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Later that day at the Boonchuys residence, Anne runs bank abounding with affect cutting her accidental clothes.

WoW Bot - Creating new API + Settings + Behavior Trees
WoW Bot – Creating new API + Settings + Behavior Trees | How To Write A Wow Bot

“Plantars, ASSEMBLE!” Anne calls out.

The Plantars shows up as they salute.

“Present!” said Hop Pop.

“What’s up?” Polly asked.

“Any news?” Sprig added.

“I got a argument from Dr. Jan.” said Anne assuming them a argument from her phone. “It says, “Come see aback you’ve got a moment! I anticipate I begin something!” Which means, the eventually we allocution to her, the eventually we get you home!”

The Plantars animated aback they run out of the abode with action cutting their disguises. While Anne was on her way active to the museum, Mrs. Boonchuy chock-full her in avant-garde of 3 plates of food.

“Oh good. You’re here. Advice us finishing loading the car.” said Mrs. Boonchuy as her bedmate opens the aback block of the car.

“No problem, Mrs. Boonchuy!” said Sprig.

“We’d be animated to help!” Hop Pop agrees to advice her.

“I can’t backpack much, but okay.” said Polly.

The Plantars went to advice out her parents, but Anne was afraid to go the museum.

“Okay. But afresh we gotta get to the museum.”

“No way. It’s bazaar day at the Thai Temple and we are all activity to be there.” said Mrs. Boonchuy.

“But mom! It’s air-conditioned important!” said Anne authoritative her puppy face.

“So is this. The Thai association hasn’t apparent you aback you came back. And this is the absolute opportunity.”


“No but! Look, I’ll accomplish you a deal. Aloof break for one abounding hour, afresh you can go do whatever.”

“Fine.” groaned Anne.

Hop Pop carries three plates of aliment and started to ask analytical about Thai community.

“Market day? Temple?” Hop asks as he accord three plates to Mr. Boonchuy.

“It’s a account all-day blow at the Thai Temple! “replied Mr. Boonchuy. “Everyone gathers for food, music, sports, dance, and Thai accent school. It’s… uhhh…”

He abeyance for his sentence. Anne turns and sees two acceptance demography pictures at the Boonchuys.

“HEY! I see you! Desi, Rico.” Anne airtight as the two acceptance fled the scene.

Mr. Boonchuy airing over to Anne confused.

“What was that all about?” Mr. Boonchuy asked.

“Ugh. Nosy account bloggers from the academy cardboard aggravating to get an absolute photo of “the babe who went missing.” replied Anne annoyed.

Oh! Able-bodied I got some they can use!” Her ancestor grabs his buzz and hangs it up. “Here’s you bistro spaghetti aback you were two. Oh!” Afresh swipes to the abutting photo. “And here’s you aback you were-“

“Dad! Oh my gosh! Stop!” exclaimed Anne aback she hunt her father.

“NEVER!” Mr. Boonchuy absolutely teased.

Later on, the Boonchuys and the Plantars has accustomed at the Thai Temple. The Plantars were afraid at the temple except for Anne who absolutely capital to go the building so badly.

“Just attending at this place!” said Sprig amazed.

“Yowza!” Polly astonished.

“Wow!” said Hop Pop as he continuing appropriate abutting to the temple. “The stalls array of admonish me of Wartwood!”

“Look! There’s alike a statue!” said Sprig pointing out at the aureate statues.

Polly looks at the account of adolescent Anne dancing at the Thai Temple.

“No way! Is this you?” Polly gasps.

“Yep. I’ve been advancing actuality aback I was a kid. It seems air-conditioned at first, but accept me, it gets old quick.” replied Anne.

By the time they access at stalls, Hop Pop opens 4 aliment trays while Sprig opens an umbrella. Mrs. Boonchuy puts on a Thai Go hat on Anne and ties her hair.

“You’re on sample assignment today.” Mrs. Boonchuy gives her a tray of barbecue sticks and afresh walk. “Now angle out in the accessible breadth anybody can see you.”

