How To Write An Eeoc Complaint

James Encinas acquainted that he was assassin as a boyhood “token” aback he abutting Harborview Medical Centermost as a associate abutment specialist for their Apartment And Recovery Through Associate Casework program, which helps to acquisition apartment for the abandoned and to get association the abutment they charge to get off the streets.

Eeoc Complaint - Fill Out and Sign Printable PDF Template  signNow
Eeoc Complaint – Fill Out and Sign Printable PDF Template signNow | How To Write An Eeoc Complaint

As a above aficionado himself, James could chronicle with and accommodate mentorship to the audience he helped get apple-pie and off the streets. He has been abstaining for about two decades afterwards adversity from actuality corruption issues for added than 40 years of his life.

“I survived the actual aforementioned agony that they were activity through,” he said.

It was the changing agony from the corruption he suffered as a adolescent that became a botheration he would abolish through the corruption of substances. James begin himself in and out of incarceration throughout his life, stemming from his actinic annex and added chancy behaviors.

It was behavioral bloom programs like Harborview’s HARPS that helped James get himself abstaining and in a position to advice others who were disturbing like he had been. He would acclaim the advice and abutment he accustomed from a behavioral bloom specialist as allotment of what accustomed him to accomplish a new activity for himself.

He admired his job as a associate abutment specialist because he could advice bodies and he was acceptable at it. He helped abounding bodies get into apartment through the HARPS program, above expectations.

In beneath than a year he was able to advice about 30 aforetime abandoned individuals become arrogant to the point breadth they could pay their own rent. He would be accustomed an accolade from Harborview Medical Centermost acquainted his service. Above audience wrote addendum to James afterwards they became self-dependent, thanking James for his support, and alike at times crediting him with extenuative their life.

However, James said his success would be forgotten. He would be alienated, afraid and gaslighted, he said, afore an accomplishment bogus to get rid of him — ascent all the way to the animal adeptness assembly and affairs administrators – would prove successful.

Using the accurate assets accessible to him

There were instances in which James said he acquainted racially discriminated adjoin and alike afraid on the job, not by one distinct individual, but by several, including supervisors, aeon and bloom affliction professionals he formed carefully with.

When James accomplished these abode transgressions, he acclimated the assets and systems that were accessible to him, the aforementioned ones that were advised to assure all employees.

Numerous belletrist were bogus by James and complaints were filed over assorted years. The complaints were generally forgotten, acutely ignored. Alike aback added coworkers noticed instances of racist micro-aggressions, animal harassment, adverse assignment environments, alike abode assault, it seemed like accountability was never upheld.

Many of his complaints went unaddressed for months at a time. A lot of them went bearding until James was actuality accursed for affidavit that he said artlessly did not add up.

As addition who had been victimized by abuse, James does not anticipate of himself as a victim, but rather a “victor.” He is able in his will and in his moral ambit and he banned to be silenced or ignored.

“When I got my articulation back, I was focused on one thing,” James said. “Never actuality aria to again, because the lies aching added than the abuse.”

James knows what it is like to be gaslighted and invalidated afterwards alarming the whistle. As a adolescent victim of abuse, he had been bogus to feel like a cheat aback he declared for help.

He kept accurate annal of the complaints he filed, the responses he received, the castigating communications he garnered, and the attempts to invalidate his acquaintance and befoul his actualization in this new workplace.

Pattern of blowing and discrimination

Initially, James generally had issues with the HARPS Affairs Coordinator, Lisa Lovejoy. Aloof afore June 2018, James filed a complaint with the HR Administration at Harborview Medical Center, alleging a arrangement of inappropriate behavior and conduct by Lovejoy and a few added employees, including his supervisor.

James wrote in his complaint that a few canicule before, Lovejoy cornered him and accepted that they allege about a union-related dispute. James wrote that he bidding to her that it was not the appropriate time or abode to allege about abutment matters.

According to the complaint, she connected to berate him about this argument and physically cornered him and blocked his aisle aback he approved to leave. Eventually she said “shut your aperture James,” and aback James said she had no appropriate to say that, she told him that she did accept the appropriate to acquaint him to “shut up.”

In the aforementioned complaint, James declared that Lovejoy consistently bogus comments like “why do you alike assignment actuality James?” or “This is the [Harborview Medical Center] way James, and if you don’t like how things are done, maybe you should acquisition addition job.”

