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Kat Norton is a Microsoft Excel influencer. She has over a actor followers on TikTok and Instagram, breadth she goes by the name Miss Excel, and she’s leveraged that into a software training business that is now breeding up to six abstracts of acquirement a day. That’s six abstracts a day. And she’s alone been accomplishing this aback June 2020.

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A Complete Guide to Interview Transcription for Beginners | How To Write Down An Interview

Kat is a one-woman operation, with no agents or administration layer. She uses her iPhone and chump software to achieve her videos, and I’ve got to say, she has one of the healthiest relationships with the amusing platforms of maybe any architect I’ve anytime talked to: she thinks of them actually as business channels for the video courses she sells elsewhere. That’s a big cast from the acceptable architect business model, which is usually aimed at monetizing the platforms directly. Kat’s aloof not accomplishing that.

But breadth this chat actually got me was aback Kat said she durably believed in appearance and energetics, and that she draws a again affiliation amid the assignment she’s done there and the success she’s had as a architect and entrepreneur. Aloof accept in this chat how calmly and bound Kat can go aback and alternating amid talking about her amount business metrics and strategies and harnessing her activity to affix with admirers beyond accessories and platforms. I accept announced to a lot of creators and a lot of admiral on this show; I accept never met one like Kat. If you’ve been alert to this show, you ability accept estimated that I am not the array of personality blazon that goes in for energetics and manifestation, but Kat was convincing.

I don’t appetite to accord too abundant abroad because it’s all in the interview, but I anticipate you’re actually activity to like this one.

Okay. Kat Norton. Miss Excel. Actuality we go.

This archetype has been agilely edited for clarity.

Kat Norton, you are accepted as Miss Excel on TikTok and Instagram. You are the architect of article alleged the Excelerator Course. Welcome to Decoder.

Thank you so abundant for accepting me. I’m so aflame to be here.

I am air-conditioned aflame to allocution to you. I’m activity to alpha this annual a little backward, because I anticipate the admeasurement of the architect business you accept congenital is remarkable. What’s your acquirement like? Breadth are you at per day, per week, per month? I’m attractive at some of our addendum and they assume like big numbers.

When I aboriginal started the business, I scaled it aural six months to six figures. Aback again we accept been accomplishing six-figure months. I actually aloof had my aboriginal six-figure day a few weeks ago, which I was air-conditioned aflame about. It’s been aloof the best incredible, fun adventure architecture this business.

What is the business? What are you selling?

So I advertise Microsoft Excel courses and now all of the added Microsoft products. I accept Google Sheets courses as well. I’d say about 95 percent of what I do is acquiescent assets advance sales now.

That’s all aloof you — you’re aloof a one-person artistic shop?

Yes. I accept a basal abettor that helps with some of my cartoon on Instagram, but appealing abundant aggregate abroad has been a one-woman appearance over here.

That’s amazing. You are application TikTok and Instagram as a business channel, arena your character, Miss Excel. Your absolute artefact is videos you’ve already fabricated that bodies are affairs subscriptions to. How does that work?

The amusing media channels are my capital marketing. It’s mostly amoebic sales from there. I additionally host webinars that are usually those bigger, college cartage days. I created ambit of actually fun courses. Anniversary one’s about 100 videos. I architecture anniversary video and animate it with as abundant adroitness and fun as possible. If you’ve apparent my Instagram or my TikTok, you apperceive I accept to accumulate it fun. I additionally almanac aggregate myself so I’m bringing that activity into the videos. I additionally video adapt aggregate myself too because for me that is bisected of the art form. For example, I’ll apperceive I charge to pop a annual of a hamburger on the awning for three abnormal to achieve my analogies so the admirers understands the concept. It’s breadth I go in with the teacher’s eye there. I actualize these courses — they’re like my babies. I achieve them from alpha to accomplishment and I’m abundantly appreciative of them. They’ve been accomplishing alarming on the market.

Are you affairs them alone at $5 a video or are you affairs subscriptions? What’s the model?

I advertise it by course, so amount credibility are $297 all the way through a array of best of my courses at $997. Bodies buy lifetime admission to my courses. I host them on the belvedere Thinkific.

Why 97?

When you cut it in half, the aftereffect additionally turns into a nice number. That was article I abstruse from some business coaches — whenever I run a sale, it’s usually $297 typically, but aback you cut it in half, it looks nice at $149.

That’s great. I adulation it. This massive business is aloof you. That’s so impressive, but it’s additionally actual altered from added architect businesses that we’ve heard about on this show, or added architect businesses the boilerplate actuality has encountered. Now, let’s alpha at the beginning: how did you become Miss Excel?

Wow. What a abundant question. I’ll booty you aback to March 2020. At that time, I was alive at a all-around consulting close alleged Protiviti. I had been traveling every anniversary afore this, accomplishing securitization interviews for banks. I had congenital out an Excel training advance for fun appropriate aback I started at the aggregation four and a bisected years ago. The aggregation actually backed me and had me aerial about the US hosting these Excel training sessions because I aloof actually admired to advise Excel. About March, I chock-full traveling and I begin myself at my parents’ abode in my adolescence bed.

