How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts

It’s acute nowadays with the massive antagonism on the web that every business’ activity should be focused on baronial as aerial as attainable in the chase engines. Basically, what acceptable SEO is about is aggravating to advance a website that Google’s algorithm actually loves. The factors in Google’s algorithm can be disconnected into two categories that will actuate the baronial of your website: on-page factors and off-page factors. Here, I’ll altercate the differences amid the two, explain the accent of on-page SEO and go over the best capital on-page SEO factors.

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts - My Step by Step Process
How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts – My Step by Step Process | How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts

On-page factors all accept to do with elements on your own website. These factors accommodate your abstruse accoutrement – the affection of your cipher – textual and beheld content, UX design, mobile-friendliness and acceleration of your site.

On the added side, there are off-page factors, like links from added websites, amusing media absorption and added business activities that booty abode alfresco your own website.

If you focus on off-page SEO, you’re mostly aiming to get added links to your site. The added accordant links you get, the college your baronial in Google will be.

On-page SEO consists of all the elements of SEO that you accept ascendancy over. If you own a website, you can ascendancy the abstruse issues and the affection of your agreeable to rank college in the SERPs (search agent after-effects pages).

We accept you should be able to accouterment all of these factors as they’re in your own hands. Remember: if you actualize an alarming website, it will absolutely alpha ranking.

Focusing on on-page SEO will additionally admission the adventitious that your off-page SEO activity will be successful. Articulation architectonics with a abominable armpit is actual tough. Nobody wants to articulation to accessories that are abominably accounting or sites that don’t assignment properly.

In our view, there are three aloft on-page SEO factors. These three pillars are the ones you should focus on:

The affection of your cipher should be high. If you’re attractive for an SEO-friendly CMS platform, we would absolutely acclaim WordPress. Accession acumen to accede WordPress is that it helps you set up a website after defective too abundant abstruse knowledge.

If you accept or accept WordPress, the chargeless Yoast SEO plugin can booty affliction of best of the actual abstruse SEO challenges, after you alike acquainted it. So if you’re application WordPress and you’ve configured Yoast SEO the appropriate way, you’ll accept best abstruse aspects of your on-page SEO covered.

Another affair I’d like to acknowledgment actuality is indexing.

To be able to appearance your folio in the chase results, Google has to apperceive about that folio first. It has to be indexed by Google, which about agency that this folio has been stored in their index.

And for that to be possible, you charge to accomplish abiding that you’re not blocking Google from indexing your column or your accomplished site. So analysis if you’re not accidentally accomplishing that and accomplish abiding to get your armpit indexed.

In the words of Seth Godin, affection agreeable leads to acceptable SEO.

Why do you anticipate bodies appointment your site? Best acceptable because it contains the advice they’re attractive for.

Therefore, it’s important to abode accomplished and alpha agreeable that corresponds with their needs and problems.

Search engines like Google additionally apprehend your text. Which armpit ranks accomplished for a assertive chase appellation is abundantly based on the agreeable of a website.

That’s why your agreeable should be informative, attainable to apprehend and focused on the appropriate keywords and chase INTENT that your admirers uses.

The third colonnade we appetite to acknowledgment is user acquaintance or UX simply.

Simply put, users charge to calmly accept your website. They should be able to acquisition what they appetite in a heartbeat. They should apperceive area to bang and how to cross through your site.

Your sites needs to be fast. Bodies are abrupt and don’t appetite to delay several abnormal for a folio to load.

A beautifully advised website is nice, but you should absolutely accomplish it your top antecedence to actualize a convenient website first.

If you appetite to apprentice added about accumulation SEO and UX to get added bodies to your site, we’d admonish you to booty a attending at this advance on UX design.

From Google – What Website owners should know

Keep account to apprentice how to do on-page admission for anniversary of these on-page SEO factors!

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts - My Step by Step Process
How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts – My Step by Step Process | How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts

Now that you apperceive what factors admission your on-page SEO, you can alpha optimizing them.

Remember, it will booty time to optimize your site, as able-bodied as see the after-effects from it.

Following best practices for these factors, however, will advice you actualize a website that can abide algorithm updates.

What is a URL? Your URL is like an address, but for a folio on the Internet.

URLs for your website’s pages should accommodate abrupt descriptions of the page’s topic.

For example, if you accept a folio about doggie daycares in Delray Beach, a acceptable URL for that would be Or, if you accept assorted locations, you may use the afterward format:

Including your keyword in your URL instead of a continued cord of abstruse numbers additionally makes your armpit easier to cross and gives bodies a bigger abstraction of your folio topics.

Which of the afterward URLs would you rather visit, for example?

Use clean, organized URLs — like the aboriginal archetype aloft — to advance your site’s architectonics and advice you rank college in accordant chase results.

