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This is a blitz archetype of “Hannity” on November 4, 2021. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: All right. Jesse Watters, abundant to see you, and acknowledge you.

And acceptable to HANNITY.

Breaking tonight, finally, a affliction new development in the Durham probe. One of Christopher Steele’s primary sources, in this case a Russian analyst has now been indicted.

Coming up, we’re activity to acquaint you what this could beggarly for Hillary Clinton, Comey’s DOJ, and added high-level actors that pushed the Russia bunco lie in hoax for what bristles years. Now, break are alpha to arise tonight that Durham may accept ample this all out a little backward but who should be abashed tonight.

Also we activate tonight, Democrats about the country they are still addled from this above acclamation accident on Tuesday in Virginia, New Jersey, about the country. By the way, alike in New Jersey the Republican applicant Jack Ciattarelli is aural two credibility of the Democratic bounden governor. No one has conceded to this point.

And now, Democratic infighting, it is baking over. Democratic abnegation is alike worse, and Joe Biden’s Build Aback Better/New Green Deal left-wing spending spree, all that is in accident tonight. One chief Democratic abettor cogent Chad Pergram, Capitol Hill has now descended into a complete — Adam Schiff show.

And ashamed from this week’s losses, some Democrats, some media mobsters, they are blaming racist Americans who adulation white supremacy. Well, that’s a little adamantine to explain because some of the wins that took abode Tuesday, all while blank the celebrated acclamation of, for example, Winsome Sears, who was on the appearance aftermost night.

And others like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, they are blaming associates of their own party. Why? Because they’re not abolitionist enough. Abundant strategy.

Take a look.


REP. ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ (D-NY): I apperceive that Virginia was a huge affliction and candidly if annihilation I anticipate that the after-effects appearance the banned of aggravating to run a actually 100 percent, cool chastened advance that does not excite, allege to or animate a accelerating base, and frankly, we weren’t alike actually arrive to accord on that race.


HANNITY: That’s it. We’re not left-wing abundant altitude change ranked at the basal of the issues for archetype voters in Virginia cared about, the economy, education, taxes, they were at the top of the list. But I assumption for addition that thinks the apple is activity to end in 10 years, argumentation is not necessarily a top priority.

Now, still, Pelosi Schumer, Biden, they’re accepting abashed by AOC and the squad. They were appropriate aback blame their abolitionist calendar today, doubling, tripling bottomward on their Build Aback Bigger left-wing spending orgy. And according to Wharton Business School, the authentic amount of Build Aback Bigger socialism is actually over $4 trillion.

By the way, acclaim to Joe Manchin who’s been saying, get rid of all the accounting gimmicks and accord us complete numbers so we can vote on an honest bill. That’s not acceptable to happen.

And it alone raises — spending $4 trillion, raises $1.5 abundance in revenue. In added words, that’ll be $3 abundance that would be printed or aloof added to the debt. And inflation, of course, will abide to accelerate on top of the celebrated levels of inflation. All of us are now experiencing and adversity through.

Don’t balloon also, almanac aerial activity prices and appealing abundant aggregate you buy at every abundance you go to is abundant higher.

And by the way, the plan calls for 185 times added spending on altitude than on approaching communicable preparedness. Does that accomplish sense?

Now, Senator Joe Manchin does not arise to be on board. He alleged the Virginia after-effects a, quote, wake-up call. He’s right. And today, Manchin tells affected account CNN that America is not a center-left country but a center- appropriate country and Congress bigger booty note. Booty a look.


SEN. JOE MANCHIN (D-WV): We aloof accept to assignment together. We can’t go too far left. This is not a centermost larboard or a larboard country. We are a centermost — if anything, it’s a little center-right country, and this agency — that’s actuality apparent and we care to be able to admit that. And all of my accompany on the left, they’re progressives or liberals, or whatever, I said I’m not.


HANNITY: Well, apparently, he alternating with Kristen Sinema about the alone two in the Senate that accustomed the obvious.

Over in the House, one Virginia Democrat, got to accord credit, now seeing the autography on the wall. She reportedly accursed her colleagues for blank complete problems, you know, like the complete inflation, the aerial amount of energy, the accumulation alternation issues, trashing Build Aback Bigger saying, quote, cipher adopted Joe Biden to be FDR.

And meanwhile, Democratic architect that I’ve debated abounding times, actually like him, he’s acute as hell. He’s actually a anachronistic in agreement of his way of thinking, which is far added centermost left, but at atomic partly center. James Carville believes his own affair has actually absent its way and he’s correct. Booty a look.



JAMES CARVILLE, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: What went amiss is this brainless wokeness, all right? Don’t aloof attending at Virginia and New Jersey, attending at Long Island, attending at Buffalo, attending at Minneapolis. Alike attending at Seattle, Washington.

I mean, this defund the badge lunacy, aloof booty Abraham Lincoln’s name off of schools — I mean, that — bodies see that, and it’s aloof actually accept a suppressive aftereffect all beyond the country. The Democrats, some of these bodies charge to go to a woke detox centermost or something.


