How To Write Manual Test Cases For Api Testing

Today Y Combinator kicked off the Demo Day aeon for its Summer 2021 cohort. The accumulating of early-stage startups on day one-of-two abandoned numbered in the hundreds, acceptation that we had to accumulate a aggregation actuality at TechCrunch aloof to awning it all.

How to Build a Free, Scalable API Testing Solution With Microsoft
How to Build a Free, Scalable API Testing Solution With Microsoft | How To Write Manual Test Cases For Api Testing

But afore we get into addendum on anniversary aggregation that presented, a few addendum on the accomplice itself. Per Y Combinator leadership, the 377 (!) startups in this accomplice admission founders from 47 altered countries, and 37% of the founders in this accomplice were from underrepresented groups (which YC’s Michael Seibel says the accelerator defines as Black, Latinx or female.)

The all-embracing breakdown of the accumulation parallels that of this accomplished winter. Nearly 50% of YC startups are based alfresco of the United States, with India, U.K. and Mexico authoritative up the bigger allotment of that percentage.

What follows is a anniversary of the 180 companies in the adjustment that they pitched, and our addendum on anniversary pitch. TechCrunch will chase up this column with a anniversary of our favorites. So, adore the beneath and blessed hunting to all the founders and investors!

(Oh, and if you’re somehow athirst for more, don’t worry: accession appropriately huge accumulation is appointed to present tomorrow. )

Update: And here’s day two’s companies!

Endla: Software meant to admission assembly and abate costs associated with oil/gas wells. The aggregation says it can save about $40,000 per able-bodied per year.

Phykos: Autonomously grows seaweed to abduction carbon, affairs offsets to companies to advocate their altitude commitments. Congenital by GoogleX automated and software engineers.

MadEats: MadEats is an online apparition kitchen aliment commitment anniversary in the Philippines. It has congenital several above bounded restaurant concepts and is architecture affordable, high-margin brands to serve absolute to consumers.

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Financial Choice: Banking Choice wants to accession the yields that consumers can admission from their blockage accounts. In today’s market, banknote earns abundantly low yields at rest. So, Banking Choice wants to advance blockage anniversary funds, while attention admission for users for aback they allegation their money. The startup claims to admission accomplished $4.4 actor AUM appropriately far. We’re analytical about the tax implications of the model, but the abstraction of earning added crop from aqueous backing is attractive.

Atlas: This startup is architecture software to let restaurants in Southeast Asia move added operations online, aiming to admonition restaurants actualize a afterpiece bandage with consumers that aliment commitment platforms admission pulled away.

Apollo: A debit agenda that rewards users with stocks. Authoritative purchases with the agenda earns the user a apportioned allotment of a stock, additional “a adventitious to win” abounding shares.

Strive Education: With 3.7 actor acceptance in Asia, Strive Apprenticeship uses 1:1 alive classes to advise aerial academy algebraic through coding games. The aggregation has $20,000 anniversary alternating acquirement and is growing 30% monthly.

Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day, PlusIdentity

Image Credits: PlusIdentity

PlusIdentity: A countersign administrator for startups, focused aboriginal on a Slack app that hits the aerial credibility of enterprise-level options (Okta) and chump apps (LastPass). Abandoned one ages old, they already admission 10 startups alive up and aim to be the abutting appearance administration belvedere for the startup world.

HitPay: HitPay brings calm two startup trends that admission captured broker absorption in contempo quarters, namely no-code applique and payments. The aggregation wants to admonition SMBs in the South East Asian bazaar admission payments from what it describes as a bazaar that is fragmented. So far the aggregation has accomplished $5.4 actor in absolute acquittal aggregate (TPV) per month, a amount that yields $35,000 in anniversary revenue.

AOA Dx Inc.: AOA is architecture claret tests that admonition ascertain ovarian blight aboriginal aback adaptation ante are abundant higher. The founding aggregation has two acknowledged exits in the bloom startup amplitude abaft them and their artefact has already apparent aboriginal success in a 600-person accommodating study.

Cococart: An online abundance architect that claims to admission a bureaucracy action 10x faster than Shopify. The aggregation says they’re currently alive with over 2,000 alive merchants.

Metaphor: What’s the allegory for demography on Google? Allegory is a language-model-based chase engine. With this technology, users can chase by ideas; anticipate queries like “one of the best able startups in the bloom tech amplitude is” or “a acute commodity about adulation is” instead of relying abandoned on keywords.

Tinai: Ninety percent of baby businesses in Vietnam still accumulate at atomic some of their banking annal application pen and paper. Tinai aims to admonition advance this with a agenda accounting anniversary — and afterwards abandoned six weeks they admission 1,200 alive merchants and are administration USD$1.8 actor anniversary of transactions.

Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day, Turion Amplitude

Image Credits: Turion Space

Turion Space: Amplitude debris removal! It’s a acclaimed affair that the apogee about Earth is blowzy with applesauce of all sorts, clutter that is ambit the planet at aerial speeds. Turion Amplitude wants to anatomy aircraft that can get that $.25 out of orbit, and it additionally wants to anniversary satellites and abundance asteroids. You admission to alpha somewhere, we suppose. Amplitude companies are adamantine to adjudicator at this stage, but we can say that the TAM Turion is advancing is, well, as big as the planet.

Cero: The aggregation at Cero is architecture software to admonition hospitals automate communications with patients over WhatsApp. The aggregation has banked $95,000 in anniversary acquirement allowance their barter acquaint with added than 600,000 patients.

Aqua: Advance belvedere to acquiesce individuals to advance in clandestine disinterestedness funds afterwards acute them to admission a ridiculously aerial net worth.

Warpfy: Congenital by the founders of Wayfair Asia, Warpfy is on a mission to admission and abound e-commerce aliment into all-around brands. It will admonition brands accompany administration multichannel, breaking out of a attitude of Amazon roll-ups as a key way to grow.

Momo Medical: With a growing aged citizenry worldwide, nurses in hospitals and abiding affliction accessories are continued thin. Momo Medical has fabricated an IoT-equipped bed sensor that tells nurses who is sleeping, who is rising, and who may be accepting trouble, all in one interface. The admission in abundance could admonition anniversary the accepted nursing shortage. They’re already signing affairs and admission $250,000 ARR.

Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day, Milky Way AI

Image Credits: Milky Way AI

Milky Way AI: No, Milky Way AI is not architecture computer intelligence to browse the stars. Instead, it’s architecture computer intelligence to browse the shelves. Perhaps Milky Way refers to the bonbon bar, instead of the interstellar body. The startup has congenital a adaptable app that allows CPG companies to browse shelves and assay what appurtenances are in stock. Per the startup, it has four brands alive with it today wirth $11,000 in anniversary revenue. And two new affairs that could advance its revenues into the seven figures.

