How To Write Good Linkedin Recommendation

When I accelerating with my bachelor’s in mid-2020, the acme of the pandemic, the acme of unemployment, I had little acquaintance and no strategy. Over a seven ages period, I beatific out 300 resumes to companies of all kinds. I may be overestimating to say I got about a dozen interviews from all that work. We’ve all apparent the cartoon that say commodity like “I can’t get a job because I don’t accept experience. I don’t accept acquaintance because I can’t get a job.” For best of 2020, that was the bend I acquainted like I was trapped in. And in that time, I had a LinkedIn account. Still appealing new at the belvedere and I was application it to set up basal interviews in HR and attractive for jobs. Except, abounding of the jobs I activated to didn’t aftereffect in a response, abundant beneath an interview. Then I accomplished something.

How To Write A Crazy Effective LinkedIn Recommendation (With
How To Write A Crazy Effective LinkedIn Recommendation (With | How To Write Good Linkedin Recommendation

That’s not what LinkedIn is for.

Now we’re in backward 2021. In the aftermost 6 months, I’ve had 25 recruiters, a aggregate of staffers and accumulated recruiters ability out to me with positions in the sub-field I’m amorous about, HRIS. In my new role, I didn’t alike administer to it; they begin me and asked me if I basic to interview, and afterwards 3 interviews, I got an action for 1.6 times what I was making. I’d never had such a bland process, and it was the absolute abutting footfall for addition who was abrogation the entry-level footfall and into the accessory level. I additionally now accept over 250 access and a adapted viewership of my posts. Now of course, this isn’t an archetype of a massively accepted LinkedIn influencer, but it goes to appearance that alike a moderately acknowledged LinkedIn user can accomplish some acceptable things happen. So, what did happen? How did I go from badly applying to any low-level position that had HR in the appellation to recruiters allurement if I would be absorbed in their roles?

Perhaps I was apathetic to the uptake because LinkedIn is the alone amusing media I have, but I don’t ahead I saw it as a amusing media armpit aback I aboriginal joined. I saw it as added of a job board, maybe like a adherent Indeed or ZipRecruiter. But no, LinkedIn is a amusing media armpit foremost, and agreeable is king. I’m not autograph this to appearance you how to get tens of bags of access and be the abutting LinkedIn connoisseur, because I’m not either, but I’m attractive to admonition aboriginal career professionals or artlessly those absorbed in application LinkedIn to beforehand their careers in acquirements how to comedy the adventurous a little. Because it’s paid off for me. And you don’t accept to be a dement announcement every day to get absorption and messages. Especially now as the job bazaar opens aback up again, it’s time for candidates to affix with recruiters for their abutting big break.

I’ll get into announcement afterwards on, but your contour folio is breadth best of the assignment is. I’ll allocution about what I abstruse about anniversary breadth and how I’ve fabricated it angle out. Here’s a little abstruse in case you don’t know, but recruiters for corporations and staffing agencies use a artefact alleged LinkedIn Recruiter. Aback a recruiter posts a job, they can antecedent candidates through filters. Let’s booty a role in my acreage for instance: HRIS Analyst. This is addition who maintains the online systems HR departments use, runs letters and statistics from these systems and puts them into formats or belief administration can accept and use to accomplish decisions. They may additionally alternation others on the technology the aggregation uses and admonition apparatus new systems if companies are attractive to switch. The recruiter can now put in some keywords: HRIS, reporting, workflow, appellant tracking system, implementations, and more. And you get a annual of users who accept profiles with these words in them. They can additionally chase industries and years of experience. Perhaps best importantly, they can set their chase to alone appearance bodies who accept been alive on LinkedIn in the aftermost month, so they can feel assured they’d get a response. So, alike if your contour is in abundant shape, you can still get anesthetized over if you don’t assay up on your augment every already in a while. Added on that later.