“Wait, by anybody you don’t mean…”

Then all of sudden, a accumulation of beforehand women arrives. They get aflame to see Anne aback she’s home.

“Anne’s here!”

“She’s back!”

“Oh, shoot. Actuality comes the Ba train.” said Anne.

“Welcome back, adolescent Anne.” said One of the age-old pinches Anne’s larboard cheeks.

Then Anne passes the sample to Sprig aback she wai her.

“Hi, Ba-Med.”

“Where accept you been annoying your parents like that?”

“Good to see you, Papu. It was aloof a little misunderstanding. They forgot I was at tennis camp.” replied Anne aback she lied.

“Eh.. Typical.” said Ba-Med.

“You got skinny.” said Papu.

“Here. Eat something.” said One of the age-old aback she gives her a beanery of oatmeal. “OK, acceptable to see you.” Afresh accumulation leaves, while Anne wai them.

“Bye-Bye!” Papu waved.

“Hey, what does this mean?” Polly asked aback she does a wai’s pose.

“It’s alleged a wai.” replied Anne aback she wai affectation “It’s how you actualization account to your elders. Air-conditioned important in Thai culture.”

“Make faculty to me.” said Hop Pop while Sprig passes him the sample bowl and he passes it to Anne. “You kids can apprentice a brace of things here.”

“Well, we’ve got some time to kill. You three are chargeless to analyze if you want. Aloof be accurate to accumulate those disguises-“

Her words were cut off aback Sprig, Polly, and Hop Pop runs out with excited.


Polly all-overs on a bench, Sprig passes through a guy captivation aliment trays, and Hop Pop sees altered stalls. Anne grabs her buzz and looked at the time that says 10:00 am.

“Hold on, Dr. Jan. Aloof one hour, and I’ll be there.” said Anne talking to her phone.

“Ha ha, hi ya Anne.”

Anne angry about and saw Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto as they approached the stands. She smiled aback she see’s her accompany again.

“Hi, Mickey. Hi, guys.” Anne greeted aback wai them.

“Hello, Anne.” Minnie wai aback at Anne. “How are you doing?”

“It was great. My parents brought me and the Plantars for Thai association aback some association haven’t apparent me for while. What brings you here?” Anne asked.

“We anticipation we could stop by for a appointment aback I looked up online about the community. Minnie told me aggregate that you formed at the restaurant.” replied Daisy.

“Oh yeah. How about that.” said Anne abashed as she recalls from that incident.

“We went to the association already aback aback we do Muai Thai.” said Donald.

“No way! I do Muai Thai, too!”

“Well, acceptable for you!”

“Say, uh can I try?” Goofy asked.

“Sure. Actuality you go.” Anne authority out the samples.

Mickey and his accompany approved out the sample aback they aftertaste it.

“Mmm mmm. So delicious! Ah hyuck!” said Goofy.

“Oh boy! Delicious!” said Donald.

“Gosh! That sample was so good.” Mickey amazed.

“Thanks. My mom fabricated these. You guys are acceptable to attending about while the Plantars are here.” said Anne.

“Thanks Anne, ha ha.” Mickey thanked her and looked at his friends. “Alright gang, let’s advance out and accept some fun.”

“Okay!” Donald agrees.

“You betcha!” Goofy added.

“Catch ya later!” said Daisy wai at Anne aback they left.

Question] New Bot for wow 300.300.30.
Question] New Bot for wow 300.300.30. | How To Write A Wow Bot

Mickey and Pluto went seperate means from his accompany while Minnie and Daisy went to sightseeing and Donald and Goofy were attractive around.

“Mommy! Look! It’s Mickey!” said The babe cheerfully.

“Ha ha, hi ya folks!” Mickey greeted his fans.

Then some accouchement ran arise to Mickey and Pluto as they greeted his fans. Anne smiles cautiously at them. She was afraid to see her admired idols aback affair the accouchement forth with their parents. It reminded her aback she aboriginal met Mickey aback she was abandoned fives.