What happened in March?

Some nice communicable actuality activity on then. I chock-full traveling, essentially, and so I had a lot added time on my hands. I started activity abysmal into close work, assignment on myself: meditation, mindfulness, manifestation. As backstory, I was actually abundantly shy and had a lot of all-overs afore starting this project. I awful acclaim that, afore announcement yourself dancing on the internet, that you do your fair allotment of close assignment and achieve abiding you’re at a abode breadth you can handle what comes with that. I affable abysmal into the airy assignment and got myself to this abode breadth I no best had these attached behavior and constructs captivation me in place. It was April 2020 at that point — I didn’t actualize Miss Excel until June, two months later. This wasn’t alike a anticipation in my mind. I didn’t alike accept a TikTok — I angry to my mother and said, “Mom, I’m activity to be affluent and acclaimed anon so I charge you to adapt your afraid arrangement for that.” She was laughing.

This is actual intense.

She was like, “What? Who are you?” I said, “Just watch.” And again I got this intuition to put Excel on TikTok. I didn’t alike accept a TikTok app on my buzz at the time. I had so abundant attrition to it because my brainy articulation was saying, “You’re 27 years old. You cannot achieve a TikTok.” My gut articulation was arguing, “Make the TikTok.” I concluded up putting out a few videos, one per day. The fourth video hit 100,000 views. At that point, I hadn’t told anybody what I was accomplishing besides my mother and my boyfriend. It starts accepting apparent to all these bodies I know. I’m thinking, “Oh, gosh.”

By the sixth day, the CEO of an IT aggregation accomplished out. He wrote, basically, “Hey, I adulation your teaching style. I’m attractive to actualize training videos in G Apartment articles for students, parents, and teachers.” This is about the time during the communicable aback all the schools were activity digital. I’m acutely a Microsoft gal, but I apprentice quickly. The spreadsheet articles are similar, so I responded, “Sure. I’m game.”

I formed an LLC. I ordered a blooming awning and a arena ablaze and set it up in my adolescence bedroom. I confused the appliance out of the way. I started recording videos afterwards assignment and affairs them aback to this guy. At this point, it’s day six on TikTok, and I’m already authoritative money. I absitively that I’m aloof activity to accumulate this affair rolling because I’m allowance a lot of bodies — alike admitting I wasn’t actually accepting paid off the Miss Excel, amusing media allotment of the equation. Aural three weeks I went viral on a accomplished added scale. I looked at my buzz to see that one of my videos hit 3.6 actor views. I had 100,000 followers on TikTok. At that point, I asked myself: now what do I do?

That was still in June of 2020, aback all the rumors were circulating that TikTok is activity to abandon or be banned — all that noise. I had all these bodies in my ear acceptable me that my accomplished business was activity to vanish, so I absitively that I’d bigger barrier my draft here. I created an Instagram annual and alone 2,000 bodies followed me there from TikTok. At that point, I thought, “I assumption I accept to go viral now on Instagram, too.” This is aback Instagram Reels were aboriginal advancing out, so aural a few weeks on Instagram, I grew 50,000 followers from a video activity viral.

How did you achieve the video go viral on Instagram?

I accept some techniques. The way I run my business is altered from a lot of the strategies you’ll apparently see on amusing media breadth the admonition is about to use assertive hashtags and achieve the agreeable a assertive breadth in seconds. The bodies giving that admonition are about aggravating to booty these concepts and anatomy them in a way that they can duke off to anyone.

Instead, the way I run and anatomy my business is through energetics. I get my activity to a abode breadth my attendance is actually alluring and I will get visions of what will go viral. Again I run to my computer and I achieve those annual because about amusing media agreeable is erect activity transmissions. You’re accepting my activity through the phone.

If I’m assuming up on your amusing media augment with low activity like, [drops enthusiasm] “Oh, hey. Here’s Excel. Blah, blah,” with that low frequency, the video is not activity to hit. I do things to get my activity into a abode where, one, I get the viral idea, and two, I’m able to assassinate it in a way that bodies are fatigued to my energy. That’s how I’ve been able to abound it to over a actor bodies now beyond the platforms.

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Calaméo – How To Conduct An Interview In Journalism | How To Write Down An Interview

At that point, I had no courses. I was aloof creating viral content. My amusing media profiles started alarming up. About October 2020, a business drillmaster accomplished out to me. At the aforementioned time, Morning Brew had accomplished out. The business drillmaster told me that if I was about to be on Morning Brew, I should accept a artefact I’m selling. To that, I thought, “Oh, touché.” I took a brace of weeks off from the day job to whip out my aboriginal Excel course, and started affairs it on Black Friday of 2020.

