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The John Barry & Orchestra achievement of artisan Monty Norman’s James Bond affair is congenital on what ability be the best-known guitar riff in accurate history — but it about didn’t alike happen. As the adventure goes, producers Albert Broccoli and Harry Saltzman enlisted Barry to advice complete Norman’s account for 1962’s Dr. No, at which point Barry collaborated with a 25-year-old flat guitarist alleged Vic Flick to accord what would become the “James Bond Theme” its iconic motif. The last-minute clutter worked: Twenty-five films and 58 years later, the 007 affair charcoal instantly apparent and absolutely unforgettable.

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Music is as important to the James Bond authorization as annoyed martinis. The angle of the Bond affair — a appellation clue performed by a accepted artisan of the era — started with a bang: Shirley Bassey’s allegorical “Goldfinger,” a arrant accident that played over the aperture credits of 1964’s Goldfinger and gave Bond films a arrangement to chase to this day. Sometimes the alliance of aerialist and Bond resulted in a song that exploded in the cultural alertness above the blur itself: Paul McCartney and Wings’ appellation clue for 1973’s Live and Let Die hit No. 2 on the U.S. charts, while Duran Duran’s “A View to a Kill” from the 1985 blur accomplished No. 1, authoritative it the alone Bond affair to achieve that feat.

Bond has admiring singers from all backgrounds and styles: A-ha performed the affair to 1987’s The Active Daylights, Madonna sang the affair to 2002’s Die Addition Day, and, in what ability be one of the best abrupt collaborations in history, Jack White and Alicia Keys teamed up for 2008’s Quantum of Solace. It’s this history that blemish brilliant Billie Eilish accomplish into for the 25th Bond film, No Time to Die, which marks Daniel Craig’s final actualization as 007. Eilish, now 19, is the youngest accompanist anytime to accouterment the Bond theme. “James Bond is the coolest blur authorization anytime to exist,” Eilish, who was built-in the year afore 2002’s Die Addition Day was released, said about actuality assassin for No Time to Die.

With a agreeable bequest like this, is it any admiration she feels so strongly? Ahead, we adjust through the athenaeum to apprehend from the aerial talents who contributed to Bond’s enduring agreeable accomplished — including Barry himself, who died in 2011 at the age of 77.

“Goldfinger” by Shirley Bassey | Co-written by the Q of Bond music, Barry, it angry Bassey (then a cabaret singer) into an all-embracing brilliant and accomplished No. 8 on the U.S. charts.

JOHN BARRY: “This formed because we were singing about a villain in a actual absolute way, and Shirley Bassey had the Bond attitude. It’s comic-strip stuff, and she gave it all the confidence in the world.”

VIC FLICK: “Shirley came into the flat in this actual bound dress and stood in the articulate booth. I bethink her adage ‘Oh, I’m so abuse constricted.’ She had to alleviate an undergarment to board those aerial notes.”

“Thunderball” by Tom Jones | Peaked at No. 25 on the Billboard charts.

LESLIE BRICUSSE (lyricist): “After the success of ‘Goldfinger,’ [producers] Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman capital the Thunderball song to be alleged ‘Mr. Kiss-Kiss-Bang-Bang’ — that was Bond’s name in Japan. He was a big hero there. So John and I wrote ‘Mr. Kiss-Kiss-Bang-Bang,’ and Dionne Warwick fabricated the best amazing recording of it.”

BARRY: “Two or three weeks afore the cine opened, I got the alarm from Broccoli and Saltzman. United Artists had said, ‘Look, we’ve already had one cine appellation in a song, and it’s a big affair on the radio. ‘Mr. Kiss-Kiss-Bang-Bang’ is not activity to do that for us.'”

FLICK: “At the time, Tom Jones had ‘What’s New Pussycat?’ He was an agitative adolescent — actual Bond. So John rang him up.”

TOM JONES: “When John Barry alleged about the Bond thing, I said, ‘Great!’ In those canicule that was it as far as movies were concerned.”

“You Alone Live Twice” by Nancy Sinatra | Accomplished No. 44 on the U.S. charts.

BRICUSSE: “By afresh I’d confused to Hollywood to assignment on added movies. I bethink autograph the song in Kirk Douglas’ Palm Springs house. It was one of the abundant moments of my life, that I should be in Spartacus’ active room, autograph for James Bond.”

BARRY: “I’d begin a adolescent Black babe that I capital for ‘You Alone Live Twice,’ but Nancy Sinatra was hot with ‘These Boots Are Fabricated for Walkin’,’ and they didn’t appetite to apperceive about the adolescent Black babe — whose name was Aretha Franklin.”

NANCY SINATRA: “I grew up alive Cubby Broccoli, back he was abutting to my dad. I bethink actuality actual aflame back he asked me, and actual nervous.”

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How To Write A Film Review PDF Argument Thesis | How To Write Film Titles In Essays

“We Accept All the Time in the World” by Louis Armstrong | Sean Connery’s abandonment wasn’t the alone change in Bond’s world. This tune (written by Barry and Burt Bacharach assistant Hal David) bankrupt from the blueprint of the accomplished three films and was played during the aboriginal 35 account of the movie.

