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On Thursday, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) beatific a fourth letter to United State Barter Representative (USTR) Katherine Tai apropos the proposed abandonment of bookish acreage rights beneath the Trade-Related Aspects of Bookish Acreage Rights (TRIPS) Agreement, this time focused on copyright. The letter came in acknowledgment to addition letter, beatific to President Biden on September 27 by a accumulation of 12 open-content organizations, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Accessible Ability and Wikimedia. The organizations apprenticed Biden to “resist the allurement to attenuated the ambit of the abandonment to exclude copyrights and added rights.”

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Letter To Congressman Template Samples Letter Cover Templates In | How To Write A Letter To Congress Example
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What follows is the abounding argument of Tillis’ letter to Tai, excluding footnotes and appendices. The letter is accessible in its absoluteness here.

October 7, 2021

Dear Ambassador Tai:

I abode you afresh today for the fourth time about the Biden Administration’s abandonment of all-embracing obligations beneath the Trade-Related Aspects of Bookish Acreage Rights, or TRIPS agreement.

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Last week, several open-content organizations wrote to President Biden and argued that your proposed TRIPS Abandonment should awning not aloof patents, but additionally absorb and added bookish acreage rights. These organizations ask that you accommodate absorb artlessly because it may administer to software, anesthetic labels, manuals, or “tools” associated with vaccines. The letter fails to abode the accent of these protections to the economy, trade, and employment, the limitations placed on protections to ensure a counterbalanced system, and how absorb aegis facilitates the actual innovation, creativity, and ability administration that will accomplish it accessible for us to end this already in a lifetime pandemic. The admittance of absorb is both counterfeit and unwarranted, and would appoint adverse after-effects on American creators, businesses and workers, while accomplishing annihilation to beforehand the cold of combatting COVID.

Our laws, as guided by our Constitution, admit the accent of bookish acreage rights, including copyright. Our laws additionally apparatus all-embracing agreements which advice anatomy a all-around addition infrastructure, such as the Senate-ratified Berne Convention which protects absorb internationally. The United States, led by the US Barter Representative, has historically played a administration role in establishing able and able aegis of bookish acreage rights worldwide, including through its anniversary Special 301 abode which accurately names countries that abort to abundantly assure absorb and thereby abuse our bread-and-butter interests.

The proposed TRIPS Abandonment ignores these important laws and commitments. We bind ourselves to these all-embracing bookish acreage treaties for a purpose, and waiving obligations is not an exercise that should be taken lightly.

Our nation’s absorb arrangement supports creators and industries that collectively add over $1.5 abundance dollars to the American economy, apply 5.7 actor aggressive Americans, and accord added than $200 billion in exports. Yet a scattering of organizations with no credible accurate medical industry ability advance that absorb “hinders the use of analytical accoutrement for accomplishment and acclimation medical accessories to amusement patients.” Nor do they accommodate any affirmation above apperception that the “tools” may be accountable to absorb to accept that this poses a botheration to the industry.

They point to affirmation of alone one aggregation attempting to accomplish its rights by sending “take bottomward notices to those who allotment analytical account information.” Absorb law does not prohibit administration analytical account information. Instead it establishes that such administration charge be done with authorization, either by the law or the absorb holder. “Sharing” that which isn’t castigation or which you don’t accept the appropriate to allotment is artlessly “theft”. By blank the amount in the basal copyrighted works, and stigmatizing rights holders’ accepted attempts to abode a dispute, the examples referenced in the letter acknowledge the letter writers’ broader anti-copyright bias. Nor does their letter authorize why a broad abolishment of absorb or added bookish acreage law is the band-aid to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I accept accustomed that I am durably committed to authoritative all-important reforms to our nation’s bookish acreage system. If ameliorate is bare to abode assertive issues, like a appropriate to adjustment for medical analytic equipment, again such reforms should booty abode in Congress and in a cellophane address that accounts for altered perspectives. It is alarming that the TRIPS Abandonment should be pursued with no accessible discussion. As of the date of this letter, we accept accustomed no acknowledgment or academic accepting of our beforehand appeal for responses from USTR.

This chase to cure COVID is our generation’s agnate of landing a man on the moon. The band-aid will crave the addition and ability of bags of American companies and millions of hard-working, creative, and avant-garde Americans. We cannot attenuate this addition and adroitness by abrasion our nation’s able bookish acreage rights, the actual rights which accept led to the accelerated development of new treatments and diagnostics. I appetite you to argue with the bookish acreage experts aural the Biden Administration, to acknowledge to Congress’s letters, and accommodate the American accessible with answers to the abounding questions surrounding your May action statement, and to carelessness this adverse and absurd abandonment of our nation’s bookish acreage rights.

If you accept any questions, amuse do not alternate to acquaintance me.


Thom TillisUnited States Senator

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Senator Thom Tillis was adopted to represent North Carolina in 2014. Senator Tillis is a affiliate of the Judiciary Committee and Chairman of the reinstituted Subcommittee on Bookish Property. As Chairman, his eyes is to accouterment the above issues adverse America’s IP arrangement and conduct accurate blank of the agencies tasked with attention our nation’s bookish acreage system.

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