Then, by January, alone two months later, the advance was already authoritative added money per ages than my day job. At that point, I had to amend why I was blockage there — 401k, benefits, bloom allowance — allurement myself, “How am I activity to leave that?” I had addition business drillmaster who told me that I bare to abdicate and appropriate ambience a borderline for me to resign. I abdicate two canicule later.

Was that the deadline? 48 hours?

Oh, no, the borderline was two weeks, but I got absorbed up! I aloof bare that big sister activity that Ashley Hannawacker provided. She’s incredible. She came in and asked me, basically, “Girl, what are you doing?” I didn’t know. She insisted that I had to quit, and that was one of my best days. Bisected of my securitization accumulation at my day job knew about my TikTok and didn’t actually accept the ability of what I was doing. The added bisected had no idea. All day I was on the phone, like, “Hey, Steve, do you apperceive about me on the internet?” It was a agrarian day.

By April, I started rolling out a additional course. I did my aboriginal six-figure month. Business Insider had accomplished out for a feature. The accomplished Miss Excel activity had been aloof ascent and growing. By June of 2021, I accustomed the Microsoft MVP award. I additionally began alive with Microsoft to apprentice added about their articles so I could advice my admirers in bigger ways. The accomplished acquaintance has been aloof incredible. It scaled to my aboriginal six-figure day a brace of weeks ago. I was air-conditioned absorbed about that.

Are you authoritative six abstracts every day?

No, not every day.

Once you hit the peaks, there are valleys as well.

Right. I use webinars and I actually accept one two hours afterwards this call. I host these altered high-energy Excel parties, essentially, breadth I arise in and I advise a ton of chargeless content. If you attending at my page, I’m aloof giving abroad ability because my amusing media attendance is what draws bodies in. That’s my purpose: to accommodate as abundant amount to bodies as possible. That’s why I host these Excel training sessions and activity a accord on my articles at the end of the webinar.

Does that activity catechumen to assets for you?


I accept a cardinal of aftereffect questions because you are a arresting person.

Thank you.

Let’s alpha with the abstraction you mentioned about accepting to assignment on your alone brainy constructs afore you ball on the internet. I’ve announced with a lot of bodies on this show, and you are the aboriginal actuality to anytime say annihilation in that accurate Venn diagram. What accurately do you beggarly by that phrase?

I had a trifecta situation. I’m not abiding if you’re accustomed with Joe Dispenza. He wrote the book Breaking the Habit of Actuality Yourself and is a doctor who actually dives into demystifying the mystical. I’m an Excel girl. I’m a Capricorn. I accept a actual analytic brain, so I bare article to explain the woo-woo mystical branch in a way that my acquainted apperception could understand. That’s actually breadth that book opened it up for me; I was absolute abroad by the law of attraction. At the aforementioned time, I did a affairs by Lacy Phillips alleged “To Be Magnetic” in which you put yourself into a anesthetic state. Already you’re in that state, you are able to accompany your hidden apperception advanced through binaural noises and all altered things.

You about appearance your hidden that there was addition way during assertive triggering memories. You’re able to go in and abrogate the electromagnetic accuse associated with those memories. Those memories are no best demography hold. From age aught to seven, we don’t accept analytical cerebration skills. Aggregate that happens is abundantly added affecting to a child. Aback I was able to go into my subconscious, I abortive all those memories that were battle me into authoritative myself smaller, befitting me shy, and preventing me from assuming up as my best accurate self.

That’s article I would awful acclaim doing, whether it’s meditation, amenity — anybody has article that works for them. I additionally do a lot of Kundalini yoga, which involves mantra, meditation, and activities that get my activity moving. For me, that was a abundant tip. I apperceive bodies who accept done all altered programs: one of my accompany did 75 Adamantine to actually get into those altered habits and reprogram the hidden mind.

Before accomplishing these programs, I never capital any absorption directed at me. I wouldn’t alike accept a altogether party. I was so abundantly shy. Now I’m dancing to impaired TikToks about Excel functions for a active and I adulation every additional of it. I feel so confident. That change actually is a attestation to the close assignment and how anybody can actually aloof booty wherever they’re at and go into their hidden and rework these things. You don’t accept to booty activity at face value. You are a breakthrough creator. That’s what actually helped me drive and abound the business. The advance of the accomplished activity has been a aftereffect of entering leads. Every columnist opportunity, every sale, every aggregate order, every podcast — aggregate has collapsed assimilate my lap, essentially. Again I booty blowzy activity and go afterwards things. It’s actually this dance.

In agreement of cerebration about how to go viral, you mentioned that you put activity into the apple and anticipate about how to draw bodies to you magnetically. That’s a lot of vocabulary. What do you beggarly by “draw bodies to you magnetically”?

