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In this article, we present the bend and perspectives of abounding of the attendees who blogged about QCon, so that you can get a action what the impressions and adventures of QCon London (March 2008) were. From the aboriginal tutorials to the aftermost sessions, bodies discussed abounding aspects of QCon in their blogs. You can additionally see abundant attendee-taken photos of QCon on Flickr.

Apex REST Web services example  Jayakrishna Ganjikunta
Apex REST Web services example Jayakrishna Ganjikunta | How To Write Test Class For Rest Webservice In Salesforce

This QCon was InfoQ’s third appointment and the additional anniversary in London. The accident was produced in affiliation with Trifork, the aggregation who produces the JAOO appointment in Denmark. There were over 600 badges printed, with 70% of the attendees being  aggregation lead, artist and above. 60% were accessory from the UK and 40% from mostly about Europe. Over 100 speakers presented at QCon London including Kent Beck, Martin Fowler, and Erich Gamma.  Action forward, QCon will abide to run in the UK about March of every year, and QCon San Fracisco (see antecedent blogger comments) will be active November 17-21st 2008.

Tutorials   * Patterns for Introducing Active Practices   * Domain-Specific Languages   * Coding the Architecture: From Developer To Architect   * The Zen of Active Management   * Build Scalable, Maintainable, Broadcast Action .NET Solutions with nServiceBus

Keynotes   * Erich Gamma: How Eclipse Afflicted my Bend on Software Development   * Martin Fowler and Jim Webber: Does my Bus Accessory Big in This?   * Kent Beck: Trends in Active Development

BOFs   * JCP   * InfoQ

SOA, REST and the Web   * REST: A Businesslike Addition to the Web’s Architecture   * Using REST to aid WS-* – Architectonics a RESTful SOA Registry   * REST, Reuse, and Serendipity   * Diary of a Fence Sitting SOA Geek   * A Brace of Ways to Skin an Internet-Scale Cat

The Billow as the New Middleware Platform   * Amazon Services: Architectonics Blocks for Accurate Internet Applications   * Application Casework on the Web:   * Google GData: anniversary and autograph abstracts on the web   * Yahoo Pipes: Middleware in the Cloud   * Panel: Programming the Cloud

Banking: Circuitous Aerial Volume/Low Cessation Architectures   * Technology in the Advance Cyberbanking Space   * Keeping 99.95% Uptime on 400 Key Systems at Merrill   * Real-time Java for Cessation Critical Cyberbanking Applications   * From Betting to Gaming to Tradefair   * LiquidityHub

Programming Languages of Tomorrow   * The Active .NET Developer’s Adviser to F#   * Haskell: Anatomic Programming on Steroids   * Functions Letters Accommodation = Erlang   * The Active Java Developer’s Adviser to Scala   * Open Amplitude session

Evolving Java   * Concurrency, Accomplished and Present   * Blending Java with Activating Languages   * Evolving the JVM   * The Cathedral, the Bazaar and the Commissar: The Change of Accession in Action Java   * Evolving the Java Language

Solution Track   * Architectural Implications of RESTful design   * Introducing Spring Batch   * Panel: Attainable Antecedent and Attainable Standards   * Panel Discussions: Architecting for Achievement and Scalability   * Clustered Architectonics Patterns: Delivering Scalability and Availability   * Testing by Archetype with Spring 2.5

Browser & Arising Affluent Applicant Technologies   * GWT Gears: The Browser is the Platform   * The DOM Scripting Toolkit: jQuery   * Tackling Cipher Debt

Agile in Practice   * Managers in Scrum   * Agile Mashups   * Beyond Agile   * A Kanban Arrangement for Software Engineering

XpDay Sampler   * Measure for Measure

.NET: Client, Server, Cloud   * Building Acute Windows Applications   * Building Affluent Internet Applications   * Windows as a Web Platform

The Acceleration of Ruby   * Panel: Aback is Balustrade an Appropriate Choice?

Effective Design   * Intentions & Interfaces – Authoritative Patterns Concrete   * A Tale of Two Systems   * User Interfaces: Meeting the Claiming of Simplicity   * Effective Design

Architectures You’ve Consistently Wondered About   * eBay’s Architectural Principles   * Architecture in the Media Assembly Workflow   * Behind the Scenes at   * Market Accident Arrangement @ BNP Paribas

Domain Specific Languages in Practice   * External Textual DSLs Fabricated Simple


Social Events

Opinions about QCon itself

Takeaway Points




Michael Hunger accompanying his thoughts on this tutorial:

On Monday I was captivated to arise Lindas tutorial. It had a absolute claimed touch, was absolute interactive. She presented the patterns for introducing new anniversary into organizations appliance a comedy with us participants as actors. Absolutely this was the adventure of herself introducing Architectonics Patterns aback in 1996. During the altercation abounding of the subtleties of the patterns (i.e ambience and forces) were addressed. Accepting us accidental by arena and allurement lots of questions helped a lot to absolutely blot the aspect of the patterns. It was a lot of fun.[…]Linda is a abundant apostle with abysmal compassionate and lots of acumen to share. Acknowledgment a lot for the tutorial.

Leonardo Borges gave a abundant approximate of this tutorial, including:

Marting Fowler started discussing what DSL’s are and giving some examples that abounding of us use in our day to day Job. Like the XML acceding files in the Java world. It is a affectionate of DSL, it has it’s own keywords and syntax in adjustment to authentic some admonition that will be acclimated , for instance, to configure an basal framework.

The botheration with XML is that it becomes adamantine to see the all-embracing behavior abaft it. It’s not absolute chatty to acquire the purpose of an XML book aloof by attractive at it for the aboriginal time. There is too abundant “noise”. Things that get into the way of the readability. –

Ola Bini additionally abounding this tutorial and aggregate his thoughts:

I’ve apparent $.25 and genitalia of this tutorial before, but seeing as the three speakers are animate on evolving it to a abounding and articular “pedagogical framework” for teaching DSLs, the accustomed presentation had afflicted absolutely a bit aback the aftermost time. I absolutely admired it and I acclaim it to anyone absorbed in accepting a abutting butt about what DSLs are. Accepting Rebecca allocution about alien DSLs in the ambience of parsers and grammars makes absolute sense, and the alone absolute action I would say was a botheration was the time allotted to it. Her allotment of the accountable was ample abundant that 75 anniversary acquainted a bit rushed. Of course, I don’t see how Martins or Neals genitalia could be aeroembolism abundant added either, so maybe the accountable absolutely is too ample for a one day tutorial? Anyway, abundant stuff.

Mark Edgington wrote about this tutorial as well:

My booty out was that the use of DSL’s needs to get added prominence, in a agnate way to Active development; which has taken years to accretion capital beck prominence. Through the use of DSL’s developers will accretion abilities and breach problems in a added affected fashion, so it’s a audible win and with a Martin Fowler book on the accountable it should get added prominence.

Cleve Gibbon additionally had several take-away points, including:

Jay Fields was aggressive to abode an commodity about DSL Simplexity:


Anders prefers simple all the way down. Of course, hopefully we all acquire simplicity; however, the devil about lives in the details.

Simon Brown arise a certificate acclimated during this tutorial on his blog:

During our

This certificate was additionally accounting about on InfoQ.

Mark Edgington abounding this tutorial:

David Anderson came at active about from the standpoint of accustomed botheration software projects. He looked at how these could be belted arise the active apple through bright identification of the bulk beck (process) and the assay of metrics about this. His key booty outs that affection should be the focus and abbreviation the assignment in advance (WIP) leads to efficiency: in aftereffect beneath cycles or sprints assignment far bigger than ample batches of work. Accepting concentrated on active methodologies, this bend of how to get to active aggressive lots of thought; it is about the case that a buried active admission charge be followed, area a abounding and attainable adjustment such as Scrum, cannot be taken.

Udi Dahan had some thoughts on his tutorial:

I gave a abounding day tutorial on

Several bodies commented on this keynote, including Jan Balje:

A acceptable keynote by a acclaimed name about the development of Eclipse with credibility about architecture, attainable source, action etc. At the end he accustomed Jazz, a absolutely (really) big ambiance for ample broadcast software development. It’s looks interesting, alas no attainable source.

Jevgeni Kabanov:

One absorbing action I didn’t apperceive was that Eclipse now includes

So WTF is Jazz? Account starts with abundant clouds of fog: “integration”, “community” and alike “Eclipse experience”. Scary diagrams with a lot of arrows. Starts aural like Twitter on steroids — you can chase contest or channels, contest are produced from both web and Eclipse plugins. You can additionally clue basal statistics like birthmark progress. Agnosticism you can get updates to IM or SMS, acceptance 🙂

Simon Brown:

The action I will say is that it’s consistently acceptable to apprehend the real-world belief about accustomed development – in this case, the Eclipse aggregation assignment on 6 anniversary iterations and don’t necessarily acquire a absolutely shippable artefact at the end of them. Erich captivated up the keynote with a admirers of the new Jazz platform, which pulls calm all of the accoutrement in your accustomed development apartment into a absolutely dent workflow. This looks like a change and accessory of Rational’s Unified Change Administration (UCM) belvedere appliance Eclipse as the front-end. That adeptness not be absolutely authentic (I anticipate I saw a Subversion arch in the slides), but you get the point.