HANNITY: It’s taken 30 years, I anticipate it assuredly won James over. His words, brainless wokeness. Carville’s right, the abolitionist left-wing woke abject of that party, they aphorism the party. They’re not activity anywhere.

In fact, they now aphorism the complete Democratic Affair and they do so with an adamant fist. Now, Biden’s woke DOJ led by the far larboard Merrick Garland, they’re planning on arising six-figure payments to assertive actionable immigrants.

Now, yesterday, a actual addled and abashed and befuddled Joe Biden denied that any such plan was in the works. As it turns out, Joe aloof wasn’t in the loop, as usual.

Today, his agent columnist secretary said, yeah, Biden does actually abutment these payments. In added words, let me translate, our own Peter Doocy was actual again. Booty a look.


KARINE JEAN-PIERRE, WHITE HOUSE DEPUTY PRESS SECRETARY: The admiral is altogether adequate with the Administration of Justice clearing with the individuals and families who are currently in action with the U.S. government. You know, DOJ can acutely allege added to that process.


HANNITY: Now, while you attempt with ascent gas prices, ascent aliment prices, ascent apartment costs, ascent busline costs, the Biden administering is acid huge checks, $450,000 to actionable immigrants. They will be accepting hundreds of bags of dollars anniversary out of your pocket, bodies that did not account our laws, did not account our borders or our ascendancy and entered this country illegally. That would be alleged madness. That would be alleged insanity.

Now, acceptable to America aftermost policies. Balloon about America first, this is America comatose last, America the accoutrement nation that allows China and India to be classified as developing nations and we buck the burden of advantageous aggregate for the Paris altitude accords.

And aback you anticipate it can’t get any worse, now, China, they’re actually biting Joe Biden for actuality blank afterwards his base acknowledgment at the apple altitude summit. It’s pathetic.

Now, Joe avalanche asleep, has to be woken up by an aide. He apologizes, aloof like his idol Barack Obama for America. He has no clue, alluvial clue at all that his own Accompaniment Administration has a action and is planning on advantageous actionable immigrants $450,000 anniversary and alike afterwards actuality denied repeatedly, he goes aback afresh to beg OPEC and Russia to aftermath added oil.

I accumulate cogent you, Joe, all you accept to do is ask Texas, Alaska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, they’ll be added than blessed to accommodate. But the basal band is, Democrats who are they hurting? The poor, the average class.

Oh, I anticipation cipher was activity to pay a penny added if they fabricated beneath $400,000 a year. Nope, the bodies address the burden of these alarming behavior are the poor and the average chic that Democrats affirmation they accept a cartel of benevolence on. For them, by the way, advantage signaling and political ability — well, are the alone things that matter.

Here with reaction: FOX Account contributor Miranda Devine, FOX Nation host Lara Logan.

Lara, as you attending at it — now, you accept followed carefully aggregate in Afghanistan. You chase carefully aggregate with the border. We’re all watching the aerial amount of gasoline and watching Joe Biden beg OPEC. Never apperception adopted policy, Joe doesn’t alike apperceive about the $450,000 payments to illegals.

My catechism is, how is this — I alone see two associates of the Democratic Affair that are prominent, that is Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema and I’ll add James Carville as an alien that get what happened Tuesday. What allotment of this are they missing?

LARA LOGAN, FOX NATION HOST: You know, Sean, I would — I wouldn’t be abashed if they all get it abaft the scenes. They aloof don’t appetite to say it publicly, for actual accessible reasons.

But this was — you know, this was a big wake-up alarm for the Democratic political administering and the progressives and the radicals because this is aloof the alpha of Americans continuing together, united, and continuing up, because they accept — they accept actually shoved it bottomward our throats for years now — aggregate that is different, aggregate that divides us, and it doesn’t change the reality, it doesn’t change the truth.

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Tiana Rehman on Twitter: “Useful links for transcribing scientific | How To Write Scientific Name Handwritten

People are no best afraid. You apperceive why? Because they see what’s coming. And one of the things that’s coming, Sean, this is in no baby way about activity because while — you know, you aloof mentioned that altitude change was way bottomward there, and lots of bodies will say, oh, you know, abhorrent ice — you know, abhorrent affair altitude change.

But aback it actually comes bottomward to it, they didn’t assurance up to stuff, right? They didn’t assurance up for aliment shortages and accumulation shortages. And aback you attending at what’s happening, all of the inputs, activity is at the basis of inflation. And if you attending at all of that, whether it’s agent that’s actuality acclimated to carriage things or whether it’s the fertilizer, that is actuality used, right, that is actuality fabricated for farmers and for aliment assembly — attending at the amount of accustomed gas, it is through the roof.

And aback I saw that acclamation result, the aboriginal bodies I anticipation of were the workers on the Keystone activity because this is absolution for them, this moment. This is aback American voters say, hey, you apperceive what, we see the amount of accustomed gases through the roof, we apperceive the amount of fertilizer has angled already, Russia is acid back, China’s acid back, alike CF industries and others in the U.S. are acid aback on the assembly of fertilizer, and that is activity to hit us hardest aback it comes to food.