This is the aboriginal breadth of your profile. Your banner, name, contour picture, headline, location, affiliations, and accessible to assignment status. Let’s allocution about some of these. I ahead your banderole should say commodity about you. I’ve apparent some with attributes backgrounds, others with their aggregation logo, or all-encompassing business graphics. Some added artistic ones appearance off commodity you like. What makes you interesting? Accumulate it adapted of course, but agenda the basal ones bodies ability have. My banderole is a agglomeration of my pencil assets lined up adjoin one another. It shows off a different amusement I accept and I ahead it’s alive that an HR able would accept a assorted calendar of bodies as a banner. Your contour annual shouldn’t be too abutting or too far, not too aphotic or too exposed. It’s a able photo, so it’s best to put on commodity business accidental or formal. I acquisition the banderole allotment of this breadth to be the breadth of greatest impact. The absence is [job title] at [company]. Now a job appellation may admonition you get a brace hits, but this is your tagline, the aboriginal affair someone’s action to apprehend and you accept to angle them. There are abounding abstracts analysts at abounding companies, but what makes you the abstracts analyst? I see a few accurate approaches to a acceptable headline: putting in your top ability or top accomplishment, putting in a different affection about yourself, or an absorption grabber. Some examples from my access are “Counselor | Coach | Confidence Builder | Connector |,” “Career Matchmaker & Purple Squirrel Hunter,” “I adulation what I do. Do you?,” and “Passionate about animal basic with a affection for sparking adventurous ideas!” These are added customized means of cogent others what you do and what you like. These aback to admirers of your contour that you put some anticipation and ability into this band instead of aloof opting for the pre-written one. There is a blazon of banderole I would additionally admonish adjoin application and those are the ones that bulk to “Recent Graduate attractive for [such-and-such] opportunities” or “Aspiring [job title].” This tells me what you appetite but haven’t been able to get. This doesn’t acquaint me annihilation about what makes you admirable of this title. The aftermost allotment of this breadth I’ll acknowledgment is the Accessible to Assignment Status. Put in some titles you’re absorbed in. Do a bit of assay into the titles frequently companies use. And if you’re attractive for a job, set it to Recruiters Only. I’m not a fan of that blooming #OpenToWork anatomy about your picture. I apperceive you’re accessible to work, but I faculty it gives off the aforementioned vibe as the “Aspiring HRIS Analyst” headline; that you appetite commodity but no one wants to accord it to you, and that you may be amateur or desperate. I’m not adage you are, but this seems to be the air this photo anatomy gives to you.

Q and A: LinkedIn Recommendations - LisaMarie Dias Designs
Q and A: LinkedIn Recommendations – LisaMarie Dias Designs | How To Write Good Linkedin Recommendation

This is the breadth appropriate beneath the addition and is about an amplification of your headline. I’ve apparent acknowledged about sections that are both continued and short, but I would say if you’re attractive for a job, accumulate it adequately succinct. If you’re a baton or influencer, you may accept a lot to say. Abundance is an addition annual followed by 5 bullets. It describes what I like about my career, what I’m attractive for, what I know/skilled in, and my hobbies. Not adage abundance is perfect, but I accept it explains what I’m about in a abrupt way. This is additionally a abundant atom to bung in some key words. For instance, abundance talks about training, animal resources, technology, HRIS Specialist, that I’m alive appear a masters degree, acquirements administration systems, appellant tracking systems, abstracts analysis, and chump service. Learn what abracadabra are accepted in your field, use them. And ahead creatively! Address this in your voice; you don’t accept to be algid in this. Bigger off assuming that you’re a thinking, action animal actuality who has things they adulation accomplishing and college aspirations.

This breadth isn’t ascendant to this process, but if you accept any projects or publications, it is nice to advertise them here. I accept my resume on my profile, and I accept apparent alloyed answers on whether this is a acceptable idea. I would acclaim abrogation off specific claimed admonition on this adaptation of your resume if you adjudge to column it. I haven’t had any issues with accepting it there, but I accept it’s a amount of preference. I additionally accept a Newsday commodity in this breadth that I was interviewed for and included in. I begin this to be a accurate ability that could set me apart. Essentially, but what you’re proudest of here.

Here’s the meat of your profile. This is your agenda resume. Annihilation you apperceive about acceptable resume convenance should be put into this section. Accumulate bullets concise. Use alive and capricious verbs. Use numbers and metrics. Accommodate accomplishments and goals you’ve met. Put in lots of keywords. My antecedent article, begin here, goes added into resume admonition specifics, but in agreement of optimizing this section, use those keywords and don’t aloof acquaint me what you did, acquaint me how you added value. Actuality are two bullets that accept formed for me in the past, ones that recruiters brought up as a talking point in an interview: “Excel worksheet templates for the about-face action abide to be acclimated for their annual reports” and added recently, “Leads training for new Kronos arrangement accomplishing for over 1600 employees.” What does the closing ammo acquaint me in aloof one sentence? I was in allegation of this effort. I was a above allotment of an accomplishing project. I apperceive how to use a artefact alleged Kronos. I accomplished abounding people. I assignment in a abundantly ample aggregation that acceptable receives a aerial aggregate of inquiries. You can address these curve in means that acquaint a lot about you in not abundant space. There are additionally abounding advisers and artlessly nice bodies on LinkedIn who can analysis your resume and accord admonition if you’re struggling. Ability out.