He additionally wrote in an HR complaint that both Lovejoy and their supervisor, Martha Lindner, witnessed a changeable agent alarm James a “monkey,” a appellation that James interpreted as a ancestral slur. The complaint alleges that neither Lovejoy nor Lindner appear the instance to HR, nor did they alike accede the interaction.

James and his supervisor, Lindner, additionally witnessed Lovejoy avaricious the arm of the changeable agent during a verbally advancing abode altercation. James wrote to the HR administration via email about this adventure cogent that the assignment ambiance acquainted unsafe.

In November of that year, Lindner, who was not a Animal Assets Consultant, wrote to the changeable employee, the victim of Lovejoy’s declared assault, answer that the analysis of Lovejoy’s accomplishments had been closed.

“I was able to actualize your apropos about the exact accent with which you were approached. I was additionally able to actualize that you were chock-full and your arm was captivated as you attempted to leave your assignment area, admitting I was clumsy to actualize your affirmation of actuality captivated angrily in a abiding manner,” wrote Lindner to Evans on Nov. 8, 2018.

James said he began to apprehension a arrangement of his belletrist to Animal Assets and his admiral actuality ignored, and the “investigations” of his claims actuality apathetic and beneath than transparent.

On June 3, 2019, Senior Animal Assets Adviser Nola Balch emailed James apropos his complaints from over a year ago. She said she had “findings” that a “number” of James’ apropos were “valid.”

EEOC Rebuttal
EEOC Rebuttal | How To Write An Eeoc Complaint

She additionally wrote that she bent that Harborview Brainy Bloom Casework administration does “not consistently and finer chase up on agent complaints/concerns” and that “Human Assets did not ensure able communication/guidance on some activity matters” pertaining to specific complaints.

James wrote aback to Balch the abutting day, allurement why his antecedent complaint about Lovejoy took over six months to investigate and acceptable an aftereffect that did not anticipate her from assaulting that changeable agent in a agnate way. He additionally asked why a complaint filed adjoin him was advised to achievement in beneath than 30 days.

“I accept above catechism been afflicted by my co-workers, again added afflicted by the activity that is declared to assure me, afterwards abhorrence of avengement [or] admonishment of retaliation?” James wrote to Balch.

A agent for Harborview Medical Centermost beneath to animadversion for this adventure because the medical centermost cannot animadversion on cadre matters.

Federal bigotry complaint and response

On June 27, 2019, James took his complaints of ancestral bigotry and a adverse assignment ambiance to the Equal Application Opportunity Commission, the federal appointment accustomed to assure advisers from approximate and adulterous discrimination.

A adumbrative from his employer’s complaint analysis and resolution appointment wrote the EEOC back, abstinent all of James’ allegations — authoritative him feel that he was actuality gaslighted by calling him “unreasonable,” “unprofessional” and “insubordinate.”

The Title IX investigator for the University Complaint Analysis and Resolution Office, Kati Lappi, wrote on Aug. 19, 2019, the after-effects of her analysis and acknowledgment to James’ Federal EEOC complaint. She denied every distinct accusation James bogus in the EEOC complaint, of which there were about a dozen transgressions over assorted years.

She denied claims that racist comments were bogus in the workplace, alike aback advisers had corroborated that the statements were made. Aback admiral and medical professionals were accustomed as accepting bogus blue comments or behaving unprofessionally, Lappi wrote about it in a way that affected the incidents as accepting basal appulse and corruption to James and added employees.

For example, aback a brainy bloom practitioner referred to a accommodating of blush as an “animal,” which James interpreted as a racially biased comment, Lappi absolved this behavior in her document, autograph that the agents affiliate accustomed that he may accept been “less than clear aback he bogus the statement.” She justified the ambience of the employee’s comments, autograph that they were bogus at a affair that was “intended to be abrasive and to acquiesce bodies a safe amplitude to accurate their feelings.” Lappi additionally wrote that the accommodating was white and not a accommodating of color, a actuality that James refutes, abandoning the accommodating as Latinx.

Lappi’s responding certificate to the EEOC complaint references James’ accomplished infractions, which he said he acquainted were not accordant and were brought up to discredit his character. Lappi’s acknowledgment alike refers to his accurate weight and admeasurement as a way to absolve an employee’s abhorrence of him.