BARRY: “‘We’ve got all the time in the world’ is the aftermost band Bond speaks in Fleming’s book On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. I anticipation the abstraction of Armstrong — who was absolutely old afresh — singing ‘We Accept All the Time in the World’ was a nice acrid twist.”

“Diamonds Are Forever” by Shirley Bassey | Peaked on U.S. archive at No. 57. Marked the acknowledgment of Connery, Goldfinger administrator Guy Hamilton, Bassey, and the big opening-credit appellation tune. The blueprint would never change again.

BARRY: “We recorded at England’s EMI studios in Abbey Road, aforementioned as the Beatles. The flat had an astonishing accustomed acknowledgment chamber, which fabricated Shirley’s complete alike bigger…. I don’t bethink what anyone was wearing, but the recording engineers had on white lab coats. They looked like Bond villains.”

“Live and Let Die” by Paul McCartney and Wings | John Barry larboard the alternation for the aboriginal time. Beatles ambassador George Martin took over. “Live and Let Die” charted at No. 2. Aboriginal Bond Oscar choice for Best Song (lost to Marvin Hamlisch’s “The Way We Were,” which was articulate by Barbra Steisand).

SIR GEORGE MARTIN: “McCartney admired the appellation and started autograph while the cine was shooting. Afterwards I orchestrated it, [producer] Harry Saltzman flew me bottomward to Jamaica. He started saying, ‘This is great. Who do you anticipate we should get to do it? What about Thelma Houston?’ I had to acquaint him, unless they took Paul, they wouldn’t get the song.”

MICHAEL G. WILSON: “Cubby acquainted we should try for changeable vocalists. That’s what works with our titles. But Paul was appealing special.”

“The Man With the Golden Gun” by Lulu | No U.S. blueprint position, admitting Lulu’s antecedent cine hit “To Sir, With Love.” One of the Bond themes’ bigger flops, says Bond academic Danny Biederman: “The alternation was accident steam, and so was the songwriting.”

LULU: “The alone able way to do a Bond affair was as a Shirley Bassey impression. They capital that ‘He has a POW…ER…FUL WEApon!’ blazon of affair [laughs]. That’s not commonly how I sing. Back I accept to it now, I think, ‘God, it doesn’t alike complete like me — or Shirley. It’s added like Ethel Merman.'”

“Nobody Does It Better” by Carly Simon | John Barry, who had alternate to the series, larboard again. Marvin Hamlisch took over. No. 2 U.S. hit; Oscar nom for Best Song (“You Light Up My Life” won).

MARVIN HAMLISCH: “I’d never met [Carly Simon], but for some acumen the song fabricated me anticipate of her. And the Bond bodies fabricated it bright they capital a woman.”

CARLY SIMON: “Marvin alleged to say, ‘I accept this song for the new Bond movie. Can I arise over and comedy it for you?’… That day I had a affair with a new attorney. Back the doorbell rang, I anticipation it was the apostle and offered him coffee. While I was authoritative it, the guy sits bottomward and starts arena my piano. I bethink thinking, ‘Gee, this apostle is clumsily comfortable.'”

“Moonraker” by Shirley Bassey | John Barry alternate already more. Aboriginal Bond affair to coquette with disco; Bassey recorded her aftermost theme.

BARRY: “It was a coincidence. On ‘Moonraker’ we had addition abroad — Johnny Mathis — and it didn’t assignment out. I absolutely bumped into Shirley in New York. I’d been walking through the streets thinking, ‘Who are we activity to get?’ And there was Shirley. I didn’t apperceive she was in town. And I said, ‘Oh my God, do you appetite to do addition Bond song?’ It was absolutely peculiar.”

“For Your Eyes Only” by Sheena Easton | Easton benumbed U.S. archive with “Morning Train”; “Eyes” was a No. 4 U.S. hit, earning an Oscar choice for Best Song (lost to “Arthur’s Theme”). Bill Conti (Rocky) took over scoring.

SHEENA EASTON: “When we were acid the vocal, I fabricated Cubby and the blur guys sit outside. I was 22, terrified. I wouldn’t accept the assurance to do that now.”

WILSON: “Sheena was the aboriginal aerialist to anytime arise in the appellation sequence. I anticipate bodies are beneath the consequence she’s naked.”

EASTON: “I absolutely had a white ablution anhydrate captivated about me. They attempt from the break up. I got this absurd reputation. I alike got calls from a brace of the girlie magazines.”

“All Time High” by Rita Coolidge | Aboriginal Bond soundtrack on CD and the third time the cine appellation was not allotment of the song — for accessible reasons.

BARRY: “By this time, application the appellation in the lyric was article of a requirement. But what are you activity to do with ‘Octopussy’? I mean… Jesus.”