Slip: Slip is architecture a exchange for top developers to actualize and monetize courses allowance adolescent coders hone their skills. The aggregation is adorable to get their artefact into the accumulated acquirements amplitude and get above tech companies accouterment their courses to employees.

MindFi: A accumulated wellness/mental bloom belvedere for companies in Asia, alms admiral “microclasses,” guided contest and assessments meant to admonition with brainy well-being.

Opkit: Founded by aboriginal associates of Brex’s engineering team, Opkit helps anaplasty centers optimize how they buy medical devices. The tech plugs into bloom cyberbanking systems and again provides dashboards that allegorize which surgeries are the best big-ticket for the center. Then, the purchasing software gives recommendations on what barter should buy to absolute costs.

Deskimo: With admiral fluidly affective from home to appointment to aggregate workspaces, amalgam assignment is a all-around trend. Deskimo aims to embrace that adaptability by accumulation managed appointment amplitude into a audible app and renting it out by the minute. They’re ablution in southeast Asia aboriginal but achievement to become a all-around amalgam assignment platform.

Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day, Lumify

Image Credits: Lumify

Lumify: We’re all accustomed with the abstraction of air-conditioned apps for consumers. Aboriginal affected in Asia, they may accompany calm ride-hailing, aliment delivery, e-commerce and chat. But what about a air-conditioned app for nurses? Lumify thinks the abstraction has legs. Its app can admonition nurses accretion whatever they need, from scrubs to accouterment it claims. The aggregation has generated $275,000 in acquirement so far this year from a user abject of 15,000 nurses. The abstraction makes sense. Nurses are busy, in appeal and admission acceptable wages; why not advertise to them?

Crew: Aggregation is architecture a recruiting-centric CRM advised to accomplish it easier to ability out to candidates. The company’s software is advised to admonition recruiters accouterment proactive beat with applique advised for anniversary allotment of the hiring process, befitting things automated and personalized.

Akute Health: Akute makes a medical annal administration arrangement for the ever-increasing cardinal of agenda bloom companies, so anniversary one doesn’t admission to reinvent the wheel. Architect Sharud Agarwal says Akute has 40 barter accounting for a absolute of 20,000 patients.

Writesonic: AI-powered copywriting apparatus for business material. Launched in February, Writesonic hit $36,000 in anniversary ARR through 100% amoebic user acquisition.

REPROSENT: Blight patients’ circadian affection could be acute to compassionate their needs and the adequacy of treatment, but it can be adamantine to aggregate them regularly. Reprosent is an app for accommodating self-reported abstracts that has apparent over 80% circadian use, accouterment a abiding beck of attainable abstracts for caregivers. They’re already signing up above affliction centers.

Pinglend: This is an absorbing company. Pinglend wants to let bodies agreement items and, in return, action acclaim based on those assets. Per the company, its archetypal will acquiesce it to accommodation money to users at about 20% of the amount that assurance shops or payday lenders charge. The aggregation has yet to launch, but as it is arena in a amplitude abounding with chump abuse, it will admission questions over its arch as it proves out its model. The aggregation wants to “graduate” its users to apart acclaim cards in time.

AppX: AppX has congenital a belvedere that helps amusing media creators anatomy their own apps that comedy to their strengths and monetize their audiences bigger than claimed websites do. The aggregation started with educational creators and is adorable to aggrandize with gaming and fettle creators.

Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day, Caire Bloom

Image Credits: Caire Health

Caire Health: AI meant to admonition “diagnose academician bleeds in seconds.” Co-founder Anmol Warman says he expects FDA approval aural six months, and the aggregation is currently alive trials with assorted hospitals.

Membo: A exceptional way to grocery shop. Membo is a next-day grocery commitment anniversary in Europe that optimizes for bloom and quality, instead of 15-minute speed. The startup does $30,000 anniversary GMV and makes money through a per-order agency fee.

Soraban: Accounting firms aren’t the best affected appointment environments, and Soraban aims to advance them with a back-office belvedere that brings them into the 21st century.

Abatable: Robo-advising is old hat by this point, technology that has become table stakes for chump advance casework that focus on abiding holding. But Abatable wants to accompany robo-advising into the carbon-removal game, creating portfolios that “focus on carbon removal.” Accustomed the ascent focus on added socially and environmentally acquainted advance about the world, it’s a authentic idea.

Varos: Varos helps companies accept how their achievement endless up adjoin the antagonism by creating anonymized databases of chump data. The startup is arrest the $21 billion planning software bazaar with a specific focus on marketing, artefact and accounts teams.

Friz: A coffer accurately tailored for freelancers (focusing on South Asia and Southeast Asia), authoritative it easier to get loans for those afterwards anchored anniversary paychecks.

Zensors Inc: Google analytics for the concrete world. The startup is a software-only AI band-aid that connects to aegis cameras broadcast about airports, alteration hubs and aliment — allowance companies action actionable admonition to bigger the chump experience. Its software cast currently impacts over 1 actor bodies a week.

Kodda: Accepting allowance in LatAm is a anachronous process, and Kodda aims to accompany a Lemonade-like acquaintance to the millions of bodies there. Users can assurance up in 90 abnormal and accomplish claims in minutes; so far the aggregation has 250 advantageous barter and it says not one has left.

Cache: Gopuff is a big accord these days, accepting aloft almost eighty aggregate dollars. But the Cache aggregation thinks that there is still allowance in the on-demand bazaar for accessibility goods. The startup operates alleged “dark” aliment to accord appurtenances to on-demand drivers. Dark aliment in accepted are a hot commodity these days, acknowledgment to ascent commitment needs.

Akudo: A neobanking startup in India geared adjoin accouterment teenagers with acclaim cards, acquisitive to admonition adolescent bodies in the country administer their money in a acute way. The aggregation combines a acclaim card, accumulation anniversary and rewards with accoutrement to admonition admission banking literacy.

Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day, SenpAI.GG

How to Build a Free, Scalable API Testing Solution With Microsoft
How to Build a Free, Scalable API Testing Solution With Microsoft | How To Write Manual Test Cases For Api Testing

Image Credits: SenpAI.GG

SenpAI.GG: AI-powered video bold coach. They’re architecture a apparatus that uses overlays and a articulation abettor to admonition you amount out the best move to make, or the best appearance to pick. Olcay Yilmazçoban says they currently admission over 450,000 anniversary alive users and are seeing 20% advance ages over month. See our antecedent advantage of SenpAI here.

Iona Mind: Iona Apperception is a brainy bloom app that wants to advise bodies how to affected all-overs and depression. The company’s agreeable is acquired from evidence-based protocols and Cognitive Behavioural Assay (CBT). The belvedere is awash anon to administration that are growing their anniversary programs and analytic for means to accession engagement.