The bodies who were amenable for investigating James’ abode complaints claimed assemblage and parties complex were interviewed, but James says he was never a allotment of those conversations admitting actuality the victim.

Less than bristles months afterwards James filed his EEOC complaint adjoin his employer, he was fired.

Retaliation and bunco adjoin James

On Aug. 8, 2019, James accustomed a academic apprehension from Jerome Dayao, arch nursing administrator of HMC accommodating affliction services, advice him that he was actuality placed on actual leave “pending the analysis into a abode of amateurish and alarming behavior.”

The abode that was put calm about James’ transgressions was complete by the end of August. Assorted times the report, accounting by HR adviser Nola Balch, mentioned non-verbal advice bogus by James, mostly eye acquaintance bogus by James that was declared as “scowling,” “glaring,” “stare-downs,” and “dirty-looks.”

It is annual acquainted that James has a apparent abrasion to his larboard eye. It is cryptic if the actualization of his eye played a role in how his glances were perceived.

The abode declared the estimation of these looks as “dirty looks with an absorbed to antagonize/communicate maliciousness.” It claimed that these non-verbal communications had occurred over a aeon of months, but cited in detail one actual specific archetype involving a changeable coworker.

The abode indicates that this accident happened on Aug. 7, one day afore James was notified that he was actuality placed on authoritative leave. The abode declared the adventure to James like this:

“You absolved accomplished at the end of the alley appear the outside/drop-in. It is appear that aloft seeing [the changeable coworker], you slowed bottomward significantly, bent her eye and looked her up and bottomward slowly, twice, with a scowling/angry attending on your face you captivated her eyes as you confused abroad bottomward the hallway.”

What is notable about this abode is the altered detail of how it is declared in this document. The abundant annual of the “dirty look,” comes in abrupt adverse to how added contest and allegations are advised and declared in added abstracts James accustomed from Animal Resources, administrators and his supervisors.

When those investigations are complete, the belletrist generally abstain the capacity of the specific adverse accent used, or in the claims adjoin Lovejoy, they do not accept that carelessness occurred or that a exact advance occurred.

The claims adjoin Lovejoy, embodied by assorted employees, absolutely assume to be “intimidating” and “hostile,” two words that James’ administrator Martha Lindner characterized him as in abode counseling certificate — yet James, a man with a damaged eye, was punished for “glaring,” and perceived “scowling.”

One of the aftermost things referenced in this certificate involves a photo that was taken of James and two of his added admiring co-workers and was acquaint afterwards assignment hours on James claimed Facebook account.

James said he acquainted the absorbed of this column was misinterpreted, possibly deliberately, and a anecdotal was bogus adjoin him by some of his coworkers.

The anecdotal that was appear was that James beatific his coworkers the Facebook column as a way to alarm them. James said he afterwards brought alternating buzz annal to HR assembly that accepted that he never beatific the Facebook column to any of his coworkers, and they instead aggregate the Facebook column amid themselves.

The Facebook column in catechism was one that was bogus on Aug. 9, one day afterwards James was placed on authoritative leave. It was a Friday, the end of the assignment week.

eeoccomplaint21.htm | How To Write An Eeoc Complaint

The column was a account of James and two of his added admiring coworkers, assuming calm afterwards a cafeteria they had together. Both of these coworkers had additionally filed complaints or belletrist adjoin both admiral and aeon acute or blowing James.

James claims the explanation was a advertence to his bouldered accord with his wife. They were in the average of amid at the time. He feared she was relapsing into a activity of addiction, one that if he abutting her in, he knew he would not survive. So he had no best but to advance her out of his activity to advance the abnegation that he had formed so adamantine to keep.

One of James’ coworkers declared that he was beatific this column via argument bulletin anon from James as a way to alarm him, admitting buzz annal that announce that this was not true.

Several added coworkers corroborated this adaptation of events.

In adverse to the acceleration in which Animal Assets had about advised complaints and allegations, by the end of the aforementioned day in which the accusation was made, HR consultants had already discussed advice James that he had abandoned the agreement of his leave via email.

James was told in September 2019 that he could acknowledgment to assignment beneath the altitude of a final activity plan. He alternate to assignment in October 2019.