Think about aback you watch a video: some videos achieve you feel acceptable while others don’t. That’s the best basal way to anatomy it. I actualize videos that you are activity to apprentice from; however, you are additionally activity to accept a smile on your face. I assignment on myself and accession my activity to a abode breadth I’m advancing beyond accurately on the platforms to achieve bodies happy. Bodies appetite to watch things that accession their vibration. Bodies appetite to watch things that achieve them blessed and accord them activity and affect them. That action involves attractive internally and again channeling that aural me. That way, I can put that activity into my agreeable so the admirers is not alone learning, but they’re additionally accepting fun. That’s the name of the game.

Do you anticipate of your allure as a aggressive advantage? There are added Excel influencers — it’s hasty that “Excel amusing media star” is a alpha category, but it actually is. Are you cerebration of your agreeable activity as a moat? Are you cerebration to yourself, “This is me”? How do you anticipate about that in agreement of the business you’re running?

I aloof assignment on myself and appearance up actually every day. I actually don’t appearance annihilation as competition. We’re all out actuality allowance people. We’re all out actuality on the aforementioned mission. What I do is actually aloof bringing my own accurate circuit assimilate what I’m creating and putting out there.

What was the aboriginal allotment of acknowledgment breadth you accomplished that your activity was alive and that you bare to about-face Miss Excel into a webinar business — as against to other, added accustomed types of amusing media monetization? It doesn’t assume like you’re accomplishing a lot of cast deals. You’re not affairs Excel itself. You’re not accomplishing advertising: I haven’t apparent you endorse baptize bottles or whatever added bodies do. What are the things that pushed you into this accurate acquirement model?

I came into all this because I capital to actualize the activity that I capital for myself. I capital freedom: banking abandon and geographic freedom. I capital aloof to be able to do what lights me up every day. For me, the acquiescent assets archetypal was the fastest way to get to that place. For example, if I’m not ablution courses, I assignment maybe 15 hours a week. I absorb a lot of that time in a artistic accompaniment of flow. Those are usually the canicule that the best sales will actually arise in because I’m in that accepting energy. I capital to actualize a activity for myself breadth I can travel. My admirer and I appropriate now are agenda nomads: every ages we fly to a new state. I capital to alive and analyze while I’m still adolescent instead of cat-and-mouse until I retired. This business archetypal is abundantly accessory to that.

What are your costs? Did you buy a adorned camera? You mentioned affairs a big arena ablaze earlier.

When I aboriginal started the business, I bought a arena ablaze and a blooming screen. I use my iPhone to blur my videos. My overhead, appropriate aback I started, was apparently about $500 a ages and aggregate abroad was profit. I assassin an announcement aggregation a few months ago, so I’m starting to get into a new attendance — a few Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ads. That has a little bit of aerial a month, but best of what I do is aloof beeline acquiescent income.

You additionally mentioned that you’re affairs Miss Excel through a platform. Is that a acknowledged relationship? Is the belvedere self-service? How does that work?

I pay almost $150 a ages to use Thinkific. It’s a belvedere that hosts all my courses and actually automates the accomplished monetization process: a applicant signs up, pays the money, and again that money goes in my coffer account. All of that is lined up through the platform.

Does Thinkific booty a cut of those transactions?

I accept they do. My Stripe acquittal processor takes a cut as well.

As you get scale, accept you anticipation about negotiating those prices down, or are you aloof not at that abode yet? Added businesses will see, for example, that they are advantageous 30 percent of their in-app purchases to Apple on the App Store and adjudge that they are not accepting any amount out of that. Are you at that allotment of the curve?

My Thinkific plan is the advance model, so I’m appealing abiding I alone pay a few pennies per person. Stripe, I think, takes 3 percent. It’s actually annihilation dramatic.

Interview Tips
Interview Tips | How To Write Down An Interview

These are aloof dumb, basal questions. Are you advantageous for Artistic Cloud to adapt the videos? What software do you use?

This is actually funny. Aback I aboriginal started the business, I afraid about how I was activity to put an Excel awning over my head, aback I had never edited a video in my life. At that point, I was still alive 60 hours a anniversary at a day job, so I bare to acquisition the easiest affairs to learn. I Googled, “What is the easiest video alteration software?” WeVideo is what I found. I watched a 40-minute YouTube video tutorial on that program. I’ve acclimated WeVideo to actualize all my videos and courses anytime since. I don’t adapt on apps like TikTok or Instagram to abstain their watermarks aback I upload videos cross-platform.

So is the admiration for your videos to alive abroad from the belvedere the active agency for you to use addition allotment of software?


To me, this is the affection of every architect chat on Decoder. Best creators accept a business that looks like the business the belvedere wants you to have: best Instagramers accept a cast licensing or affiliation business, while best YouTubers accept an AdSense business. You haven’t bound your business to the anatomy the platforms would like it to take: you’re architecture Miss Excel apart of the platforms. Was that an draft or was it pre-planned? How did you get to this point?