Storylane: Affairs a agenda artefact or anniversary is a lot easier aback the chump can try it for themselves. Storylane lets business teams arrange abandoned artefact demos to -to-be customers, which they admission begin increases conversions considerably.

Ivy Homes: Opendoor is anniversary added than $10 billion as a attainable aggregation today, so it is not a huge abruptness to see a startup alive on bringing the archetypal to added countries. Ivy is demography the abstraction to India, area it claims the absolute acreage bazaar is blocked by a abridgement of information. The aggregation has anchored a $500,000 acclaim bandage and has bought its aboriginal property. So, it’s aboriginal canicule for Ivy, but accustomed the calibration of the bazaar they are demography on, that’s no sin.

Liv Labs Inc.: The startup is architecture fettle programs that admonition women accord with incontinence, architecture exercise programs that admonition women strengthen their pelvic attic anatomy and abatement risks of pee leaks, an affair the startup says 27 actor American women attempt with.

Sitenna: Helps wireless carriers acceleration up the action of award new sites to put up architecture — a decidedly adapted idea, as 5G requires appreciably added architecture to assignment well. The aggregation says it can abbreviate the action of award a area from 24 months to six months. Apprehend our accomplished advantage of Sitenna here.

Ferveret: Ferveret, aggressive by nuclear plants, has created a liquid-cooling technology for abstracts centers. The startup helps abate costs and carbon cast while convalescent server performance. So far, Ferveret has landed two paid pilot affairs with Enel and Crusoe Energy.

Coulomb AI: Electric cartage run on batteries, and batteries abase with use — but absolutely how much? Aback should companies alter theirs? What’s the amount of bactericide maintenance? Couloumb AI aims to lath array analytics for any and all EV companies (focusing aboriginal on fleets in India and government applications) and hopes to become the accepted analytics belvedere worldwide.

Arengu: If the startup bazaar can abutment a host of companies aloof alive to advance checkout flows, there may be allowance for tech upstarts aloof focused on sign-up flows, right? That is the bet at Aregenu, which is architecture signup breeze for added companies. Its angle acclaimed that a host of above companies allot accomplished teams to this work, commodity it credibility out that abate firms can’t afford. If the fundraising history of checkout companies is any indicator, we apprehend Arengu to accession a abundance of money by Thursday.

Yemaachi Biotechnology: The biotech startup is aiming to alter the blight affection and assay testing activity by accession and sequencing samples above Africa, an accomplishment to admonition Africa’s genetically assorted citizenry get added authentic treatment. The founding aggregation has decades of acquaintance in the bloom assay field.

q&ai: Analyzes aggregation sales calls to lath insights for the sales aggregation to admonition them tune messaging.

Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day, GamerPay

Image Credits: GamerPay

GamerPay: An escrow-style arrangement for affairs agenda items and banknote in amateur (starting with CS:GO) to hopefully abate the aggressive scams.

BluumBio: Companies are beneath burden to abate their ecology impact, and BluumBio allows them to do this artlessly by agriculture bioengineered plants and bacilli at sites attenuated by microplastics, abundant metals or petroleum byproducts. These engineered bacilli admission authoritative approval and are branch to their aboriginal acreage balloon this fall, and the aggregation already has advantageous partnerships lined up.

Goodkind: I abhorrence actuality alleged on the phone, so I am not absolutely abiding if able me that in the approaching added companies will video alarm me than arena me up is a abundant idea, but Goodkind thinks its eyes of the approaching is activity to be big business. Powering video messaging for “B2C teams,” the aggregation has racked up $375,000 in ARR, a amount it claims is growing by 28% on a month-over-month basis. That amount could acceleration if its activity comes through by a agency of added than two.

Matidor: Matidor is a activity administration belvedere accumulation geospatial abstracts with aggregation accord software. The startup has $80,000 in ARR and is block the $4 billion accustomed assets market.

Promakhos Therapeutics: Promakhos is a assay belvedere focused on abating anarchic diseases application bacteria. The company’s aboriginal biologic is focused on abandoning affection in Crohn’s ache patients. They’re additionally adorable to admonition patients adversity from assorted sclerosis and Type I diabetes.

Whaly: A no-code belvedere for clay your business data, automatically alien from accoutrement like Hubspot, Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc.

Vital: An API for accession calm bloom data. Application calm lab tests and fettle wearables like Oura or Fitbit, Vital aggregates abstracts afterwards acute one to footfall bottom into a doctor’s office. The developer-designed API is currently in bankrupt beta.

Moving Parts: Rebuilding your UI to lath new appearance or drift to a new cipher abject can be cher and time consuming. Affective Parts is a basic library from above Apple and SoundCloud designers abounding of “Apple-quality” UI $.25 and pieces that companies can bead in and adapt to awning accepted needs like sign-up and log-in processes.

Monet: The abstraction of accepting workers admission to their balance advanced of acceptable paydays is branch to Latin America acknowledgment to Monet, which claims its anniversary will assignment with any artisan in the arena who has both a coffer anniversary and a salary. No employer buy-in required. That’s bluntly appealing cool. Monet claims to admission 6,000 users cat-and-mouse to use its service. That should be abundant aboriginal appeal to prove its model. Let’s see how it scales.

Enerjazz: A battery-swapping arrangement for the 2 actor electric cartage in India. The aggregation is acquisitive to anatomy out a ample arrangement that’s able-bodied positioned to baby adjoin the electrifications of India’s 8 actor rickshaws and 187 actor scooters.

Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day, Ivella

Image Credits: Ivella

Ivella: A coffer for couples, alpha with a debit agenda that automatically splits costs amidst two users.

Malloc: A adaptable app that prevents added adaptable apps from recording and administration abstracts afterwards the user’s approval. It notifies users aback a adaptable app uses their camera or microphone and offers a ecology animate to accept how continued those appearance are actuality used. Malloc’s spyware tracker has 80,000 alive users and over 100,000 users to date.

Flowbo Inc.: Flowbo wants to admonition creators admission funding, fast. Instead of banishment creators to await on acquittal from acceptable cast deals or sponsors, they can upload affidavit of those assets streams to get a accommodation upfront. Then, creators are arrive to pay money aback over time through a allotment fee based on absolute anniversary revenue.

Synth: Synth is architecture software to admonition ability workers bigger anamnesis the admonition that they consume, be it in video architecture or text. The architect said that accepted software articles like Roam aloof don’t cut it. We’ll allegation to comedy with this to absolutely accept it, but the abstraction is neat.

Humane Genomics: The startup is architecture a development belvedere for authoritative bogus bacilli focused on blight therapeutics. The aggregation has helped architecture hundreds of ​​unique oncolytic bacilli and was advanced alive on a COVID-19 vaccine applicant that it afresh discontinued efforts on.

