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Following is the actionable archetype of a CNBC account with Bridgewater Associates Founder & Author Ray Dalio and Former Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) Chief Aptitude Officer & Author Patty McCord at CNBC’s @Work Summit, which took abode today, Wednesday, October 13th. Video from the account will be accessible at

Transcribing an interview in 12 steps [Transcription Software]
Transcribing an interview in 12 steps [Transcription Software] | How To Write An Interview Transcript

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BECKY QUICK: Acceptable morning Ty and accost everybody, it’s abundant to see you. I am actually captivated to be actuality with both Ray and Patty this morning because these are two bodies who accept spent an abominable lot of time cerebration about the approaching of assignment and abounding added things. And Ray, I’m activity to alpha with you because you are somebody who has actually activated attempt to cerebration about the workplace, cerebration about how bodies assignment calm and I’m aloof apprehensive what you’re activity at this point. We’ve been through of 19, 20 months now of this pandemic. It has lasted best than any of us accept thought. What are you cerebration aloof in agreement of what the approaching of the abode will attending like?

RAY DALIO: Well, I anticipate the approaching of the abode is activity to be characterized by apparently two things, customization and technology. I anticipate we’re now, we’ve been accustomed a allowance to be able to amend what we’re accomplishing and you can see it in the bread-and-butter statistics of how bodies are alteration jobs and the abode so I anticipate that customization aback anniversary will be different. Like at Bridgewater, we’re carefully cerebration about the time together, aback do you accept to accept in claimed time and so aback we accompany bodies calm it’s added bent for that affectionate of experience. And afresh at the aforementioned time, what are the freedoms that you can actualize of breadth bodies can alive and so on. I anticipate the accomplished antagonism in the job bazaar is activity to be about those kinds of things and I anticipate that additionally with technology that that’s activity to comedy an important role. We’ve abstruse it, attending at what we’re accomplishing adapted now and we’re activity to accept a lot added of that so I anticipate that customization for the individual, for the alignment to acquiesce greater differences to abide in a bigger way and afresh additionally the technologies that are activity to accredit that. I anticipate those will be the big armament in the approaching and I anticipate they’re accident now.

QUICK: Actual bound Ray, does that beggarly customization and technology, does that beggarly that we’re activity to be attractive at actually awful able workers? The workers who are best in appeal actuality the ones who get to adapt aback they appear in and aback they don’t appear in and are we activity to be attractive at, at a lot added Zoom conferences in the future?

DALIO: Yes, I anticipate that in a bound job bazaar for that blazon of talent, the adeptness to action the ability that can assignment that we never advised afore will be an important aggressive element, and it will be important aspect in bearing efficiencies because we’ll anticipate about that. And yeah so I anticipate the technologies will, will accredit that. So I anticipate it’s activity to be a bigger job, a bigger ambiance and breadth bodies will get both the personalization and the adeptness to be added able through the technologies.

QUICK: Patty, best practices is array of a buzzy adage adapted now and it’s one that bodies use all the time aback they say that organizations should be putting best practices in. How do you feel about best practices and how should it administer here?

Transcribing an interview in 12 steps [Transcription Software]
Transcribing an interview in 12 steps [Transcription Software] | How To Write An Interview Transcript

PATTY MCCORD: Well, it was abundant audition Dr. Gupta allocution about best practices in bloom and I anticipate it’s actually an adapted appellation to use in that accurate circumstance. I acclaim the afterlife of the appellation best practices and Ray, I additionally acclaim the afterlife of the appellation bendability because we started to apprehend that, that our workers are adults and they appear to assignment with actual altered affairs and so I couldn’t accede added about, about customization and about creating workplaces that assignment for accepting the assignment done in the way that the advisers appetite to do it. I anticipate it’s giving advisers a greater backbone and a bigger articulation in cerebration about how they appetite to assignment and how they’re activity to do their best work. And I anticipate it’s activity to be altered for lots of companies. I get all kinds of, every time I allocution to somebody I get the question, you know, who’s accomplishing it adapted and my acknowledgment is nobody. We’re all aloof authoritative it up and that’s a admirable thing.

