing. On Twitter, Allied Airlift Controlling Administrator Mike Jason writes that “my accompany and I aloof emerged from two backbreaking agonizing weeks area we accustomed our damnedest to admonition abashed Afghan families run for their lives — mostly afterwards success.”

As for the paperwork that Afghans already hoped would save them?

Beowulf - Wikipedia
Beowulf – Wikipedia | How To Write The Date In Old English

“If bodies accept documents, the majority of people, they’re afire them,” DeMarco says. “They’re accepting rid of any ties to the U.S. government.”

Eleanor Baumgartner photo

The Registan Desert amid Helmand and the Spin Boldak bound bridge into Pakistan.


Millions of refugees, afterwards all, fled to Pakistan afterwards the 1979 Soviet aggression of Afghanistan.

One of the Baumgartners’ added Afghan contacts tried. He set out for the bound bridge at Spin Boldak, a boondocks southeast of Kandahar adjoining Pakistan. But hundreds of bags had the aforementioned idea. The crowds were alike worse than in Kabul. And afterwards a Kandahar-based Civic ID card, he couldn’t cross.

“He says he’s now deleting all English WhatsApp letters as he reads them,” Eleanor says. Actuality bent communicating with foreigners was too dangerous.

Kazim, however, says his oldest sister auspiciously got through. Speak Pashto, the accent of the Taliban, and pay off the appropriate bodies and you may accept a chance.

“It’s 50-50,” Kazim says. “Either they will let you go, or they will annihilate you.”

But DeMarco, with Allied Airlift, is certain.

“Whoever is still talking to Afghans directly, I angrily acquaint them, ‘Do not accelerate them to the borders,'” he says.

Pakistan’s borders are closed. If you go north, adjoin Uzbekistan, you accident hitting “the frontlines of what is a awaiting civilian war,” as the insubordinate armament try to bang aback adjoin the Taliban.

Even if they accomplish it, actuality a refugee can be brutal.

“Refugees accept waited a decade or added in a affected ambience — or active in a burghal in a adjoining country afterwards acknowledged cachet — afore they get resettled,” Soerens says.

The cerebral assessment of what they’ve gone through is immense. They’ll face ability shock, post-traumatic accent disorder, survivor’s guilt, abhorrence for those still larboard behind.

Baumgartner says one Afghan woman he helped get out was so abashed for her sons — one of them is in ambuscade from the Taliban — that she’s talking about aggravating to go aback to Afghanistan to admonition them.

Finally, Sayed makes his decision. He sends one added email to Ruehl: He acknowledgment her. He says he’s not activity to try to run for the border. He has children, he says, and doesn’t accept the affectionate of money to delay out the arctic SIV action in a adopted country.

He knows absolutely what it’s like to abound up in acrid bankrupt altitude far abroad from home. In his SIV application, he wrote about how, aback was a child, the Taliban regime’s abuse affected his ancestor to backpack to Pakistan.

Instead, he affairs to break in Afghanistan, he tells Ruehl, but to seek out a altered area “so that the Taliban [doesn’t] ability and acquisition me.”

DeMarco’s claimed advice? Break with Kabul.

For now, the eyes of the apple are laser-focused on the Afghan capital, and — abnormally abundant — the Taliban seems to appetite account from the all-embracing community.

“Ironically, the added abroad you get from the flagpole of the Taliban, the added anarchic it gets,” he says.


For them, the acceptable account is that there’s a fair bulk of bipartisan political abutment for Afghan refugees in Washington state.

While Idaho’s far-right Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin and above President Trump casting Afghan refugees as abeyant terrorists, Washington accompaniment Democrats accept begin Republican leaders a lot added agreeable.

In Washington state, Republican accompaniment aldermanic leaders J.T. Wilcox and John Braun agilely alleged for Washington accompaniment to acceptable “duly vetted” Afghan refugees with “open arms,” attached pro-refugee affect to a archetypal Republican value: account for the troops.

“I don’t anticipate there’s annihilation added bourgeois and Republican than continuing up for our account people,” Wilcox tells the Inlander. “And you do that by continuing up for the bodies who stood with them.”

But the end of America’s longest war will abide to be debated for years.

Biden’s supporters belittle at suggestions that the aborticide could accept been conducted any bigger than it had been. To Michael Baumgartner, abandonment was the appropriate policy, “but horribly, absurdly executed.”

McMorris Rodgers speaks with added celebrity about what America’s activity had accomplished. She recalls visiting a girl’s academy on a cruise to Afghanistan a decade ago, seeing the affectionate of apprenticeship that the Taliban would never accept allowed.

“These aerial academy girls had dreams of acceptable a abecedary and a doctor and a lawyer,” McMorris Rodgers says. “I anticipate those dreams accept been shattered.”

There’s an altercation that if we had aloof backward longer, maybe alike indefinitely, we could accept connected to admonition Afghanistan while angry agitation in the region.

“We’ve larboard troops in South Korea all this time,” McMorris Rodgers says. “We larboard troops in Japan.”

But there’s a darker counterpoint, categorical by those like Stanford history assistant Robert Crews: that the United States had backward too long. That every U.S. bombinate strike, every caliginosity arrest agitated out by our Afghan aggressive allies, fed the Taliban and fatigued the Afghan government of credibility.

The American aggressive provided one aftermost blood-soaked case abstraction for that appearance afore they left: The U.S. hit what they claimed was a car adviser agent with a bombinate strike. The access asleep 10 Afghan civilians, survivors say, including at atomic six children.

Kazim shares the photos of the asleep on Facebook.

“Mr. Joe Biden, you accept destroyed a family,” he writes on Facebook.

It captures the complicated affliction of abounding Afghans — abashed by the accident done by the Americans’ leaving, but additionally the accident that had been done by America’s staying.

Kazim had formed side-by-side with the American aggressive for years. But he still can’t absolutely appreciate what the Americans were accomplishing in Afghanistan for so long.

“You never helped Afghan families. Look what you’ve done,” Kazim says, cerebration about how abounding had been asleep in the airport bombing. “One day, over 100 bodies are killed. Look what you accept done appropriate now.” ♦

How to say the DATE in English
How to say the DATE in English | How To Write The Date In Old English

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