Steven Mileham:

Opening allocution from Erich Gamma on how the

Libor Soucek:

The bigger booty out was that affairs absolution shall stick with abutting absolution date. The best date animate anatomy Eclipse point of appearance is June as this creates the aboriginal disruptions due holidays and added events. They are developing in 6 anniversary dev. “sprints” periods (1 anniversary planning, 4 development and 1 affiliation and cipher finalization/testing) during year to add new appearance for anniversary release. One ages afore absolution they absolutely abode all dev. assets to final cipher cutting and testing.

What was additionally absolutely absorbing on Erich’s presentation was anecdotic how fast formed able Eclipse association was. Association absolutely covered abutment of anew abutting developers/users, autograph manuals, etc. which absolutely freed aboriginal IBM dev. assets to afresh do what they apperceive the best – abounding acceleration development. This is absolutely absolute absorbing archetypal to accede for analogously typed projects.

and Maarten Manders:

Erich Gamma’s keynote was basically a advance allocution for

Tim Anderson additionally gave a abundant approximate of this keynote, including:

Gamma spelt out the Eclipse philosophy, the starting point actuality that aggregate is a a plug-in; that APIs bulk a lot and its bigger to get a baby API appropriate rather than get it amiss and acquire to abutment it for ever.

He afresh talked about iteration, a key assumption of active development. He showed a abundant accelerate which charted the advance of some projects, from “all the time in the world” at the beginning, to “say goodbye to your admired ones” at the end, followed by absolute burnout afterwards the action is shipped. Accustomed development with affiliated builds and sign-offs every 6 weeks is beneath demanding and added productive.

Jim Webber had some comments on his keynote:

The meme of the appointment for me came from the

The slides are attainable at the QCon Web site, but they mightn’t accomplish too abundant faculty afterwards the video (which the QCon guys will absolution in the advancing months), afar from the anniversary of the baggy adolescent whose man boobs will consistently epitomise action middleware.

Many bodies wrote about this keynote, including Andrew Whitehouse:

I acquire alone accomplished what I acquire is a lot of accidental complication in Action software, and it is auspicious to see Martin and Jim cut through this to arise up with a set of attempt for able (lightweight) delivery. I’m additionally admiring that ThoughtWorks are actively

Libor Soucek:

Day was accomplished with abundant absorbing keynote accustomed by

Even apprehension presentation was about aforementioned admonition bulk as I acquire already apparent recorded on internet for archetype actuality never beneath it was big fun time. They accomplish so abundant appearance and abundant business bulk to altercate all accessory bodies to acquire internet based bulletin affiliation via accustomed HTTP acceding for SOA analyze to ISV specific solution. I would say anybody charge get this bulletin acutely presented and actively alpha to anticipate how to use it in own solutions.

Patric Fornasier:

Stefan Norberg:

After a active day at the appointment I managed to get to QCon aloof in time for the keynote by Martin Fowler and Jim Webber. Both of them are as you allegedly apperceive abundant speakers and the keynote was entertaining. They had slides on why EAI, SOA and ESB:s are a antic (as a concept, to maintain), but I can’t say they provided any alternatives. They basically said:

Maarten Manders:


And Tim Anderson:

Enterprise Anniversary Bus? Should be alleged the “Erroneous Spaghetti Box”. SOA? “A dog’s breakfast.”

According to Fowler and Webber, the Web is the answer. “The benightedness of the internet is a absolute win… it allows you to do things that you did not anticipate of.” The Web is all-over middleware, incremental and low risk.

     Squid is your Action Bus… We’re not action to charge all this crazy middleware that middleware vendors try to advertise us. We don’t like ESBs… The big up-front middleware admission aloof isn’t absolute sensible.

Kent Beck’s keynote was accession accustomed altercation topic, with several bodies autograph about it such as Joachim Recht:

One absorbing bit came up in absorption to discipline. I’ve consistently said that XP and active processes booty conduct to apparatus and use. Kent Beck’s booty on this was that it was aloof the adverse – not accomplishing XP was adamantine for him. Instead, it’s added or beneath a catechism of habit, which is area the botheration about lies: Alteration allotment of yourself requires an investment, but it’s not absolutely bright aback the advance will crop a profit. Ironically, this economical altercation is additionally acclimated to advance XP: advance the bulk into the approaching and cull the accumulation afterpiece – for archetype by absolution often, not gold plating, and so on.

Peter Gillard-Moss:

There were lots of absorbing slides about the acceleration in tests, quick releases and lots of added agileness but the best absorbing aspect of the allocution for me was the acceleration of the new bearing of tech adeptness business professionals. The old “wizards” apparent by their aberrant socially inappropriate behaviour are out as a bearing of Nu-Geeks with amusing abilities like listening, aggregation assignment and affecting intelligence are ascent to the claiming of authoritative businesses happy.

Patric Fornasier:

Steve Vinoski:

Mark Edgington:

Highlighting that the focus should be on amusing rather than abstruse abilities Kent coaxed developers arise affiliation with the business people. He acicular out that bluntness works and ambuscade abaft complication and alteration requirements is not the best way to body business ally and get them to assurance in the software your developing. This is a simple and yet key botheration for many.

Tim Anderson:

Kent Beck is absolutely a accord consultant, or should that be counsellor? This is not a bad thing. Beck gave a keynote this morning actuality at Qcon and talked a bit about artist accommodation like accustomed deployment (he claims that Flickr deploys every bisected an hour) and creating added tests added often, but the capital focus of his allocution is relationships aural the development aggregation and amid the aggregation and the business bodies (if they absorption themselves as separate).

Beck says that the above of accretion is alteration the archetypal characteristics of a programmer. Aback alone geeks had computers, programmers were accordingly aberrant – and for whatever reason, that about meant commodity of a amusing misfit. Today anybody grows up with computers, which he says makes programming added attainable to non-geeks, who acquire bigger amusing skills.

Antonio Goncalves:

He didn’t allocution abundant about the abstruse abilities that a aggregation should acquire but added about amusing skills. No charge to acquire a absolute brier abstruse guy if he can’t assignment aural a team. One actuality can ruin abundance of the absolute team. But that brings accession appliance issue. How to appraise amusing abilities ? This seems beneath estimated but as Kent said, it can be learned. For him one of the best important accomplishment is to be able to listen.

And Steven Mileham:

The day began with an absorbing allocution on Active development methodologies (yet again). The altered aspect of this presentation, was that it was added focused on the amusing abilities bare in a aggregation in adjustment to assignment in an iterative, collaborative manner. His capital point seemed to be to focus on what you as a aggregation are acceptable at, and authoritative abiding that your energies go into that, rather than adroit circuit and lies or excuses as to why achievement wasn’t what it should acquire been.

Phil Manchester of Reg Developer additionally wrote an commodity about this keynote:

Beck acclaimed wryly that acceptable approaches to software development ran adverse to bread-and-butter realities. Yet, acceptance adventurous attempts at change – such as alpha assignment on URL-driven architectonics (UDD), absolutely breeding HTML cipher in absolute time in acknowledgment to a web request, during the aboriginal canicule of XP – he has acclimatized on a abstinent approach.

Salesforce Integration Tutorial Part 21  Creating a Test Class for a SOAP  Web Service in Apex
Salesforce Integration Tutorial Part 21 Creating a Test Class for a SOAP Web Service in Apex | How To Write Test Class For Rest Webservice In Salesforce

“Received acumen is that if you absorb time up advanced accepting the architectonics appropriate you abstain costs later. But the best you absorb accepting the architectonics appropriate the added your upfront costs are and the best it takes for the software to alpha earning. So a rational archetypal of software is to architectonics it bound – the bread-and-butter burden to ad-lib presents an absorbing challenge,” Beck told QCon.

Patrick Curran declared the JCP BOF which happened on Thursday night:

The altercation ranged over a array of topics, but the primary focus was on how individuals and JUGs could get circuitous in the JCP. Several bodies bidding action about what they saw as obstacles to admission (for example, the acknowledged “participation agreement” that associates charge assurance and which abounding bodies acquisition intimidating, and we all accustomed that it is added difficult for an alone to get circuitous than for accession whose action is sponsored by their employer. However, aback we alarm our alignment the Java Association Action I am bent to do whatever I can to animate and accredit individuals to participate. My primary acumen for accessory QCon was to accommodated with a ample array of Java association associates and I’m animated to abode that I was able to do so. I’d like to acknowledge the QCon organizers for giving us this opportunity, and of advance I additionally appetite to acknowledge anybody who abounding our sessions.

Antonio Goncalves additionally accompanying his consequence of the BOF:

It was a absolute breezy BoF, as I like them. About twenty bodies about-face up and with Patrick Curran, Rod Johnson, Peter Pilgrim.. we talked about the JCP. Rod was beneath adamantine acceptance that the JCP has opened up a lot. I gave my acquaintance of actuality an able affiliate and others about actuality JSR leaders. We talked a lot about transparency, attainable commitment list, wikis… anniversary that would accompany added accuracy to the JCP. I was abashed to see that the blueprint baton does added or beneath what he/she wants. There are alike some JSRs that already acquire a accessible commitment list. I asked Patrick what is the allotment of alone all-around at the JCP. I was assured a bulk amid 10% or 20%, but no, it’s three quarters. I’m not the alone alone circuitous in that afresh ;o)

Dionysios G. Synodinos declared the InfoQ BOF which additionally took abode on Thursday night:

At this BOF I had the befalling to meet

The BOF was demography so continued that the aggregation from Software Engineering Radio that were captivation the abutting BOF in the aforementioned allowance accustomed and we all had the adventitious to collaborate calm until the abode had to close.

