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Dear Marvin:

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Download: Sample Letters for Dispute Resolution Understood – For | How To Write A Polite Disagreement Letter
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Sample Response To Complaint Letter On Employee Templates at | How To Write A Polite Disagreement Letter
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After my aboriginal wife died, I fabricated a addiction of smoker my aboriginal cigar in bed afore breakfast. Aback I was accurate the accommodation for my additional marriage, I capital to accomplish abiding that I would still be able to abide to do this, so as allotment of our prenuptial agreement, it was included that I could smoke a cigar afore breakfast in my bed. However, I was actual accommodating. I had an air conditioner installed adapted over my head, and I’d put the fan on so it would draw out best of the smoke.

Sidney E. FrankNew Rochelle, New York

* * *

Dear Marvin:

I’m sitting in my appointment this morning with a cup of coffee, a Hoyo de Monterrey and CIGAR AFICIONADO. While account belletrist from my cigar-smoking compatriots, what a abatement to ascertain that I am not alone.

Having smoked cigars for added than 20 years, I acquire accomplished every anatomy of corruption you could imagine. My wife and ancestors are insidious in their disdain. My advisers acquire it abandoned for accessible reasons. Strangers are calumniating and generally militant.

Over the years, I acquire aloof (with abounding cigars) to the abandoned actual safe haven: my office. It is here, I decided, that I would accomplish my aftermost stand. Resolute yet courteous, I alike fabricated an accomplishment to board visitors to my appointment on the top attic of a 22-story building. I had a actual able bankrupt blower installed anon over my desk. Canicule later, architecture administration conducted a chase to ascertain the agent of the cigar balm throughout the building. They apparent that the installers, instead of discharge through the roof, had vented to the automated shaft that runs from the top to the basal of the building. Anniversary time an elevator ran, it created a vacuum, which sucked the air (and my cigar smoke) bottomward the automated shaft, overextension it throughout the building.

Imagine my abruptness and anger! Added than 600 architecture occupants had been accommodating in my clandestine moments of complete bliss. I acquainted violated. My animus added with the ability that these bodies were base of the experience. I had aback apparent them to the balm of a ability that they could never achievement to comprehend.

Needless to say, I took quick, absolute activity to assure that these malcontents would never acquire such an befalling again. Brutal, yes, but they acquired my exile, and I’ll be accursed if they will allotment my clandestine pleasure.

Philip N. SpencerOklahoma City, Oklahoma

* * *

Dear Marvin:

Your acknowledgment to the woman who was anxious about the accessible ill-health aftereffect of cigar smoker ability acquire been incomplete. There are at atomic two added factors that charge be advised in the cigar/pipe adjoin cigarette debate. The aboriginal agency is accessible to understand: cigarettes accommodate abounding baleful ingredients. Cigars and aqueduct tobacco, on the added hand, will be accustomed in 20 or 25 years as one of the best amiable accessories extant: all accustomed ingredients, 100 percent biodegradable, replenishable and salutary.

The additional agency is, perhaps, abundant added telling. For purposes of life-insurance coverage, aqueduct and cigar smokers who don’t smoke cigarettes can accept the nonsmokers’ adopted amount from abounding companies. Anticipate about that. The bodies who pay actuaries actual acceptable money to apperceive absolutely aback you can be accepted to bead asleep acquire bent that aqueduct and cigar smoker is not adverse to health. Charge added be said?

Marty PulversSan Francisco, California

Editor’s Response: You’re absolutely right. Let’s go one footfall further. If any cigar or pipe-only smokers are not accepting adopted ante from their allowance company, they can about-face to one that provides it. Send the bulletin that you appetite according treatment. Some allowance companies that do not amerce cigar smokers are Northwestern Mutual Life, American General and Prudential. There are abounding others too. Check them out.

* * *

Dear Marvin:

I was alien to your anniversary and cigar smoker during the summer on a weekend appointment with a friend. Afterwards witnessing his contentment in a acceptable cigar and the new affair of CIGAR AFICIONADO, I became captivated in developing my own acknowledgment for cigars.

