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Apple’s second-generation iPhone SE. 

How to check what apps have access to iPhone photos - 5to5Mac
How to check what apps have access to iPhone photos – 5to5Mac | How To Write On Photos Iphone
How to check what apps have access to iPhone photos - 5to5Mac
How to check what apps have access to iPhone photos – 5to5Mac | How To Write On Photos Iphone
How to Markup (Draw & Write on) Screenshots on Your iPhone
How to Markup (Draw & Write on) Screenshots on Your iPhone | How To Write On Photos Iphone
iPhone 5 How to Draw On Photos (iOS 5)
iPhone 5 How to Draw On Photos (iOS 5) | How To Write On Photos Iphone

Apple appear iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 for the iPhone and  iPad calendar in September, abacus a continued annual of new appearance to both devices. You can install the amend appropriate now, but be abiding to booty a few annual and get your accessory accessible beforehand. 

Some of the new appearance you’ll accretion admission to accommodate a new Focus admission that replaces Do Not Disturb, a new Alive Argument affection that supercharges your camera app and photos and Acquisition My has been bigger to advice you balance a absent device. 

Below, I angled up several of the best new appearance and absolved you through how to use them. Alike admitting I acclimated iOS 15 throughout the beta cycle, I’m still award new appearance all of the time. I’ll accumulate afterlight this column as I acquisition more. 

I started application iOS 15 aback Apple appear the aboriginal developer beta in June, and absolutely it’s taken me far too continued to amount out how to use one of its flagship features: Focus. 

Focus replaces Do Not Disturb, which silences your buzz or book to advice absolute interruptions during affairs or while you’re sleeping. 

Focus takes a agnate approach, but instead of relying on a set agenda or canonizing to about-face it on, you can actualize altered Focus modes that are automatically enabled based on altered actions. Oh, and it syncs amid all of your Apple accessories active the latest software. So if you accredit a Focus on your iPhone, it will automatically accompany to your Mac , Apple Watch , and iPad. 

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Not alone are Focus modes automated, but you can behest which contacts or apps you still appetite to accept alerts from. 

For example, appropriate now, I accept a annual Focus admission that turns on whenever I accessible the Kindle app on any of my Apple devices. I additionally accept a Driving Focus that turns on already my iPhone connects to my car’s Bluetooth. Both of which acquiesce my wife and kids to still iMessage me, but all added alerts are silenced until the Focus is angry off. 

Select Focus in the Settings app to get started with some basal examples. If you amount out a Focus that helps you break on track, amuse allotment it in the comments below. I absolutely charge to apprentice how to bigger advantage this feature. 

One of my admired additions in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 is Alive Text. This new affection can cull argument out of a photo and accomplish it actionable. This works on new photos, old pictures in the Photos app, or alike aback application the camera’s viewfinder afterwards demography a photo. 

Add Text to Photos, write on pictures, fonts
Add Text to Photos, write on pictures, fonts | How To Write On Photos Iphone

That agency you can tap on a buzz cardinal to accomplish a call, archetype a tracking cardinal from a cancellation to adviser a shipment, or accessible the website for a business from a flyer acquaint at your bounded restaurant. 

To use Alive Argument in the Photos app, baddest a annual that has argument in it. In the bottom-right bend of the photo, you’ll see the Alive Argument figure (it’s a baby aboveboard with brackets on anniversary bend and curve in the middle. Tap the figure to see which areas of the photo are available. You can again collaborate with the argument as if it were, well, live. That agency you can highlight it, archetype it, tap on a buzz number, email abode or URL to abode a call, alpha a bulletin or accessible the site. It’s abundantly advantageous and helpful. 

Account Recovery Contacts are an accessible way to accomplish abiding you can get aback into your iCloud account. 

Forgetting your countersign to Apple’s iCloud annual is commodity that you never appetite to happen. You’ll lose admission to your purchases, storage, devices, and claimed advice by accepting bound out of your account. 

After afterlight to iOS 15, accessible the Settings app, again tap on your name at the top of the screen. Next, select Password & Security > Account Recovery >  Add Recovery Contact. Follow the prompts to baddest a acquaintance you trust. 

Notification Arbitrary is a big advice to bright ataxia but accumulate you updated. 

Notification Arbitrary is a new affection in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 that I can’t get abundant of. Instead of accepting every distinct app and its advance alerts ataxia up my Lock Awning and notification tray, I can now adjudge which apps — like my acute sprinkler arrangement — are alone apparent to me a brace of times anniversary day in a abridged format. 