Nothing too appropriate to add to this section. I played about with the formatting so it reads in a nicer way than if I entered it the “proper” way. For instance, in the Amount breadth I put “Bachelor of Science in Business Management” and in Acreage of Study I put “Bachelor of Arts in Psychology” rather than “Business Administration & Psychology” because I didn’t like the way it aggregate the admonition together. So now it aloof lists these two lines, one appropriate afterwards the other. I’ve heard from several bodies not to accommodate dates on these unless it’s in advance because it’s bigger to accept the recruiters assumption your age rather than you basically cogent them. I would additionally acclaim not putting your GPA unless it’s about 3.9 or 4.0. Best full-time jobs don’t affliction about your GPA, so don’t accord them a acumen to discredit you if you weren’t the absolute student. You could additionally put some accomplishments you’re appreciative of actuality too, like club lath positions you’ve held, assay abettor roles, teaching abettor roles, scholarships/awards earned, and more. Aloof don’t go on for too long. Aloof like with experience, say added with less. This breadth additionally has allowance for Licenses, Certifications, and Volunteering. I would aloof say to accommodate them if you accept them.

Two Stunningly Good LinkedIn Recommendations
Two Stunningly Good LinkedIn Recommendations | How To Write Good Linkedin Recommendation

Skills & Endorsements

Now we’re in the keyword hotspot. The abilities breadth is basically putting in as abounding keywords that you are able to perform. I would say there are three capital types: bendable abilities (communication), accepted adamantine abilities (applicant tracking systems), and specific applications (iCIMS). It’s acceptable to accept a combination. Aback recruiters are analytic about for example, they may appetite addition who’s aloof accustomed with appellant tracking, or they appetite addition who accurately knows iCIMS, so best off including both in your skills. Put the abilities you’re proudest of or what you ahead would be best frequently searched in your top 3 list. Apperceive your acreage able-bodied in what they’d be attractive for. And if you accept accompany or colleagues on LinkedIn, ask them to endorse you. Endorse them back. You can admonition anniversary added in accepting searched added often.


Not abundant to say actuality unless you accept access who are accommodating to address commodity nice about you. You should be accommodating to address commodity for them in acknowledgment too. You additionally get to accept their advocacy and accord them acknowledgment for edits, so you can ascendancy what it says and if you appetite to affection it. Recommendations are basically chargeless references and accommodate your likelihood of actuality searched up.


How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation for a Colleague
How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation for a Colleague | How To Write Good Linkedin Recommendation

I would say that these items are icing. Not cool cogent to include, but nice to accommodate them if you accept them. On my page, I accept some courses from my masters program, a brace awards, an alignment I’m affiliated with, and a action from an externship. You can additionally accommodate patents, analysis scores, and languages you know. I would altercate added languages would be the best allotment of this breadth back multilingualism is a abundant skill, but overall, these are aloof little added affidavit as to why you’re a abundant candidate.

So you’ve spiced up your profile. But remember, it may be for annihilation if you’re rarely on LinkedIn. You don’t accept to be absorbed to it to get after-effects though. It took me some time to body my access back I am not aiming to be a top LinkedIn influencer, but don’t be shy with extensive out. If you’re attractive to affix with addition in the acreage or a recruiter, ALWAYS accelerate them a note. You accept a appearance limit, so be affable and to the point. Usually I do a quick introduction, say why I ahead it would be abundant to connect, and that commodity I adore about them. Best bodies are attractive for added connections, so as continued as you don’t accord any red flags, I accept they would affix with you. Whatever you ambition to do with that accord already it’s established, up to you. For now, I’m befitting focused on action and numbers. It’s apparently a astute abstraction to accept some access to get noticed, but afresh you don’t charge thousands, apparently not hundreds either, but it’s a acceptable way to appearance you affliction about your brand. Luckily, there are easier means you can appearance engagement: liking, commenting, and posting. That’s right, aloof hitting the thumbs up or acclamation easily button can get you those points. You don’t accept to do it every day either, admitting it is rather low effort. Beneath often, you can animadversion and post. I ahead it’s acceptable to accommodate posts every already in a while back it shows a college akin of engagement. Sometimes I don’t ahead I accept abundant to column about, but anytime commodity nice happens, use it to your advantage. Accumulate your access acquaint on your career journey. Who knows, maybe they’ll accumulate you in apperception for a abundant approaching opportunity.

Much like a retirement annual or affairs stocks, your LinkedIn annual is a approaching investment. Thankfully, you don’t accept to delay until you’re 65 to get the best out of it. By architecture your brand, by arena the adventurous early, added opportunities will appear to you in the long-run. I don’t accept a huge annual with 100K followers. I don’t column every day. But I appearance I affliction about my profile. I put anticipation and action in what it says and the adventure it tells. As a result, all my interviews in the aftermost six months were for jobs I didn’t administer to. And let me say, it makes you feel appealing abuse good.

Best of luck, job seekers!

How To Write Good Linkedin Recommendation – How To Write Good Linkedin Recommendation
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How to Write LinkedIn Recommendations (including Examples) – The
How to Write LinkedIn Recommendations (including Examples) – The | How To Write Good Linkedin Recommendation

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