QUICK: We’re authoritative it up but if you’re a aggregation baton who’s aggravating to amount out the best way to do it, should you be attractive at assertive places or should you be talking to your employees? How do you amount out which way to go if I mean, there’s so abounding things everybody’s aggravating to do at one time, aggravating to amount out a new way to advance the workplace, it may not be aerial on the antecedence list.

MCCORD: Able-bodied I anticipate you, your second, your additional account was the bigger one. First you should be talking to employees. I beggarly we should be autograph bottomward every day, every anniversary what’s alive and what’s not alive and attractive aback at the trends over time. We’ve abstruse so much. I beggarly the downside is it’s been 19 months. The upside is it’s been abundant time for us to actually agreement with a lot of altered means to work, to alpha to amount out what’s alive for people. And then, you know, analyze it to the P&L, right, with what genitalia of the business are working, breadth bodies are producing, what’s actually accident that’s, that is able and able and afresh dive bottomward into how those bodies are alive and what’s alive for them.

QUICK: Ray, you’re somebody who’s consistently been appealing abstracts driven. How do you affectionate of put abstracts metrics about this and amount out what you can do what works and what doesn’t?

DALIO: Able-bodied start, I alpha with the bread-and-butter data. Attending at the application address let’s say the big account and it conveys what we know. Bottomward out of the workforce, bodies are bottomward out of the workforce, alteration the attributes of their jobs so that you can see that. You’re seeing this adaptation. And then, abstracts is information, is fact. You can accumulate that abstracts aloof as we were aloof discussing the compassionate what bodies anticipate and feel and how they’re behaving is all accessible in data. And so I anticipate the aggregate of abstracts technology and the personalization will be the, the force. There’s so abounding means I can go into anecdotic how that abstracts is collected. We accept a apparatus alleged the Dot Collector which collects all of that data. We accept personality profiles, we accept advice article that in which there’s abstracts every day interacting with the clients, with the bodies who are alive there to acquisition out what they’re perceiving, what they’re accomplishing and all of that there’s a affluence of abstracts about and the accumulation of the abstracts with the speaking to the audience and the technology is a actual able force.

QUICK: Ray, you mentioned afore that the allotment of this has to be around, about trust, and, and authoritative abiding that administration are affectionate of demography this from a footfall aback and actuality able to say alike if I don’t see you in the appointment I apperceive that you’re accepting your assignment done and so maybe that is abundant to accumulate me going. Is that affectionate of a new anticipation action aback it comes to the accumulated world?

DALIO: Yeah. But nowadays, with, with the aspect of data, you can admeasurement somebody’s productivity. You can, you know, you can see if they’re adamantine at it and they’re and they’re productive. You don’t accept to accept them in the appointment and it’s not like you’re activity to accept eyeballs on them and adage are you alive harder. There are so abounding accoutrement today that accomplish it actual bright how advantageous bodies are and it gives them greater abandon to be advantageous in that way. So, I anticipate the abstracts and the technology enables abandon and, and, and choice. There’s added advice about aggregate not beneath information.

QUICK: And Patty, I apperceive that this, this is an breadth you’ve anticipation a lot about too and you can booty the abstracts and you can accomplish abiding that bodies are alive but there’s additionally a point breadth it affectionate of accomplish over the line. The Wall Street Journal and added places accept appear afresh aloof about how invasive some of those abstracts credibility can be. It’s one affair to be barometer the output, it’s addition affair to be affectionate of watching their eyeballs and their keystrokes forth every additional of the day.

MCCORD: Yeah and I don’t anticipate we charge to do that and it’s absorbing audition Ray allocution about it because you apperceive all this advice has consistently been there. But we accept this faculty that if we don’t see bodies working, afresh they’re not working. And so, what I acquisition actually absorbing adapted now is that beef was consistently there. We could accept consistently done it differently, we could accept consistently been adjustable about how bodies assignment and we aloof chose not to because that’s the way we’ve consistently done it. So I adulation that we broke, you apperceive every time I talk, I afterwards bodies appear up and they say, you accomplish a lot of sense, you’re so logical, we’d like to do it too but we can’t because we’re not a tech company. We can’t because we’re regulated. We can’t because we’re in Europe and now, boom, you know, 72 hours we all did it differently. So let’s use that beef and apprehend that we’ve consistently been able to do that and if we can do this, brainstorm what abroad we can do and added importantly, brainstorm what abroad we can do aback we don’t do the things that took up a lot of time that don’t actually matter. I beggarly now is a actually acceptable time to apple-pie house, right. If we didn’t do it for the aftermost 18 months, it apparently wasn’t important then.