Mailmodo: A no-code belvedere for calmly architecture forms and widgets to bury aural emails.

SafeBeat Rx: SafeBeat Rx wants to alter assay for new arrhythmia patients through its take-home kit that combines EKG software with FDA-cleared hardware. While the abstraction of software replacing a hospital breach may assume like a moonshot, the startup afresh completed a 103 accommodating pilot to assay out its hypothesis. It estimates that the take-home kit will be on the bazaar aural one year.

Karbon Card: It’s Brex for India. With $110,000 already advancing in anniversary and 1,100 companies already alive up, this is about as abiding a affair as you’re activity to accretion in this list. Apprehend a abundance dollar appraisal by the end of the week.

Digistain: One of several startups in this accomplice demography on the blight market, Digistain wants to use bittersweet scanning to bigger accept which breast blight patients are absolutely a fit for chemotherapy. Its appearance is that added association than bare get chemotherapy, which is not abandoned big-ticket but can absolutely annihilate you. I am not an able on authoritative approval, but application tech to abstain demography adulteration abstract to the jugular sounds appealing great.

Odwen: Odwen is architecture a massive barn arrangement in India, aiming to advantage underutilized amplitude at absolute warehouses with a tech-enabled belvedere that helps users with accumulator needs accretion their own band-aid above a advanced network.

Rinse: Pitched as “One Medical for dental,” Rinse is adorable to accomplish it easier to book same-day dental cleanings and exams — because added checkups = beneath drilling.

Swipe: A announcement and payments band-aid for Indian baby and medium-sized businesses. The over 1,000 businesses that use Swipe today are able to actualize attainable invoices, WhatsApp-friendly acquittal links and more. Swipe has hit over $1 actor in anniversary transaction volume. As my aide Alex Wilhelm put it, Swipe is Stripe, with a W.

Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day, Nasdisc

Image Credits: Nasdisc

Nasdisc: The bazaar for vinyl annal has exploded over the aftermost brace decades as these collectibles admission reentered the vogue. Nasdisc thinks it’s time for a modern, committed vinyl exchange like those that abide for sneakers and added hot C2C goods. They’re alive now and accomplishing $1,000/week in sales, so maybe it’s time to cull out those old annal and accomplish a blade or two.

PropReturns: Alive adjoin a agnate botheration set as Ivy Homes, PropReturns wants to accompany added abstracts to the Indian absolute acreage market, which it additionally angle as somewhat poor today. But instead of affairs homes, PropReturns wants to facilitate transactions. It has facilitated some $3.9 actor in acreage value. That generated $74,000 in revenue. Let the Accomplish India’s Acreage Bazaar Bigger Startup War begin!

DiveHealth: Dive helps cephalalgia sufferers accretion the appropriate assay amidst the dozens of cephalalgia drugs on the bazaar today. Users booty a abiogenetic test, ample out a assay and accept a custom assay plan. Twenty actor Americans currently ache from migraines, so it’s a huge opportunity.

Zinite: This aggregation wants to admonition companies anatomy bigger assuming chips aural the aforementioned artefact absolute acreage with what it says is “only high-performance transistor which can be congenital forth the z-axis.”

Kiwi Biosciences: Congenital by an IBS accommodating and above IBS agenda bloom founder, Kiwi has created an agitator that helps barter abstract aliment bigger by breaking bottomward accepted comestible triggers. It accuse $50 a ages for the patent-pending enzymes — and as of aftermost pull, Kiwi has $23,000 in anniversary alternating revenue.

Algen Biotechnologies: Born out of CRISPR co-inventor Jennifer Doudna’s lab, Algen aims to amusement cancers with no accepted able drugs by applying apparatus acquirements to RNA messaging and award means to change it. They’ve already begin one articulate inhibitor for one such blight and aim to admission analytic trials aural 18 months — and of advance Big Pharma is already sniffing around.

Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day, Kalam Labs

Image Credits: Kalam Labs

Kalam Labs: Kalam Labs wants to use amateur to admonition kids from 6 to 14 years old apprentice STEM. Targeting the Indian boilerplate class, the aggregation has racked up 1,500 advantageous barter and has accomplished $15,000 in MRR. The aggregation won’t aggrandize arctic to China, however, as that country is arise bottomward on paid edtech services. And acid aback on gaming hours for minors. Whatever. The edtech bazaar in India is hot, and this could fit into it neatly.

Pillar: Pillar is architecture a bloom apprenticeship belvedere to admonition Americans alive convalescent lifestyles and abbreviate costs associated with lifestyle-based diseases. The startup is aiming to anatomy a band-aid that calmly plugs into accumulated bloom platforms, acceptance audience to calmly admission bloom coaches.

SalaryBook: Pitched as “Gusto for India,” SalaryBook helps SMBs in India handle payroll, agent appearance and expenses. The aggregation says it has 80,000 administration on the belvedere already.

Coinfeeds: Above Robinhood and Uber apparatus acquirements specialists are architecture a Bloomberg for crypto. The startup advance and aggregates news, as able-bodied as amusing sentiment, for crypto enthusiasts. Users can adapt their account augment to get specific admonition about their portfolio bill and additionally clue broader trends such as attainable tokens and acknowledged developments.

Gobillion: Gobillion is demography the abominable acknowledged Pinduoduo archetypal of accumulation purchasing and applying it to India’s circadian grocery buyers. Barter can bandage calm and save 25%-40% by purchasing in aggregate — and the team, vets of India’s e-commerce world, apperceive how to get the retail giants on board.

Commery: An absorbing cast on the bartering absolute acreage marketplace. Commery lets tenants abide an ask for absolute estate, which brokers assignment to match. Brokers pay the startup. So far it has snagged 25 listings. The timing of this aggregation is absorbing acknowledgment to a about-face in the apple abroad from IRL work, but as Commery additionally works with automated spaces it could still admission a bazaar to advertise into.

Neodocs: Neodocs is architecture a belvedere for burning lab tests that users in India can complete with their smartphone. The aggregation has created a assay allowance clue ambit with insights on alarmist health, branch health, digestion, hydration and more.

Mentum: An API for fintech companies in Latin America to action advance services. Currently attainable in 13 Latin American countries.

Nino Foods: With over $165,000 in anniversary revenue, Nino Foods is building/operating billow kitchens brands in India. Brands accommodate Francesco’s Pizzeria and Nino Burgers. The startup is already assisting in three Mumbai locations.

How to write test case
How to write test case | How To Write Manual Test Cases For Api Testing

Banner: Bartering absolute acreage managers are administration billion-dollar projects in Excel, area a antipodal chiffre or aberrant bang can advance to a multimillion-dollar error. Why not admission an OS for bartering absolute acreage that makes it safer and added convenient? Oh, that’s what Banner is? Great!

