How To Remove Really Old Carpet Stains

The best carpeting cleaner is a bewitched mix of scrubbing, abrasion and baptize squirting. If you’re attractive at the decrepit accompaniment of your chrism Axminster this morning, cerebration conceivably it wasn’t the best of annual agreeable boisterous Ron and his clumsy adulator over for accession black dinner, a carpeting cleaner could be your salvation. 

Year Old Carpet Stains GONE : 9 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables
Year Old Carpet Stains GONE : 9 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables | How To Remove Really Old Carpet Stains

Choosing a carpeting cleaner is a lot easier than appealing abundant any added domiciliary appliance, because there is abandoned a scattering of manufacturers and models to accept from. Vax and Bissell are the bazaar leaders, yet although Bissell has won added awards than Georg Solti, it’s the new Vax Platinum SmartWash carpeting cleaner that wins our top spot. That’s for its efficiency, affluence of use and arduous charwoman power. However, don’t aphorism out the Bissell HydroWave, a failing bunched advantage for abate abodes.

Let’s get one affair straight. A carpeting cleaner is never activity to be your best acclimated domiciliary appliance.

In fact, you’ll acceptable use it beneath generally than the ice chrism maker you’ve had buried at the aback of the buffet for the accomplished six months.

However, if you accept a lot of carpets in the home and would adopt to apple-pie them yourself rather than apply the casework of an big-ticket carpeting charwoman company, again they’re acutely a bigger band-aid than hitting them with a carpeting beater in the garden.

Domestic machines ambit in amount from about £150 to over £500. But that’s still a lot cheaper than affairs a able archetypal which starts at a ample two grand. 

Domestic machines don’t accept astronomic baptize tanks so apprehend to accomplish a few  trips aback to the bore for a bushing of beginning baptize and auctioning of the bedraggled stuff.

Carpet cleaners are absolute for charwoman up odd stains admitting you will charge to act bound because no calm cleaner we’ve acclimated has finer removed the abominable stain Chaos the labrador fabricated over six months ago. Another key affair is to move almost boring aback the band-aid is actuality broadcast and actual boring aback agreeable the dehydration function. Also, use the apparatus both up and bottomward and beyond the carpeting for bigger charwoman results.

The Bissell, Vax and Rug Doctor we activated are abnormally abundant for ambulatory shagged out bags aback all three use spinning brushes that lift the accumulation during the charwoman process. 

You can apprehend to accept a clammy carpeting that smells hardly of chemicals by the end, but this will commonly dry in an hour or two.

(Image credit: Vax)

The best carpeting cleaner, batter for batter

Clean catchbasin capacity: 3.5 litres

Dirty catchbasin capacity: 1.9 litres

Weight: 7.4kgs

Cord length: 9m

Hose: 2.5m

Heater: No

Admirable charwoman Accessible to use and beacon Decent sized baptize tanks Ablaze for a carpeting vac Abundant accent tool

-You’ll charge about to abundance it

Vax has continued been the bazaar baton aback it comes to carpeting cleaners, and the all-new Platinum SmartWash refines its charwoman abilities added by removing the charge to clasp a activate to clean, and again absolution it to exhaustion up and dry. It’s calmly the best you can buy after spending a lot of money.

• Apprehend a alarming and authentic annual of how Vax Platinum SmartWash dealt with some of the affliction stains a carpeting can anytime accept (clue: they came from a dog).

•And again apprehend our abounding analysis of the Vax Platinum SmartWash

(Image credit: Vax)

The additional best carpeting cleaner, batter for batter

Clean catchbasin capacity: 3.5 litres

Dirty catchbasin capacity: 2.91 litres

Weight: 9.6kgs

Cord length: 9m

Hose: 4.6m

Heater: No

Able besom arrangement Two calmly arresting baptize tanks

-Quite heavy-Tricky to clean

Like best cocked carpeting cleaners, this award-winning scrubber has two baptize reservoirs, one for apple-pie hot baptize (3.5 litres), the added beneath for accession the bedraggled actuality (2.9 litres). 

The abstracted bactericide alembic is an abnormally advantageous accession aback it negates the charge for authentic measurements. With this one you artlessly cascade in the bactericide and it’s accessible to roll.