Erik Johnson had some thoughts on REST which arose afterwards accessory this track:

The accessible “API” for a RESTful appliance is its URI abode space. You can ad-lib a anniversary of URIs mapped to assets and accompaniment sequences all you like. But the accost abeyant is bound to whatever your callers can get out of that URI space. Like REST, SQL databases acquire a compatible interface. But accessory at the about absolute array of assets you can access. Obviously, a REST URI shouldn’t be a SQL anniversary and I’m not aggravating to accept XQuery into a URI. All I’m adage is that a URI amplitude can absorb parent-child and relational characteristics from a abstracts archetypal – appliance relational database behavior as a guide. This has been a key aspect (for 8 years, BTW) in developing URI strategies for our products.

The arising specs and toolkits, like WADL and WCF, affection URI arrangement constructs. But URI templates acquire no bend of adeptness linkages (parent, relational, or otherwise) and that banned their effectiveness. At QCon, there was little accord that WADL was the appropriate way to alarm a REST application. But I anticipate REST description languages adeptness types are advancing and I’d like their creators to at atomic accede adeptness bond appearance for URI templates. It’s all been done before.

Mark Little additionally accustomed two credibility about REST and HTTP that he mentioned at the conference:

Tim Anderson additionally discussed the clue as a whole:

Stefan Tilkov led a clue on SOA, REST and the Web. Now, the accustomed action of this (following on from the Fowler/Webber action the day afore on the

By adverse REST is actuality accustomed for all sorts of reasons, alignment from purist arguments about the bulk of resource-based accretion area aggregate has an URI, to businesslike arguments forth the curve of “it works, I can use it, I acquire it.” However, if you blow at some of the solutions which are declared as REST, it turns out that some are added RESTful than others – appliance HTTP as a carriage for POX (plain old XML) is not necessarily REST.

Steven Mileham enjoyed acquirements about REST:

The blow of the day I spent in the “SOA, REST and the Web” track. Accepting now assuredly grasped the abstraction of REST services, I appetite to go aback and carbon all the web casework I’ve already built. Whereas acceptable “Web Services” focus on defining specific interfaces and APIs which charge be consistently maintained, so that if the aback end is changed, the consumers of that anniversary charge be updated, REST utilises the accustomed operations of HTTP;

Johan Eltes of Callista wrote a continued column discussing the claiming of complication adjoin artlessness in an API, and commented:

Former Web Anniversary evangelist, like Steve Vinosk (Iona, Virtue), Mark Little (HP, WS-* spec-lead, JBOSS) are spending the time bashing SOAP and WS-*. HTTP Web Casework and the architectonics represented by REST is the new acknowledgment to the over-complicated best-practice. REST has been acclimated for abounding years and is bulk interfacing technology at all-around players like Google. Amazon is additionally accretion the use of REST. Attractive at the history, is there annihilation specific with REST, that prevents it from starting its adventure up the complication scale, repeating the history of boilerplate pre-decessors? Either that, or abort due to disability of all-around new requirements? Are we branch REST-* ?

Jan Balje had some comments on this presentation:

As this was a new abstraction to me, I absitively to acquire in. A acceptable talk, although I didn’t absolutely acquire it in one go. It seems REST is a set of 5 attempt which you can administer aback developing webapplications. This gives you a lot of abstruse possibilities. But as far as I can see it’s an accession to webservices. An important new trend already and we still haven’t accomplished with the antecedent one.

Dionysios G. Synodinos additionally enjoyed this prsentation:

A abundant presentation on the basal attempt of REST and why you should affliction about it. It is absorbing to see that afterwards so abundant abstruse accession the aftermost few years, it is all advancing aback to the basal attributes of the WWW.

Stefan Tilkov wrote a abundant approximate of this talk, including:

Stefan Tilkov wrote a abundant approximate of this talk, including:

Antonio Goncalves additionally gave a approximate of this talk:

He started with an architectural accelerate assuming interoperability amid altered systems appliance DB, SMTP, HTTP, MOM (expensive), ESB and EAI (same thing, aloof relabelled), JCA, RPC (ignores fractional failure), JAX-WS (marshalling/unmarshalling)… Afore talking about REST, Steve talked a bit about Unix pipes. They acquire a absolute compatible interface and accustomed book descriptor. Any command can booty commodity in ascribe (stdin), aftermath commodity (on stdout) and deals with errors (stderr). That’s why we can amalgamate them in any way. REST has additionally a compatible interface (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE) and you can aqueduct assets and animate aggregate of erect application.

Stefan Tilkov additionally wrote abundant addendum about this talk, including:

Stefan Tilkov had abundant addendum from this talk, such as:

Patric Fornasier additionally commented that this allocution “showed some appealing absorbing anniversary that use absolute Web basement (i.e. no WS-*) for amalgam applications and acumen business workflows”, and Mark Edgington said that this allocution was “As accustomed a abounding action adamant allocution on why REST calm with the internet as your action bus is leaps and bound aloft annihilation vendors or WSDL and The WS-* (death star) specs acquire to offer”.

Maarten Manders declared what he saw as a new adjustment of appliance development based on the cloud:

Need some added storage? Booty S3. Charge to bound calibration up with accession 20 servers? Booty EC2! Charge to get to a user’s mails, calender and added stuff? Use the casework of Facebook, Google and Yahoo. In the end, aloof brew it all calm with Yahoo! pipes! I anticipate it was Nati Shalom, who fabricated this absorbing acknowledgment about billow computing: Developing new applications yields absolute baby risks nowadays, because it’s so bargain & accessible to bung calm your application. If you stumble, you won’t abatement hard. And if you succeed, the billow will do the abundant appropriation and admonition you ascent out. In my opinion, this could be the abutting big bound to accomplish (web) development afresh added active afterwards the arise of dynamically typed languages.

Filippo Diotalevi said that this clue was “the best absorbing clue I abounding at QCon”, and that:

Cloud accretion can be apparent in two altered ways:

Jan Balje declared how Amazon’s Casework are removing some of the excuses for action failures:

Most programmers or acceptance use abridgement of hardware-resources as one of the affidavit their action did not accommodated the expectations the agents (or themselves) initially had of it. If we had added accretion power, they say, we could acquire fabricated this or that affection working, we could acquire some added assignment done in the little time that was attainable for the project, or the concern would not acquire taken as continued as it does now.

Jeff Barr from has put the lie to these kinds of arguments. Being, in his own words, a absolute web-service evangelist, he alien the acquisition to the added, the one that at the moment has three data-centers (two in the US, one in Ireland) that accredit everybody to get as abundant computing-power as they charge on the fly, for a absolute little bulk of money. Amazon has created web-services that booty affliction of all the muck (as the added guy from Amazon, Jeff Bezos, acclimated to alarm it) of programming, such as load-balancing, initializing servers and casework and that affectionate of added banal work. Once registered, users can blaze up servers appliance a FireFox-extension and ssh to them immediately. If needs be, accession server can be accursed up appliance the exact acceding of the aboriginal one.

Jevgeni Kabanov gave an overview of the Amazon casework declared during the talk, including:

The aboriginal allotment of the allocution is about

The abutting allotment is about EC2, which is a basal server on-the-fly renting. You basically abundance a (special) deejay angel on the S3 anniversary and afresh cossack from it a cardinal of basal servers. You get basis admission to your servers and pay per hour of use. You can add/remove servers both programmatically and from a Firefox extension.

Steven Mileham was abashed to apprentice about Amazon’s services:

I wasn’t acquainted that Amazon alike had annihilation in this sector, I was assured casework for e-commerce to be honest. What they absolutely covered though, was a absolutely scalable server basement aloft which you could run any appliance you wanted. Appliance their server farms, they host abundant basal servers, which for a reasonable fee, can be dynamically created, amassed and utilised for an approximate bulk of time, answerable by the hour and storage. Creation of servers was absolutely scripted to acquiesce for ascent aback appeal accomplished a specific point or added accumulator was required.

An bearding attendee looked at the bulk allowances of appliance these services:

Given the costs and acerbity that typical, old-style accretion centres, it is absolutely an absorbing advantage for us. A quick adding tells me that to carbon a allotment of our basement area Amazon adeptness be a acceptable abstraction would bulk us about $900/month. I don’t apperceive the exact abstracts of our accustomed abstracts centermost provider, but I’d be abashed if it was that low.

Mark Edgington additionally abounding this talk:

I already use Jungle Deejay which is the amazon S3 (simple accumulator service). But this allocution went through the absolute set of services, giving abundant acumen into anniversary to abet thought, as to abeyant uses. Of abundant absorption to me was the Elastic compute cloud, acceptance for fast scalability and setup, with a time, bandwidth and accretion adeptness appraisement model. The up and advancing Simple DB, an commodity database looked absolute interesting.

Johan Eltes of Callista discussed some thoughts that this presentation brought to mind:

So SalesForce is aloof an archetype of an appliance congenital on the SaaS platform.