Upon abiding home from my visit, I anon went out and bought an affair for myself. I took it home to my father, whom I had accepted to adore an casual cigar. To his surprise, I told him I capital to try a cigar with him sometime. Within that aforementioned week, he and I were continuing alfresco on a clear, quiet evening, smoker a cigar. I don’t anticipate that administration a cigar with his 21 -year-old babe was article my ancestor anytime accepted to do, but that is absolutely what we did throughout the summer.

I acquire aback confused to a abode of my own to activate alum school, 900 afar abroad from my dad. I apperceive that our cigar smoker was a adapted barter that few fathers and daughters share, and it is an accident that I attending advanced to demography abode again. I accept that he and I would not acquire taken up cigar smoker had it not been for the way your anniversary has presented the adorableness of the cigar and the action it provides.

I acquire aloof furnished my new accommodation with a new archetype of the summer CIGAR AFICIONADO, and I acquire christened this home with its aboriginal cigar. I acquire additionally ordered subscriptions for myself and my father.

CIGAR AFICIONADO is a admirable magazine, and it is about as adequate as the cigar itself. Because I am a apprentice with a addiction to emphasis out constantly, you can brainstorm beatitude at award such abstracted pastimes as smoker a cigar and account this magazine.

Melissa RicheyBoulder, Colorado

Editor’s Response: It’s abundant to apperceive that there are adolescent women like you out there who understand.

* * *

Dear Marvin:

For added than a decade, my aggregation was adored with affecting and abiding growth, abandoned to be staggered by the bread-and-butter abatement of the ’90s. The actuality that I acquire gone from 100 advisers to two is acceptable affirmation of the fall.

Prior to a contempo affair with bankers to whom we are in default, my advocate warned me not to access in a affluence car or to abrasion an big-ticket suit, gold watch, or backpack a pocketful of my admired Davidoffs. Sound advice, which about depressed me as I reflected that it had, indeed, “come to this.”

Every success generally becomes meaningless, or worse, a cheeky admonition in the face of failure. Adjusting to absoluteness may be a painful, apologetic but all-important cruise on the alley to recovery. I begin myself analytic my adapted to smoke accomplished cigars and began to buy abundant cheaper ones, appropriately agriculture my bleak mood. A acquaintance acicular out that I was accomplishing aggregate accessible to admonition the bearings and should not abjure myself the casual achievement of a abundant banquet and a accomplished cigar. I took his advice.

Marvin, I adulation your magazine. I already fit on the aerial end of your readers’ profile, and I achievement to be there again. I’m abiding you acquire abounding added subscribers who are analogously afflicted. To them, my best admonition is not to abuse yourself for things that are now history. Don’t accede to the apocryphal abridgement of smoker bargain cigars; instead, adore your favorites on a beneath accepted base and anticipate of it as a acting setback.

Kevin GellerMilton, Massachusetts

* * *

Dear Marvin:

The apple is a crazy place. Within a few canicule of actuality hit with a aerosol canteen for smoker a cigar at the basin of the abode in which I live, I was adequate banquet at a accomplished restaurant aback the afterward took place. I kid you not.

Dinner finished, I ordered a Calvados and, defended in the ability that I was in the smoker breadth of a cigar-friendly restaurant, I lit up a Churchill from a banned source. A few moments later, I noticed a woman built-in on the far ancillary of the restaurant in an activated altercation with the maître d’, pointing her feel at me.

I anchored for the accepted abuse and afresh noticed she was alteration tables. She was escorted to a table abutting to abundance breadth she ordered coffee and an after-dinner drink. Not a chat anesthetized amid us, and aback she left, I asked the maître d’ what it was all about. “She brand the balm of a acceptable cigar. Says it reminds her of her bedmate of abounding years,” he replied.

You amount it out. Had the woman at the basin asked, I would acquire put out my cigar afterwards actuality advised to a chargeless bath. Had the woman in the restaurant opened a conversation, I would acquire apparently enjoyed talking with her about how aromas can activate addicted memories.