Meanwhile, two bodies were bubbler their Thai Milk tea, while Polly is walking footfall by step.

“I’m walking like a human! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh!” Polly stops walking aback she passes by the classroom. “Eh?”

Polly takes a blink central the Thai classroom breadth the accouchement are laughing. Polly has never some animal kids afore besides some added kids aback at the neighbors. Afresh suddenly, she hears a voice.

“Excuse me?”

Polly turns about and looked at the accumulation of girls advance which turns out to be Isabella and the Fireside Girls as they angle besides Polly smiling.

“Hi, you’re Polly, right?” Isabella asked.

“Why yes, that’s me. And you are?” said Polly.

“I’m Isabella, and these are my friends, Gretchen, Adyson, Ginger, Holly, Katie, and Milly. We’re the Fireside Girls.”

“Wait. Are you with those kids aback at the club from the added night?” Polly asked as she accustomed them.

“Yes, yes we are.” replied Isabella. “We’re accompany of Anne and Sprig.

“Oh, it’s funny that they never mentioned, but what are all you accomplishing here?”

“We came to appointment to the Thai association to acquire ‘Speaking Thai Patch’.”

“Cool! I can allege Thai too.”

“Really?” Isabella asked.

“Yep, watch this.”

We cut to the abecedary aback she’s teaching kids to speaking Thai.

“And if we appetite to say “its bedtime”, we say…”

“ได้เวลานอนแล้ว!” said Polly speaking Thai. (It’s bedtime!)

“Very good! You demography Thai before?” The abecedary asked while Polly enters the classroom and sit on the floor.

“ไม่ แต่ฉันดูคอลเล็กชั่น Thai romcom ของนางบุญช่วยแล้ว!” replied Polly speaking Thai. (No, but I HAVE watched Mrs. Boonchuy’s absolute Thai romcom collection!)

The kids were afflicted aback Polly speaks Thai.

“Show off.” said The kid coughing.

Even the Fireside Girls were larboard abashed and impressed.

“I like her.” said Ginger.

Meanwhile, Hop Pop is apparent walking about a bit while whistling, aback he aback finds article absorbing in a room. A accumulation of Thais in blatant accouterment is apparent dancing and arena age-old music. Hop Pop has never apparent this achievement before. Afresh suddenly, he hears a accustomed voice.

“Hi ya, pal.”

Hop Pop angry about and saw that Timon and Pumbaa was actuality as they approached accustomed out their meal with grubs. Hop Pop smiles at them.

“Oh, why accost there. What brings you two here?” said Hop Pop.

“Well, Pumbaa and I anticipation we should stop by for appointment aback we heard there some bugs here. So, why not stick about actuality for while?” replied Timon.

“Yeah, we never been to Thai afore aback we biking about the apple for years.” Pumbaa added.

“Is that so?” Hop Pop asked.

“That’s right.” said Timon aback he best up a bug by application a chopstick and eats it. “What are you up to, doc?”

“Well, Anne’s parents brought us actuality to appointment Thai community. So what’s that over there?” said Hop Pop looked aback the performance.

“I don’t know? Let’s analysis it out.” said Timon.

They accept entered this allowance breadth they perform.

“Ooh! Excuse me, what’s all this then?” Hop Pop asked curious.

“It’s Khon dancing, a achievement art breadth dancers acquaint a admirable brawl of ballsy calibration through intricate movements and alive gestures.” said One of the dancer.

“Intricate movements? Alive gestures? DRAMA? I’M IN!”

Hop Pop does a gross, alive and crazy act while Timon and Pumbaa were abashed blinking their eyes. Afresh in the end, he gets tired. The accumulation is afflicted and acclaim for Hop Pop’s peformance.

“Whoo! This guy’s good.”

“I adulation it here!” cried Hop Pop with joy.

“Wow! That was impressive.” said Timon impressed.

“Hooray for Hop Pop!” Pumbaa cheered.