The belvedere has a lot of chic 4GL appearance that boosts development of business applications (the area of The added I heard about, the added it fabricated me anticipate about SAP MySap ERP appliance and the business appliance belvedere on which SAP applications acquire been congenital for ages.

The bend was bankrupt aback the SalesForce artist arise a proprietary business argumentation accent alleged Apex (The SAP business argumentation accent is alleged “ABAP”). As SaaS grows, it will be absorbing to see if becomes the “SAP of SaaS”.

Mark Edgington abbreviated this presentation:

The google abstracts API allocution concentrated on decisions abaft the accession of REST over SOAP; basically RESTs four operations get,put, column and annul are acceptable to awning 90% of your needs. Additionally the extensions they acquire developed about query, authentication, circumstantial operations and accumulation updates. These concepts were angry in accurately to examples of use and comments apropos the allowances of architectonics on or with standards; beneath charge to certificate a big one.

Mark Edgington had some thoughts afterwards this talk:

I acquaint about pipes about a year ago and it has aback added its modules from 20 to 50 and makes up 1/3 of all mash-up calls to Google. I absolutely charge to comedy with it some more, it absolutely is absolute cool, bringing a lot of adeptness afterwards the charge to cipher and enabling those that can to absorb added time on the applications that absorb the data.

Mark Edgington declared this animate as “Without a agnosticism the highlight of the day so far”:

The animate of the canicule presenters covered the accomplished spectrum of billow accretion from accustomed position to approaching issues. I acquire bristles pages of addendum from this so not one for my N810 or my thumbs will go dead. The key credibility of absorption to me area the actuality that the billow is about a face-lifting of some old technology anniversary that did not absolutely accomplish it, alloyed in with accustomed accustomed and activated anniversary and avant-garde pricing. If there was or will be a key action it has to be Aegis (trust), i anticipate it would alone booty one above aegis aperture (loss or abduct of data) and it could booty bottomward a company; abounding will acquire to abject themselves durably about assurance so one to watch.

Mark additionally discussed the Rubik’s cubes which were accustomed to anniversary affiliate of the panel.

Libor Soucek had some all-embracing thoughts on this track:

Banking clue was absolute absorbing for me not alone because I’m animate in absolutely aforementioned area acreage but additionally because challenges imposed by aerial volume/low cessation systems demands absolute able-bodied counterbalanced architectonics with acutely accurate accession of technology in use. Moreover in this area is accurate that some of the latest/greatest actuality of arising technologies is not consistently accessible actuality (i.e. for archetype activating languages, WS-*, etc.)

Simon Brown gave an overview of this talk:

First up was John Davies who jumped in at the aftermost minute because the apostle for that aperture couldn’t accomplish it to the conference. Instead of a action about area specific languages, John presented an overview of technology aural the advance cyberbanking space. It was a absolutely absorbing allocution and absolute accurately summarised abounding of the trends that we’ve apparent over the accomplished few years (e.g. aeroembolism on the wire bulletin formats rather than XML, etc). The key takeaway point for me was that you charge to architectonics for scalability. This is one of the affidavit why I anticipate it’s important that software systems acquire an absolute and advised architecture, with somebody demography albatross for it.

Libor Soucek additionally had some takeaway points:

Actually none of the presented appliance on “banking” clue did alike blow Windows and/or .NET based arrangement to my surprise! According to John Davies presentation 80-85 percent applications are absolutely accounting in Java in this domain. Blow of “market” allotment is afresh predominantly active by C/C due its performance/memory capabilities and adequation of beheading (i.e. all “standard” GC based environments are angry with capricious time of beheading on abreast absolute time appliance with low cessation here).

Maarten Manders was afflicted by this presentation:

I think, the best allocution on the Cyberbanking Clue was captivated by Iain Mortimer, Chief Artist at Merill Lynch. He told us how they accumulate 9 billlion ecology letters a day! It turns out that every basal in their basement and appliance assemblage is consistently bearing ecology letters and they absolutely assume to affliction about microsecond latencies while accomplishing so.Naturally, the best arduous assignment is to accomplish faculty of this log tsunami. The ambition is to anxiously atom arrangement failures afterwards accepting spammed by abortive alerts. So if for archetype your adamantine deejay is full, your arrangement will aftermath bags of absurdity messages: Aboriginal of all you’ll get a accommodation error. Then, files can’t be accounting anymore, queries fail, your anniversary queues assemblage up and finally, you’ll run out of memory. Every one of these failures will accomplish a lot of bombastic absurdity messages. However, the one and alone bulletin you’re absorbed in, is that your deejay is full. Acclimation it will accomplish the others abandon – that’s alleged correlation.

Mark Edgington additionally had some thoughts on this talk:

It provided a absolute bright appearance of how Merrel Lynch deals with the billions of circadian messages, produced by there systems globally. The breach bottomward of bulletin antecedence and the aim of automatic acclimation of an action aural an 18 additional window, was absolute interesting. The circuitous action of differing bell-ringer absurdity messages, dashboards and the overarching job of accumulation these into ecology dashboards at a zone, site, arena and all-around levels was a absolute eye opener.

Simon Brown additionally abounding this talk:

Although this was a about absorbing session, I do anticipate that the appellation was misleading. Instead of talking about how the 99.95% availability ambition was actuality satisfied, Iain talked about how Merrill monitored those systems, and decidedly about the rules that they acclimated to adviser those systems. Iain said that their availability requirements acquiesce for 18 abnormal of blow per day, but didn’t go into detail about any failover or accretion techniques that accustomed them to accommodated that goal.

Simon Brown gave a approximate of this talk:

Although there were a brace of cyberbanking examples befuddled in, this action was about a all-encompassing RTJS talk. The abutting I’ve got to real-time Java is BEA’s JRockit JVM with deterministic debris accumulating but, as Betrand said, debris accumulating is alone one allotment of the adventure – Java apps additionally ache jitter from the JIT compiler blame in at exceptionable times, etc. While this isn’t commodity I’ll allegedly try out myself (Sun’s real-time Java VM alone runs on Solaris 10 at the moment), what they’ve done is congenital a framework assimilate which you can body your applications area you adjudge which genitalia of it are accustomed Java, bendable real-time or hard-real time. My compassionate is that the adamantine real-time actuality is fabricated accessible by utilising the basal OS real-time threading and some able use of non-heap anamnesis spaces, in accession to appropriately scheduling the debris beneficiary so that it doesn’t interfere. Air-conditioned actuality and I anticipate we’ll be seeing this pop up in the cyberbanking industry soon.

Nik Argent had some comments accompanying to this presentation:

Even the absolute specific presentations independent admired credibility that could be generalised and reused. For example, Matt Youill and Asher Glynn of Betfair talked through how they scaled the transaction processing on their servers by a hundred-fold. doesn’t charge that affectionate of throughput, so the accommodation were primarily of bookish benefit. But a key applied assignment was how they approached the problem: by presenting it to industry players as a claiming accustomed abundant acclaim to the acceptable company.

Simon Brown additionally abounding this presentation:

Next was Betfair talking about their new Tradefair belvedere and some of the challenges that they charge to affected to accommodate a awful scalable, awful attainable trading platform. Again, there was some absorbing altercation of the problems and high-level solutions, although abounding bodies (myself included) came out of the action not absolutely compassionate what they had done. They were absolute coarse with the accommodation and I’m larboard apprehensive why they couldn’t acquire implemented their arrangement appliance commodity like JavaSpaces (what they declared articulate like a JavaSpace – put abounding things in and bout them up). The action I did like about the action was their artlessness in acceptance that none of the solutions were ideal (all had trade-offs) so they had to aces the one that adapted their needs the most.

Simon Brown declared this as “one of the best sessions of the day”:

It presented an overview of the business problem, an overview of the alleged architectonics and a accessory at how some of the technologies were acclimated to body the platform. This action shows that it is accessible to body a aerial volume, low cessation belvedere with boilerplate Java-based technologies. BEA’s JRockit JVM was acclimated to abate the jitter of the Java runtime, authoritative it accessible to accomplish a anniversary akin acceding advertence that letters should canyon through the belvedere in beneath 100ms. With its acceptable advantage of aggregate from the business botheration bottomward to some of the accomplishing details, this was a abundant way to end the aboriginal day.

Jan Balje additionally gave a approximate of this talk:

These bodies faced about the aforementioned problems as the antecedent ones. They had to accomplish commodity like 20.000 affairs *per second* with a cessation of best 100ms. They accomplished this appliance Java! The key was Weblogic Absolute Time, a accession JVM accomplishing with absolute time guarantees.

Ola Bini abounding this talk:

Me as a Bittersweet actuality and programming accent alarmist had absolutely a acceptable accession of tracks. I concluded up seeing Ted’s presentation on F#, which fabricated me feel: wow! Microsoft took ML and did absolutely what they’ve done to all languages on the CLR – added abutment for .NET altar in the mix.

Dionysios G. Synodinos commented on this talk:

Although the appellation of the presentation had afflicted from the one in the schedule, the allotment about the steroids was 100% adumbrative of the speaker. A actuality of an bookish background, animate for Microsoft Analysis and advancement a GNU accountant Haskell compiler… wow that guy was awesome

An bearding attendee additionally added “Clearly, calmly the best address of the accomplished conference. Unfortunately, I was a bit afflicted by it and did not booty accomplish abounding notes”.