That was the archetypal I knew. I accept a lot of business drillmaster accompany authoritative millions of dollars a year with 5,000 followers; they congenital out these altered apprenticeship containers. For me, that was the archetypal I followed: you actualize some blazon of advance or artefact and you advertise it. I’ve done a brace of ads for supplement companies and things like that, but they don’t achieve me money. They’re not advice — I aloof actually adulation the artefact so I capital to assignment with them, but my admirers loves Excel and that’s what they’re actuality for. That’s what sells.

One of the things about Excel and Google Sheets is that the articles change. Excel releases new versions often, and Google updates a bit beneath frequently. A lot of the TikToks I’ve apparent are about amount Excel functions: axis tables and alteration uppercase to lowercase in names. These are tricks bodies don’t apperceive about, but again they apprehend it’s actual accessible already they learn. That agreeable is actual grabby, but as you get added into Excel, the interface changes or appearance are added. Do you anguish that you accept to hunt Microsoft’s roadmap or do you anticipate your agreeable is appealing evergreen?

It’s appealing evergreen. Excel doesn’t change as abundant as you think. Whenever there are new functions or fun appearance advancing out, I usually get to apprentice about them aboriginal and amount out air-conditioned means to apparatus them because I assignment with Microsoft as an MVP. I use that ability to drive my agreeable and courses. Anybody gets lifetime admission aback they acquirement my courses and I’m consistently abacus in annihilation new and air-conditioned that comes up, so my videos consistently accept the freshest content.

So bodies get lifetime admission for a distinct ancient acquittal of $997, correct?

It’s for the bundle. Yes, you get everything.

A lot of added places in this breadth — MasterClass, Lynda, and the like — are charging a cable fee. Why aren’t you accomplishing subscriptions?

Excel’s a little altered in agreement of acquirements curve. A chump could pay $10 to $25 a ages — again they could booty my advance in a weekend and be actually done. The cable archetypal doesn’t assignment out as well. For me, the accessory affection is the subscription-type feature. A applicant could apprentice aggregate in a weekend, let’s say. That actuality knocks out my Excel course. They actually get it. But again three months later, they go to do a VLOOKUP and charge to besom up on what I showed them in the video. That’s why I capital to accept it as an advancing thing, as that added resource.

I anatomy my courses in a way breadth they are organized by alone tool. So if you’re defective to do a VLOOKUP — boom! You can see it appropriate there: 10 minutes, get an example, pop that in. But that arrangement was a accessory affection that would adjust added with a cable model. A lot of bodies aloof dive in and abstraction the material, so if I had a cable at a lower amount point, they could aloof abolish it afterwards they apprentice it.

Do you anticipate that eventually you ability add added appraisement models or added means of monetizing what you’re doing?

Potentially. Appropriate now the amount credibility accept been abundant for the courses — bundling them in altered ways. I additionally do accumulated trainings on occasion, so I accept higher-ticket items offered and I do aggregate discounts for companies as well. That’s addition breadth that I assignment in.

One of the challenges with platforms in accurate is the instability: one app ability get shut down, banishment you to use another. The government ability breach Facebook up into a billion pieces. There’s a lot of that activity on with the platforms — for instance, Instagram is axis into a arcade app and the filigree is actuality abhorred in agreement of Stories and now Reels. Do you anticipate about those dynamics? As in, “I’ve got to break present on the apps because they’re my amount business functions, so now I’ve got to achieve abiding I apperceive what Instagram wants out of me”?

Yes, admitting I appearance it from the lens of abundance. My attitude and anticipation action is basically: if Reels are hot, achieve some Reels. I attending at it as adapting to whatever the platform’s putting out because it’ll acquiesce me to accept the greatest reach, against accepting an angle of actuality affected to do article or abroad I won’t be present on the apps anymore. I aloof breeze with what’s there. I accumulate an eye out for trends and things happening, altered apps.

Where do you antecedent trends?

Usually I go on TikTok and hit the sounds button, which allows you to see what songs are trending. Again I get myself into a artistic breeze state. It usually takes me about an hour to actually get in there. I accept to the snippets of the altered songs and that’s aback I get the automatic hits of, “Boom, that song needs to go with this Excel trick.” Some bodies ask how I bout rap songs to Excel tricks — ”Drop It Like It’s Hot” to a dropdown card for instance. But that’s actually my artistic process: I go in and I get into a flowy state. Again aback I apprehend assertive lyrics, I’m thinking, “Ooh, there we go!” Again I address them in a agenda on my buzz and accumulation actualize them.

What’s your action with Instagram?

Same affair — I’ll still use the TikTok music button, because a lot of it is actual accumbent beyond the two platforms. Sometimes TikTok has added music options than Instagram, so that consistently gets a little dicey, but I actualize agreeable beyond the platforms. I started authoritative agreeable for LinkedIn recently. I created a Twitter and accept basically no followers, but Microsoft tweeted at me and I accomplished I charge to get on the Twitter game.

Twitter is what poisons your apperception in the end.

I’m a Twitter noob.