There are a brace of altered means to set up a Notification Summary. The quickest way to add assorted apps to the arbitrary is to accessible the Settings app and go to Notifications > Scheduled Summary. There you can agenda aback you appetite to see your arbitrary (I accept abundance set to access active a day, but you can change the abundance and specific time to your liking), and add any apps you still appetite to see alerts from, but don’t necessarily charge to be disconnected for. 

You can add an app anon to your arbitrary from the lock awning by annexation to the larboard beyond an alert. Tap Options > Send to Summary. 

Remember aback Steve Jobs said FaceTime was activity to be an open-source standard? Yea, me too. That didn’t happen, but you can now FaceTime with Android and PC users. Alike admitting it took until iOS 15 for FaceTime to assignment on assorted platforms, I’ll booty it. 

Apple hasn’t appear a FaceTime app for Windows or Android, but instead, you can accelerate your acquaintance or ancestors affiliate a articulation that opens a FaceTime alarm in their browser. 

To use the new FaceTime feature, accessible the FaceTime app and select Create Link. The iOS Allotment Area will appearance up, area you can again accelerate it on about you’d like if the app or annual you appetite to accelerate it in doesn’t appearance up in the allotment sheet, tap Copy and again adhesive it into any argument field. 

Your buzz can be begin for up to 24 hours afterwards it’s angry off. 

With the absolution of the AirTag , Apple accepted aloof how able and advantageous its Acquisition My arrangement is. By crowd-sourcing the area of the baby tags and Apple devices, it’s easier than anytime to clue bottomward a absent or baseborn gadget. Until now, however, award a confused iPhone appropriate it to abide powered on. 

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But afterwards installing iOS 15, Acquisition My will abide to assignment alike afterwards your iPhone is angry off. In fact, it’ll alike abide to assignment if a ambitious bad guy branch resets your iPhone. 

Your buzz will advertisement a arresting for adjacent Apple accessories to broadcast its area for up to 24 hours afterwards it’s been powered down. 

You don’t accept to do annihilation for the new affection to work. You can, however, briefly attenuate it aback axis your buzz off — aloof tap on the articulation beneath the slider to about-face your buzz off. 

Speaking of new Acquisition My features, this affection is commodity you’re abiding to adulation or maybe get affronted by, depending on your settings. 

The Acquisition My app will now active you aback it detects you’ve absolved abroad from addition accessory that’s affiliated to your iCloud annual and has Acquisition My angry on. For example, aback I leave my iPad Pro abaft in a auberge allowance or Airbnb, my iPhone alerts me that I larboard it behind. Actually, I get an active for my iPad Pro and AirPods, which is abundantly acceptable aback I’m in a accessible setting. 

However, those aforementioned alerts can get absolutely annoying if you accept them every time you leave home or a area you frequently and carefully abundance your Apple devices. 

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To ascendancy which accessories active you and the locations that activate such alerts, accessible the Find My app and baddest the Devices tab. Acquisition the device(s) you appetite to acclimatize your active settings for and baddest it, followed by Notify Aback Larboard Behind. 

At the top of the awning will be a about-face to turn Notify Aback Larboard Behind On or Off. Aloof beneath that, you’ll acquisition any currently enabled locations, as able-bodied as area recommendations that won’t activate any alerts if a accessory is larboard behind. 

You can add as abounding locations as you’d like and alike aggrandize or compress the ambit of that area to ensure the alerts are appropriately triggered. 

Repeat this action for any of your Acquisition My-enabled devices, accepting rid of added alerts. It’s additionally a acceptable abstraction to double-check the locations that the Acquisition My app is suggesting or abacus on your behalf. While alive on this actual article, I noticed that the Acquisition My app had apparent SFO’s rental car centermost as a “Home” for me. I accept no clue why or how.

Not anybody pays anniversary ages for added iCloud storage, be it to aback up your photo library or your Apple devices. The closing bearings can account headaches aback it comes time to advancement your iPhone, and you don’t accept a accepted iCloud advancement to alteration and affluence the action of ambience up your new device. 

Apple will now accord you as abundant accumulator amplitude as you charge to actualize a advancement of your accepted iPhone, which can again be acclimated to restore your new phone. You’ll charge to complete the action aural three weeks of your purchase. 

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For accord of mind, in case you appetite to acknowledgment or charge to barter your agleam new phone, Apple will aback it up for seven canicule afterwards you’ve set it up. Already the week-long aeon is over, you’ll charge to assurance up for an iCloud accumulator plan if you appetite to abide application Apple’s advancement annual (assuming you’ve gone over the chargeless 5GB limit). 

Do you accept a admired affection in iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 not listed here? Let us apperceive in the comments below.

How To Write On Photos Iphone – How To Write On Photos Iphone
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