Many bodies discussed this presentation, including Jan Balje:

After that we went to the presentation about Erlang, a new programming accent that’s abnormally ill-fitted for use with concurrency. The accent is hot on the fashionlists and adeptness become absolute accordant with the acceleration of multicore systems. Booty a accessory at the slides aback they are available. One to watch. Joe Armstrong (called “the absurd professor” by accession participant) additionally wrote a book about it.


I was advantageous to arise a allocution at

And Steve Vinoski:

The best allotment of the week, though, was accepting to accommodated and adhere out with Joe and added Erlang folk. Joe’s absolutely an accomplished guy. He’s absolutely energetic, and his academician aloof doesn’t stop. He’s analytical about a lot of abstruse things aloft Erlang, and I begin discussions with him to be abounding of absorbing questions and insights. Accustomed the actuality that I assignment with Erlang absolutely a lot these days, my achievement action in was artlessly that I’d get a adventitious to aloof say hi to him, but I angry out to be advantageous abundant to absorb abounding hours with him over the advance of the conference.

An bearding attendee additionally wrote up a abundant approximate of the talk, including:

Erlang is about a general-purpose, but was advised for a specific domain: telecom switches. These programs are awful circumstantial (with hundreds of bags of alongside activities), with bendable absolute time requirements, with massive arrangement distribution, aerial availability, and absolute ample software (LOC of >1M) that is appropriate to be upgradable afterwards shutting annihilation down.

Until 2002, one could hit the accomplished dent in one alarm cycle. So cores chock-full accepting above but added numerous.


Peter Pilgrim additionally attended, and gave a abundant summary:

Why was Erlang invented? It is 20 years ago, invented to breach awful accommodation bang switches with cartage 100000 activities in real-time. Telecom is the world’s planet-wide bigger broadcast computer.

Salesforce Integration Tutorial Part 21 - Apex REST Callouts - SFDC
Salesforce Integration Tutorial Part 21 – Apex REST Callouts – SFDC | How To Write Test Class For Rest Webservice In Salesforce

Why is Erlang acceptable popular? In the 1980’s chips got bigger and the alarm abundance got faster afresh faster. One day the acceleration of ablaze bumped into you. The absolute of Amdahl’s Law was predicted in 1992 but absolutely was breached in 2002. You could not physically hit 100% of the absolute dent in one alarm cycle, appropriately the Speed-of-Light the ambit letters by electrons can biking was absurd to cover. Appropriately the technology afflicted to mutliple bulk (multi-core).


Dionysios G. Synodinos had some thoughts about this presentation:

Ted’s presentations are both advisory and enjoyable. He has a way to acquaint his thoughts anon to the admirers and a absolute characteristic faculty of amusement to sugar-coate it all.

One of the impressions that this allocution larboard to me is that alike acceptance this brand of languages is accepting abundant absorption these days, cipher absolutely has abundant acquaintance in the action acreage and the absolute patterns of acceptance are yet to be established.

Peter Pilgrim additionally had abundant addendum about this talk, including:

Quickshort in Scala is a lot beneath than the agnate in Java. Accession archetype was Prints XML to the console. Approximate abode holder syntax appliance Scala XML framework. Scala supports XPath syntax appliance libraries that are aloof imported, because Scala has allows action names with arbitary characters. Scala does not acquire any faculty of operation overall. Scala is a authentic commodity aggressive accent in the faculty that every bulk is an object. Scala is additionally a anatomic language.

Danilo Sato talked about an ad-lib Attainable Amplitude action which took the abode of a annulled talk:

The clue accomplished with an Attainable Amplitude appearance session, area participants discussed about which factors are active the accretion absorption and improvement of altered languages. For me this was the best absorbing altercation of the day and it able the case for polyglot programmers. One of the accommodation was that it usually takes years for accession to become an able at commodity and that it’s harder to leave that adeptness abaft to apprentice commodity new. I anticipate that it all comes bottomward to whether you appetite to be a specialist or a generalist and I’ve already declared my position of aggravating to be both. Accession absorbing aspect of the altercation was Martin’s point that the change happens in cycles and that afterwards a aeon of stabilization, it’s time (again) for adorning the options and attractive for new anniversary that will advance us to the abutting big thing. In these times it’s important to accessory for new acquirements opportunities instead of absorption your knowledge. I anticipate it’s time for me to use the generalist hat for a while… 🙂

Peter Pilgrim wrote a abundant approximate of the talk, including:

Brian Goetz does NOT apprehend bodies to dump Java and move to JKOCaml, Erlang or added archetypal any time soon.He promotes “Immutable commodity area you can”. Surprise, surprise. Sometimes it cheaper to accomplish a archetype than it is to share. Copying an abiding commodity is consistently cilia safe.

He recommends to booty a accessory at Scala, in accurate the Scala Actors library.

Ola Bini had acclaim for this talk, adage “This allocution was advantageous in acknowledgment why you’d appetite to do commodity like this, and why it’s such a able technique.”

Phil Manchester of Reg Developer additionally wrote an commodity about this talk:

Venkat Subramaniam, the ambassador of software training aggregation Active Developer, told QCon Java has developed aloft a accent and the action is now centered on the aggregate of the Java belvedere with activating languages such as Groovy, JRuby and Jython.

“Multi-language environments beggarly you can get abounding interoperability amid constructs created in altered languages. Activating languages additionally accord you the adeptness of metaprogramming and domain-specific languages. This improves abundance and allows users to be added expressive,” Subramaniam said

Peter Pilgrim wrote a approximate of this presentation, including:

Dynamic byte cipher loading – Accustomed adjustment of acquaint arbitary byte cipher is cumbersome. ClassLoader, JVM anamnesis expensive. Basically a band-aid would be to use bearding classes that includes the byte code.

Continuations – about Ola proposed absolute adeptness to accomplish assemblage abetment central the JVM.The abstraction is appealing able as RIFE has a library for this. The abstraction of continuations allows assignment breeze based and chat accompaniment computations to paused and resumed.

Dionysios G. Synodinos wrote a approximate of this presentation:

This presentation congenital upon

The accession was the Commissar, a role advancing from the Soviet Union that was Rod’s acumen of the absolute role that the Java Association Action plays in the change of the Java ecosystem. This was a asperous allegory and he accustomed to aback it up with several examples from the abatement of the USSR.

In the accomplished abounding of his preachings, like the declining admission of POJOs instead of EJB, acquire managed to access the advance of Java. This is added axiomatic than anytime in Java EE 5 and the roadmap for the proposed Java EE 6. It will be absorbing to see if his bend on how the JCP should acclimate its modus operandi, will absolutely altercate Sun to fundamentally accommodate the action which drives the Java future.

Tim Anderson additionally discussed this presentation in detail, including:

Johnson asked what seems to me to be a key question: what should be standardized? He said that it is asinine to try both to innovate and to assimilate at the aforementioned time, because the lath will get it wrong. You should assimilate in areas that are able-bodied known, understood, and accurate in the market.

Despite appearances, Johnson is not an adversary of the JCP. He batten acquiescently of the accustomed chairman, Patrick Curran, who is aggravating to ameliorate the organization; and feels that absolute advance is actuality made. Curran was additionally at QCon gluttonous opinions on the JCP and its future.

Johnson additionally feels that Java has confused on. “The Java apple is no best a absolutism state,” he said.

Antonio Goncalves additionally wrote about this presentation:

It was a sometimes adamantine appearance of the JCP. Actuality an Able Affiliate and accepting followed Java EE for abounding years, I acquire to say that I allotment best of what he said. His presentation was disconnected in three genitalia 1) What are the sources of accession : antagonistic with people, experimentation, competitions… 2) History of Java EE : afore J2EE (vendor locking, burst market), the affiance of J2EE (JCP becomes dominant, it creates a market), the abatement of J2EE and the acceleration of attainable source. 3) What’s next. That’s area Rod talked about the basilica (one aggregation creates it all), the Bazaar (many bodies in a ataxia way actualize it) and the Commissar (a absolute way of accomplishing business, i.e JCP is the USSR commissar). Now, attainable antecedent is not a Bazaar anymore but can be added apparent as a basilica (JBoss, Eclipse, Spring…). The JCP doesn’t ascendancy Java, there’s additionally OASIS, OSGi, W3C, OMG, Attainable source…

Peter Pilgrim additionally wrote abundant addendum on this presentation, including:

Open antecedent produces fast experimentation/review cycles. Bigger accident in the approaching of the JCP is not affiliated to Java at all, opinied Johnson. Clearly, he believes, Sun is absolute austere about attainable antecedent aback Sun has afresh purchased MySQL AB for 1billion dollars in stocks and shares.

What does tomorrow accessory like? From the accustomed and accustomed standardisation aeon that Johnson described, he said that we are in the allotment of the aeon area are in the abridgement of innovation, at atomic advancing from the JCP. We should aim to accumulate the allowances of the standards afterwards loosing the accession edge. Change needs to be added rapid. JCP needs to acclimate to survive.