Meanwhile, Sprig is walking while bistro some Thai sweets. He has never aftertaste such sweets like this before.

“I ambition Anne had told me about these earlier.” said Sprig as he swallows some sweets, but afresh he looks at a accumulation of Sepak takraw. “Huh?”

They were arena a Sepak takraw bold that looks like bang volleyball, but one of them accidentally absent the ball.

“Oops! Heads-up!”

Sprig noticed this and gets the brawl with a kick, does a baleful pirtuera and with addition kick, allotment the brawl to them. The accumulation is afflicted as the brawl ends up hitting a player.

“Hey! New guy! Join our team!” said One of the player.

“Hey! We saw him first!” airtight The adverse player.

“Calm down, everyone. Plenty of Sprig to go around.” said Sprig as he approached them and afresh do a pose.

“Hey Sprig!”

Sprig looked and saw Phineas and Ferb as they approached them. Sprig was blessed to see them aback they aboriginal met at the studios.

“Hey guys! What’s up?” Sprig asked.

“Mom and dad brought us actuality to appointment so we can apprentice added about Thai.” replied Phineas.

“Cool! Wanna comedy a bold with us? There’s added allowance for everyone.”

“Sure! If that’s alright with your team.”

The players nodded as they agreed. And now aback to Anne, still continuing at the arrest alms some samples of Moo Ping.

“Moo Ping! Come get your Moo Ping here!” Anne hollered. Afresh the couples booty the samples as they canyon by.

“Welcome back, Anne.”

“Nice to see you again, Anne.”

Mrs. Boonchuy appears with belfry of dishes. Anne looked at her mom accustomed it.

“What you got there, mom?” Anne asked.

“Just abiding a few dishes some of the association associates lent me.” Mrs. Boonchuy replied while canyon by acknowledgment the dishes loaned to their owners.

“All right. It must’ve been about an hour by now.” Anne pulls out her buzz and notices that it’s 10:10 am. ” IT’S ONLY BEEN 10 MINUTES?! That’s it.”

Anne eat actual 3 Moo Ping aback swallows it and spits out the sticks while calling Dr. Jan.

“Sorry, mom, but I accept added important things to do today than duke out samples.” Afresh Anne hears a buzz alarm aback answered. “Hey, Dr. Jan. It’s me, Anne.”

Meanwhile at the bend of the city, but what Anne didn’t apprehension aback the damaged Cloack-Bot is interfering with Anne’s alarm while acclimation itself.

“I’m at the Thai temple, but I’ll be at the building in 30 account tops.”

The Cloak-Bot gets the breadth of the alarm that came from the Thai Temple.

“Deploy drone.”

The Cloak-Bot opens from its close and aerial assurance appear, but aback they transform, they about-face out to be apprentice dragonflies.

“Search and destroy.”

The apprentice dragonflies are on their way to the Thai temple while the Cloak-Bot resumes acclimation itself. Aback to Anne keeps her corpuscle buzz and watches the area.

“Now, all I got to do is aggregate those frogs and abstain some parents.”

Then she noticed a woman came by agnate to her appearance.

“First, a decoy.” Anne approaches the agnate woman. “Psst! I’ll accord you 5 bucks to pretend to be me for 45 minutes.”

“I don’t see why not.” The woman agrees as Anne puts the hat on her and easily her the bowl and ran off. “So you’re gonna address me a analysis or…”

Anne goes for Sprig, but hides in a adverse as Mrs. Boonchuy passes. She comes out of ambuscade already her mother anesthetized and resume to chase Sprig until she begin him.

Bot setup  WoW Bot Farm
Bot setup WoW Bot Farm | How To Write A Wow Bot

“Sprig! Hey, Sprig! Whoa…”

Anne sees Sprig does a aerial jump, turns and with a bang aimed at the ground, afresh bliss the brawl and array a point. Phineas, Ferb, and the players were auspicious at Sprig.

“Yes!” Sprig cheered.

“WOO! Way to go Sprig!” Phineas cheered.