Pideaky: A Square for Latin America. The startup helps adjacency bend aliment digitize payments, announcement and internet operations, ultimately accretion acquirement for these customers. It has $42,000 in anniversary alternating acquirement and is growing 30% monthly.

Talus Bio: Talus Bio is a biologic assay biotech startup focused on belief gene authoritative proteins in their accustomed corpuscle environments. The aggregation hopes this new belvedere will admonition added butt the role of these proteins in assorted diseases and facilitate assay that accouterment them.

Freterium: A collaborative belvedere for managing shipments and transports, aiming to alter the complicated spreadsheets the industry uses today.

Nabla Bio: The startup co-develops antibiotic drugs “that are added acceptable to get approved” with biologic companies. The aggregation has partnered with three top-tier companies consistent in $800,000 in revenue.

Clear: Bark affliction is air-conditioned important to a accomplished lot of people, and they appear to additionally absorb absolutely a bit on it. Clear is a debit agenda aloof for cosmetics and bark care, giving banknote aback on abundant brands. But it additionally grants admission to a amusing media association of bark affliction enthusiasts who can allotment their routines … abounding of advantageous abstracts for cosmetics companies, too!

Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day, Playhouse

Image Credits: Playhouse

Playhouse: Arena on the trend of browsing Zillow “for fun,” Playhouse is a adaptable app for bound perusing video listings of homes for sale. Co-founder Alex Perelman says the company’s best affianced users are watching 50 videos on their aboriginal day alone.

Genuity: Genuity is architecture a SaaS belvedere that helps enterprises administer their IT and antecedent business software. It’s a amplitude with affluence of accepted players, but Genuity is acquisitive to win over barter with an bargain alms that helps IT professionals get done what they allegation to.

InstaKin: Helps immigrants in the U.S. administer projects and tasks aback in their home countries, abutting them with absolute vendors from distant and administration payments securely.

Odiggo: The casework belvedere helps Boilerplate East/North Africa (MENA) consumers get car casework aural minutes. Some cities appeal car owners admission cast new tires or alike absolute dustiness of the vehicles, so Odiggo is in the business of commutual those requests. In July, the aggregation had $500,000 in GMV and $44,000 in revenue.

Covie: If you admission an app or anniversary that needs to assay or clue a customer’s allowance advantage to work, Covie wants to accomplish it attainable to do that appropriate in the app. Best rental and car allowance behavior are authentic and they’re signing up providers and aggregators to abridge this action for everyone.

ShipBlu: Able “Amazon akin logistics” for companies in MENA, ShipBlu does 24-hour commitment with alive tracking. Co-founder Ali Nasser says that 47 merchants admission alive on so far.

Dime: Dime is architecture an NFT exchange that’s added attainable to users adorable to buy agenda collectibles with USD not crypto. Crypto wallets are awfully complicated, and Dime is acquisitive that they can amalgamate the allowances of the blockchain with easier user onboarding.

Nomod: Helps all-embracing merchants action payments on their phone, bare the allegation for Square-style hardware.

Verano Health: Flagged as the nonprofit of the batch, Verano Bloom wants to admonition Medicaid patients admission telehealth services. The startup uses SMS and agenda apprenticeship to admonition diabetic, underserved patients cross their condition. Verano Bloom is adopting $2 actor in donations and, per the founder, expects to be assisting by 2023.

Pluggy: Pluggy is Plaid for Brazil: a simple way for developers to admission users’ banking data, like coffer accounts and investments, aural an app or service. They’re absolutely focused on Brazil and already awning 90% of the banks there. With bags of users already alive up they assume to be able-bodied on their way.

Algofi: A lending bazaar congenital on the Algorand blockchain. Algofi’s Owen Colegrove says they hit over 2,000 users a anniversary afterwards launching. Scispot is architecture a activity administration belvedere for bio companies leveraging automation to admonition clue projects, samples and account while accommodating with aggregation members.

Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day, Muse

Image Credits: Muse

Muse: A no-code editor for architecture immersive 3D websites, charging $12 per armpit per month. Co-founder Benjamin Ha says users admission congenital 300 websites so far.

FloatPays: Payday lending can be one way to accompany banking admittance and admission to underserved communities, and FloatPays wants to accomplish it on-demand. The startup is architecture a allowance admission anniversary congenital for African businesses and has landed 34 barter so far. It has additionally affianced with banking institutions, landing administration partnerships with two African banks.

Zeit Medical: Zeit has created a wearable chaplet that warns users and caregivers of aboriginal signs of achievement while sleeping, preventing accident to the academician from advanced too far afore treatment. I wrote them up here!

Kurios: Online courses for professionals in Latin America. Co-founder Carlos Lau says the aggregation is currently seeing $60,000 acquirement and 25% advance per month, with 90% of users commutual their courses.

Buoyant Aero: Buoyant is application electric blimps to move air bales over medium-range distances, which the startup says is 4x added able than application baby aircraft. The aggregation has congenital four airships and is aiming to accouterment the $6 billion rural U.S. middle-mile bales market. We wrote about them here!

Infiuss Health: Many analytic trials abridgement African participants, consistent in ancillary effects/shortcomings that go alien for far too long. Infiuss is a belvedere meant to acquiesce U.S. and EU pharma companies to added calmly run analytic trials in Africa.

KaiPod Learning: The Boston-based startup wants to be the go-to abode for online learners and acquirements pod families to get in-person interactions into their curriculum. KaiPod acquirements grows through ablution centers, evocative of Kumon and WeWork, that acceptable accouchement to beat by during the academy day — either for a brace in absolute curriculum, or for some amusing activities with peers. Apprehend added about Kaipod here.

SolarMente: SolarMente is a exchange for solar rooftops absorption on Europe. They’re bringing in $120,000/month already for installations and financing, at about $10,000 per home. Spain is their aboriginal bazaar because electricity costs are aerial — so SolarMente takes over the accomplished process, soup to nuts, and hopes to do so for millions more.

idemeum: Helps small/medium-sized businesses administer agent admission to their ever-growing accumulating of SaaS apps, aiming to alter chiral password-sharing with biometrics.

Revolve Surgical: Revolve is architecture surgical robots for operating rooms, aiming to actualize a accessory that’s abundant abate (and cheaper!) than the bounden solution.

Hotswap: Helps you onboard companies aback they’re adorable to about-face from accession vendor, breaking bell-ringer lock-in and automating the acceptation of circuitous abstracts from one belvedere to another.

Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day, Luminate: A woman sits in a chemotherapy dispensary in a armchair with Luminate’s angle on.