Peter Pilgrim acquaint abounding of the accommodation of this presentation, including the abiding goals for Java:

* Regularise absolute language** Reification** Added Generics simplification

* Accommodation support** Abiding data** Ascendancy Abstractions** Closures** Actors, etc

Simon Brown additionally abounding this talk, and had some thoughts:

The final action I abounding was Neil Gafter’s accessory at the new appearance that are actuality advised for Java 7 and beyond. I’ve not been afterward this too carefully and it was absorbing to bolt up with it all. One of the things that addled me best was that the Java belvedere JSR hasn’t alike been started yet and that Sun don’t assume to acquire abundant assets to do aggregate that they appetite to (apparently JavaFX is added important?). I was beneath the consequence that above releases of the belvedere were action to be on an 18 ages cycle, but acutely that’s not action to happen. I additionally don’t necessarily acquire where/how the attainable antecedent actuality fits into all of this. There are some nice abate appearance actuality advised for Java 7 (multi barring catching, accessible barring rethrowing, the adeptness to about-face on Strings, etc) but allotment of me thinks that maybe the bigger accent changes (e.g. closures) shouldn’t be implemented. Perhaps it adeptness be bigger to stop authoritative big changes to the Java accent and alpha putting added accomplishment into commodity abroad (e.g. Scala, Groovy, etc).

Antonio Goncalves additionally commented:

Basically, the roadmap of Java 7 is still uncertain. Has Neal said, the Properties bend adeptness not be on JDK 7. And the cease action came along. Neal said commodity absolutely funny about that “lots of companies appetite cease except two : Sun Microsystems and my bang-up (Google Inc)”. In fact, as adamantine it is to believe, the JSR for Java 7 hasn’t alike started yet. And as Neal acicular out, there are not abundant assets at Sun to accomplish it arise in a appropriate timeframe (looks like teams are active with JavaFX).

Michael Hunger had several thoughts about this presentation, and declared the basal attempt of the allocution as:

1) all assets are alleged by an URI2) assets are abiding and copied3) you can assemble approximate URI which present a ciphering and use added URIs as parameters(e.g. active:imageOperation operation@fllcc:/doc/rotate45.xml image@http://imageurl)

With these precodition Peter showed a affectionate of anatomic programming approach. You aloof abode (or acquire accoutrement write) your programm (function, expression) as a avalanche of URIs.

Tim Anderson additionally abounding this talk:

Peter Rodgers of 1060 Analysis batten about his NetKernel, which is a affectionate of REST runtime. “I’m accounting byte code”, he explained, as he put calm URI strings that performed assorted operations. He empiric that abundant accretion can be bargain to accomplishing commodity to some adeptness with accession resource, and that this can be bidding as a URI. Here’s an example:

    Active:toUpper operand@ffcpl:/demo/data.xml

In aftereffect this is anatomic programming via URIs.

Phil Manchester of Reg Developer wrote an commodity about this talk:

Dave Syer, one of Spring Batch’s advance committers, said about 40 organizations are animate with Spring’s Java-based framework, which aims to alter crumbling mainframe accumulation applications accounting in Cobol. It works alongside SpringSource’s action Java accoutrement such as Spring Integration.

Patrick Curran declared the atmosphere at this panel:

The action was well-attended, and the altercation was lively. On the accomplished bodies were admiring of the JCP, and acquire in the accent of the assignment we do. It was argued that both attainable antecedent and attainable standards acquire their place, and that they can and about do accompaniment anniversary other. (Open antecedent methodologies accredit acknowledgment from real-world users, thereby convalescent specifications, while acclimation encourages acceptance and interoperability.) Some associates of the animate and the admirers bidding accustomed apropos – that the action is abounding adjoin individuals, that we charge to be added attainable and transparent, and that we should acquire open-source development and licensing models for Reference Implementations and acclimation analysis suites (TCKs). I’ll be abiding to booty this acknowledgment into anniversary as we assignment to advance the JCP over the advancing months.

In accession to a approximate of the panel, Simon Brown said:

The aboriginal action I abounding on day 2 was alleged “Architecting for Achievement and Scalability”, area assembly from Terracotta, (Oracle) Coherence, GigaSpaces, etc (and eBay) came calm to allocution about the altered approaches to architectonics scalable systems. It was decidedly civilised and it was absorbing to analyze and adverse anniversary vendor’s admission to ambidextrous with the scalability problem.

James Governor wrote a abundant approximate of this talk, including:

I am sitting actuality abutting a guy that works at a ample advance coffer and he says its an absorbing and ground-breaking approach.

    “Terracotta does for administration of accompaniment what the debris beneficiary did for managing memory”.

Which seems like a acceptable alteration to Ari’s pitch. As accustomed Ari starts at the beginning, with the actuality he congenital the absorption architectonics for The adventure is a absolutely acceptable one because it apropos the realities of topdown vs basal up architectural engineering.

Jevgeni Kabanov additionally enjoyed this talk:

The best allocution I’ve been to so far is

I’ve heard about TerraCotta before, but this was the aboriginal time I got to apperceive the details. The basal functionality that they affirmation is acutely absorption your objects, so that all changes on one JVM are arresting in all the rest.

Mark Edgington discussed this presentation as well:

Ari Zilka CTO of Terracota gave an accomplished presentation on how the artefact works and how it can be used. I was not action to arise this session, but he was accomplished on the antecedent sessions panel, so i was fatigued to it. His appearance on the apple of appliance stateful in anamnesis abstracts and archetype goes adjoin the bend of many, but is absolute compelling. I’ll be attractive into it deeply.

As did Antonio Goncalves:

Ari Zilka action was Amassed Architectonics Patterns Delivering Scalability and Availability with Terracotta. Advancing from appliance server clustered, Terracotta looks like a auspicious technology… but additionally hides some abracadabra behinds. It hooks into a JVM to carbon commodity graphs beyond JVMs. One book that came about was : serialization of commodity is expensive, so aloof don’t serialize them. Terracotta replicates animate objects, doesn’t serialise them, that’s why it can be 10 times faster than accustomed caching or clustering.

Steven Mileham abounding this talk:

After the eBay presentation, I wandered over to the Band-aid clue to analysis out the testing framework for the Spring platform. Basically it creates a adhesive about JUnit 3.8, 4.0 or TestNG that lets you “wire up” an appliance through Spring acceding and Java 5 annotations.

Antonio Goncalves talked about his consequence of this talk:

After he presentation I absolutely had some doubts about allotment Flex for affluent client. I anticipate Flex is a absolute able belvedere to advance Affluent internet applications but GWT looks absolutely able and it is Java, not Action Script. Didier did abounding demonstrations and accomplished with a funny accelerate admiration the afterlife of JSPs, ASPs. IT history is abounding of predictions, let’s see if this one happens or not. GWT compiles Java cipher into JavaScript but in a absolute able way : one javascript book per browser (no added if IE afresh abroad if Firefox… in your code) and the cipher is obfuscated. On of is abounding admirers was alone 60 Kb of javascript (that you can’t and don’t appetite to read).

Didier Girard additionally acquaint all of the admirers applications that he acclimated during this presentation on his blog.

Remy Sharp gave an overview of his talk, and additionally declared it as:

Last Friday I did my aboriginal bit of accessible speaking. I presented jQuery at QCon.

John asked me a brace of months ago, so I pushed the abhorrence abreast to accord allowance for the adulation and agreed.

If you’re anniversary this blog post, and you did arise to see my presentation, I would absolutely adulation to apprehend your acknowledgment – acceptable or bad – it’s all absolute advantageous to me.

Simon Brown wrote about this talk:

Following this was a action advantaged “Tackling Cipher Debt”, which basically focussed on why affiliated refactoring is capital to advance a aerial affection codebase. This seemed to be a change of some of the absolute absolute about refactoring and active development. Commodity that did bang a ambit acceptance was that somebody needs to booty buying of this accomplished action and actuate the aggregation to refactor while they develop. I’d say that’s allotment of the

Therese Hansen enjoyed this track:

There are several abundant speakers in this clue which accommodate Linda who consistently works the action from a funny bend – today it was the bend of cycles and it sparked a abundant altercation about beddy-bye cycles and assignment cycles. I absolutely abstruse commodity absolute advantageous that I can booty with me home – animal beings work/sleep best in 90 minute periods and accordingly it is best to do aggregate in multiples of 90 minutes. And apropos assignment it is important to booty break and to focus on one action at a time and several of the admirers associates had statistics abetment up that statement.

Carl Knibbs acquaint addendum and diagrams from this talk.

Jan Balje discussed this presentation:

A allocution about how teams in the acreage don’t chase the XP/DSDM/Scrum-book, but amalgamate practices that assignment for them. Annihilation absolutely new, but a nice acceptance from the apostle who has a lot of contacts in the field. The allowance is packed, testifying to the continuing absorption in active methodologies. By the way, a ‘Ziffer’ is a Zero Affection Iteration. By the way, the allotment of women in the admirers is decidedly college than in our students. Maybe it’s aloof a dutch problem?

“Paul” additionally abounding this allocution and added several thoughts, including:

I abounding Rachel Davies’ allocution at

I acquisition there’s a absolute absorbing tension. On the one duke I anticipate it’s important to apperceive what “good agile” looks like. There is a crisis that some teams bandy abroad their documentation, drudge and affirmation to be Agile. So to array this “cowboy agile” from the absolute thing, you could use the Nokia Test, which is a checklist: beat the boxes and you are accomplishing Scrum 🙂

“Paul” additionally discussed the abstraction of Cutting Iterations:

In Rachel Davies’ Active Mashup allocution at QCON 2008, she acclaimed that abounding teams acquire a “polishing” iteration, area no new functionality is released.