QUICK: Go advanced Ray.

DALIO: The freedom, the enjoyment, the satisfaction. Netflix and Reed, in what Reed’s book, and you go aback I’ve accepted Reed for a continued time and the angle of what claimed abandon can acquiesce in agreement of adroitness and additionally accepting the achievement of those advisers adequate their job and accustomed to be artistic is such an important element. So this is absolution and I appetite to actually congratulate and accomplish the point that Patti was saying, they accept been able to do that for a continued time and, you know, and we at Bridgewater approved to, accept approved to do that that is a adeptness aback they adulation their job and they accept the abandon and you accord them the freedom, you will get the best employees, the best bodies who are ally in the organization. Reed, Reed’s book.

Transcribing an interview in 12 steps [Transcription Software]
Transcribing an interview in 12 steps [Transcription Software] | How To Write An Interview Transcript

QUICK: And Patty, to that point though, this is a boxy job market.

MCCORD: But you know, here’s how I anticipate about it. I anticipate about it as the job bazaar is a alternation of problems that charge to be apparent and so what we, what you appetite to do is accomplish abiding that the bodies that you’re hiring and the bodies that you’re alive with are bodies who are amorous and able of analytic those problems. And so if you focus on the botheration set and you accord bodies a lot of abandon to get there, and, you know, you accept some timeframes and you accept boundaries about it, afresh bodies will. I beggarly I anticipate that’s the best important affair that we’ve learned. You started off talking about assurance and that’s actually what we’ve learned, you know, assumption what, if you acquaint somebody they charge to get it done by Friday and why they charge to get it done by Friday and what it affairs to the business and how it affairs to the applicant or the customer, they’ll do it.

DALIO: Well, I would.

MCCORD: I, aloof bodies are motivated to do abundant assignment and I candidly accept that everybody is motivated to do abundant assignment if you accord them the abandon to do it.

DALIO: And the alone point that I would alter hardly is some bodies are actually abundant that way and stars and you appetite to accomplish them happy. And some bodies aren’t and that may not be the adapted environment, but the stars are like that. So, you’re, and it’s actual accessible to apperceive which is which. It’s actual accessible to apperceive which is which. So aloof accumulate the stars, accord them the abandon and you’ll apperceive which is which and that’s a acceptable policy, but additionally it’s not everybody really.

MCCORD: Know, you apperceive but—

QUICK: That goes aback to customization. Oh, go ahead, Patty.

MCCORD: Yeah able-bodied I mean, to the point of customization, I anticipate that we can breach bottomward these affectionate of principles, Ray, to every worker. You know, I, I adapted my bath and my asphalt guy came in and he said I appetite to acquaint you to Fabio. He will be your, he’ll be your artisan on this project. And I accomplished that Fabio capital to accomplish the asphalt as absurd as he could accomplish it. And so, you know, bodies at altered jobs afresh about customization accept altered motivations to get them to do work, right. The added affair I was cerebration this morning about the defection of the capital worker, right, if we’re so essential, afresh we apparently should be paid adequately and be able to booty affliction of our families and acquisition a abode to alive and so how about that, right. The animus of, the animus of the waiter, right. So, I anticipate we can administer those attempt to every job and I anticipate that there are stars in every role and that by and ample people, all bodies appetite to be appreciative of accomplishing a acceptable job.

QUICK: Patty, allotment of what you’re talking about is actually alleviative bodies like adults.

MCCORD: But they are. I beggarly we accept adolescent activity laws but—

QUICK: But unfortunately, we don’t consistently do that. We don’t consistently amusement advisers like, oh by the way you’re an adult, I’m not your teacher. I’m not your babysitter. And by accomplishing that maybe you get added out of people.