Image Credits: Luminate / Wild Island Pictures

Luminate Medical: Beard accident from chemotherapy is one of the medical world’s best apparent ancillary effects, and Luminate may admission a solution: a compression assay helmet that prevents the biologic cocktail from extensive and damaging the beard follicles. It’s on its way to analytic trials and FDA approval — you can apprehend added about the company’s tech here.

Filta: Face filters are badly accepted on Snapchat and added apps, and Filta aims to monetize them with an NFT bazaar for bound copy filters that creators can advertise to their fans. Look for them on the app abundance in November.

Coinrule: Helps individual/retail investors automate their crypto trading. The aggregation says it’s currently seeing $80,000 anniversary alternating revenue, with an boilerplate of 30% MoM advance over the aftermost 12 months.

Customily: A architecture apparatus for allowance online aliment advertise added abandoned products. Companies can use Customily to design, advertise and book customizable products, absolution users booty ascendancy with their embeddable tool.

Union54: An API to admonition companies (think banks, fintechs and ample retailers) affair debit cards in Africa.

HeyCharge: Patent-pending technology for customer-friendly calm EV charging. HeyCharge wants to accompany bargain EV charging to offices and accommodation buildings. Two altered $.25 of the startup’s tech: It claims to assignment offline and underground, a aberration for the industry.

Clarity: Clarity is a workspace for teams that focuses on artlessness afterwards accident too abundant in capability. With certificate collaboration, activity administration and assignment tracking congenital in, it’s meant to abate your tab load, adapt and centralize.

QOA: Cocoa-free amber developed through attention fermentation, with the ambition of authoritative amber “10x added acceptable and 20% cheaper.”

Careerist: Edtech meets SaaS in Careerist’s job adjustment acquirements platform. The startup trains job seekers through alive and self-paced training accomplished by third-party tutors. The adaptive acquirements software is meant to admonition candidates basic for tech interviews. Already a applicant is able-bodied equipped, Careerists uses automation to admonition them administer for jobs. The startup doesn’t crave charge until candidates are placed.

Abstra: A Figma-inspired no-code app architect meant for designers. Bruno Vieira Costa says the product, currently in beta, is seeing $2,000 in anniversary alternating acquirement with seven customers.

2Cents: 2Cents is architecture an Ethereum agreement for communities, basically bringing web3 dynamics to users absent to actualize a Reddit-like community, axis alive associates into “owners” of the community.

Lago: Advance teams allegation to articulation and accompany chump abstracts above lots of channels, like marketing, sales and more, but the absolute accoutrement for this are expensive, crave engineering assignment and are about enterprise-oriented. Lago does it no-code appearance so abate teams can onboard bound and artlessly with no added hires or additional mortgages.

Matrubials Inc.: Accession startup in the bloom tech space, Matrubials is creating milk-derived assay to ambition bacterial infections. It’s starting with a artefact that targets alternate bacterial vaginosis with an antimicrobial peptide that attacks the bad bacteria, but not the advantageous biome it is attacking. The aggregation affairs to ambition added infections in the future.

Encuadrado: Encuadrado is a payments and booking provider that helps entrepreneurs in the anniversary industry in Latin America administer chump onboarding and acumen while aspersing accidental authoritative work.

Reframe: An app that aims to use attitude concepts to admonition users booze beneath and provides them with a private/anonymous abutment community. Co-founder Vedant Pradeep says 80% of their users see a “significant reduction” in booze burning aural two months.

Hypercore: Helps lenders automate workflows and admission real-time analytics through software. The aggregation estimates that added than 90% of clandestine lenders use Excel or aged systems to administer processes, so Hypercore would be a welcome, admitting late, accession amidst the broader mural of digitization. The startup has $3,500 in anniversary alternating acquirement and launched clearly during the accelerator.

Safer Management: Safer Administration helps attainable schools clue attendance, an important metric for allotment — and, of course, education. It’s a avant-garde arrangement of QR codes and facial acceptance that anxiously advance who’s in class. They’re already in 75 schools and two colleges and affairs in $621,000 yearly.

Fluke: Google Fi is a MVNO, or adaptable basic arrangement abettor actuality in the United States. Fluke is architecture commodity similar, but for Brazil. The aggregation says that Brazilian adaptable carriers action poor service, which they appetite to booty on. The startup additionally won our affection for talking about its CAC and LTV results, both of which it claims are bigger than its in-market competition.

Pipekit: Pipekit is adorable to admonition action barter calibration their abstracts pipelines quickly, with a ascendancy console for Argo workflows, acceptance for accelerated implementation.

Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day, Zen

Image Credits: Zen

Zen: Webcam-based aspect alteration software that alerts the user aback they’re slouching. Meant to be offered as a advantage to admiral to abate a company’s workers’ atone costs.

Writing tests  Postman Learning Center
Writing tests Postman Learning Center | How To Write Manual Test Cases For Api Testing

Meticulous: A apparatus to bolt bugs in web applications. The startup reduces the allegation for manual/integration testing, absolution up developer time to assignment on added complicated issues. The startup has two pilots and one anchored accord for its software.

Fingo Africa: Fingo Africa has a simple proposition: a pan-African neobank backed by the bigger acceptable coffer on the continent. It affairs to cut fees from 10% of payments to 1% and accomplish money anyhow with volume. Sounds like it’s activity to assignment to me.

SliceQ: Sure, some startups are architecture commitment robots and acclimation systems that accommodate new tech. But SliceQ wants to booty a actual old tech and refurbish it for the avant-garde world. The anniversary lets restaurants booty orders over the buzz application automation technology. The startup claims that its anniversary helps its barter accession sales by 10%, and it helped action $200,000 in GMV aftermost month.

Carbonfact: The sustainability startup is creating a carbon cast database for chump products, allowance accredit companies that admission low-carbon-output artefact offerings and accouterment a apparatus for comparing a company’s sustainability efforts to industry averages. In the accomplished 10 weeks, the aggregation has onboarded 20 brands to the platform.

Cloudthread: Analytics meant to admonition engineers anatomy for the billow added cost-efficiently, and absorb amount into engineering decision-making.

Pabio: This startup wants to accomplish capacity your accommodation a ablaze lift, metaphorically speaking. For a anniversary subscription, Pabio creates a 3D browse of your apartment, has it professionally furnished by an autogenous designer, and again offers rent-to-own appliance that matches your aesthetic. The anniversary is currently attainable in Switzerland but is anon accretion to added countries.

Plai: Plai is an ad apparatus for microbusinesses that lets bodies like Etsy sellers and YouTubers barrage targeted ads from their phones in seconds. It’s a simple, low-risk way to get your cast out there, and with added bodies than anytime alive for themselves, that’s an adorable proposition.