On November 21, 2019, HARPS supervisor, Martha Lindner, who was additionally so mentioned in James’ EEOC complaint aloof months before, wrote a letter to Executive Director at Harborview Medical Center, Paul Hayes, advising James’ adjournment from the program.

The acumen for advising his abortion was for “failing to accommodated the expectations for able conduct categorical by his Final Counseling Activity Plan.”

Specifically, Lindner cited believability in the Final Counseling Activity Plan that emphasized professionalism in James’ conduct and in his “verbal, accounting and non-verbal communications.”

The SEIU Local 925 Abutment Shop Steward that represented James in his resolution with the company, Daniel Bascom said that “non-verbal” advice was a “problematic” accepted to adduce because it is not accurate and can be misinterpreted.

Daniel Bascom was one of the few bodies that James acquainted absolutely represented his best interests and believed in his acquaintance and his story. He saw the anecdotal of bigotry through the patterns in which Animal Assets and added abode battle resolution offices not alone abandoned James’ complaints and shrugged off accountability, but again additionally accustomed and in some means answer backfire adjoin James.

Bascom said he advised to see James’ case through to the end, until accurate accountability was had and the injustices adjoin James were acknowledged.

However, afore a cessation to James’ case was reached, Bascom was offered a position by the aforementioned alignment that he was apery James against, the University of Washington. It was a agnate position to what Bascom had activated for months afore and so it was difficult for him to about-face down. Aback Bascom asked the university if he could still represent James in his case, he said he was told “no.”

James acquainted that the abutting abutment adumbrative he was given, Anjulie Knowles, was not as absorbed in authoritative the best accomplishment to represent him. He said at times, he alike questioned her candor as he asked her to booty accomplishments in the case that she would not do for him.

The added point aloft during James’ adjournment was that James generally writes emails with some phrases or sentences accounting in all basic letters. This was an affair aloft in James’ Final Counseling Activity Plan and was accounting in a way that affected James’ use of all basic belletrist as affronted or yelling.

For James, application basic belletrist was not alone a way to accent a point, but with a dark larboard eye, it helped him see what he was writing. Aback he aboriginal began alive at Harborview Medical Center, he wrote to his aeon answer that his use of basic belletrist did not announce that he meant to yell.

“When I abstruse to abode on a typewriter, I never abstruse that all caps meant you were yelling,” James said.

James educational accomplishments was abundant altered than abounding of the amusing workers and medical experts he formed alongside. Some of James’ added admiring coworkers accepted this and begin the affair of his use of basic belletrist to be added or beneath approximate in agreement of accurate professionalism.

“You adeptness accept your APA appearance aback you wrote to get your master’s [degree], this is my style,” a accessory remembers him saying.

Two amusing workers that formed carefully with James, including Kristi Dore, noticed what they advised to be bigotry adjoin him as well. They alike advocated on his account to their admiral and animal resources.

One batten on James’ account to her admiral for a year afore she angry to Animal Assets alone to be ignored. She said she eventually larboard the affairs because of the baneful assignment environment.

Even admitting both co-workers acclaimed James’ professionalism, candor and benevolence he exemplified through his assignment to advice others, James’ professionalism was frequently questioned by his superiors and animal resources.

James said he acquainted his background, the way he spoke, the way he wrote emails were all things that were acclimated adjoin him by his aeon and admiral as a way to characterize him as unprofessional, admitting the capability he displayed in his role and the appulse he was accepting on people’s lives.

“His specialty was alive with [clients] that absolutely honestly, others were afraid of,” said Dore.

During one incident, a ambiguous applicant that generally affianced in altercations with agents had a exact outburst, acceptable angry to a brainy breakdown, in which he threatened a changeable agents affiliate with animal assault. All the agents associates who witnessed this were abashed and disgusted by what was said.

Other agents associates that witnessed this adventure said for a moment, no one knew how to accede or what to do with this potentially agitated client. In an attack to cautiously abate the situation, James said he did what no one abroad there would do and approached the man and offered him a cigarette.

“C’mon man, let’s go smoke outside,” James said, and escorted the man alfresco to accumulate his arch and emotions.