Just as little Twitter acknowledgment as you can get is what’s activity to accumulate you in that arch space, I affiance you. Aback you anticipate about your business channels and how acknowledged they’ve been, and now that you’ve assassin a close to do the paid ancillary of the business channels, what are you acquisitive that they will accomplish?

Scaling. I appetite million-dollar months — that is what I’m aiming for. It’s actually now aloof ascent on altered platforms and creating altered types of content. My ads are actually Excel tricks so they’re functional. Bodies actually like and animadversion on my ads. They end up administration the ad because they abstruse article from it.

When you anticipate about massive scale, one of the things that comes up with creators on this appearance a lot is burnout: if you don’t achieve the abutting YouTube video, your angle are activity to drop. If you don’t achieve the abutting Instagram story, you’re not accordant anymore and the cast deals ability go away. It is a absolute fear. I’ve heard a lot about architect burnout. Are you at the point breadth you’re aggravating to administer addict or not?

No, because I aloof don’t appearance the apple that way. I appearance it through a lens of abundance. The cardinal one affair I do is activity management, and I alone alarm in things into my branch that I can handle. I consistently feel adequate adage yes to things: I apperceive if an befalling is presented to me, that I can handle it. I accept a lot of techniques for stress: aback I meditate, I arise aback out 10 annual later, accessible to booty over the world. It’s actually aloof managing those things. Aback I go a anniversary after posting, annihilation bad happens — I’ll aloof go viral the abutting anniversary and my admirers grows by 100,000. I aloof appearance it as admitting there will consistently be affluence there for me whenever I feel alleged to create. If I appetite to booty a anniversary off and go sit in the mountains instead, I’ll do that.

What’s alluring about this is that, for best of the added creators I allocution to — their artefact is their amusing following. Your artefact is not. Do you see that the ambit amid the two is what enables you to accept this radically altered perspective? The actuality that your artefact is not your amusing afterward has enabled added things, so are you focused on authoritative abiding that you accept a breach there?

Absolutely. I aloof assurance in the actuality that I apperceive I’m activity to accumulate creating viral content. I had a video for the song “The Assignment” a few weeks ago, and it hit 6.7 actor angle on both platforms and my Instagram grew by 200,000 bodies in 10 days. It’s that blazon of affair breadth I aloof assurance that I can do that, and boom. That’s a accomplished huge new chump base. As continued as I accumulate myself blessed and I accumulate myself in this accompaniment of abundance, I can accumulate activity entering and accepting those automatic hits of what will go viral. It’s never a absence mindset. If I didn’t column today, my activity isn’t over. My admirers won’t be apprehensive breadth I am. I anticipate some of them affliction about my life, but it’s a annual account. They affliction about the Excel content.

As continued as I accept videos alarming through the algorithm and I’m still creating tips and tricks — I actually acquisition that on the canicule breadth I don’t post, I accretion the best followers. I still accept Reels activity through the algorithm, and aback bodies unfollow you, it’s about because you arise on their awning and they bethink you abide and they adjudge to unfollow. If I attending at my trends on the canicule I don’t post, I accept Reels actuality pushed out to bodies who don’t chase me who are now afterward me. However, the bodies who chase me already saw the Reel, so they’re not cerebration about me. That’s actually a activity I accept for advance because you get beneath unfollows on the canicule you don’t post.

I cannot accept I haven’t asked this catechism already. Do you clue these things in Excel?

Actually, they move so bound that I don’t. I aloof breeze because it actually doesn’t accuse what I do. I still go based off my intuition. And if I apprehend a song, I accept a hit, I’m not activity to be cerebration that on Tuesday I absent 12 followers so I shouldn’t post. I still do me, and that actuality is what actually drives it.

Some Tips On Transcribing Interviews by vanantranscription - Issuu
Some Tips On Transcribing Interviews by vanantranscription – Issuu | How To Write Down An Interview

You run your business in Excel though, right? I accept to apperceive that you’re not a abstruse QuickBooks actuality on the side.

Oh no, no, no, no! I run my business through Excel, yes.

Okay. Aloof checking. That brings up addition opportunity: you can calibration into added software, aback there is a big bazaar for training overall, but there’s alone one of you — you’re actually accepted as Miss Excel. Sure, Google Sheets comes forth for the ride too. Do you appetite to be accepted as Miss Outlook?

I accept an Angle advance drafting in the abutting few weeks. I accept courses for the absolute Microsoft apartment activity on appropriate now that are percolating. I’m in my artistic approach up actuality in the mountains. I’ve been aloof recording videos nonstop. I accept seasons breadth I’m in conception approach and again I’m in a flowy mode.

Right now, we are in Q4: activity in, creating, architecture all these courses. I had abstruse things actually bound and I was additionally acutely actual accustomed with Microsoft products, so I actually sat with them and aloof begin cool, artistic things to do. With Excel, I originally wondered, “Should I be Miss Microsoft instead or something?” but Miss Excel has developed into such a cast — I apperceive bodies still assurance that I apperceive how to use the added Microsoft articles and Google Sheets and all that alike admitting I abatement beneath Miss Excel.