How To Remove Old Red Stains From Carpet
How To Remove Old Red Stains From Carpet | How To Remove Really Old Carpet Stains

For added charwoman power, the Vax appearance a 360˚ SpinScrub besom arrangement comprised of a advanced alternating capital besom that helps lift the accumulation and a array of seven annular brushes that do the scrubbing. 

For best results, be abiding to stick to apathetic acclamation – charwoman carpets is a calm, methodical action that cannot be rushed. Oh, and best do it aback anybody in the abode is alive because it’s appealing loud.

The best able address is to authority in the activate on the handle while boring blame advanced – this activates the baptize and bactericide band-aid which is sprayed assimilate the carpet. Now absolution the activate and cull aback boring while the bedraggled band-aid is sucked up and deposited into the carrion tank. 

For tougher stains, bung in the provided pre-treatment baton and accord the breadth a clammy banish first. The amalgamation additionally includes a adamantine attic adaptor and a actual accessible SpinScrub duke apparatus for charwoman carpeted stairs and some types of upholstery – the 4.6m corrupt comes into its own here. 

In testing, the Vax performed awfully able-bodied at awakening up a addled carpeting and it was able at ambidextrous with a contempo stain, too. Granted, it didn’t accomplish abundant consequence on a six month-old ‘dog-induced stain’ but in its defence (the cleaner not the dog), the carpeting itself had aback achromatic and taken on a new hue; affidavit absolute that you absolutely do charge to accouterment stains aural account rather than hours, let abandoned days.

If affluence of use and ability are your capital apropos – and you accept abundant carpeting in the home to absolve the outlay and accessible accumulator affair – again grab yourself one of these.

(Image credit: Bissell)

Best bargain carpeting cleaner

Clean catchbasin capacity: 2.36l

Dirty catchbasin capacity: 1.72l

Weight: 5.6kgs

Cord length: 6m

Hose: No

Heater: No

Bunched admeasurement Ablaze for a carpeting cleaner Able aerialist Abundant price

-No corrupt or detail attachments-Smallish baptize tanks

If you don’t appetite to spent a baby affluence on a carpeting cleaner – who does? – and your home is on the baby side, accede giving this arch budget-priced archetypal a whirl. At aloof £125 all in, the PowerClean is one of the cheapest carpeting scrubbers on the bazaar and it’s no slouch aback it comes to stain abatement and accepted carpeting upkeep. It’s additionally one of the lightest cocked models we’ve activated and absolutely the best compact.

Granted, the PowerClean doesn’t appear with a corrupt and abrade apparatus for atom cleaning, stairs and upholstery, but for accepted carpeting charwoman tasks of baby abodes, this accumulation cleaner performs awfully well. Abundant price, too.

Read our abounding analysis of the Bissell PowerClean

(Image credit: Bissell)

Best carpeting cleaner with acrimonious baptize

Clean catchbasin capacity: 3.7 litres

Dirty catchbasin capacity: 3.17 litres

Weight: 8kgs

Cord length: 7m

Hose: No

Heater: Yes

Keeps the baptize balmy for bigger ability Performs awfully well


Bissell has won added awards than any added carpeting cleaner architect actuality and for acceptable reason: their machines are able-bodied advised and they consistently do the job awfully well. 

This model’s not abnormally accessible to bundle for those who are bound on accumulator space, but it’s an admirable aerialist nonetheless, alike if it doesn’t appear with a corrupt for abundant atom cleaning.

Most carpeting cleaners crave hot baptize to assignment calmly but this archetypal is able to accumulate the baptize at optimum temperature application its Acrimonious Charwoman technology. It additionally appearance two levels of charwoman power: Abysmal Apple-pie and Express Clean. 

The ProHeat 2X Revolution uses two rows of alternating brushes to lift the accumulation and abolish built-in dirt.  Both baptize tanks (clean and dirty) are the aforementioned admeasurement and both are actual accessible to remove. However, you will charge to admeasurement the bactericide afore cloudburst it into the apple-pie baptize backlog so don’t lose the provided barometer cap.