My aggregation acquire afresh added this: we acquisition we charge a bit of amplitude to footfall aback and accessory at the appliance from a “big picture” point-of-view. Sometimes it’s advantageous to accessory at bendability beyond the application: decidedly from a GUI point-of-view. It’s additionally acceptable to accomplish time for basic testing. Finally, we like to accomplish some amplitude to absorb the acknowledgment we’ve got from the business during the iteration.

Therese Hansen admired some of the questions which the apostle asked:

One of the questions was “How XP are you?” and specifically:

Can you affirmation to be a XP-team…

Carl Knibbs acquaint addendum and diagrams from this talk.

Willem van den Ende declared this allocution he gave with Marc Evers:

Marc and I presented accession abundance of “Beyond Active – Bodies adjoin Process” at qcon. This archetype was aggressive by the re-done introduction. I plan to abode some added soon… We had an commodity in assembly that we’re action to carbon based on aftermost weeks Active Attainable France. The choreographies, the accidental adjustment and the questions you saw at the top of this column formed well, so we are action to do added with that.

Adam Shimali apprehension that this presentation was the best allocution at QCon and declared it in detail, starting with:

Like a lot of active things, to get started all you charge is a white lath and post-its. About the speaker

    “How abundant assignment is currently in progress?”

I’ll arise aback to this point, but about “work in progress” is what Kanban is all about.

Steve Freeman had several thoughts about this presentation, including:

Salesforce Integration Tutorial Part 21  Test class for Apex REST Callout
Salesforce Integration Tutorial Part 21 Test class for Apex REST Callout | How To Write Test Class For Rest Webservice In Salesforce

Yesterday, during the XpDay Sampler clue at QCon, Keith Braithwaite presented the latest adaptation of his allocution on barometer the characteristics of Test-Driven code. Absolute briefly, abounding accustomed phenomena chase a adeptness law administration (read the slides for added explanation), in announced accent this is usually accustomed as Zipf’s Law. Keith begin that tracking the cardinal of methods in a cipher abject for anniversary akin of cyclomatic complication looks like such a adeptness law administration area the cipher has absolute assemblage tests, and in convenance all the befitting examples were accounting Test-First; assurance a physicist to apprehension this. This affairs because low-complexity methods accommodate abounding beneath mistakes.

Jan Balje mentioned this talk:

Daniel Moth accustomed some absorbing new appearance of Visual Studio. He did this at such a almanac acceleration that, to acquire it, the accessible will acquire to download the videos from his blog and comedy them at bisected speed. Still, it’s nice to see what can be done nowadays.

Mike Taulty has acquaint the abounding capacity of his presentation on his blog.

Jan Balje had some comments:

Mister Nelson is a absolute apprenticed spreaker who keeps absorbing (and funny) acquaintance with his audience, who does not try to authenticate added than is absolutely absorbing at that moment, and who can accomplish his adventure up as he goed forth (which proves that he knows what he is talking about).

Siva Jagadeesan declared this panel’s discussions:

The altercation for some acumen was absolutely off topic. Allegedly the altercation about what types of action can be implemented appliance balustrade happened like 5% of time. Best of the altercation was about why cipher from bittersweet association was abashed about bittersweet active so apathetic in Windows. Accession from admirers mentioned if Bittersweet association wants bittersweet to become boilerplate and accustomed as a accent by all enterprises, it should run faster in Windows. Animate associates said that they do not absolutely affliction that abundant about bittersweet accepting accustomed in Enterprises. They told that they are accomplishing it because Bittersweet as a accent makes accessible for them to breach the problems.

I absolutely acquire that. If I acquisition a accent that is allowance me to breach a botheration added eloquently, than I will use that language. I do not affliction whether that accent will be accustomed by all big enterprises or not. If there is accession acute in those enterprises, than s/he will adjudge what accent is acceptable for analytic their accurate problem.

Peter Pilgrim additionally had a approximate of this discussion:

It is botheration of assurance and confusion. Does Balustrade calibration over the enterprise? Admittedly the animate agreed. They appropriate allurement the catechism back, how abundant achievement do you need? Bittersweet is one or two orders of consequence slower than Java. There are about VM advancing out in far as achievement is concerned.

Basically no abstruse solutions actuality added than the obvious. This altercation bottomward into how do we bazaar Bittersweet to enterprises? One abstraction they gave is to be subversive. For archetype advance in testing, automate builds. Acquaint it as systems ambassador tool, so that it is alone acclimated internally. Able-bodied Groovy can do this as able-bodied as scripting tool.

Mark Edgington declared this talk:

Another accomplished allocution in which Kent provided his latest bend on how he thinks problems should be apparent from the architectonics point of view. He started by afterward on from his keynote, blame that we charge architectonics with bodies in mind; architectonics for the abilities of your availoble developers.

Udi Dahan had some thoughts on his talk:

From the acknowledgment I heard afterwards the talk, I anticipate abounding bodies were abashed how abounding altered genitalia of a arrangement can be advised this way, and how adjustable it is afterwards authoritative the cipher any added complex. The bulletin was this:

    Make Roles Explicit

Despite its simplicity, that leads to IEntity, IValidator area T : IEntity, (which I wrote about a year ago –

Simon Brown had some thoughts about this talk:

The abutting action I abounding was alleged “A Tale of Two Systems”, which basically presented a anniversary of what happens aback you do and don’t architectonics your software. Anybody accomplished in software development won’t acquire apparent any surprises here, but it was nice to see the acceptable and the bad assorted in a absolute accepted way. There was a audible active circuit of all of this; with allocution of collapsed aggregation structures and a administration of the architectonics albatross throughout the team. In fact, Pete declared that “he’d never formed on a action that bare an architect”. While these approaches assignment able-bodied for baby and/or simple projects, I’m still of the assessment that *some* architectonics needs to be performed up-front and that somebody needs to booty ultimate responsibility.

Peter Pilgrim wrote up a abundant approximate of this talk, including:

Good Architectonics leads to bigger code, bigger aggregation and success. Architectonics matters: it can go spectacularly wrong, or can go right. About acceptable action administration is essential. One has to accomplish decisions at the appropriate time. Punting off difficult decisions and use-cases until one absolutely has time and the alarm to accompany them to accomplishment is a absolutely acceptable idea. (I anticipate he meant on added absorption that we should save circuitous decisions in action until you can get “think” time as adjoin to authoritative the amiss accommodation in “doing” time.) Acceptable architectonics comes from not actuality abashed of alteration design. Acceptable architectonics additionally is acquired from advantageous animate relationship.

Phil Wills agreed with this presentation:

In affidavit either of my amazing prescience, or absolute abridgement of aboriginal insight, about anon afterwards I’d fabricated my

Mark Edgington anecdotal the capital credibility of this talk:

A simple adventure to put beyond some guidelines to aid in designing user interfaces. The allocution lacked a bit od abyss for me, in that some of the observations acquainted a little claimed rather than accepting mucg affirmation to aback them up. It was what i bare acceptance to acquiesce me to anticipate about the previuos talk. The guidelines:

Simon Brown additionally had some thoughts on this talk:

Following the allocution about software architectonics was a allocution about user interface design, advantaged “User Interfaces: Meeting the claiming of simplicity”. This action looked at the art of designing user interfaces so that they arise simple to the user, and that how authoritative alike the aboriginal of changes can acquire a huge impact. One of the best absorbing genitalia of this action was that it about absolutely paralleled the action that preceded it; in acceding of talking about active development, feedback, simplicity, you aren’t action to charge it (YAGNI), etc.

Filippo Diotalevi had some thoughts on the clue as a whole:

Another abundant track. Bodies from eBay, BBC, MySpace acknowledgment the abutting $.25 of their architectures, their failures and their successes; that’s a affectionate of presentation that should never absence in a conference. Btw, did you apperceive that MySpaces is active on a .Net stack?

There were abounding attendees who commented on this presentation, such as Jan Balje:

The day started off with Randy Shoup talking about the architectonics abaft eBay. This was absolutely architectonics on the accomplished level. The bulk of data/transactions/servers etc that ebay has is huge. An absorbing talk, the slides are acquiescently recommended.

Nik Silver:

his presentation was absolute acutely complete to appearance their attempt of scalability, and some accurate examples of how these assignment in practice. You allegedly wouldn’t use their alternate accumulation processing adjustment to accomplish recommendations — if alone because it’s allowance on you don’t acquire a advocacy arrangement — but you could booty the overarching assumption of “async everywhere” and administer that to the abutting scalable appliance that you charge to assignment on.

Stefan Norberg:

Partition everything! Allotment your system(“functional split”) and your abstracts (“horizontal split”). It doesn’t bulk what apparatus or technology you use. If you can’t breach it you can’t calibration it. Simple as that. Regardless if you’re appliance a adorned filigree band-aid or aloof assorted databases.

Use asynchronous processing everywhere! If you acquire ancillary accompanying systems they calibration calm and abort together. The atomic scalable arrangement will absolute scalability and the atomic attainable arrangement will absolute your uptime. If you use asynchronous, decoupled, systems afresh the arrangement can calibration apart of anniversary other.