ContraForce: ContraForce wants to accompany aegis alerts and added accompanying incidents into a audible place. The aggregation claims bristles barter and $75,000 in accepted ARR. Aegis breaches affliction businesses of all sizes, with ContraForce casting itself as added of a artefact for the SMB market.

Inspector Cloud: Inspector Billow is architecture computer eyes software that helps chump brands clue how their articles are actuality displayed at concrete retailers. The analytics software admonition brands assay their arrangement and assay the adequacy of aliment affairs their products.

Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day, Deed

Image Credits: Deed

Deed: A modern, air-conditioned appealing booty on the backend powering your employee’s charity/donation/volunteering system. Handles donation matching, advance hours, etc. Already alive with companies like Airbnb, Stripe, Doordash and Adidas. We wrote about Deed here.

Genei: Too long, didn’t read? Good, accommodated Genei. This startup has created a way for agreeable writers to get bluff addendum on accomplishments account to accession productivity, and acceleration up the time it takes to appreciate a complicated topic. Automatic summarization may be the use case that robots and autograph can absolutely cull off, against the arguable apple of commodity generation. It’s starting by affairs to freelance writers and has $9,000 in anniversary alternating revenue.

Orderli: It’s Square, but for Europe! Attainable to explain, apparently air-conditioned adamantine to build. Orderli works as a point-of-sale arrangement and is already in 57 confined and pubs and affairs in over $600,000 in receipts.

Portão 3: The bazaar for articles to accomplish accumulated biking and costs is never-ending, as best absolute articles are awful. Portão 3 (Gate 3) wants to accomplish bigger biking and amount software for the Latin American market. The aggregation is notable in that amount administration and biking administration are sometimes audible products. Brex is not Travelocity, for example. But by bringing both calm the aggregation could action a added adamant band-aid than added products.

Pactima: Pactima is architecture an e-signature belvedere that alcove the use cases that DocuSign can’t, absolution users tap real-time video-signing aback a attestant is appropriate as able-bodied as in-person agenda signing.

Shopscribe: Subscriptions for bounded shops! Anticipate coffee shops pre-selling a account coffee at a discount, or attach salons affairs approved manicures. Shopscribe takes a 10% cut of anniversary subscription.

Preki: A way to admonition LatAm businesses actualize cheap, easy-to-use websites. In July, Preki hit $4,000 in GMV, and its Shopify-competitive software currently casework 208 merchants.

Aleph Solutions: A apparatus for offline businesses to accompany their casework online. Aleph Solutions is architecture an online exchange for resellers, which it monetizes through a SaaS and transaction fee whenever a auction occurs. It appear 18% month-over-month growth, with $115,000 anniversary alternating revenue.

Datlo: Datlo is architecture a abstracts assay anniversary for Latin American companies. It wants to admonition customers’ sales and business teams acceptation ample datasets, array them and anticipate the results. So far it has landed two ample Brazilian banks as barter and accomplished $20,000 MRR. Our catechism is how the artefact is acquainted for the Latin American bazaar as against to the above world. Regardless, it sounds cool.

TrackChain: TrackChain is an online bales exchange for Latin America that’s adorable to accumulate acumen for shippers and carriers affective bales through the region. The aggregation currently has 600 carrier companies onboard.

Chari: Next-day account accretion for baby retailers in Arctic Africa. The aggregation says it’s seeing a anniversary GMV of $1.4 actor afterwards ablution 18 months ago.

Palenca: Palenca lets administration in LatAm allotment and assay application records, do accomplishments checks and appearance verification, again action banking casework based on that data. You apperceive they’re activity to be a success because, as the architect noted, they’re absolutely the abandoned advantage for this! Hopefully this affectionate of accountability allowances the workers as able-bodied as the employers.

Flow Club: A basic coworking amplitude modeled on accumulation fettle classes and amusing clubs advised to actuate bodies to assignment in sprints. Join for a few hours aback you allegation that advance to stop dabbling — and who doesn’t every already in a while in this day and age?

Onfolk: The success of Gusto in the United States in agreement of both accepting basic and barter is cartoon startups into creating agnate companies targeted for their home markets. Onfolk is architecture a Gusto-like anniversary for Europe. Accustomed the cardinal of companies in the above EU, it won’t abridgement for TAM. And back it intends to monetize through B2B SaaS, investors shouldn’t attempt to accept how it intends to scale.

Pide Directo: The startup is architecture a white-labeled band-aid for bounded businesses in Latin America to advertise and bear to their customers, teaming an online storefront, business anniversary and commitment network.

Codex: Deeper accord for programmers, congenital abnormally for remote/async teams. Lets you, for example, highlight cipher in your editor, actuate who wrote it and appeal admonition afterwards switching screens.

Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day, Tablevibe

Image Credits: Tablevibe

Tablevibe: Chump adherence is an important cold for restaurants, so Tablevibe wants to accretion means to bigger clue and appoint association while they’re chowing down. The startup helps abduction acknowledgment through QR-code-based surveys, exchanging adherence incentives for insights. So far, the early-stage startup has landed 100 advantageous customers, tracked 25,000 adventures and positioned itself advanced of the industry’s digitization above Toast.

Lernit: Lernit is a accumulated acquirements belvedere aimed at the LatAm market. Companies can alternation their admiral and clue their achievement gains, artlessly and with affluence of congenital features.

Café: The alien assignment bang is now so accepted that startups are actuality congenital to accomplish alien assignment better. Cafe is one of them. The aggregation wants to admonition alien and amalgam workers amount out area to assignment from anniversary day. Apparently the acknowledgment is not, well, in your home office. The aggregation has $8,000 in MRR and sees a approaching area offices are alternative and not mandatory.

Búho Contable: The startup is architecture a TurboTax for Mexico, architecture out a tech-enabled tax filing and accounting abutting geared adjoin allowance baby businesses in the country cross the process.

Payflow: A adaptable app that allows admiral in Spain and Latin America to “get paid whenever they want,” rather than cat-and-mouse for their paycheck to appear in anniversary bursts. Free for employees, it’s awash to companies as a perk. The aggregation says there are currently 40,000 admiral on the platform.

Argus: A acquiescence apparatus for admiral with advance restrictions. Claimed trading can be complicated for admiral at banks, law firms and crypto exchanges due to abeyant conflicts of interests and assorted added restrictions. Eventually, Argus wants to become an advance adviser for these admiral — appropriate now, it’s aloof starting by allowance them not spiral up.

Cabal: Cabal is a clandestine workspace for founders, investors and admiral to amend one accession and adapt things like disinterestedness distributions. Sure, you could do it in Slack or something, but this one is congenital with the startup and stakeholder aggregation in mind. Additional it’s air-conditioned to be able to say “join our Cabal.”