What is a appellation tag? Your appellation tag is your page’s title, but it alone appears in chase results.

In adjustment to appearance your website in chase agent after-effects pages (SERPs), Google has to apperceive what your folio is about.

Using specific keywords in the appellation tag of anniversary folio (<title>, </title>) makes it easier for chase agent crawlers to accept your website.

For example, if you’re targeting the keyword, “dog daycare delray beach,” you may actualize the afterward appellation tag: “Top Dog Daycare in Delray Bank | Company Name.”

For the best results, absolute your appellation tag to 55 characters to anticipate Google from acid it off in chase after-effects and use your targeted keyword at the beginning.

What is a meta description? Your meta description is your page’s arbitrary and appears in SERPs.

A meta description doesn’t admission your on-page baronial admission directly. It’s a affection that helps users, however, apprentice added about your page. The actuality that Google will adventurous user chase agreement that arise in your meta description is accession acumen to optimize your meta description for on-page SEO.

Include your amount and accompanying keywords in your meta description for the best results. Your folio about dog daycare in Delray Beach, for instance, may use the afterward meta description: “Looking for dog daycare in Delray Beach? Come to Fido’s for dog daycare, dog grooming, and more!”

For the best results, your meta description should stick to 160 characters.

An SEO bung in like Yoast or AIOSEO will automatically let you apperceive if you’ve put too abounding characters in.

What is a branch tag? Branch tags breach up agreeable with H2s, H3s, and H4s to advance its readability.

When it comes to branch tags, you appetite to use them for chase engines and users.

Use branch tags throughout your agreeable to breach it up and accomplish it easier to apprehend back users are bribery for what they want.

You can additionally add your amount or accompanying keywords to accommodate chase engines with added ambience for your page.

For example, a column about dog daycare may use the afterward headings:

When autograph your branch tags, bethink to ambition your amount keyword in your H1 tag.

8 Step Guide On How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts  Tactycs
8 Step Guide On How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts Tactycs | How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts

What is an alt tag? Alt tags accommodate added advice for multimedia, like images and videos.

Since chase engines can’t apprehend multimedia, they depend on alt attributes to acquaint them what multimedia is.

For example, if you accept a photo of a puppy, your alt tag could say “mini continued haired Dachshund puppy.” Beyond that, you can add anecdotic names to the angel files themselves so Google can get a bigger abstraction of your multimedia.

Always accommodate an alt tag for your multimedia content. Besides Google, your alt tags additionally advice users that can’t see or collaborate with your content. Application alt tags makes your agreeable attainable to anybody browsing your site.

What are keywords? Keywords call words acclimated in SEO to ambition admired user queries.

Each folio on your armpit should accommodate argument agreeable that discusses the page’s topic.

Even pages that are about not optimized, such as the “Contact Us” page, can advice your business accretion acceptance online. Application keywords throughout the anatomy argument of your folio helps Google apprehend it and rank it appropriately.

You should analysis and abridge keywords for anniversary folio on your site. Keyword analysis accoutrement from Google or Jaxxy Keyword and abounding others, can advice you accept the keywords bodies analysis accompanying to your articles and services.

Look at attainable metrics, like account chase aggregate and competition, to actuate which keywords activity you the best value.

In best cases, abate companies will focus on long-tail keywords or keywords with three to four words.

Long-tail keywords generally accept lower account chase volumes, but they additionally accept lower competition. It’s about easier to analyze the chase absorbed abaft long-tail keywords back they are added specific.

For example, if accession searches the short-tail term, “dog treats,” it’s adamantine to analyze absolutely what they appetite to find. Maybe they’re researching the best amoebic dog treats for baby dogs, or they adeptness appetite to try a dog amusement recipe.

On the added hand, if accession searches the long-tail phrase, “organic bite treats for puppies,” you apperceive absolutely what they appetite to acquisition — and that they’re attainable to purchase.

High-performing SEO campaigns accommodate both abbreviate and long-tail keywords — and the agreement you accept to ambition will depend on your business and goals.

What is content? Agreeable provides users with answers and chase engines with context.

Content is analytical to on-page optimization.

With content, you accord users a acumen to appointment your site.

Whether it’s to apprehend a blog column or analysis out a artefact page, bodies browse your content. Optimizing your agreeable can advice chase engines accept and rank your content, which can advance to bodies award your website.

On-page SEO for agreeable revolves about the afterward practices:

In addition, you should consistently add new pages of agreeable to your armpit so that chase engines will see that you’re alive online. You can do this with new blog posts, landing pages, and added strategies that appearance Google you’re adamantine at assignment for your customers.

Finding and removing alike agreeable additionally improves your on-page SEO.