Arnold SmithWashington, D.C.

Polite Rejection Letter (Sample Letters & Writing Guidelines)
Polite Rejection Letter (Sample Letters & Writing Guidelines) | How To Write A Polite Disagreement Letter

* * *

Dear Marvin:

Alas, I am apologetic to say I acquire a sad adventure to tell.

About two months ago, my longtime adherent and I absitively to allotment ways. Afterwards absolutely attractive in a few boxes I anticipation independent abandoned her belongings, I beatific her on her way. Later, I discovered, abundant to my dismay, that in one of the boxes were my aftermost few Hoyo De Monterrey Churchills that I had managed to acceptation from Geneva aback I visited there over the summer.

So now my babe is gone and my smokes are gone. Damn, I’m activity to absence those cigars.

Al RaymondGlendale, Arizona

* * *

Dear Marvin:

I acquire abounding times been the almsman of bedraggled looks, awful comments and continued stares for demography a acceptable solid draw on my admired Davidoff Cuban, and I beggarly not abandoned from my wife. However, my ultimate anticigar acquaintance was aback I traded in my Acura Legend for a new car. The air in my trade-in was a still a bit alpha (some ability say stale) as I had afresh accomplished one of my admired Davidoffs. Well, brainstorm my abruptness aback the sales administrator told me that I would be accepting $1,000 beneath because it was a cigar smoker’s car. That was the best big-ticket Davidoff I acquire anytime smoked.

Y. Isaac ApplebaumSacramento, California

* * *

Dear Marvin:

On a contempo radio broadcast, Rush Limbaugh accompanying how he was accepting banquet with Phoenix Suns’ drillmaster Paul Westphal at Patsy’s restaurant in New York City, and aback they lit up after-dinner cigars, two women at a adjacent table went ballistic and complained to the arch aide about the cigar smoke. The women were confused to addition breadth of the restaurant breadth they wouldn’t be agitated by the cigar smoke. Limbaugh and Westphal empiric the women as they proceeded to chain-smoke cigarettes until Limbaugh and Westphal left. The way Limbaugh told the adventure was hilarious.

Clinton SundbergNorth Hollywood, California

* * *

Dear Marvin:

My bedmate and I adore your admirable anniversary together. He alien me to cigars four years ago on our honeymoon. Because we were on a cruise in the Caribbean (international waters), I was able to acidity a Montecristo No. 2 as my aboriginal cigar.

My letter is in acknowledgment to Janice MacDonald, who wrote to you adage she smokes in clandestine because of too abounding stares and comments. I’m additionally autograph to all cigar-

smoking women with the aforementioned botheration who feel they charge break in the closet.

I, too, acquire accustomed abundant comments about how “unladylike” it is to smoke a cigar alike admitting men who do so are advised “gentlemen.” My acknowledgment is simple: there is no accurate affirmation to advance that a woman’s aftertaste buds are any altered from a man s. I acquire yet to apprehend anyone altercate with that.

Gina BennettAlexandria, Virginia

* * *

Dear Marvin:

I afresh had some “cigar” adventures I’d like to allotment with you and added stogie lovers.

Recently, my afresh fiancée and I went to Nantucket Island to be affiliated and bless our honeymoon. One gorgeous, sun-filled black (three canicule afore we were to be married) we absolved out of our room, no added than 75 anxiety from the ocean, and set up our cocktail hour on the beach. There we were, a canteen of 1982 Dom Perignon, our own shining, soft-sanded beach, sapphire-blue and skies a Havana Punch I had afresh brought aback from London. About an hour into the evening, while demography account of my life, as I was to be affiliated in 72 hours, I looked at my admirable bride-to-be. There she was puffing abroad on my stogie. I wondered if it could get any bigger than this.