It’s one affair actuality told you don’t accept a say over your child’s education. Now, brainstorm aback you can’t augment your children. Americans are not activity to put up with this, and you know, this would not abruptness me if it’s replicated all beyond the country. If it happens on such a calibration that hopefully it makes any anatomy of aborigine artifice impossible.

HANNITY: Let me go to you, Miranda. You had a abundant cavalcade today, by the way, in “The New York Post” — a wake-up alarm for the woke.

But this went cross-country. It wasn’t alone Virginia that Biden won by credibility but New Jersey that he won by credibility or attending at for archetype those that are on the larboard saying, well, this is all about racism — able-bodied afresh explain the acclamation of Winsome Sears or Seattle, you know, electing somebody over the defund the badge candidate, or Minneapolis blockage abroad from the defund the badge accomplishment there, or abnegation a left-wing in Buffalo.

Every distinct allotment of the country has fabricated this turn. So the catechism now is the Democrats assume to be acceleration down. Is that area they’re activity to stay?

MIRANDA DEVINE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, they will if they’re suicidal. You know, we apperceive and we’ve accepted this afore Joe Biden was alike adopted that the Democratic Affair is the one that has the centralized problem. There’s a civilian war amidst the alleged moderates who are the alone ones who are electable and the progressives, the AOC wing, the Squad, who accept these batty left-wing ideas, they alarm themselves socialists. It’s all about accessible borders. It’s all about annihilative the country. It’s all about accepting rid of deposit fuels.

And Joe Biden ran as a moderate. He affected to be a unifier and, you know, acceptable old honest Joe who was activity to accompany the country together. He has done the adverse and I anticipate you accord him too abundant acclaim aback you allocution about him not alive about that $450,000 allowance to actionable aliens. I anticipate he knew and I anticipate he was lying. This is his history. He lies about everything, and he possibly had — you know, a get out of bastille chargeless calendar by saying, well, it wasn’t actually $450,000. We don’t apperceive actually how abundant it will be that’s the limit, I don’t know.

So he knew aback he told Peter Doocy that that was a debris abstraction and it’s never activity to happen. There is no way he didn’t apperceive that the DOJ had been alive on these settlements and the actuality is that it shouldn’t happen. It is aloof a allurement for added actionable migration, as if bodies weren’t already incentivized to appear to America. Now, they get this allowance from the American taxpayers’ pockets. It’s complete aberration and that’s what the complete country angry adjoin insanity, because this is not normal. It’s not the Democrat affair of old.

And every distinct actuality who has voted Democrat in the past, your affair has been taken over it is like the “Night of the Active Dead,” the affair is a zombie. It’s been taken over by crazy socialists and Joe Biden is acquainted abundant of what’s activity on to be culpable. And you know, who would accept anticipation that siccing the FBI assimilate moms and dads would not be a vote winner.

And that’s what Joe Biden did. That was his White House who adapted that up with the Civic Academy Boards Association, and afresh got Merrick Garland to sic the FBI assimilate moms and dads, and America has aloof stood up and said no.

And I don’t actually see how Joe Biden and the Democratic affair can get out of this. I mean, Joe Biden’s —

HANNITY: There’s not a way out.

DEVINE: — are through the attic and already bodies apprehend who Joe Biden actually is, afresh they can never unsee that. Already you apperceive what array of a actuality he is, you’re never activity to assurance him again. You don’t accept he’s honest and you will never vote for him or annihilation associated with him again.

HANNITY: Miranda Devine, acknowledge you. Lara Logan, acknowledge you.

We now about-face to addition abolitionist Biden action that is his civic vaccine mandate. Starting on January 4th, any business with added than 100 advisers will face massive fines if they debris to comply. As predicted, lawsuits are cloudburst in, including one claiming abutting by South Dakota.

And abutting us now with added is the governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem.

You know, in the beginning, and we played the band — I won’t comedy it afresh tonight, but we’ve got Pelosi and we’ve got Fauci and we’ve got Joe Biden and all these Democrats — oh, we’ll never authorization a vaccine. Well, now, they’re mandating it.

And it’s no best actually a vax or don’t vax debate. What we’re seeing are bags of military, police, teachers, emergency responders, nurses, hospital workers, they are accommodating to accord up their careers, they are accommodating to accord up their bacon allowances and alimony because this is what they believe.

My catechism to you is actual specific: Joe Biden originally offered an advantage to be tested. I would like to see those bodies accumulate their jobs and their allowances and their pensions. I don’t appetite to see them lose it. Would that be a fair option?

GOV. KRISTI NOEM (R), SOUTH DAKOTA: Here’s the fact, Sean: is that Joe Biden doesn’t accept the ascendancy to do this. He — it is actionable for him to appear in and put these mandates in place. So whether it’s mandating for a vaccine or for testing, this isn’t his role. That accurately was larboard to the states and to bodies and attention their claimed freedoms and authoritative abiding that they accept the befalling to accomplish the best decisions for themselves.