Duplicate agreeable refers to blocks of agnate agreeable on assorted pages on your website — and its abominable for two reasons:

Duplicate agreeable is bad for on-page SEO, so accomplish abiding to consistently analysis your armpit for alike agreeable and abolish it.

Again, a attainable SEO plugin can automatically do this for you.

What is folio speed? Folio acceleration measures how fast agreeable on a folio loads.

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts - My Step by Step Process
How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts – My Step by Step Process | How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts

With an absorption amount of beneath than the accepted goldfish, 50% of users will carelessness a folio if it takes best than three abnormal to load. Bodies appetite information, and they appetite it now!

Search engines like Google additionally use folio acceleration as a baronial factor. You can ascendancy your armpit acceleration and folio speed, so you appetite to optimize your folio speed. Accomplish your website amount faster, and you can rank college in chase results.

Use Folio Acceleration Insights to analysis your speed.

Page Acceleration Insights will accommodate you with customized recommendations for dispatch up your site. You can additionally chase some best practices for folio speed, like burden images, eliminating accidental website code, and more.

What is centralized linking? Centralized bond describes bond to and from pages on your website.

Internal bond generally gets disregarded back it comes to on-page SEO. As your armpit grows, however, it’s analytical to advance an centralized bond process. That’s because centralized bond helps crawlers analyze your site, ascertain new content, and accept the ambience of altered pages.

Having little to no centralized bond on your pages abnormally impacts the user’s adeptness to admission agreeable on your armpit that is admired to them. And if they can’t admission it, that anon affects your about-face rate.

Use centralized links to advance your on-page SEO by:

Every centralized bond activity is different, but for the best results, you should accomplish abiding that every new folio has at atomic two to three links to it. If you’re disturbing to acquisition pages, don’t force a link. Instead, accede creating colonnade content.

You can analysis the cachet of your centralized bond with a chargeless apparatus like Semrush.

What are images? Images are a anatomy of multimedia that helps bodies accept and brush content.

Images amount to SEO, as able-bodied as users. With images, you can breach up your content. You can additionally accommodate context, like for complicated processes or difficult-to-describe features. Accommodate images in your content, from banal photos to custom cartoon to screenshots.

When abacus images to your site, bethink to abbreviate your images. Oversized multimedia can apathetic bottomward your folio speed, which can appulse your rankings. Bethink additionally to add alt text, as this added detail makes your website added attainable and can advice with rankings in Google Images.

Be abiding to additionally accommodate account appearance such as transcriptions for videos and alternating argument for images. These are accession abundant abode to accommodate your ambition keywords, and accumulation them can advice accomplish your armpit ADA compliant.

What is mobile-friendliness? Mobile-friendliness describes your site’s account on adaptable devices.

A mobile-friendly website is capital because added than 50% of the Internet’s cartage comes from adaptable devices. If bodies on smartphones and tablets can’t admission your site, your rankings in chase after-effects will go down.

Search engines like Google, for example, use mobile-friendliness or admiration as a baronial factor. This means, if your armpit isn’t optimized for adaptable users, you’re missing out on admired leads and revenue.

Mobile affinity isn’t a advancement anymore. It’s a requirement, abnormally if you appetite to rank able-bodied for your keywords. Google considers adaptable affinity back it ranks your website. Low affinity = low rank.

On-page admission for mobile-friendliness generally focuses on developing a acknowledging site. With a acknowledging website, you accept a distinct site, which makes it attainable to amend your website and add new content.

Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test apparatus to analysis your site’s responsiveness!

Now that you apperceive about on-page SEO, you can appraise your site’s performance. You can either use a apparatus to analysis your armpit or you can attending at abstracted pages manually, depending on your preference. If you accept to attending manually, you can use these belief as a base for on-page optimization.

We’ve talked about the best important on-page SEO factors. Aboriginal of all, accomplish abiding that your website is alive appropriately and that your abstruse SEO is up to par. Secondly, actualize agreeable that is user-centered and focused on the appropriate keywords. Thirdly, assignment on the account and acceleration of your armpit to advice users and chase engines about your website.

As these factors are all a allotment of your site, you can assignment on them to accomplish abiding that your on-page SEO is top-notch! That actuality said, do bethink to additionally assignment on your off-page SEO. Although you may not accept absolute ascendancy over these factors, you can still put some accomplishment into creating that acknowledgment on added sites as well!

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Blog SEO Tips: How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts - Alexa Blog
Blog SEO Tips: How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts – Alexa Blog | How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts

How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts – How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts
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8 Steps to Help Your SEO Writing (with Checklist)
8 Steps to Help Your SEO Writing (with Checklist) | How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts
Blog SEO Tips: How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts - Alexa Blog
Blog SEO Tips: How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts – Alexa Blog | How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts