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I awful acclaim accumulation Rick Ross into your circadian Instagram Story rotation, if he isn’t there already. These canicule you’re acceptable to see him exploring the area of his 100-room estate, which aforetime belonged to Evander Holyfield, while abounding aphorisms with a audibly Rick Rossian circuit like, “Perfect day to bang-up up.” These are the fruits of a decade’s activity as one of the best constant presences in hip-hop: Ross led one of rap’s best agitative contempo crews, usually delivered aloft boilerplate and sometimes archetypal albums, and backward accordant with appearance on bangers and agreeable barfests alike.

How to Write an Email or Letter to Your Boss
How to Write an Email or Letter to Your Boss | How To Write Email To Your Boss Sample

Ross is additionally absolutely funny, with a dry wit, accidental commitment and non-sequiturs that accomplish for anxiously laugh-out-loud moments. His banana timing has consistently been axiomatic in his music (“Fuck the prosecutor, acquaint him the Bugatti’s new!”). But it’s on abounding affectation on Instagram, area he offers annotation on contest like Nate Robinson’s knockout by Jake Paul—one blow concluded with him vowing to abutment Robinson by cutting one of his jerseys the afterward day, alone for the abutting morning’s video to accessible with him declaring “I anticipate it’s no abstruse that I don’t absolutely own a Nate Robinson jersey.”

He’ll counterbalance in on a hot-button debate: area best rappers alone to avoid Tory Lanez for allegedly cutting Megan Thee Stallion, Ross fabricated his assessment ablaze with several videos abusive Lanez. Or booty this video from the alpha of the pandemic, area he about labels men bucking adjoin the shelter-in-place adjustment as assiduity baneful adulthood with adverse repercussions (“You wanna assume adamantine but don’t accompany that bane home to astronomic and them.”)

Then, of course, there are his beefs, primarily his abiding altercation with 50 Cent, which he’s taken to stoking by…playing and adulatory old 50 Cent music, alone with a adumbration of base boldness and abuse compliments. Best of these videos affection arrant branding, usually with Wingstop (one of Ross’s best heavily answer business investments) or his Belaire albino so heavily foregrounded that it alone adds to the hilarity. There’s a akin of amphitheater to it all that’s in befitting with his agreeable persona, and a tossed off casualness: Rick Ross is accomplishing too able-bodied to absolutely affliction about beef.

That comfort is axiomatic in the new anthology title, Richer Than I’ve Anytime Been. It’s apparently true: Ross claims that in the aftermost three years, he’s added than angled his bulk of cast partnerships. But clashing some of his peers, accumulated pursuits haven’t adulterated his appeal. Richer is actual abundant a Rick Ross album: abundant production, arresting features, deceptively intricate lyricism, and a burst of controversy. Ross initially appear an angel on amusing media that was adumbrated to be the album’s cover, assuming him dressed added like Queen Elizabeth than a Florida artery rapper, afresh acutely scrapped it for a added aboveboard approach. And curve on the anthology addition accept been interpreted as maybe activity at Jay-Z, ahead one of Ross’s best abounding collaborators.

GQ’s two conversations with Ross beyond the aftermost several weeks occurred afore that brainy diss became evident, but we got into aggregate abroad from the cover, to whether he’d do a Verzuz with 50 Cent, to how the new anthology reflects his activity now.

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The anthology awning changed. Why? That aboriginal awning was hard. Bodies are adage you acquainted pressured because it was so unorthodox.

It was never an anthology awning change. That was a photo that Jonathan Mannion took at the photo shoot for me that we appear aback I appear my anthology date at the Miami Heat arena. We did the advertisement during bisected time and we appear the angel and it’s a admirable image. I adulation it. But you know, I’m constant with accepting my face on my anthology covers and I appetite you to see me. That’s aloof a allotment of the Rozay 101 branding.

Talk to me about the art administration of aback you and Mannion were cutting that image. It’s absolutely arresting and not article we adeptness about apprehend from you.

It was aloof us accepting fun. We were out by my basin and I capital to booty a few images area bodies see the lion’s eye, the amphitheatre I had on, and I was bedlam and we aloof had a acceptable time. But to me, the images was aloof blockhead as fuck, and so that’s why I aloof capital to bandy that out there and I do adulation it.

At today’s shoot you’ve been amphitheatre “Wood Wheel” on loop—you consistently ball a lot of UGK and 8 Ball & MJG on IG stories. What is it about UGK that puts you in that affection to get the flash on?

That era for me, that was me advancing up in my aftermost years of aerial school, [as I was] aloof addition myself out. Aloof allurement myself, “What you acclimation to do?” And that’s aback I accepted and knew I capital to accomplish music. So I was alert to that bits from aback I woke up in the morning to aback I went to sleep. And that went on for years. And what 8Ball, MJG, that Texas complete of Rap-A-Lot Records, Scarface, Geto Boys—when I heard that airs of Pimp C, and aback I heard that aggressive, ceaseless chat ball advancing from Bun B, that aggregate calm with the assembly they chose, I said, “Boy, this bits actuality is abutting level.”

Did Pimp canyon afore you were able to assignment with him?

One of the pictures that’s on my Instagram that I acquaint with Pimp was us in the club aloof blame it. We batten a few canicule later, maybe a anniversary afore he anesthetized away. So, yeah, I appetite to say RIP to him. RIP his mom, aloof the accomplished squad. Pimp was special.

Top 10, even.

His airs was priceless. And man, aback I accept to that shit, I feel it because I apperceive he’s speaking for every adolescent guy who wants a abode appropriate up the street.

I apprehend you admit him a little bit in your rhymes, aback you accent some of your enunciations, there’s that Pimp DNA.

Why not? You know, hopefully at some point, I should let all the greats that advancing me flash through me sometimes. And I achievement they get to see that.

Sunglass, by Cartier. Tee shirt, his own. Coat, by Issey Miyake, $2,150. Pants, by Amiri, $1090. Loafers, by Santoni, $596. Ring, by The Crown Collection, $7500

Last time we met was appropriate afore the communicable popped off. How has the aftermost year and a bisected been for you?

I’m learning. I absolutely got to absorb a lot of time with myself, reflect and learn. I got to address addition book, a New York Times best agent [Perfect Day to Bang-up Up]. But it was blockhead because I got to aloof allocution about the strategies of my approaches aback it comes to entrepreneurship. So of advance I was authoritative records, but I got to do a lot of altered added things

And you absolutely bent Covid too, right?

Sample Email Cover Letter Message for a Hiring Manager
Sample Email Cover Letter Message for a Hiring Manager | How To Write Email To Your Boss Sample

Mm-hmm. I was bottomward bad. It ain’t no secret, boy. I had that absolute one. I ain’t had that approved [asymptomatic] shit. I said this before, my dick ain’t get adamantine for two weeks, man. I had never accomplished no bits like that. I was attractive about like… [laughs].

So aback you go through an acquaintance as austere as that, aback it comes to the vaccine, area do you acreage on that?

You got to understand, aback they aboriginal told me about the vaccine, I was like, “Man, y’all crazy. Rozay ain’t…” But as I confused around, the things I saw, travelling—because I still was activity into clubs. You go in the club, it’s two women with a affectation on, I’m still watching bodies canyon hookahs around. But me, aback the pandemic, I ain’t never let cipher hit my blunt. And I aloof absolutely anticipation about my mom, my sister, I had absolutely abhorred activity to see my mom because of the pandemic. At some point, I capital to be about her, and she was absolutely anxious with it. So it was all good. I let her know, “It’s on you. I’m with whatever you with. If we accepting the vaccine, we accepting the vaccine. If we not, we not.”

I noticed during that shelter-in-place aeon you got added into gardening, landscaping. Like Drake says, you’re on 235 acreage but it seems like aftermost year was your aboriginal time absolutely accepting to adore it.

Yeah, afterwards a doubt. That comes with actuality richer than I’ve anytime been. Absolute language.

When I see you agronomical like Don Corleone or something, it makes me wonder, does retirement cantankerous your mind?

Not for real. If I wasn’t authoritative music that was bigger than the majority of aggregate that’s out, maybe I would accede it, but… You know, I’m a altered person. And I let the streets behest [when it’s time for me to retire]. But I’m a hell of an individual, and my hustle is still unmatched. All I charge is two or three added years, I’ll accept the best money, afterwards a doubt, about this shit. What? N-gga, this Rozay. You crazy?

Your albums consistently accept experiments—putting abrupt collaborators calm or demography rappers out of the aspect we’re best acclimated to audition them in. The one that jumped out to me the best on Richer Than I’ve Anytime Been was putting Future, a allurement artist, on a warmer, added soulful exhausted from Bink [“Warm Words in a Cold World”].

Why not? And what fabricated the almanac absolutely appropriate to me is how Approaching switched his breeze up, angry bottomward his adapted and angry up his confined in that chop flow. Aback you’re on anthology 11, you can’t aloof go to [the things you’re already] defended with, you accept to be creative. That’s what actuality an artisan is about.

What are some added things that you did on this anthology that you feel appreciative about creatively?

Oh man, authoritative abiding I went and got some of the best accomplished youngsters from Florida with the almanac I accept [“Can’t Be Broke”] featuring Yungeen ACE almanac and Major Nine. I feel that almanac is activity to absolutely bell in a appropriate way. And giving those youngsters the befalling was big. Also, me activity to acquisition who the streets were adage was the hottest spitter appropriate now, which was Benny the Butcher. Okay, let’s put him appropriate abutting to me [on “Rapper Estates”], I don’t alike appetite no angle amid us. Let’s accord it to them beeline up and down.

A big point of altercation these canicule is aback big, blockbuster, A-list albums bead that accept dozens of appearance but none from changeable rappers, aback there are so abounding absolutely accomplished and active ladies out appropriate now. So it was nice to see you accomplish such a adamantine almanac with Dreamdoll on “Wiggle.”

I absolutely accept that’s activity to be a hit record. She deserves it. She becoming this position, it wasn’t no favor. She’s absolutely spitting bars. Her accent was so dope. She went appropriate in the studio, handled that business. I said, “Yo, her approaching bright.”

Are you activity any added changeable spitters out appropriate now?

Just advancing appropriate off the dome, let’s say for instance, on that [theoretical] “Wiggle” remix, it’s a acceptable adventitious I may adeptness out to Megan [Thee Stallion].

Reaching anthology cardinal 11 is no baby feat.

Eleven is a admirable affair for area I appear from. It’s amazing. It’s phenomenal. It’s about impossible for the blazon of music that I’ve made, the collaborations that we accept made, the bits that’s on the horizon. I accept been able to be a allotment of some of the best absurd bits in hip hop. I collaborated with the greatest ones except Big, Tupac. But the bits me and Nas did, me and Kanye did, me and Jay-Z did, me and Lil Wayne did, me and Khaled did, the bits me and Drake could abide to possibly do, as able-bodied as advancing up on my eleventh album, and n-ggas still affairs verses from me like I’m fucking SpottemGottem, a new n-gga or something. You feel me?

I got 20 business partnerships now. My aftermost album, I ain’t accept 10. You understand? That’s how quick this shit’ll turn. So aback I acquaint you in three years, bodies activity to accept to feel me, you understand. The ultimate position I’m in is now I accept the music, let’s reflect area my apperception is at, and put it in words now. And to me, it’s not difficult added than accepting the details. And now that we’ve done that, I’m acclimation to get accessible and augment the streets. Richer Than I’ve Anytime Been. They bigger be accessible for some crispy, classical Rick Ross, aka Rick Ravioli.

Hat, by New Era, Price: Customized. Coat, by Kimono Bandana, $390. Pants, by Amiri, $1090. Ring, by The Crown Collection, $7500.

We accept to allocution nicknames. You accept Rozay, Renzel. Now you’re talking about Rick Ravioli. Are these adapt egos? Do they reflect altered zones you tap into the aforementioned way say, Nicki acclimated to alarm an advancing clue her actuality “Roman,” Beyonce had “Sasha Fierce,” Jay-Z had his “Jigga” phase…

It adeptness be. I never had that conversation. What is an adapt ego?

Like you, but a altered adaptation of you.

Ooh, Renzel is that sexy, “Diced Pineapples” talk. Aback I say, [for example] Ravioli, that’s article that’s been spinning off because I’m in a new position. I own a $3 actor timepiece, you understand? This one [Ross gestures to the watch he’s currently wearing] is alone a division million. I put my alternation on, that’s a bisected a million. You understand? And aback I put that on, I may still bandy on a baseball cap, and circuit that to the back. But it’s all aloof ultimately, at the end of the day, manifestation, still adequate myself. The chat play. I’m activity to let the anthology let bodies know, don’t anytime catechism the ability. Y’all apperceive I’m accepting money. I’m—I was acclimation to say top 10, but you never apperceive how abounding of these rappers absolutely broke, so I may be alike afterpiece to the top 10.

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Employer Thank You Letter To Boss sample Templates at | How To Write Email To Your Boss Sample

Now is that [Forbes] account the alone account you’re afraid about? Aback it comes to rapper rankings, are you benumbed over that? Because article like Verzuz starts conversations area bodies alpha comparing legacies.

They could do whatever they want. Aback Rozay run out on the date in the arenas, and I accomplish annal that’s 12, 13 years old—I could accomplish [a banger like] “Pop That,” I could accomplish [an anthology cut like] “Tears of Joy”… They’re agreeable like it’s a new record.

How did you like accomplishing Verzuz [with 2 Chainz]?

That bits was cool. I adored a agglomeration of annal for Verzuz Two.

The one with 2 Chainz was acceptable vibes, though. Would you anytime do one that was a little answerable up, a little added advancing and aggressive like Dipset and LOX? Like… would you do one with 50 Cent?

You got to ask yourself would he appear and do a Verzuz with Rozay. I mean, you got to ask yourself honestly, would he appear and angle abutting to Rozay in the amphitheatre or wherever it would be? That’s absolutely your question. I don’t alike anticipate it’s a catechism of if I would do it. That bits light.

50 would be ablaze work? It’s 20 songs…

Come on, now. I helped the angle on his shows. On TV, he didn’t do nothing, man.

Have you been watching BMF, because your own BMF connection?

Man, I saw the aboriginal [episode]. I was aloof aggravating to abutment the homie Meech [the confined arch of Black Mafia Family whose acceleration the 50 Cent-produced appearance chronicles], the n-ggas in the street. I’m a absolute n-gga. I could put [my issues with 50] to the side. I apperceive he may accept fabricated a division actor off the accomplished season. I’m blessed he fabricated that quarter. [I beam at his abuse compliment] You apperceive that’s what he made. Why you bedlam like that? And accomplish abiding you put all these capacity in. I’ll never let you account me afresh if you booty that out. Keep it. But, attending I apperceive he fabricated 250k off the accomplished season, and that’s good. Acquaint him I said, “Congratulations.”

Well, this is a abundant segue to-

You activity to acquaint him?

I will. But this is a abundant segue to, honestly, the cardinal one affair I absolutely capital to allocution to you about: you adeptness be the funniest rapper there is.

Oh, my God. I’ve never heard that in my life. I affirm to God. [To his publicist] Accept you anytime heard that before? Acquaint me, what’s funny?

I’ll deride through your IG stories—talking about 50 reminded me of this, because you’ll aloof be like, in your bassinet bubbler Belaire…and announcement Lloyd Banks. Who is acutely associated with addition you accept a actual accessible beef with. And you’re comatose forth to some archetypal G-Unit or archetypal 50 and afresh babble “Banks, you charge some money?” It’s actual dry and hilarious.

Come on, man. Be honest. You apperceive it’s asperous out there. Sometimes you aloof got to be honest. Acquaint Lloyd that I’ll let him appear to the promised land, and I’ll accept a chat with him. I don’t accept no botheration with Lloyd Banks.

Well, you admired the music aback you were rapping along. You alert to “Hate It or Adulation It” is a archetypal blow on Twitter.

What I said?

Well you accurately dialed in on the band about his mother…

Because his mom, he said she was a bulldagger, right? That’s what you liked. And that was blockhead how he said it.

Would you act? Do a comedy?

There ain’t abundant money in acting. That’s what I was aloof saying. Your man fabricated 250k for the division accomplishing that. That little season, Starz TV shit. What approach is it really?

It is absolutely on Starz.

That’s on Starz? I absolutely was joking. He should’ve aloof went Revolt. Aloof go Revolt abutting time. Acquaint Curtis I said, “Go Revolt.”

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How to Write Project Management Emails that Solve Problems (16 Rules) | How To Write Email To Your Boss Sample

Shirt, by his own. Jacket, by Dolce & Gabbana, $2,195

Pants, by Amiri, $1090. Jewelry, by his own.

You talked about Drake earlier, and you accurately said what you guys “could” do. I apperceive you may be accepting annoyed of this question, but aback you guys name your latest song calm “You Alone Live Twice,” you’re absolutely affliction us, hinting at the YOLO album.

It could happen. It’s still a possibility. We’ll put it out there. That would be easy.

Speaking of “You Alone Live Twice,” Drake is on that song with some bars, seemingly, for addition you’re air-conditioned with.

Who is that?

Swizz Beatz.

First and foremost, you accept to remember, Drake aback it comes to the flow… His bits is so blockhead and classy. Alike aback he’s adage [something slick]… And the blazon of actuality that I apperceive Drake is, and the blazon of actuality I apperceive Swizz is, it’s a achievability they could accept a collab out by… 9pm tonight.

I’ve consistently wondered about this: Is it anytime awkward in a book area you’re on a song with addition else, and they accept words for addition you’re air-conditioned with?

No. Maybe it would become awkward aback I apperceive somebody may lose their activity abaft it. If it’s aloof some n-ggas accepting off they chest, I adulation to be a allotment of it. It’s hip hop.

That was affectionate of like aback you approved to get Pusha and Wayne calm on [“Maybach Music 6”].

And already again, I adulation both of them.

Would you still assignment with Pusha alike though…

I adulation Pusha. We were aloof at an accident recently, adequate Luc Belaire.

Good to know. You charge get this every time you bead an anthology that doesn’t accept a new “Maybach Music” aftereffect on it, but was there, or is there, a “Maybach Music 7” in the wings?

I mean, I absolutely did do one and it’s Ronald Isley on the chorus.

Oh my God.

It’s a astounding record, but aback it comes bottomward to assertive annal and samples [clearances] and beats, and afresh the time it takes me to get it redone… I don’t appetite to aloof bandy it out aloof to bandy it out. So you can apprehend to apprehend that in the future. Ronald Isley, I adulation you and I acknowledge you.

And that one had some bedfellow rappers on it too?

I got you, assurance me. I got you, assurance me.

Speaking of the “Maybach Music” series, whatever happened to the one with Bobby Womack?

Man, that bits is appropriate to me. These annal absolutely are appropriate to me—the annal I accept with Alicia Keys, the annal I accept with Adam Levine, Bobby Womack. I’ve had my almanac with Alicia Keys over bristles years and I’m not abiding aback I’ll put that almanac out. It’s done. My almanac with Bobby Womack, that agency so abundant [especially] afterwards he passed, it’s like, “wow.” I got a Dolph almanac accessible to go that I could accept put on the clue list. But some things ain’t aloof meant to aloof go. Some things booty time and absolutely booty heart, man. Some things absolutely booty affection and direction.

You were on one of Dolph’s aboriginal big records, “Preach.”

Right. I knew aback I met Dolph—he was a adolescent aerial out of Memphis, and DJ Q out of Memphis alien me to him, and he was aloof solid from day one. I saw his assignment ethic, I was there for him, carnality versa, and we became close. He’s a abundant accident aloof for all the leaders in the streets and about the world, we got to assure our leaders, man. We got to assure them.

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