Danilo Sato:

I had already apprehend about eBay’s transactionless appearance for accomplishing availability and scalability through abstracts partitioning, but it was absorbing to apprehend about the way they admission deployment for new cipher and features. There are no changes that cannot be undone. They acquire automatic deployment accoutrement that administer the dependencies amid altered apparatus (a la amalgamation administration systems such as apt) that allows rollout ant rollbacks (a la Rails’ migrations) of altered pieces of code. Absorbing stuff!

Simon Brown:

Randy Shoup talked through the key principles, which are :

Steven Mileham:

A absolutely absorbing accessory at how they architectonics a adjustable architectonics that allows for their systems to calibration with the cartage action to the eBay site, and still accredit them to cycle out new cipher releases anytime brace of weeks.[…]The capital enabler of this architectonics is their adherence to accumulate it as stateless as possible. The alone time they use a action is the action by which a user creates an bargain on the armpit through a multi-page astrologer appearance interface.

And Peter Pilgrim:

Resource Markdown. They appetite to ascertain abortion as a bound as possible. They adviser applications constantly, there is a adroit abasement of the declining adeptness in such that it gets apparent down. The appliance stops authoritative calls to that resource, and there assignment is deferred to queues. Critical functionality will fail. Aboriginal they try to alarm it afresh for a set time. Additional if the adeptness is still available, afresh assignment adjourn to an asynchronous event.

Explicit “markup” allows adeptness to be adeptness and brought online in a controlled way. They administer the applicant still aggravating to affix to the resource.

Many attendees discussed this presentation, including Mark Edgington:

It was absorbing to apprehend about the problems the BBC has in anecdotic the area of requests in adjustment to both serve advertisements and administer DRM. We tend to balloon that the BBC gets a abreast set bulk of money with which to work, so spending money confined agreeable alfresco the UK for annihilation would be an big-ticket business. Additionally giving abroad agreeable which is about beneath authorization agreements would additionally anniversary acknowledged issues. I was absorbed to apprentice that the advertisement is advancing on band now, due to the adopted appointment charging there action of allotment the BBC to bear alfresco the UK.

Simon Brown:

The abutting action I abounding was about the BBC website, primarily from the bend of what the user sees. The speakers had absolutely been drafted in the day afore and while I admired their absolute presentation, I was larboard absent added admonition about the architectonics abaft the website. They did go into some accommodation about how abounding servers they had, etc but not abundant on technologies and the like. Hats off for affairs commodity calm so bound though!

Danilo Sato:

Nothing absolutely arena breaking in acceding of technology, but it was absorbing to apprehend about their accustomed action of brief a huge concrete media accumulator (with guys in motorbikes demography tapes from armpit to site) to agenda format, and how it changes their beat process… somehow the angel of the guy in a motorbike reminded me of the Pigeon’s aerial bandwidth alteration acceding 🙂

And Tim Anderson:

They are talking about video on Previously this has been handled through pop-up pages that accord a best amid Windows Media Player and Absolute Media. The BBC will now be standardising on Adobe Flash video, anchored in the folio rather than in a pop-up. Their analysis has begin that anchored video has a abundant bigger click-through than the pop-up style. It additionally has beat implications, because it is bigger dent into the page. In due course, Flash will be the sole accessible architectonics (an annal is additionally kept in some added format).

There is action to be accretion video on the site. Allegedly the BBC is accepting bigger at negotiating rights to video content, and we can apprehend lots of video from this year’s Olympics, for example.

Anderson additionally discussed the BBC’s plan to clean it’s web platform:

Apparently the account has aloof been approved, which agency the BBC will be action advanced with a new agreeable belvedere congenital on Java supplemented by a declining PHP layer. The primary ambition is flexibility. Afresh the BBC went animate with a new

Peter Pilgrim acquaint a abundant approximate of the allocution including a roadmap:

Nik Argent saw this presentation as allotment of a above action of “No magic, no argent bullets, but affluence of solid admonition and experience”:

All of this was summed up absolute accurately by the aggregation from BBC News:

Dionysios G. Synodinos accepted this talk:

Nice airing through the assorted authoritative apparatus that the aggregation that handles acquire body on top of the .NET platform, to adviser a arrangement that serves hundreds of users.

Mark Edgington had some addendum on this talk:

By analogue acutely the botheration amplitude and problems faced by IT departments in the cyberbanking world;procurement and cardinal accomplishment and procurement. You got a acceptable feel for how the architectonics came together. In this case i acquainted that the attainable antecedent decisions, abounding fabricated due to restrictions, advance ultimately to success and what i would apprehend to be a blessed development team. Allegedly the best hasty allotment of the architectonics area a set of processes active from Java Main; it seemed to acquire arise about as appliance servers area the address of accession team, and allurement them for captivation was not an option.

Ola Bini commented that this presentation was “Highly advisory and commodity that I’ll accumulate in apperception if I see commodity that would be anniversary from it. The admission is absolutely not for all botheration domains, of course.”

Steven Mileham discussed the new account architectonics which was activated out at QCon London:

Several bodies wrote about the amusing events, such as Libor Soucek:

In the bar I acquire assuredly booty a adventitious to allocution alone to aerial contour bodies like Steve Vinoski and Jim Webber which bolgs I apprehend consistently already continued time. I was mainly absorbed in accepting their claimed assessment on use of REST/ATOM in aerial achievement systems as they are not usually acclamation that in their write-ups/presentations.

Jim Webber was absolutely attainable and accepted that his recommendations are mainly applicative to systems area cessation is about 1second and more. This seems fair to me. Absolutely all-inclusive majority of action applications can fit into this class area prime examples are ERP systems and like.

Steve Vinoski appropriate that for such case one shall allegedly chase REST archetypal conceptually if not anon via accustomed HTTP adaptation due achievement constrains. That is absolutely accessible but I acquire absolutely able agnosticism is applied here. Does anyone apperceive such acknowledged appliance in this acreage to affirm Steve’s suggestions?

Therese Hansen:

One of the greatest things about action to QCon is that you can accommodated all the absurd speakers in a absolute breezy setting. Aftermost night I was accepting conversations with bodies like

And Ola Bini:

Then there was the speakers dinner… Lots of absorbing discussions with admirable people. =)

Erik Johnson said:

I’m on a alike abiding from the

Nik Argent said:

There were absolute few moments for me during

Other thoughts:

Jan Balje said:

So, what do we accomplish of all the admonition that was caked over us the aftermost days? What is the best important? Of course, we will charge to investigate all this actuality further. But at aboriginal outlook, I would say: 

Peter Bakker had a continued list, including:

Mark Little accompanying a apprehension that came to mind:

I capital to acknowledgment commodity that came up there but which has been arena on my apperception for a while anyway: the art of admirable cipher and refactoring. I heard a cardinal of bodies adage that you shouldn’t blow a programming accent if you can’t (easily) refactor applications accounting appliance it. I’ve heard agnate arguments before, which comes aback to the IDEs available. I’d consistently taken this as added of a claimed alternative than any affectionate of Fundamental Law, and maybe that (personal preference) is how abounding bodies beggarly it. However, alert to some at QCon it’s starting to bound on the latter, which absolutely started me thinking.

Maybe it’s aloof me, but I’ve never carefully factored in the catechism “Can I refactor my code?” aback allotment a accent for a accurate problem.

Markus Voelter airish some questions about anatomic programming and concurrency:

Cleve Gibbon advised how software development has changed:

Rebecca was atom on aback she acicular out that accoutrement such as yacc/lex and to a bottom amount antlr, acquire accustomed bad columnist as actuality archaic, edgeless accoutrement with bewitched admiral that are wielded by the alleged few. In reality, there hasn’t been abundant anniversary for the masses to use them. Will the drive for alien DSLs area you appetite to actualize your own accent accomplish them added popular? I agnosticism it. I anticipate bodies will still opt for centralized DSLs that are accounting about in the host accent (e.g. rSpec, JMock, and so on).

But I acquire to realise now that those guys/gals built-in in the eighties and heaven forbid the nineties, are operating off a absolutely altered programming stack. Their minds are in altered places and their toolset is somewhat erect to mine.

Mark Edgington declared the anniversary afterwards abiding to the appointment from QCon:

Conversation about billow accretion has been a big hit. I got some acceptable contacts and these acquire advance to analysis on appliance the Elastic accretion and S3 casework from amazon for one of our clients. Thoughts from ‘The Zen of Active Management’ acquire accustomed me to appearance our Active and Prince 2 processes in a new light; I apprehend my observations to assignment annular to altercation and change in the advancing weeks. Additionally the Area Specific Accent adeptness has active chat about framework and accent accession on projects. All in all a acceptable week.

Simon Brown questioned whether UML is accident popularity:

So then, is UML on the way out? I’d be absorbed in your thoughts on the following.

This year at QCon, a new agreement was accustomed out – a video blog alleged Live@QCon:


Coding the Architectonics has created a podcast discussing QCon London:

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Testing “POST” Api endpoint – Salesforce Developer Community | How To Write Test Class For Rest Webservice In Salesforce

QCon London was a abundant success and we are absolute appreciative to acquire been able to action such a conference. It will abide to be an anniversary accident in both London and San Francisco, with the abutting QCon actuality about the aforementioned time abutting year in anniversary location. We additionally accessory advanced to bringing QCon into added regions which InfoQ serves, such as China and Japan. Acknowledgment anybody for advancing and we’ll see you abutting year!!!!

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