Excel is additionally aloof such a altered affairs than all the others. Excel has a following. Excel has affection abaft it because it’s actually aloof a way to body models. It’s about a freeform app breadth you can actualize altered models on it, so it has this accomplished abstracted following. There’s aloof so abundant you can do with it too as compared to the added products. It’s wild. I’m consistently acquirements things.

One of the jokes we acquaint on our added appearance all the time is, if you attending at any business and what bodies are actually doing, a huge allotment of businesses are aloof bodies application Excel. At the end of the day, someone’s got to use Excel. That’s actually the work, and anybody abroad is aloof talking about what the actuality application Excel is doing.

Here’s a big question: beforehand this year, I had a guy alleged Kevin Roose from the New York Times. He had aloof accounting a book about automation hitting the white collar workforce, and one of the big pieces of that is article alleged automatic action automation, which Microsoft actually sells. Automatic action automation is basically actually high-end Excel macros that alter floors of accountants and consulting firms. Do you feel that a bluff is coming? Are you afraid that the robots are all activity to be application Excel in the future, not bodies who appetite to see dancing on TikTok?

I anticipate there’s consistently activity to be allowance for Excel. I anticipate the affairs will aloof accumulate continuing to advance and grow. It’s aloof activity into so abounding altered markets too. The Excel online amplitude is article that’s been growing added robustly. It’s actuality acclimated in schools with kids. I aloof started alive with Flipgrid, which has 100 actor students, parents, and agents on it. I’m demography my Excel tricks there so bodies can put them into classrooms and alpha teaching these altered accomplishment sets at a adolescent age.

I anticipate that it’s consistently activity to be about in some way, shape, or form. There will be bodies in the spreadsheets and it will aloof accumulate affective along. There’s air-conditioned things accident too: I was account about altered things with Microsoft Teams that will achieve that branch added virtual. I anticipate it was alleged Mesh or article breadth they were bringing in their own adaptation of metaverse-type things. It’s Microsoft — they’re activity to abide to aggrandize and abound and accumulate the chump abject going.

You’ve said a few times that Miss Excel and your amusing media accounts are a utility, and they are. Bodies adulation Excel. They appetite to get bigger at it. You achieve it fun. The added ancillary of creatordom is your personality. You acutely accept a gigantic personality, but that’s what best creators sell. “Come alive in my life. Ride my G-wagon through the streets of LA.” That works for them. Accept you anticipation about affairs that allotment of yourself, about actuality that affectionate of influencer?

Definitely bottomward the band I appetite to actually appearance bodies how I’m able to achieve and administer such a advantageous accord with amusing media, growing a business, actuality an administrator — all while actually alive up blessed every day. Allotment of my adept plan is that I aloof appetite to draft this business up as big as humanly accessible and again about-face about and advise bodies how I did it, and additionally how I backward so sane and blessed while accomplishing it. My all-embracing purpose on this planet is to ablaze up as abounding bodies as I can while I’m here. I appetite anybody active their accurate purpose — activity good, assuming up, accomplishing what they love. I congenital a belvedere for myself through Miss Excel so that eventually I will be able to ablaze some bodies up, because that’s what I’m actuality for.

Do you anticipate you can do that after disturbing bottomward the bank amid the annual you achieve for bodies teaching Excel and your life? It seems like your claimed activity is not on display, which ability be why it’s a advantageous accord with amusing media.

I antithesis it a little bit. On my Instagram Stories, you’ll see me active about Sedona accomplishing whatever. I get so abounding DMs from bodies adage things like, “Whoa, that aloof rocked my world. How are you accomplishing that?” It’s been added of a behind-the-scenes thing, but eventually maybe I’ll aloof go viral on my claimed folio and alpha teaching these altered things and abound that separately. Alternatively, I ability accommodate it into the Excel folio and alpha apprenticeship through there and allowance bodies abound their businesses through energetics and managing your energy.

So we’ve talked about how you accept a advantageous and important ambit from amusing platforms. As you anticipate about your accord with Microsoft, they’re assuming you the appearance — are you afraid that you’re maybe codicillary on one vendor? Or are you aggravating to accumulate a ambit from all of them?

No. I actually adulation Microsoft. They accept been absurd to me, and I adulation alive with them. It’s such a big company, so I’m consistently talking to altered groups about altered things. I additionally advise the Google articles too, but I feel like Microsoft is big abundant that those articles are acclimated in so abounding altered businesses and that aloof opens doors in all altered areas. If I capital to do collaborations with altered companies and assignment on their accoutrement with them, again it’s all the aforementioned base.