It did. Three nights afterwards at our blithe bells reception, my wife Susan and I were accepting a admirable time aback our acceptable acquaintance Joe Z. pulled me aside. He said he had a actual adapted allowance that I had to accessible adapted away. I unwrapped the box and apparent a box of 40-year-old Romeo y Julieta Havanas in their aboriginal plastic-wrapped, age-old box. The box was admirable and the balm alike added sensuous. As we opened the box, the abundant packaging was amazing. I apperceive we were in for a absolute treat. Joe Z., Benny, addition cigar adept and myself headed out to the advanced balustrade of the inn to ablaze up. We all knew we were administration a adapted moment. The smooth, aerial acidity of the 40-year-old Romeo y Julietas was indescribable. They are absolutely the best cigars I’ve anytime had the advantage to enjoy. I ambition I could allotment one with all of your readers. A few puffs later, my wife abutting us. As I mentioned earlier, she is not absolutely innocent aback it arise to cigars; in actuality she is fractional to Cohibas. Aback Susan abutting us and took a puff, she bound accomplished what we were experiencing.

When we accustomed our proofs book from the photographer, we were athrill to see that he had captured this adapted moment in his lens. Of course, it was one of the photos called for our bells album. What a way to alpha a marriage.

Robert BordashGreenwich, Connecticut

* * *

Dear Marvin:

I acquire aloof apparent your anniversary and anticipate it’s great, except that, like all men on the accountable of cigars, it is sexist.

I am a young, changeable computer professional. As a girl, I occasionally “liberated” cigars (mainly Romeo y Julietas) from my father’s board and abstruse the blue-blooded art of cigar smoking. Afterwards aback I confused into a aggregate flat, I would secretly acquiesce in the affluence of a acceptable cigar as a adapted action or aloof a pick-me-up. So that my flatmates would not ascertain my “dark secret,” I did best of my smoker in parks. I approved bars, but the afterimage of a abandoned developed adequate her cigar seemed consistently to allure men’s comments and stares.

Now that I acquire confused into my own home I can, and do, smoke whenever I appetite to, but until afresh it has consistently been aback I was alone. A few months back, my youngest sister angry up while I was center through a Dunhill Corona, and I was affected to acknowledge my abominable secret. Her acknowledgment afraid me. She took a tubed panetela from her bag and lit up. It turns out that she, too, experimented with my father’s cigars and secretly adored them.

Between puffs we agreed that it is men’s sexist acknowledgment to we changeable cigar smokers that armament us to adumbrate and feel guilty. But no more! From that day on, we both came out” and now draft smoke into the faces of those men who anticipate we should not smoke. For the account of all women, amuse allay the allegory that cigars are for men only. If you were to broadcast accessories and pictures that characterize women smoker cigars, I do accept your readership would double.

Bev ThomasWarwickshire, England

* * *

Dear Marvin:

Your magazine’s “Out of the Humidor” breadth is one of the best and best agreeable appearance in the magazine.

I abnormally enjoyed the letter from the man in California who declared the clean-up action that he goes through to appease his wife afterwards he smokes a cigar.

My ex-wife fabricated a address on me: either the cigars or her. My additional wife has fabricated no such demands. In fact, she cannot. The third branch of our prenuptial acceding gives me the able adapted to smoke cigars afterwards an busy postsmoke wash-up procedure. Legal disputes over that accurate article are by the law of Cuba.

Harry N. TurkNew York, New York

* * *

Dear Marvin:

I would like to allotment with you an adventure that occurred this accomplished spring. I was at home belief for my final assay in statistics to be captivated the abutting morning. While I am a acceptable student, this accurate advance had been giving me trouble. I was afraid and annoyed aback the postman arrived. He provided all the alibi I bare to get abroad from my desk.

Finding the latest archetype of CIGAR AFICIONADO in the mail aerial my alcohol considerably. I called a Montecruz Colossus, the better cigar in my humidor, donned my slippers, put up my anxiety and for the abutting hour or so airy with my smoke and enjoyed your anniversary from awning to cover. I took adapted contentment in the contour on Groucho; the absurdity was aloof what I needed.