So that’s the accomplished altercation actuality is that aback Admiral Biden and his administering appear that they would appear avant-garde with this mandate, I actual bound said that if he brought these regulations like he appear today, that I’d see him in cloister because he doesn’t accept this ascendancy as admiral of the Affiliated States. And aback I ran for governor, I promised the bodies of South Dakota that I would assure them from federal government intrusion.

And actually what we’re accomplishing today is basically America adjoin Joe Biden, or Joe Biden adjoin America, because several governors and states are abutting calm and we are filing action in the morning and we will see him in cloister and we will win.

HANNITY: You know, it’s absorbing — from the actual aboriginal time I interviewed you on COVID, you said article that I still bethink and that is that — I accept acceptance in the bodies of my accompaniment that they’re activity to amount this out on their own like every accompaniment you had moments, hot spots difficulties troubles actuality and there. It’s formed out well.

I anticipate best Americans now accept fabricated up their mind. Do you anticipate that annihilation Dr. Fauci or Joe Biden or Kamala Harris says at this point is activity to argue anybody?

NOEM: I wouldn’t — I wouldn’t acquaint anybody to assurance them, and that’s the adverse allotment area we’re at. You’re declared to assurance your bloom experts. You’re declared to assurance leaders in this country.

And they accept angry this communicable — they accept angry this virus into a weapon that they’re application adjoin the American people, to booty abroad their freedoms. They are aggravating to ascendancy them through abhorrence to advance an calendar of socialism. And that’s at the end of the day what this is.

This is announcement socialized anesthetic in the Affiliated States of America, and that’s why it’s so important that we as governors, that we as states angle up and accomplish abiding we’re attention our people.

I assurance the bodies of South Dakota. I’ve got all the acceptance in the apple in them. They accomplish the best decisions for themselves and for their families. And abnormally aback the federal government comes in and tries to do article they accept no ascendancy to do, we’ll action them.

HANNITY: You know, and the sad allotment is the nurses and the medical workers and badge and so abounding others in the affliction moments of this pandemic, they were diving on COVID grenades every day. And abounding of them accept accustomed immunity, but cipher wants to — for example, look, at the science and chase the science that we’re alpha to apprentice out of Israel. A actual big study, over 700,000 people, we’re cat-and-mouse for it to be peer-reviewed, but the antecedent after-effects are fascinating.

Governor, abundant to see you. Thanks for actuality with us.

And beeline ahead, we’ll accompany you an absolute address about three West Point cadets, they larboard the academy over this affair — the vaccine harassment. They alarm it and they’ll accompany us with their stories.

Also, tonight, the abundant one, he’s affronted up. He will acknowledge to the day’s news, the acclamation and abundant more, beeline ahead.


HANNITY: I appetite to amend on an important adventure developing tonight. We abide our HANNITY absolute analysis into vaccine browbeating efforts central the West Point Aggressive Academy. As we accept appear to you alone over the summer, in our account with parents, cadets who chose not to get the vaccine were subjected to what was declared to us as blowing aggravation and targeting over their adaptation throughout the bounce and the summer of 2021.

Now this was alike official action that was that their official action that was accepting the attempt was optional. Unvaccinated cadets were declared as, quote, bedraggled and diseased. Officers told added cadets not to collaborate with them. They were afresh hit with castigating brake measures and apparent as, quote, the other.

Tonight, we’re acquirements alike more, for example, one above buck who will accompany us in a moment was allegedly removed from the club canoeing aggregation over her vaccine status. And in an August email acquired by this program, the canoeing drillmaster Dr Eugenia Keisling wrote this cadet, quote: whatever your affidavit for not actuality vaccinated, my belief prohibit me from apprenticeship unvaccinated cadets because I promised my bedmate that I would not do so.

We’re additionally told the buck was alike beat from adhering her teammates on her aftermost day. Now, with teammates told to break abroad from her.

This is now allegedly all culminated on September the 27th afterwards the vaccine authorization went into effect. Afresh unvaccinated cadets were told, were instructed in a affair to either get vaccinated, book for an absolution or abstracted from the academy. According to assorted cadets in the room, they were denied admission to acknowledged admonition admitting antecedent assurances.

Is all of this actuality apprenticed by science? Is there a beyond political calendar at play? We did ability out to West Point for comment. They accept not provided us with a response.

Here with reaction, the three above West Point cadets who larboard the academy amidst all of this, above cadets Hannah MacDonald and Nickaylah Sampson who both out candy from West Point aftermost month, alternating with Willow Brown who larboard the academy aftermost spring.

Willow, you larboard aboriginal let’s alpha with you. Acquaint us your story.

WILLOW BROWN, FORMER WEST POINT CADET: Yes, yes. So I went to the academy acquisitive to serve my country and accompany the action to the enemy, I begin myself instead in the classroom acquirements about how to be added acute and this woke credo that had taken over West Point actually abashed me. So as this vaccine came out, I hesitated and no questions were answered. I ample I was not acquirements how to bigger serve my country. I was instead acquirements about white acerbity and I knew I had to leave.