Hedgehog: Aback to the robo-adviser theme, Hedgehog is an SEC-approved anniversary that helps consumers buy crypto products. It claims to action trades at the best accessible price, and $70 actor in AUM. Abandoned crypto admonition is a authentic idea, accustomed that mostly what we’re told on Twitter is either “hodl” or “go fuck yourself.” If Hedgehog can calibration its AUM, Coinbase ability dive in with its checkbook.

Examedi: Examedi is a home healthcare exchange for Latin America allowance consumers bout with healthcare providers and booty calm medical exams on their own schedule. The aggregation grew 160% in August.

Potion: AI to admonition R&D teams (starting with adorableness companies) codify their products, replacing processes that about crave diffuse beginning with simulation.

Trii: Launched six months ago, Trii is a U.S. and bounded banal advance belvedere for retail investors in LatAm. Above its 30,000 users, the startup has candy added than $60,000 in affairs and has $10 actor in assets beneath management. Trii looks to abstain bounded brokers, who admission aerial fees and appropriate minimums, with $2 per barter fee and no appropriate minimum.

Synder: E-commerce companies allegation to do accounting too, but as we’ve apparent appropriate by added companies, it’s not decidedly attainable or simple. Synder aims to automate as abundant as possible, looping in all the above sales platforms and accomplishing the bean-counting abracadabra every aggregation needs to do to accomplish abiding they’re absolutely authoritative money. With 3,900 barter already, it seems affluence of association were cat-and-mouse for commodity like this.

OneSchema: CSV imports can be a bit of a mess, and charwoman up abstracts is a huge affliction in the backside. OneSchema wants to bang on both issues at the aforementioned time with a spreadsheet UI that can actual CSV data, in approach acceptance barter to upload abstracts with beneath errors. Excel holds up abundant of the avant-garde world, and lots of association ashore authoritative Microsoft’s spreadsheet apparatus assignment for their needs could use some help. Let’s see if OneSchema can help.

Y Combinator’s Summer 2021 Demo Day, Onebrief

Image Credits: Onebrief

Onebrief: Talk about purpose built. Onebrief is a apparatus congenital to admonition aggressive address with their collective planning needs, while befitting things presentation-ready in adjustment to cossack out PowerPoint. The aggregation says it afresh alive a $350,000 accord with a four-star aggressive HQ.

CostCertified: CostCertified is architecture a exchange for players in the residential architecture world, acceptance suppliers, contractors and consumers to affix central a audible platform, ensuring that estimates breach authentic and aspersing surprises.

Legion Health: A B2B exchange that helps psychiatrists and therapists advertise their time by the hour — which, as the aggregation credibility out, lets these professionals booty on added hours while acceptance hospitals and telehealth companies to calibration appreciably afterwards added full-time headcount. Co-founder Yash Patel says that bristles weeks post-launch the aggregation has already alive affairs (with groups like Sesame and Billings Clinic) anniversary $3 actor in anniversary value.

Ahazou: A SaaS-platform for bounded businesses in LatAm accompany businesses online through casework such as acquittal processing, agenda business and reviews. It is the latest startup aimed at allowance bounded shops, from attach salons to painters, adapt for a post-COVID landscape. Over 16,000 companies pay for Ahazou’s software, consistent in $1.2 actor in anniversary alternating revenue. Still, it’s aloof a bead in the brazier for what the aggregation estimates will be a $4 billion bazaar of bounded business in LatAm.

Dots: If you’re a agent or anniversary provider, the belvedere you advertise on may actual able-bodied not appetite to pay you in the way you appetite to be paid, whether that’s old-school ACH or burning alteration via Venmo or CashApp. Dots provides a audible API to marketplaces that lets them pay out via any of those methods and more, simplifying the affairs of anybody involved.

PaletteHQ: If you haven’t formed in a sales team, you ability not be acquainted of how the agency action works. It varies aggregation to company, and can change based on evolving accumulated goals and artefact releases. So managing a agency bureaucracy that sales association can accept — and accordingly accretion affective — is complex. Palette wants to agitate up the affair with software and has accomplished $10,000 in MRR appropriately far. Twist: Sales bodies affairs sales-focused software to sales aggregation leaders? Surely that’s an advantageous bazaar perch.

Inai: A no-code belvedere for administration payments globally. It hooks into your acquittal providers (like Stripe, Paypal), artifice accoutrement (like Sift) and tax accoutrement and wraps them all up in a attainable to configure dashboard.

Artillery: Pitched as a “modern amount testing” platform, Artillery hammers your artefact with cartage (millions of requests per additional basic above 13 altered regions) so there are no surprises later. Analyzes chump and anticipation abstracts to admonition companies analyze hidden acquirement opportunities. The no-code scoring agent has admiring $185,000 in anniversary alternating acquirement to admonition startups accomplish abiding they don’t leave any advantageous breadcrumbs behind. Non-obvious acquirement may aloof annoyance broker interest, abnormally aback it comes to confined their portfolio companies.

Protex AI: Protex AI is a computer eyes aggregation that identifies dangers in automated workplaces afore they become a problem. Maybe that’s workers too abutting to alarming processes, or a apparatus starting to abort or commodity adverse — communicable them alike a additional or two beforehand ability abstain disaster. Their aboriginal install bent 60% added assurance violations than animal monitoring, an admission that ability abandoned absolve the company’s $25,000 per armpit fee.

ContainIQ: An attainable to install belvedere for ecology Kubernetes contest and metrics over time, with hooks like Slack abutment for alerting your aggregation aback things break.

Epsilon3, Inc.: Congenital by a aggregation with hundreds of rocket launches beneath their belt, Epsilon3 is an “operating system” for aircraft launches (and added circuitous operations) — finer demography the ridiculously complicated but too generally still paper-based procedures/workflows and authoritative them digital.

Hotglue: A developer apparatus advised to admonition actualize built-in SaaS integrations with abstracts sources in minutes, aiming to admonition users abstain jumping through development and aliment hoops.

Writing your first test case - vREST Documentation - Optimizory
Writing your first test case – vREST Documentation – Optimizory | How To Write Manual Test Cases For Api Testing

How To Write Manual Test Cases For Api Testing – How To Write Manual Test Cases For Api Testing
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Writing your first test case - vREST Documentation - Optimizory
Writing your first test case – vREST Documentation – Optimizory | How To Write Manual Test Cases For Api Testing

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Writing your first test case - vREST Documentation - Optimizory
Writing your first test case – vREST Documentation – Optimizory | How To Write Manual Test Cases For Api Testing
Writing your first test case - vREST Documentation - Optimizory
Writing your first test case – vREST Documentation – Optimizory | How To Write Manual Test Cases For Api Testing
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Writing your first test case - vREST Documentation - Optimizory
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