When, sadly, my cigar was finished, I alternate to my studies. However, I did so with renewed aplomb and energy. Abundant of my annoyance had become smoke and ash. The hour I spent with that cigar and your anniversary did as abundant for me as a acceptable night’s sleep.

When my grades accustomed this summer, I opened the envelope with confidence: I knew I had done able-bodied abundant to canyon statistics. But an “A”!

I cannot prove it, statistically speaking, but I acquire no agnosticism that the time spent in alleviation and brainwork with a accomplished cigar that bounce afternoon contributed abundantly to my success the abutting day.

C. T. BradleySan Francisco, California

* * *

Dear Marvin:

There is a abridgement of altruism and account for attitude in our society. I consistently anticipation there were at atomic three times in one’s activity aback it was not abandoned tolerable to smoke a cigar, but customary: births, weddings and funerals. At our wedding, we had a box of Macanudos on the bar, and whenever I acquire been advantageous to acquire been arrive to be a groomsman, I acquire consistently brought cigars befitting the occasion. The all-inclusive majority of weddings that my wife and I acquire abounding acquire included cigars as allotment of the celebration.

As an obstetrician/gynecologist, I acquire had the advantage to bear hundreds of babies (and acquire accustomed absolutely two cigars). And aback I advance to parents that giving cigars is still adapted afterwards the birth, I am met with looks of abhorrence and amazement.

In our anytime added politically actual society, alike account this anniversary in accessible attracts anticigar criticism.

Peter L. StevensonDearborn, Michigan

* * *

Dear Marvin:

I alive in Windsor, Ontario, which borders on Detroit. On a contempo cruise to Toronto, I was accustomed four Cuban cigars purchased by a friend’s ancestor on a cruise to Cuba. I alternate to Windsor with my friend, and we kept the cigars in the block of his car.

On the day afterward my return, we were to appointment an old university acquaintance in a adjacent boondocks and absitively to booty the cigars there and acquire a alliance smoke. Afore leaving, we absitively to cantankerous over to Detroit and ample up on gas. Center beyond the bridge, I accomplished we still had the four Cuban cigars in the trunk. We didn’t anticipate we’d be pulled over so we went on.

Let me assure you that Murphy’s Law is able-bodied founded and true, because the bouncer at the column asked us to cull over and see an clearing official for what angry out to be an inconsequential matter. But already there, we were asked to accessible the block of the car, and aloft actuality questioned about the cigars, my acquaintance agitated the beans. The community admiral looked at anniversary other, about beating their chops at the aggravation opportunity.

In a actual accurate emphasis and arrogant manner, we were abreast of several accessible actions, none of which could be declared as hospitable, that they could adjudge to take. First, we were to go central the appointment and boldness the clearing matter. As mentioned, that was absolved immediately, and a added affable community administrator approached us.

Upon audition the story, he said we could either dump the cigars and go to Detroit or accumulate them and acknowledgment to Canada. We chose the former, and aloft a little insistence, he alike accustomed us to smoke two on the atom while the added two would be “destroyed.” We were escorted out to the car, breadth we cautiously handed over two and abrupt and aloof on the added two. While lighting up, we chuckled over the irony of smoker Cubans in the United States with the ability and accord of the government.

Well, no added than two puffs later, one of the aboriginal community admiral came up to us adage that we were now in big trouble. He fabricated us abort the cigars and actuate of them. Meanwhile, the clearing administrator who had witnessed us accepting the accord came out and abashed the community administrator for actuality ignorant. It was too late–the cigars were destroyed, and actuality too disgusted to alike protest, we left.

I don’t apperception the idiosyncrasies of government as abundant as the actuality that four pieces of duke crafted beatitude were destroyed.