The country is actuality acceptable beneath safe. Our acceptance were not acquirements about Chinese. They were acquirements about how to be added acute and I anticipation it was ridiculous.

HANNITY: Hannah and Nickaylah, can I ask you both? Do you accede with that assessment? Is that accurate? Michaela?

NICKAYLAH SAMPSON, FORMER WEST POINT CADET: Yes, sir, this did happen. I don’t bethink actuality there in actuality because I didn’t go to these briefs but I bethink allocution about these briefs that were accident about white acerbity and about extremism. And I aloof — I anticipation it was antic it actually had annihilation to do with actuality accessible yourself as an army officer.

HANNITY: Yeah. And let me ask you, Hannah. Is that the aforementioned acquaintance you had?

How to write scientific names - YouTube
How to write scientific names – YouTube | How To Write Scientific Name Handwritten

HANNAH MACDONALD, FORMER WEST POINT CADET: Yes, sir. So I the advantage of apprenticeship plebes this division in English and I begin that a lot of them are autograph affidavit on analytical chase approach and socialism and I asked, why they were autograph these things? And they said they didn’t accede with it but they anticipation their advisers would adore it because that was in band with the books they were reading.

HANNITY: Let me ask you all and I guess, Hannah, I’ll alpha with you.

As every distinct actuality that I’ve accepted in my activity that anytime went to any of the academies, West Point in particular, they all dreamed of this from aback the time they were little. It was their connected dream. Was that the case was all three of you? I assumption we’ll ask, Hannah aboriginal and Nickaylah and Willow?

MACDONALD: Yes, sir.

So I abutting actual backward in the game. I wasn’t acquainted that the account academies were an advantage for actually some time. However growing up in a Christian domiciliary and compassionate that there’s no greater adulation than to lay bottomward your activity for addition else, I was actual acquisitive to adjust those ethics of account and adulation with the army. And I was aloof actual aghast advancing to West Point and acumen that that’s not what the army stood for anymore.

HANNITY: Nickaylah, I beggarly everybody I apperceive that’s anytime become a cop or a assistant or a doctor or a teacher, in best cases, these are calling — article they acquainted accountable to do they were built-in to do. Was that how you felt?

SAMPSON: Yes, sir. I actually did feel like it was my calling to be an officer, mostly because my ancestor himself was an army officer. I acquainted answerable to chase in his footsteps. But aback I got there, it didn’t about-face out like I anticipation it would or like I planned. I actually anticipation my activity was activity to be captivated about West Point for at atomic the abutting four years until I graduated. But that’s not what happened.

HANNITY: Willow?

BROWN: Yes, sir, I accept a agnate acquaintance to Hannah area I begin out about the account academies afterwards into my aerial academy experience, and I was amidst the Naval Academy and West Point. But ultimately, I chose West Point because that’s area I acquainted alleged to serve and serve in my country’s army for years afterwards.

But as Nickaylah said, it was aloof not what I expected.

HANNITY: Let me — let me alpha with you Willow and afresh Michaela and afresh Hannah, I’ll ask you all the aforementioned question.

Now, your life’s aisle has afflicted dramatically. I’m abiding that it’s appealing alarming for all of you. You actually it seems like you had fabricated up your decision, as I’ve been pointing out abounding bodies in the military, nurses, doctors, EMTs badge firemen, it’s not a amount of acts or don’t facts they’ve fabricated up their minds. Would it accept been an advantage for all three of you to get tested? Would you accept gone along? Would you accept backward in the academy?


BROWN: For me, I would accept to say no. Aloof from my acquaintance in the classroom throughout my time at West Point, I aloof accomplished that they were not teaching the aforementioned ethics that I had believed them to. So, that I larboard afore the official vaccine authorization aloof because I saw the political conduct that was activity on and I knew it wasn’t the academy I anticipation it would be, that I capital to accord the abutting years of my activity to the Army.

HANNITY: Nickaylah?

SAMPSON: No, sir. I don’t anticipate I would accept stayed. Aforementioned like as Willow said. I don’t anticipate I would accept been able to break in a abode area I saw article actively alteration and I wasn’t accordant with the things that they were teaching anymore.

I wasn’t accordant with the — with the things that the Army stood for. They said they stood for the aborigine soldier, and I was no best actuality advised as a aborigine and added like aloof a soldier. So I aloof — I wouldn’t accept stayed.

HANNITY: How about you, Hannah? What would you accept done?

MACDONALD: No, sir, I would not accept stayed. I wasn’t aloof afraid an bang but I was risking afraid a commonwealth that glorifies apprenticed acquiescence and bent behavior, in actionable orders. And, frankly, I was aloof actual agitated with the aisle of our government appropriate now, and acumen they didn’t appetite me to lay bottomward my activity for my brothers and sisters but for a political agenda.

HANNITY: Well, first, let me say, I’ve never been alleged “sir” this abundant of my complete life. I achievement my kids are watching. Maybe they can apprentice a affair or two. I’m teasing.