RITA COOLIDGE: “At the British aperture of the film, Princess Diana came over to me and whispered, ‘I do achievement you’ve been paid.’ I bethink apprehensive if it was a British affair or article about alive with James Bond. I still don’t apperceive what she meant.”

“A View to a Kill” by Duran Duran | Aboriginal Bond affair to hit No. 1; aboriginal Bond music video.

NICK RHODES (Duran Duran keyboardist): “[Bass player] John Taylor and I were at a affair with Cubby. We accosted him and told him in no ambiguous agreement that we were the appropriate bodies for the job. He agreed.”

BARRY: “We were in the flat for several weeks. That’s how they wrote — in the studio. It was horrible.”

WILSON: “We attempt the video on the Eiffel Tower. I bethink cerebration how different and fun it was. Now it’s obligatory.”

“The Active Daylights” by A-ha | 007 went new beachcomber with the accumulation abaft “Take On Me.”

BRIAN LANE (A-ha manager): “The band’s consistently been a bit abashed how John Barry’s name got on the songwriting credits.”

JOHN BARRY: “Since Goldfinger I’d consistently acclimated contemporary actual from the account in the song; A-ha wasn’t actual blessed about that.”

“Licence to Kill” by Gladys Knight | John Barry retired. Michael Kamen, who’d denticulate Lethal Weapon and Die Hard, took over. Kamen rerecorded the Bond affair with Vic Flick and Eric Clapton, but it was never used.

MICHAEL KAMEN: “At the time, I was actual abundant the acidity of the month. This was afterwards Lethal Weapon, and they absitively I was the action-film guy — alike admitting my mother didn’t let me comedy with accoutrements or apprehend banana books.”

GLADYS KNIGHT: “I don’t apperceive if I’d do it afresh today. I’d do the project; it’s aloof that accurate anticipation [of a ‘license to kill’]. That agitated me for a connected time. I don’t apostle violence. Alike admitting it’s playacting, life’s aloof too adored to me.”

“GoldenEye” by Tina Turner | Appellation song accounting by U2’s Bono and the Edge; account by beat artisan Eric Serra.

TINA TURNER: “Bono and the Edge are neighbors of abundance in the South of France. They came over, and Edge played the song on my piano. Bono capital to address the song ’cause he spent his amusement at Ian Fleming’s abode in Jamaica, which is alleged Goldeneye.”

“Tomorrow Never Dies” by Sheryl Crow | John Barry protégé David Arnold took over; was a Golden Globe accolade appointee for Best Original Song.

DAVID ARNOLD: “I’d already done Stargate and Independence Day, but there’s annihilation absolutely like Bond.”

SHERYL CROW: “They don’t accord you a calligraphy or let you see anything. And you accept to use their title. But it gives you carte blanche to do article aberant afterwards actuality criticized for demography a new direction.”

“The Apple Is Not Enough” by Garbage | David Arnold connected as the John Barry of the backward ’90s. The song went to Garbage, admitting an English abridged address — erroneous, said the Bond affected — that Spice Babe Mel C. was up for the job.

ARNOLD: “I met [Garbage singer] Shirley [Manson] at a Starbucks in London. We had buckets of coffee, and I asked if she capital to do it.”

SHIRLEY MANSON: “We were of advance gutted that we weren’t able to get a ache at autograph the song, but we admired what David wrote.”

“Skyfall” by Adele | Seeking “the avant-garde acknowledgment to Shirley Bassey,” Bond ambassador Barbara Broccoli anon landed on the superstar English vocalist. Adele partnered with producer/co-songwriter Paul Epworth to almanac a classically alluring Bond canticle that incorporates elements of Monty Norman’s acclaimed theme; recorded in aloof two flat sessions, the song netted Adele and Epworth a Best Original Song Oscar.

ADELE: “Normally I go to him with an idea, and [Paul has] an abstraction accessible for me as well, and commonly we aloof affectionate of bandy them at anniversary other,” the accompanist said backstage afterwards acceptable the Academy Award. “I acquisition [it important], really, to be absolutely honest with whoever you’re alive with or whoever you’re accommodating with.”

BARBARA BROCCOLI: “No one has the activating articulate faculty she does.”

“Writing’s on the Wall” by Sam Smith | Smith, afresh aloof 23 years old, co-wrote the blue carol with songwriter and ambassador Jimmy Napes, and approved to accompany vulnerability to the track, which, like “Skyfall,” won the Academy Accolade for Best Original Song.

SAM SMITH: “I capital to accompany out article timelessly archetypal that works with the film…. This is a James Bond song, and it’s the aboriginal time I’ve had to comedy about a little bit of a character.”

BARBARA BROCCOLI: “It’s absolutely important that you accept a song that matches the activity and the accent of the film, and Sam Smith, we couldn’t accept best anybody better.

Read added from EW’s 25 Canicule of Bond, a anniversary of all things 007 advanced of the absolution of No Time to Die. For alike added James Bond, aces up Entertainment Weekly: The Ultimate Adviser to James Bond here or wherever magazines are sold.

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