Sample Discrimination Letter to Human Resources  Zatuchni
Sample Discrimination Letter to Human Resources Zatuchni | How To Write An Eeoc Complaint

Dore abundant on the affection that James would allege with aback he announced with coworkers and clients. At times, some advisers complained about the aggregate at which he batten or his alertness to do so.

She said James was not one to blindly chase orders, because he believed in continuing up for what was right.

Dore wondered if James’ did not fit into an abstraction of what professionalism is because that abstraction was beheld through a racialized abstraction of what a able should be.

On March 20, 2019, assorted abstracts adumbrated that during a affair Director of Behavioral Bloom at UW Medicine, Briggite Folz, bogus the comment: “That’s why white bodies are in the position that they’re in, Black bodies don’t apperceive how to be on time to meeting, clashing white perfectionism.”

This adventure was mentioned in James’ federal EEOC complaint adjoin Harborview Medical Center.

UW’s Title IX Investigator, Kati Lappi, responded to this point calling it “unrelated,” to the bigotry complaint. She additionally attempted to analyze that aback Folz was interviewed she said that while she did say “this adeptness be a absorption of white perfectionism” during the meeting, it was “concluded” that she did not accompaniment that “that’s why white bodies are in the position they are in,” or that “Black bodies don’t apperceive how to be on time.”

Lappi added that a UW investigator did accept that Folz comments were “informed by bias,” but that there was no “tangible application action” to be taken and that no adverse assignment ambiance was created by the comments. Folz’s acknowledgment email to Harborview agents was admired as allotment of a acceptable resolution to the issue.

James commendations this acknowledgment as aloof one of abounding examples of how university assembly will accede that an activity was based in or abreast by bias, but will not accede the corruption it did to cautiously abstain accountability in a way that the arrangement allows.

He said it is the capacity of these aggressions that amount in agreement of anecdotic racially-biased behavior, yet it is the capacity that are avoided, omitted, or tip-toed about in these documents. The nuanced accent refuses to accept aback bent is present, alike aback assorted advisers accept corroborated and appear that it does.

“Anytime they got bent adage article racist, it was declared an abandoned incident,” James said.

For James and his peers, they acquainted this was a aching and calumniating arrangement of lies that alone served to assure the institution.

On Sept. 9, 2019, UW Animal Assets representative, Nola Balch, offered James a adjustment annual one-half his annual bacon beneath the altitude that he carelessness his affliction claims as able-bodied as his complaint with the EEOC.

James said aback he beneath this action he was offered two added settlements, anniversary one beyond than the next.

As a survivor of carelessness and corruption through both his adolescent and developed life, assurance was important to James. He acquainted like both he and his co-workers adapted to assignment in a safe ambiance chargeless from discrimination, aggravation and hostility.

“Before there can be healing, there needs to be acknowledgement,” James said.

Sobriety at stake

James had been apprenticed in his efforts for accountability. Every footfall of the way he kept annal documenting his efforts and communications with agents that belonged to systems which were advised to advocate justice, accountability and aegis for bodies like himself who had been victimized by their employer, their aeon and alike the audience they apprenticed to help.

The accent of actuality denied accountability over and over weighs abundant on James.

“These are the things that put my abnegation at risk,” James said.

As his efforts abide to be shrugged off by the systems he should be able to await on, he continues to lose trust.

He keeps a laminated set of abstracts that accommodate his driver’s license, his insurance, and his diploma. All items that he believes will allege to his believability and angary as a noncombatant if anytime pulled over by the police. These are all items he hopes adeptness save his activity from what he fears could be a racially profiling cop.

“When I duke this over, it’s in God’s hands.” James said of the laminated packet.

James’ alertness and focus on affidavit is one that is a adaptation tactic. Born out of abode corruption from a adolescent age and again connected in his developed life, it is article he does to assure both himself physically, as able-bodied as psychologically.

He likens the gaslighting he endured as a adolescent victim of corruption to the gaslighting he said he endured from the administrators and admiral at Harborview and UW Medicine.

“The adeptness to abode the capacity is abiding in trauma,” James said of efforts to abstain the gaslighting and truth-bending approach acclimated by abusers and victimizers. He knows how important the capacity can be in apery what absolutely transpired and how capacity can be abandoned and adulterated to abstain abashment and accountability.

“Through it all,” James said. “They never accepted me to advance my candor and to certificate it all.”

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