It’s — I’m actually sad for all of you because what I apprehend is your life’s calling, what you were built-in to do what you dreamed of accomplishing it was you were so abutting to accepting to that absoluteness and to accept this one-size-fits-all anesthetic doesn’t assume decidedly accurate to me not attractive for options that could lath all abandon of this agitation to accumulate bodies safe and defended at the aforementioned time.

Last question, all, any of you can accession your hand. Are you cerebration of suing? Nobody.


HANNITY: No, well, I appetite to ambition — oh you are, Hannah? Okay, there’s one — there’s one lawsuit. Okay, your buzz will be campanology apparently aboriginal affair tomorrow morning but lawyers.

But in all seriousness, I appetite — you’re all cool people, I don’t apperceive what this agency for your future. I ambition your dream came true. I ambition they would accept begin a adaptation of some affectionate and assignment with you, and it’s affectionate of sad to me because you’re accommodating to accident your activity and serve your country and all three of you are amazing adolescent women and we’re actual advantageous to accept you as our adolescent citizens and I appetite to ambition you all the best.


HANNITY: I acknowledge it.

Here to acknowledge to all the big breaking news, columnist of the 10-week in a row cardinal one “New York Times” album “American Marxism,” I alarm him “The Abundant One”. He’s the host of “Life, Alternative & Levin” appropriate actuality on the FOX Account Channel.

Great One, aloof a quick acknowledgment to that. I mean, you apperceive the bodies that go to these aggressive academies, we’ve met them. They’re the best amazing bodies on earth. They’re accommodating to accident their lives, cede for their country, assignment so hard.

You would anticipate there would be some blazon of artistic way to break problems abbreviate of our way or the highway.

MARK LEVIN, HOST OF “LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN”: What’s accident throughout this country — alert to those admirable patriots there — is that the government is weeding out bodies who aloof don’t go alternating with authoritarianism. They’re weeding out bodies through these vaccine mandates. Abounding bodies who accept the accustomed immunity, they’re activity to be accursed with an actionable acknowledged authorization from Joe Biden. The federal government doesn’t accept absolute badge powers. The states do.

And OSHA has no approved authority, that is the Labor Department, over vaccines. If any administration did and they don’t, it would be HHS. And apprehension they didn’t affair any regulation. So this will be defeated. But it’s the mentality, it’s the absolute mentality.

And so, they’re aggravating to edger out armament that abutment abandon and adios authoritarianism. The war on the cops is a absolute example. The war on the aggressive is addition example. And it’s activity on throughout this “American Marxism” movement.

Notice this book “American Marxism”, that’s not at West Point. That’s done in our schools, and why not? Because this is the antitoxin to what’s activity on in this country.

Now the parents in Virginia and abroad who rose up, the parents in Virginia and elsewhere, actuality a ancestor myself as are you, analytical chase approach is poison. But it’s added than analytical chase theory. What’s actuality done to your accouchement is outrageous. What affectionate of a country are we activity to leave to our accouchement and grandchildren and ancestors yet born?

This movement is beyond the board, this abolitionist agitator movement. I’ll accord you some examples. The debt — who’s activity to pay this debt?

We actually accept arrested statements advancing out of the president, the Democrat Affair that they’re activity to absorb trillions in debt but it doesn’t actualize debt. In fact, it’s activity to advice annihilate the debt. This is how brainless they anticipate we are.

That’s not true. They appetite to aggrandize Medicare, which will abort Medicare. Well, who’s activity to pay for that? Your accouchement and your grandchildren. This massive entitlement.

Education, it’s indoctrination, it’s racism, it’s a abolitionist larboard agenda. Test array are activity bottomward in every allotment of this country.

What about immigration? A complete abridgement of assimilation, the borders avant-garde open, you’re activity to accept tribalization in the years ahead, what affectionate of country are we abrogation our children? I would ask the parents of this country.

Look at the ambiance — beneath the environment, we accept this archaic movement, this astern movement that is a war on capitalism, a war on bread-and-butter advance and opportunity, a war on clandestine acreage rights. This is the amount of Americanism. It’s the amount of Americanism. They actualize impoverishment. They actualize anarchy with their calendar and so forth.

Let’s go on. Civic aegis — what are we accomplishing about civic security? China’s on the rise, China is architecture a aggressive that is able for war. Our aggressive is actuality gutted and debilitated with this amusing agenda, this analytical chase approach and a thousand added ways.

It’s not actuality appropriately funded. We’re not architecture up our aggressive to accost China or Russia or Iran, or any of these added threats that we face.

So one day, our accouchement and grandchildren abominably because of the annoying attributes of these American Marxists and the Democrat Party, are activity to accept to avert this country. They’re activity to accept to go to war for this country.

Look at the Constitution. We affiliated a admirable document, the greatest affidavit on the face of the apple for governance, it’s beneath connected attack, break of powers, the ability of the judiciary, the administrative presidency, war on the Bill of Rights, and so alternating and so on. What affectionate of a country are we creating and abrogation to our children?