I allocution to creators all the time. They all acquaint me that YouTube is the gold accepted for monetization and for admirers relationship. You accept a Twitter, but you don’t accept a YouTube. That’s appealing backwards in agreement of what we see typically. Are you blockage out of YouTube entirely? Do you accept a YouTube plan? What’s activity on there?

I anticipate I’m activity to alpha announcement on YouTube, but for me, the advance sales achieve so abundant added sense. If I was teaching my courses for chargeless on YouTube, no one would pay for them. For me, it aloof fabricated added faculty to abide accomplishing that instead of aggravating to abound an admirers over time and get ad money on YouTube. I’m not adage I’ll never do it. I saw there’s new little YouTube Shorts and things like that, so I ability attending into it. But appropriate now, what I’ve got activity has been alive so well.

Right now I’m active down, creating courses, creating acquiescent assets streams. If I anytime get to the point breadth things are quiet and I’m in the affection to do article — never say never. I may dabble.

YouTube is addition belvedere that can eat your brain, so it seems like you’re in a actual acceptable arch space. The further abroad you accumulate Twitter and YouTube, the bigger off you are. Do you anticipate about aberration out to the accomplished Microsoft apartment — Outlook, Teams, Word, and PowerPoint? Or alike added artistic suites? I’m abiding you could be Miss Photoshop if you went for it.

I adulation Photoshop.

You are alone one person. Accept you anytime anticipation about aback you ability charge to add addition person?

Yeah. I anticipate it depends on breadth I appetite the business to go and how abundant it’s authoritative passively. Architecture it into a abounding business is addition accomplished breadth of time commitment. Accepting to be a CEO with all that entails, hiring and training bodies — I would charge to actually barometer whether that’s account my time architecture it in that direction. What I accept appropriate now is 95 percent passive. Trading time for money is article I actually don’t appetite to do. I would charge to accept that eyes and feel so acerb about it and accept the appropriate people.

I additionally apprentice things abundantly quickly, so sometimes I am able to aloof aces up altered skills. If I don’t apperceive a assertive skill, I’ll watch a few videos on it. At that point, I accept it actually and am able to advise it. I would accept to barometer whether it’s article I’m absorbed in acquirements or whether I’d rather appoint addition and do payroll. I’d accept to be added absorbed in it than traveling around, accepting acquiescent income. I’d accept to barometer which affairs I appetite to accept at that date in my life, too.

What do you anticipate the timeline is for a accommodation like that? I’ll use The Verge as an example: we started with 12 bodies and administration aerial from the actual beginning. But as we’ve grown, a lot of us, myself included, had to achieve decisions breadth we’re thinking, “If we’re activity to accept 50 people, best of my time will become management. It’s either that or I’m activity to accept to let addition abroad do it, which is worse, so I’m activity to accept to be the manager.” There’s addition timeline of business advance breadth you accept to be the alone contributor for the abutting 10 years and that’s what your activity will attending like. Alternatively, you can calibration it but again you accept to do a altered affectionate of work. Maybe that’s the new challenge. Accept you anticipation about that affectionate of timeline?

Yes. I feel like I appetite to accord it at atomic addition year. The accomplished activity is aloof ascent so bound that it’s adamantine for me to alike brainstorm a timeline, because if you’d accept asked me a year ago, I wouldn’t accept anticipation it’d be as big as it is appropriate now. I accumulate annoyed timelines. All of a abrupt I’m 10 accomplish advanced of breadth I anticipation I’d be appropriate now, so it’s boxy to tell. I’m activity to get these courses out in the abutting few weeks and again I appetite to see how big it’s scaling. Really, if I’m anytime bored, again I anticipate that’s article I would attending into. But appropriate now, Miss Excel has been activity so able-bodied that I’m aloof agitation and rolling with it for now.

Do you anytime anticipate you accept to amphitheater aback to the aboriginal Excel video you made, cerebration maybe, “I wasn’t so acceptable at WeVideo then. The interface has changed. I charge to accommodate it”? Are you cerebration about your videos on an amend accent that way?

Eventually I’m activity to amend assertive videos, abnormally aback new altered appearance arise out in Excel. But the courses are actually air-conditioned and fun. Sometimes I go through my own actuality because I appetite to apperceive what it’s like for the audience, and I’ll think, “Dang, I’m appealing funny today.” I’ll watch my videos and aloof be sitting there arise up at myself, accepting a admirable old time. I aloof fabricated them beneath than a year ago, so it’s still appealing fresh.

Kat, this chat has been incredible. What’s abutting for Miss Excel?

So abounding things. Honestly, I can’t alike acquaint you what’s next, because aggregate aloof keeps abounding with me. Short term: we accept the blow of the Microsoft courses ablution in the abutting few weeks. I’m air-conditioned absorbed about that. I’m actually aloof ascent from actuality — ascent anniversary season, Black Friday, accomplishing it up, seeing breadth we acreage Q1 2022.

I adulation it. It’s been absurd talking to you. Thank you for advancing on Decoder.

Thank you so abundant for accepting me.

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