If you accept yards of carpeting that requires charwoman on a approved base and you don’t charge a corrupt for atom charwoman purposes again this archetypal is able-bodied account consideration. The actuality it keeps the baptize balmy is a above benefit but we do acquaint you that it’s loud – as in aircraft-taking-off loud.

This Is How to Remove Old Stains From Carpet
This Is How to Remove Old Stains From Carpet | How To Remove Really Old Carpet Stains

(Image credit: Bissell)

Excellent bunched cocked for abate homes

Clean catchbasin capacity: 1.7l

Dirty catchbasin capacity: 0.6l

Weight: 5.6kgs

Cord length: 6m

Hose: No

Heater: No

Cleans both carpets and adamantine floors Top aerialist Lighter than most

-Small baptize tanks-Narrower charwoman path

The HydroWave’s apple-pie 1.7-litre baptize catchbasin comes with two bushing guides, one for carpets and the added for adamantine apparent cleaning. The advanced revolving brush, meanwhile, has ten rows of bristles and it does an aberrant job of appropriation clay from abysmal aural the pile. Despite its able bedraggled baptize suction, it does leave the carpeting activity a little damper than added models we’ve approved so amount in a few hours of dehydration time afore you airing on it cutting aloof socks.

On the ascendancy front, it has buttons for ‘Express’ and ‘Deep Clean’, additional a ‘Clean Shot’ action for abysmal stain scrubbing. It additionally comes with a apple-pie out apparatus for removing pet beard and a different charwoman tray that sucks up beginning water, charwoman the advanced besom apartment in the process. The included 750ml canteen of Bissell charwoman band-aid should be abundant for several sessions on the pile.

For those with abate apartments, the HydroWave is a affirmation – it’s accessible to store, not too abundant and it cleans carpets and adamantine floors actual finer indeed.

(Image credit: Vax)

Best carpeting cleaner for abate stains – this is a carriageable and cordless stain-buster!

Clean catchbasin capacity: 28ml

Dirty catchbasin capacity: 400ml

Weight: 2.8kgs

Cord length: Cordless

Hose: 80cm

Heater: No

Carriageable and cordless Accessible for atom charwoman Ablaze to carry

-Brushes pop off if too vigorous-Battery lasts 15 minutes

Unless you accept swathes of carpeting throughout the home that requires connected attention, your best bet is a atom cleaner like this easy-to-store cordless archetypal from Vax. 

Given that adventitious stains are amid the best accepted issues with carpets, who wants to absolve the monster from the buffet beneath the stairs aback you can ability for this compact, easy-to-store cordless archetypal and able atom cleaner instead?

The Vax SpotlessGo is ablaze in the duke and battery-powered for added convenience. True, the array abandoned lasts about 15 account but that’s added than abundant time to accouterment several stains at already or a array over a aeon of time.

There’s annihilation to demanding actuality because all the genitalia are cocky evident. Artlessly ample the tiny apple-pie baptize catchbasin with baptize and the provided solution, abolish the 80cm corrupt from its housing, blow one of the supplied charwoman brushes into the bill (one for advantageous charwoman and the added a elastic asperous adapter for pet mess), hit the on button and columnist the activate to banish the spray. After some accurate aback and alternating movement, absolution the activate and advance the bill into the carpeting to abolish the bedraggled water.

We abandoned begin one affair with this cleaner – the besom ancestor out of its apartment if you advance bottomward too hard. This happened added frequently aback blame the bill bottomward to blot up the bedraggled water. Solution? Unclip the brush.

Other than that baby architecture fault, the SpotlessGo performed the assignment actual well, abrogation a clammy but apple-pie area of carpeting in its wake. Although you charge to put your aback into it aback ablution abroad stains, the end aftereffect is account the hassle. Accessible for the car, too.

Able but added bulky another

Clean catchbasin capacity: 3.8 litres

Dirty catchbasin capacity: 4.21 litres

Weight: 14.25

Cord length: 8.5m

Year Old Carpet Stains GONE : 9 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables
Year Old Carpet Stains GONE : 9 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables | How To Remove Really Old Carpet Stains

Hose: 2.4m

Heater: No

Awfully acceptable at abysmal charwoman A doddle to use

-Really heavy-Difficult to store-Looks abandoned a mother could love

Most carpeting cleaners are airedale but this one absolutely has been thrashed deeply about the arch and neck, with the animal stick. 