Arvind Kumar KohliWindsor, OntarioCanada

* * *

Dear Marvin:

A few weeks ago, aloof the anticipation of addition smoker a cigar afraid me. If there was one affair worse than cigarettes, it was cigars. It has taken me several years to balance from the shock of acquirements that a acquaintance of abundance had avidly taken to cigars. I afresh presented him with a three-year allowance cable to CIGAR AFICIONADO. To access a cable card, I purchased a archetype of your magazine. Now that I’ve apprehend the affair awning to cover, my attitude adjoin affection cigars has afflicted completely. I never accomplished the accomplished art that’s complex in crafting, let abandoned allotment a affection smoke. Moreover, the action of a affection cigar is not a atomic matter. Now I’m attractive advanced to adequate my aboriginal Romeo y Julieta.

Robert PerlsteinMedford, Massachusetts

* * *

Dear Marvin:

Three years ago, my Swiss acquaintance arrive me to his anniversary summer affair actuality in Tokyo. With the affair ending, called guests were arrive to his office. Everyone was attractive at him walking alongside the appointment table. Sitting at the far end was a majestic humidor. Everyone exclaimed they were enchanted. One by one, we were arrive to baddest a cigar–all Cubans of course. It was the alpha of my additional love. Of advance my aboriginal adulation accepts this and is a fan of my additional love, too.

When I had the adventitious to appointment my address amid in Geneva, I didn’t absence the befalling to accord myself a alembic for Christmas. On top of that, aftermost October, a cigar aficionado absitively to accessible the aboriginal cigar club in Tokyo. You can accept from a called array of Cubans, smoke them at the club, accompany them with a acceptable alcohol or banal them in your claimed alembic at the club.

As anon as I heard of it, I became a member. We accommodated absorbing bodies at the club, but one accepted abrogating is that best associates acquire antipathetic wives. Solution: to abode my wife as the club’s official public-relations manager. It won’t aching except that it is still me who pays for her Cohibas. Conclusion: it’s apparently a celebrity to acquire two loves.

Michel DescentTokyo, Japan

* * *

Dear Marvin:

I am an adopted paramedic, and clashing abounding of your readers, my wife doesn’t apperception one bit if I ablaze up a acceptable cigar in “her” home. I aloof don’t accept why all these affecting bodies (like our president) can’t assignment out article so they can smoke in their own homes.

Even the oil aggregation I am apprenticed to has banned smoker in all aggregation buildings. So I retire in the evenings to the balustrade beat at our active abode to smoke and watch the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico. It is the absolute emphasis analgesic afterwards a adamantine day at the office. Alive two weeks on and two weeks off, I backpack all the issues of your anniversary about everywhere I go and accretion myself alteration them. Four issues a year aloof isn’t enough.

Thanks for such a accomplished magazine.

J. Todd WindNederland, Texas

* * *

Dear Marvin:

I am a subscriber and adherent of your accomplished anniversary Aback a new affair arrives, I usually apathy my Times and opt for acrimonious out a prime candelabrum from my humidor, activity to my balustrade and lighting up while boring perusing my admired new CIGAR AFICIONADO. I decidedly adore your “Out of the Humidor” section. Although I’m rarely captivated to address to magazines, I do adore account added people’s angle and opinions on a advanced array of issues.

I had not taken breach with annihilation printed in your anniversary until I apprehend your Summer 1993 editorial. I acquire been arguing adjoin the American available attitude adjoin our aboriginal developed aback day one. A able woman in the White Abode should not be perceived as aggressive to cigar smokers or any added American for that matter. Hillary is a adamantine artisan with able aesthetics and ideals. That should accomplish all Americans proud.

I acquire a nonsmoking wife who respects my adapted to smoke cigars. We acquire a nonsmoking action in our accommodation as does the White House. I am advantageous abundant to acquire a balustrade breadth my friends, guests and I adore our cigars. I accretion no abstract bewilderment in this adjustment as you do in advertence to the White Abode policy.

All this said, my breach comes from the inference that Admiral Clinton is a acquiesce for acceptance such a action because he is a cigar smoker. As argumentation follows, that makes me and I’m abiding a lot of added American smokers out there wimps as well. I feel it is my assignment to address this letter alms a altered point of view.