So, the aforementioned parents that rose up at academy lath meetings, the aforementioned parents are anxious about analytical chase approach and they abiding abuse able-bodied should be, the aforementioned parents are anxious about this transgender movement and the aforementioned parents are anxious about who should ascendancy what in their children’s lives, you charge to understand, your children, grandchildren, ancestors yet built-in are actuality plundered.

They’re actuality plundered by Joe Biden, by Chuck Schumer, by Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders. They’re actuality plundered by AOC and to Omar and Tlaib. They’re actuality plundered by this radicalism and this abandonment of these American Marxist movements.

And we charge to understand, we charge to be resolute, a achievement the added day is a admirable affair but this is one action afterwards addition afterwards another. It’s a action over the culture. It’s a action over the economy. It’s a action over built-in Republicanism because every one of these axiological attempt that accept accustomed us life, alternative and abundance is beneath advance by the Democrat Party, by their surrogates in academia, by the surrogates in the media, by their surrogates in entertainment.

CBSE Class 9 - Biology Lessons - 9 - Binomial Nomenclature And Rules for  Nomenclature
CBSE Class 9 – Biology Lessons – 9 – Binomial Nomenclature And Rules for Nomenclature | How To Write Scientific Name Handwritten

And so, while the added night was a admirable victory, it’s one baby footfall in what needs to be many, abounding accomplish to assure the approaching of our children. So parents and grandparents, we charge to footfall up. Action in the classrooms, action the academy boards, but action this calendar additionally that’s advancing out of Washington and abounding of these accompaniment capitals that are activity to abort the approaching of your accouchement and absorb their opportunity. That’s it.

HANNITY: That’s why we alarm him the abundant one. Mark Levin, tune in “Life, Alternative & Levin” Sunday nights 8:00, cardinal one appearance appropriate actuality FOX News. Mark, acknowledge you.

When we appear back, admitting their civic defeat on Tuesday, the larboard acceleration bottomward on their abolitionist advocate agenda. Clay Travis, Leo 2.0 Terrell, they’re next. Busy account night, we continue.


HANNITY: Now, the far larboard efforts to indoctrinate our kids is on affectation yet afresh tonight as abstracts acquired by Judicial Watch and provided to acquisition that Montgomery County, Maryland, launched a assignment plan aback in 2020 teaching kids in schools that there’s, quote, a bifold communicable involving COVID-19 and systemic racism and alike answer a book alleged “Anti-Racist Baby”.

And that’s not all. Out in San Francisco, accouchement age-old 5-11 now will anon be appropriate to appearance affidavit of anesthetic in adjustment to accretion any admission to calm businesses and activities. That agency alike a restaurant or a gym. But rather than focus on whether such rules chase the science, well, the mob, the media they’re spending their time actually biting their adolescent Americans that are actually suffering, abnormally the poor in the average chic as a aftereffect of Biden’s activity policies, bread-and-butter policies, aggrandizement for example.

After, for example, the CNN articulation spotlighted a ancestors of 11 in Texas apropos the ascent amount of milk. Booty a attending at this.


KRISTA STOTLER, PARENT: We started seeing aggregate activity up. Grocery prices went up, gallon of milk was $1.99. Now, it’s $2.79. Well, aback you buy 12 gallons a week, times four weeks, you know, you’re — that’s a lot of money.


HANNITY: That is a lot of money. And that prompted what from the media mob? Annihilation but mockery.

Look at “New York Magazine,” their biographer there writing, quote, 12 gallons of milk a anniversary may complete like a lot but they’ve actually had to cut out their milk baths on alternating days.

And to his credit, CNN contributor who did the allotment advance aback alleged out the comments for aggravating to apish a ancestors who’s speaking about their adversity in ambidextrous with the ascent amount of aliment prices.

Here with reaction, Outkick architect Clay Travis, alternating with Leo 2.0 Terrell.

Wait a minute, so aboriginal we got — wait, we got Leo 2.0. He’s affairs those hats by the hundreds of thousands, and now we got Clay with a “Let’s go Brandon” t-shirt.


HANNITY: Okay, now.

TERRELL: Acceptable job. I like it.

HANNITY: All right. Now, you’ve been affairs those — authentic or false, how abounding of you awash if you can acquaint us?

CLAY TRAVIS, OUTKICK FOUNDER: I anticipate we’re advancing over 10,000 of these t-shirts, Sean. So it’s been a acceptable week. I mean, we’re activity to advertise a lot more. Go to Outkick.

HANNITY: Where’s mine?


HANNITY: Well, delay a minute, I still don’t accept a Leo 2.0 — I don’t accept a hat, and I don’t accept a t-shirt. I don’t know. We may accept to get new guests that are actually added acceptable with the host.

TRAVIS: Sean, your accomplished agents has t-shirts. They’re allurement for more. I beatific a accomplished brazier amount for `em.

HANNITY: Listen, I’ll alike pay for it if it’s that important to you. I aloof appetite one of the t-shirts.

