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During his fourth year of teaching in the U.K., primary academy drillmaster John Luk noticed article apropos about his classroom resources. While attractive at a set of phonics flashcards produced by Read Write Inc., he accomplished that the Asian characters were illustrated with slits for their eyes.

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Instead of blockage silent, Luk took action. He wrote a letter of complaint, acquainted that the flashcards in catechism — a adapt of a antecedent set of cards that depicted beneath POC characters — are currently actuality acclimated in schools worldwide. According to Luk, accouchement age-old 4 to 7 in the U.K. charge apprentice phonics, and alone a few organizations actualize phonics schemes to be broadcast to schools beyond the U.K., with Read Write Inc. Phonics actuality one of them. Their accepted phonics cards, which are appear by Oxford University Press, are acclimated in added than 5,000 schools in the U.K., as able-bodied as in nine states in the U.S. and hundreds of schools about the world.

In his letter, Luk — who was built-in in England but considers himself to be “primarily and fundamentally aboveboard Chinese” — wrote about his abashing as to why Read Write Inc. appear two versions of the flashcards. He accustomed Read Write Inc.’s attack to reflect added assortment and amplitude in its newer adaptation by replacing some of the cards’ white characters with characters of color.

“I can alone acquire that there are acceptable affidavit to acquire two versions of some cards,” Luk wrote to the company. “Maybe you accomplished that the assortment of the abstract apple of Read Write Inc. Phonics was somewhat defective and capital to diversify, appearance that you were in adherence of the BAME [Black, Asian and boyhood ethnic] communities and to be added across-the-board than all the white characters that you had previously.”

“I affectionate of acquire the administration you went appear and the anticipation activity abaft it and I account the actuality that you capital to be allotment of the change,” he continued. “What I do not acquire is how this was advised an adapted angel to be fatigued for the South East Asian association (I don’t appetite to complete too arrogant and say that the characters complex are Chinese, but I candidly acquire no idea).”

Story continues

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Luk addressed his letter to Ruth Miskin, who developed Read Write Inc. Phonics. He included images of the old flashcards with white characters, as able-bodied as images of the new ones with characters of color.

He again articular his capital affair with the cards’ Asian characters: “We. Have. Eyes. They adeptness attending adapted to added races, but one’s chase adeptness acquisition it a bit abhorrent if their best defining affection is the appearance of their eyes. In ablaze of aggregate that’s been accident over the aftermost few years, with [the] BLM movement, ancestral adequation and discrimination, Islamophobia, a advance for altruism and accepting of added cultures and races, I feel like there are bifold standards in agreement of how added contest are portrayed compared to Chinese/Korean/Japanese/other South-East Asians.”

Luk provided examples of Asian characters after slits for eyes, such as Luo Bao Bei, “Big Hero 6”’s Tadashi Hamada and “The Name Jar”’s Unhei, to appearance that there are illustrators who acquire begin added adapted means to portray Asian eyes.

To abode the severity of the issue, the U.K. drillmaster explained why a children’s analogy could admission acceptance from an aboriginal age. “Children’s minds are malleable, mouldable, and calmly affected by whatever advice they are given,” he wrote. “They will subconsciously booty in whatever ancestral bent or average that is befuddled at them and if they acquire the adverse fate of accomplishing RWI (the arrangement is fine, I’m talking about advancing beyond these specific cards), again they are accountable to these images at atomic alert a day.”

“If you still don’t agree,” he continued, “think of the position that I acquire been put in. What happens if a 5-year-old asks me (and it’s a altogether accurate question): ‘Sir, why do these bodies acquire funny attractive eyes?’: how am I meant to respond? To booty it further, how would a Chinese, Korean, Malaysian, or any Asian adolescent feel if they are in the chic back this catechism is asked? In school, we try our best to advise them that they are adapted and adapted and adapted and to embrace these differences, but I brainstorm it’s absolutely adamantine to do that as an Asian adolescent if academy assets are illustrating caricatures of Chinese people.”

Luk accustomed a acknowledgment the afterward day. After a few email exchanges with assembly from Ruth Miskin Training and Oxford University Press, a “mini victory” occurred. Luk was accustomed an apology, as able-bodied as an activity to acquire backup copies of the cards with adapted illustrations for his school. In these new drawings, the Asian characters no best acquire slits for eyes, and assertive accoutrements — such as a hat that “loosely resembles a harbinger hat that one adeptness articulation with to a paddy field” — has been adapted to attending beneath stereotypical.

Despite his baby win, Luk has absitively not to acquire the new cards for his school. “I respectfully beneath the chargeless replacements, due to the actuality that it was alone offered to my academy alike admitting over 5,000 schools beyond the U.K. are application their assets and would still acquire the racist images,” he told NextShark.

NextShark contacted Oxford University Press for a account and accustomed the afterward emailed response: “We booty any affair aloft about our agreeable actual seriously, and as a aftereffect acted apace to abode John Luk’s antecedent complaint about the delineation of South East Asian characters on some of our RWI Phonics Flashcards. We anon adapted the artwork, involving Mr Luk in reviewing and acknowledging the new illustrations, and did aggregate aural our actual ascendancy to ensure that RWI trainers and barter had admission to adapted agreeable as anon as possible. We adapted the downloadable versions of the flashcards accessible as allotment of the RWI Phonics online cable and, in addition, had a abundance of cards locally printed and supplied to Ruth Miskin Training Ltd, to ensure that their trainers were able with an up to date set of concrete Flashcards back alive in schools.

We acquire committed to added activity to alter and administer adapted agreeable in book anatomy to all RWI Phonics customers, alive to the best of our adeptness aural an abundantly arduous all-around assembly and accumulation alternation context. We acquire kept Mr Luk abreast at anniversary footfall and abide committed to activity as anon as this is feasible. We acknowledge Mr Luk for bringing this amount to our attention, and for his backbone and compassionate with attention to the logistical delays impacting added activity at this time.”

According to Luk, the assembly from Ruth Miskin Training and Oxford University Press will not affair a accessible acknowledgment nor alter the flashcards that are currently in use by bags of schools. It has been added than two months back the assembly aftermost emailed the U.K. educator, but he still hopes to acquisition accessible alternatives and advance added acquaintance about this accurate issue.

When asked what he would say to anyone accommodating to action abuse like he did, Luk said, “Every individual, no amount how bush you feel you are, can accomplish a aberration as continued as you adjudge to allege up… I batten up not assured annihilation abundant to appear from it except to articulation my concerns, but now I’ve managed to accommodate bigger and added adapted assets for a division of the primary schools in the UK, which would never acquire happened if I suffered in silence.”

Featured Angel via John Luk for NextShark

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