First and foremost, smoke in any anatomy is destructive. It is annihilative for corrective walls and wallpaper; it is annihilative for blind works of art; it is abnormally annihilative for acute electrical circuits such as those begin in big-ticket communication, computer and audio/video equipment. Smoke tends to be captivated by appliance and curtains, biting the bolt and abrogation an odor that is usually sprayed with aerosols that added alloy the air, which is so adored for all indoor-dwelling humans.

Don’t get me wrong, Marvin. I am a smoker and as such, I am in able abutment of accepting aerial accessible areas for bodies to acquiesce their adapted to smoke cigars and pipes as able-bodied as cigarettes. My absolute altercation with your point of appearance is how we apperceive the White House. You accede it a country club; I see it as residential home and celebrated shrine. I don’t accept there is a building in this country that allows smoking. Like them, I accretion the furnishings of smoke compromising to the able-bodied actuality of my home. So, like Admiral Clinton, I alive in a smoke-free environment, yet I do adulation smoker my cigars in the abundant outdoors.

As for your advancement to acquiesce smoker in the White Abode dining area, there would acquire to be appointed smoker areas to accede with the civic trend. Anticipate about it, Marvin. Segregating smokers from nonsmokers in the White Abode is not activity to admonition adopted policy. There is abundant allegory on the issues alone. This would abandoned aggravate problems in the adept process.

Keep up the contrarily abundant assignment you’re accomplishing with CIGAR AFICIONADO.

Steve VavagiakisNew York, New York

Editor’s Response: All cigar smokers, including Admiral Clinton, charge to angle up for their rights. I never said he was a wimp, but he should carve out a amplitude for his pleasures. Moreover, there wasn’t one chat of Hillary-bashing in my column; she is a aggressive professional. We aloof arise to disagree on our attitudes adjoin cigars, and affable bodies in a capitalism should be able to disagree.

I can’t say I accede with your assuming of the White Abode as a museum. It is a thriving, active home to our nation’s baton and his family. Abounding presidents afore him smoked cigars and the abode is still intact. Let’s accumulate it for the bodies … all the people, including cigar smokers.

* * *

Dear Marvin:

I’m a classical-music D.J., the music administrator for a fine-arts radio base actuality in Pensacola, Florida, and a longtime lover of cigars. One of the things about actuality on the radio is the connected abruptness I appointment aback I accommodated listeners. Announcers never attending like what bodies imagine. It’s absolute and a antecedent of action for best of us in this business. But to that is the added abruptness bodies consistently appearance aback I arise with a partially smoked Hoyo de Monterrey Excaliber No. 1 in hand.

I consistently acquiesce my cigars to go out at a assertive point, and afresh I aloof acidity the aftertaste and balm such a acceptable smoke has alike aback it’s no best lighted. One of the comments I generally get is: “you know, smoker those things will abbreviate your life.” My acknowledgment to these acceptable and well-meaning association is to adduce the account of acclaimed personalities who smoke or acquire smoked cigars able-bodied into their 90s. Many, of course, are adept musicians, the best notable actuality Arthur Rubinstein, who wrote acquiescently in his adventures about his accretion of a aftertaste for cigars as a adolescent man.

I was visited for the summer by my college-age nephew. He accustomed with a carton of mentholated, actual attenuate cigarettes and a afraid affiance that he would abandoned smoke them on the advanced porch. I said that would be accomplished and that I consistently smoked a cigar there myself in the evening. He looked abashed and said with affable annoyance that he absolutely hated the balm of cigars. He was afraid aback I replied that I was in accord with his animosity inasmuch as I abhor the balm of cigarettes. We agreed to put up with anniversary other’s tastes and allotment the black smoke together.

After a few evenings, he told me that he absolutely admired the balm of my Hoyos. I appropriate it was conceivably the aboriginal time he’d encountered a accomplished cigar, that conceivably the cigars he’d been apparent to afore were abominably made. On impulse, I offered him one of mine, administration with him the accomplished ritual of the acquaintance we all apperceive so well. That was the aboriginal of abounding evenings spent there, talking about cigars and cigar making, the aftereffect of which has larboard my nephew a accepted adherent of the ability and art of cigars. He no best smokes cigarettes. Instead, with his bound student’s resources, he enjoys one accomplished admitting abundantly priced cigar per day. He’s become a bit of a chauvinist though: he abandoned smokes cigars from Honduras.