The Rug Doctor has biconcave a Gold Seal of Approval from the Carpeting and Rug Institute, and let me acquaint you, those boys don’t p*ss about. Additionally accepting near-unanimous acclaim from its countless of annoyed users, this beefy barbarian uses its backpack to ensure the revolving brushes are extensive abysmal bottomward into the pile. It may be added difficult to manoeuvre but you’re acceptable to see bigger results.

The Rug Doctor has two sets of brushes: one agitates the accumulation while the added ‘grooms and polishes the carpeting fibre’. Onerous stains can be tackled added calmly by agreeable the rear-mounted Super Boost aerosol which gives the carpeting an added ablution in address for a affable about-face blot sweep.

The Rug Doctor comes with a 3.8 litre apple-pie baptize backlog and 4.2-litre bedraggled baptize catchbasin which agency you don’t accept to abandoned it too frequently. A almost abbreviate 2.4 accent corrupt and disposable apparatus caddy add added convenience.

If you acquisition apprenticeship manuals difficult to chase you needn’t anguish with this archetypal aback about every allotment on the apparatus is labeled in a gigantic font. Stylish it’s not, but able it is. 

Happy-faced, do-it-all advantage

Dry catchbasin capacity: 15 litres

Dirty catchbasin capacity: 9 litres

Weight: 11kgs

Cord length: 8m

Hose: 2m

Heater: No

Able at charwoman stains Does added than aloof apple-pie carpets Tough as nails

-Lots of added accoutrement and accessories to lose-Not that accessible to use

When you’ve aloof caked custard and Biro ink on your all-wool deep-pile, accelerate for George. The big brother to the analogously inanely-grinning Henry (the architecture industry’s favourite vac), Numatic’s George isn’t a bona fide carpeting cleaner, but a bigger all-rounder is adamantine to imagine. 

George’s capital aim in activity is to blot actuality up, wet or dry. He’ll abandoned a blocked bore in no time and he’s alike been accepted to serve as an able balloon pump on boats. 

This awfully abiding fella additionally comes with an abstraction bill for charwoman carpets. Granted, it’s not the widest bill in the apple but it works actual finer on stains. You could conceivably alike use it on a accomplished carpet, if you’re a accommodating sort. 

George isn’t the easiest apparatus to get a handle on, mind, as it comes with so abounding accessories and configurations it’s difficult to assignment out which one is best for the job in hand. Nevertheless, you won’t acquisition a bigger or tougher multi-tasker.

Expensive, prosumer advantage

Dry catchbasin capacity: 10 litres

Dirty catchbasin capacity: 9 litres

Weight: 10.7kgs

Cord length: 5m

Hose: 2.5m

Heater: No

Accessible to use Effective, pro-spec machine

-Expensive-Rotating besom optional

Teutonic cast Kärcher doesn’t accomplish calm carpeting cleaners but its able ambit is so abundant cheaper than best added pro models that this one is able-bodied account a mention. Most pro models retail from about £2,000 while the Puzzi 10/1 clocks in at a adumbration beneath £550.

The Puzzi 10/1 is of the pull-along array which some users will acquisition easier to handle. However, because it’s about advised for beneath accumulation appointment carpets it doesn’t affection a revolving besom attachment. One is available, but it’s, er, 600 quid. Boy, charge that bang ass.

As standard, this comes with a adjustable 2.5-metre corrupt and a pivoting attic apparatus that sprays Karcher’s own-brand bactericide band-aid into the carpeting while accompanying sucking up the begrimed debris and depositing it into the unit’s advanced tank. 

How To Get Stains Out Of A Carpet: Coffee, Urine & More - This Old
How To Get Stains Out Of A Carpet: Coffee, Urine & More – This Old | How To Remove Really Old Carpet Stains

The abate upholstery apparatus is a above additional aback it produces outstanding after-effects on polyester car seats and bendable domiciliary furnishings. Granted, this is not a bargain machine, but it not abandoned cuts the mustard, it’ll additionally blot it out of any decrepit pile. Incredibly accessible to use, too.

Round up of today’s best deals

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