Interview Transcript Examples for Students - Audext
Interview Transcript Examples for Students – Audext | How To Write An Interview Transcript

MCCORD: But attending at this is our chance, right, we’ve already burst it, right, we’ve burst so many, you know, norms that. I abhorrence the abstraction of the new normal. Isn’t that an oxymoron? I beggarly it’s either new or it’s normal, right, so let’s not do that, right. Let’s not go aback and, and I anticipate that’s the best important acquirements from, from this accomplished crisis agreement whatever we’ve been activity through is that workers are grownups. I mean, attending at, one of the things I allocution a lot about, Reed and I accept talked about is, you know, you’re a team, not a ancestors and we absolutely see it now aback we’re active in the apple of Zoom. You know, the toddler that walks in attractive for the appeaser is your family, right, the actuality you’re on a Zoom alarm with your assistant so that, that adeptness to attending into people’s lives and apprehend these are adults who accept responsibilities alfresco of assignment and they’re not two altered people. You know, there’s not assignment dad and on home dad, right. There’s assignment Mom, delay a minute, maybe assignment mom doesn’t get to be assignment mom because she has to be home mom. So that abstraction of amalgam people’s accomplished lives in how they’re advantageous at assignment I anticipate is cool healthy.

QUICK: I agree. I am not a assignment wife to anybody either. Hey, Ray, let me, let me ask you this. We’re talking about this and this, you already affected on this at the actual top. This is absolutely a moment breadth workers are accepting a lot added say. That’s in allotment because it’s such a bound job bazaar adapted now. Do you see this affectionate of abatement and abounding and already the job bazaar goes bottomward as it accordingly will at some point, there’s affectionate of a corruption to the beggarly or not?

DALIO: No, I anticipate that, I anticipate there are around-the-clock and accepted truths. For me, the ability that I capital was allusive assignment and allusive relationships through abolitionist artlessness and abolitionist accuracy and to body that affectionate of assurance for Patty in Netflix, that’s been a around-the-clock and accepted truths that she’s speaking to. And I anticipate that the success of bodies is not based on how acute they are or even, you know, how adamantine they assignment as abundant as how adjustable they are. And I anticipate that the ability will be brought out, is actuality brought out to actualize a much, abundant bigger assignment ambiance so I don’t anticipate we’re activity to appear aback to the old apple breadth I anticipate that you’re, there’s aloof the ability of these opportunities.

MCCORD: Couldn’t accede more.

QUICK: Patty, you said article a little bit ago and I appetite to go aback to this maybe end on this agenda because I anticipate it’s important. You talked about how, you know, administration everywhere should be rethinking the abode and maybe accepting rid of things that didn’t work. We haven’t done it in 18 or 19 months, maybe we don’t charge to. What do you anticipate about all calmly on accouter meetings?

MCCORD: I anticipate it’s a actually acceptable time to amend it. I’ll acquaint you that any aggregation that’s all-around has already been cerebration about it anyway. So aback to how Ray started the conversation, this is a absolute befalling for technology to actually advice us in application all the accoutrement that we accept to acquaint to people. I beggarly we’re adapted actuality on video adapted now and so I anticipate that video is an absurd apparatus and that how we acquaint to bodies consistently can calmly be done with video, so I anticipate it’s a amount of using, you know, all, all of the, all of the means that we’ve experimented with and saying, you know, how do we advantage what we’ve abstruse to accomplish a bigger and added abreast workforce activity forward.

QUICK: And Ray I’ll aloof accord you the aftermost word. In agreement of that change and adaptability, breadth do you anticipate we’ll be 5, 10 years from now?

DALIO: Oh, I anticipate they’re gonna be a lot, a lot of changes in the apple over those bristles to 10 years. But, you know, history has apparent that alike in the affliction of times, the best of times, whatever, animal ability and technology that comes from it is the greatest able force because aloof as we’ve apparent in agreement of advancing up with vaccines and the assorted ability that we’ll face all of those challenges and we’ll appear to a bigger assignment but I anticipate it’s activity to be a radically altered affectionate of work. What, what is employment, how will technology be replacing people, how will that be dealt with, how will the abundance gap be dealt with. There are many, abounding things that will affect application and, and the administration of opportunities and what those opportunities are activity to be, there are activity to be many, abounding changes over the abutting bristles years.

QUICK: Ray Dalio, Patty McCord, acknowledge you both for authoritative us anticipate actual acutely about what’s been accident all about us, maybe actuality a little bit added bent in what we’re accomplishing with these changes. Actually acknowledge your time today. Acknowledge you both.

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