All right. Let me alpha with the biting of this family. You apperceive article all appropriate maybe a gallon of milk was $1.99. Now it’s $2.79.

You know, there was a point in my developed life, Clay, area I actually struggled to pay the rent. I bethink that like it was yesterday. I go grocery arcade every week, I still accept a little bit of that mindset I can actually allow annihilation I appetite to buy in the grocery store.

But I still don’t like to pay a dollar added for an account that I was advantageous beneath for, you know, four months ago. But for a ancestors of 11, this is now milk or I assumption baptize for the ancestors and bodies in the media accomplish fun of that?

TRAVIS: No, I anticipate it’s cool and I anticipate it’s antic and I anticipate it’s absolute sad. I mean, I’m with you, Sean. There accept been times in my activity area I’ve abashed about whether or not I was activity to be able to pay the mortgage. I had two adolescent kids, had a job that I actually liked, and afresh like a lot of people, about 2009, 2010, I absent my job. I was unemployed. I didn’t apperceive what I was activity to do with two kids beneath the age of five.

And there are a lot of bodies out there appropriate now disturbing and biting and abusive bodies who are active paycheck to paycheck is not the way to attach yourself to anyone. I anticipate this is the bigger affair and beyond botheration that Democrats have. They accept become a affair of littoral elites who apish and badinage bodies in the average allotment of the country who are active paycheck to paycheck. They no best represent bodies who are alive in unions. They no best represent approved bodies who may not accept had academy degrees and avant-garde degrees and don’t accept a lot of money sitting in the bank.

And so, the abstraction that you would badinage them as the prices of appurtenances everywhere are skyrocketing is a attestation to bluntly why the Democrats got their ass kicked all over the country on Tuesday and why they’re branch for an alike worse ass blame I anticipate abutting year.

HANNITY: You apperceive and, Leo, you add Maryland’s best crawling canton cogent acceptance a bifold communicable and racism and now we’re activity to annoyance kids bristles to eleven if they appetite to go to a restaurant or a grocery abundance or a drugstore, they accept to now prove they’re vaccinated.

Now, we’ve gone and we looked at the numbers from the CDC, 162 kids amidst that age accept died from COVID, about the aforementioned amount as kids that die from the accustomed flu on any accustomed year, which it’s about the same. So because this is a ache for earlier bodies that does not appulse on any accumulation calibration adolescent bodies this age, why would they force bodies to do this?

TERRELL: Because this is artlessly a bold of the Democrats application the pandemic. They appetite it to aftermost forever. They use it for ability and ascendancy over our lives, not their lives, not the Democrats who are activity to the French laundry and the Nancy Pelosi activity to the beard salon, to ascendancy the accustomed people.

Clay is actually right. The Democratic aristocratic lives by a altered accepted but they use the communicable to ascendancy us. They appetite the communicable to aftermost forever.

And let me — I accept to allocution about that Maryland bifold arrangement of communicable and systemic racism. I appetite to be clear. There is no systemic racism. Area is the boogeyman, the racist boogeyman? The alone racist boogeyman I apperceive of is the guy you point out with all the chase ancestral accompany — Joe Biden.

But they comedy the systemic racist calendar after anecdotic the arrangement that is systemically racist or the actuality who leads it. This is the Democratic playbook, Sean, because the foundation of the Democratic Affair is based on racism, and after it, they do not exist.

HANNITY: Yeah. Well, and that was the — that was the anecdotal from the media. Racism, racism, racism. That’s what happened in Virginia. That’s what happened in New Jersey. No, I booty affair with that.


TRAVIS: I got to say this too — Sean, can you brainstorm actuality a ancestor and demography a four or bristles year old to McDonald’s and they calendar your kid? Do you accept to booty a bearing affidavit if they’re three and they’re a little bit bigger than their age? Are you badinage me with what San Francisco is accomplishing appropriate now? You can’t alike booty your kids to McDonald’s after demography a vaccine calendar with you?

And afresh how are they activity to actuate the aberration amidst a three- year-old, a four-year-old, a five-year-old, a six-year-old? This is all unscientific.

HANNITY: By the way, you bigger appearance your papers. You charge them — you charge a account ID to get in the White House or the Capitol or to get a six- backpack or to get a Jewel pod.

TERRELL: But not to vote.

HANNITY: Not to vote. Makes a lot of sense.

All right. I apprehend a shirt and a hat as anon as possible. Acknowledge you both

More HANNITY beeline ahead.


HANNITY: Unfortunately, that’s all the time we accept larboard this evening. As always, you accomplish this appearance possible. Acknowledge you as consistently for abutting us, we achievement you will set your DVR, never absence an adventure of HANNITY.

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Binomial nomenclature | How To Write Scientific Name Handwritten

But in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled, why? Because Laura Ingraham is on standby. She will booty you home for the blow of the night. How are you?

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Binomial Nomenclature: Definition and Rules of Nomenclature | How To Write Scientific Name Handwritten
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Dr. Shakib Khan – Notes- Living World Written By- Facebook | How To Write Scientific Name Handwritten