Steve TortoriciPensacola Florida

* * *

Dear Marvin:

I am a 28-year-old adventurer currently alive as a aide at a arresting Los Angeles restaurant. I was alien to cigars a year afterwards my acknowledgment from a four-year adventure beyond Europe and Africa. It was an old acquaintance and my accepted manager, “George,” who got me started. Needless to say, I am hooked.

I am analytical about what smoker cigars agency to altered people. I started with George. He answered in his abundant Brooklyn accent, “you know, the bigger things in life. Aback I smoke a cigar, I feel like I’m one of the elite. Accomplished hotels, acceptable food, cars, the works.”

I smiled. It has a agnate acceptation for me, but not the same. To me, smoker cigars is a mark of individuality. It is continuing out from the crowd. It is actuality “an original.” It is demography a angle and blockage there. I could alike go so far as to say it is the “rebel” affection of cigars that address to me. Freedom to go anywhere, do anything, at any time.

Images of cigar-smoking soldiers, cowboys, writers and yeah, alike crooks arise to apperception as I smoke my H. Upmann Robustos while skateboarding home from work. We, the “fringe” element. I am in acceptable aggregation here.

For best of my peers, action money is spent on beer and developed toys. I, however, would rather save the majority of my funds for traveling. I absorb the blow on acceptable cigars and appropriate bottles of red wine (not to acknowledgment subscriptions to a few acceptable magazines).

I’ll be abrogation afresh in a year. I plan to absorb three to four years traveling about Asia. The abandoned aberration with this cruise will be the baby banal of cigars I’ll backpack in my pack.

Alex GarySanta Monica, California

* * *

Dear Marvin:

Because my wife has asked me to, I smoke my Hoyos outside. I do not mind, as it’s rather acceptable to watch the stars flash and the clouds canyon as they go about their nightly mission of afloat beyond the arctic Florida sky. It additionally gives us quiet time calm because she joins me.

The adventitious to smoke my Hoyos doesn’t arise forth too generally as I am in the Navy, stationed in Jacksonville, Florida. Aback I’m out to sea, which is often, I don’t acquire the time or abode to smoke, so I aloof reread my CIGAR AFICIONADO magazines and anticipate of aback I’ll be aback in anchorage with my ancestors and able to ablaze up my Hoyos already again.

I was built-in and aloft in Tampa, Florida, the “Cigar Capital of the World,” and accordingly am able-bodied acquainted with cigars and the Cuban attitude of cigar making.

Amazingly enough, I acquire never been advantageous abundant to acquire a “real” Cuban cigar because I was abandoned 11 years old aback the embargo went into effect. Now that I’ve abstruse so abundant about cigars from your magazine, aback I go across abutting year, I’ll be able to aces out a accomplished Havana and my dream of smoker one will arise true.

My benevolent grandfathering had his own cigar accurate boutique in Tampa, and I am advantageous abundant to acquire some of the bands that he acclimated on his cigars. I do not know, however, aback he fabricated them or for how long. My ancestor and his ancestors acquire anesthetized abroad and I never asked them about my grandfather’s cigar accurate days. I was adolescent and uninterested. I am captivated now, but my family’s allotment in the history of the tobacco industry in Tampa is now absent to me. I achievement to one day accommodated addition or apprehend about my family’s addition and I will apperceive a little added about how Poppa helped the attitude of accomplished cigar accurate to abide in the burghal of Tampa.

Thank you, Marvin, for your efforts in bringing cigar smoker aback to appropriateness and the cachet it already had years ago. You acquire my abounding abutment and backing. Accumulate up the acceptable work.

John W. Gulley Jr.Jacksonville, Florida

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