“Wow. He is absolutely acceptable at that. Looks like he’s accepting fun too.” said Anne impressed. “Maybe he can accord this one a miss.”

Anne larboard the breadth and goes for Hop Pop, but she gasps aback she sees him. Hop Pop brings a affectation and a pikestaff while he does abreast brawl while Timon and Pumbaa are watching. Anne airing afterpiece to Hop Pop.

“Psst! Hop Pop! Psst!”

“Shh. Anne, this is a bashful theater.” said Hop Pop shushing her.

Hop Pop walks up to the Khon 2 dancer, picks him up, and strikes a pose. Anne sighs and leaves him alone. Timon and Pumbaa noticed Anne aback she left.

“Boy, she looks blue.” said Timon.

“I say brownish.” replied Pumbaa.

“No, no, no, I beggarly she’s depressed.”


“Man, those two accept absolutely gotten sucked in.” said Anne walks by while attractive for Polly, afresh aback she looks at Polly accepting her chat with Isabella, Fireside Girls. the abecedary and some children.

“แล้วฉันก็พูดว่า “ฉันรู้ว่าคุณเป็นใคร แต่ฉันเป็นอะไร”.” Polly joked speaking Thai. (And afresh I said, “I apperceive you are, but what am I?”)

Then they all bedlam at Polly’s joke. Anne was stunned.

“What the heck? I sat through Thai academy for years and can almost cord a book together.”

Anne watches Polly as she action with added children. Isabella patted on Polly’s arch gently. Anne started to apprehend that the Plantars started to like the Thai Temple.

“It is array of accurate to see all three of them abutting to Thai ability like this. Alike Phineas, Ferb, Fireside Girls, Timon, and Pumbaa are there to adore themselves too.”

Anne larboard the classroom. She was about to arch for an exit, but afresh she bumped into a jailbait with red hair.

“Hey! Watch breadth you….Anne?”

“Candace?!” Anne blow aback she bumped into Candace by accident. “Hey! What up girl? I assumption you’re actuality too, huh?”

“Yeah, my parents brought me and my brother actuality forth with the Fireside Girls to participate at the Thai community.” replied Candace.

“That’s great! Anyway, gotta go!” said Anne aback she ran off.

“Hey, delay a minute! Breadth are you going?” Candace hollered.

Anne keeps active aback she anesthetized by Mickey and Pluto aback demography pictures with a family, but noticed Anne ran off aback they were confused. Afresh Anne anesthetized by Minnie and Daisy aback demography selfie with two boyhood girls, but noticed Anne ran off too. Donald and Goofy are demography some samples aback bistro it, but Anne ambiguous by abrogation them confused. And assuredly she runs to the avenue of the temple.

“I’ll aloof amend them afterwards I see Dr. Jan.”

But by then, Anne bumps into Mrs. Boonchuy with a accumulation of dishes while accepting her attention with Linda and Lawrence.

“MOM?!” Anne gasps.

“Anne? You’re declared to be at the stand.” said Mrs. Boonchuy confused.

“Oh, able-bodied yes. You see…”

“You were cheating out to appointment your building friend. Weren’t you?” Mrs. Boonchuy asked sternly.

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Ok, you got me.”

“I don’t accept this. You absolutely couldn’t delay one hour?”

“(groans) Look, I already said hi to everyone. Now I accept to get to the building so I can get my interdimensional accompany home. It’s air-conditioned important.”

“So is this! We additionally charge use this community. Why do you anticipate I’m abiding all those dishes?”

“I don’t know? Because you had a buffet party?” Anne guessed.

“No! Anybody actuality baker us commons and took affliction of me and dad for all those months you were gone.”

Anne was shocked. It was appear that her mother was accustomed all of her dishes breadth best bodies adapted meal and took affliction of her parents while she’s gone. All this time, the bodies are acknowledging her parents, aloof like Mickey and his friends.

“Oh. I… I had no idea. Wow, I feel like a jerk.” said Anne softly.

“They were afraid about you and us. The association ran our abundance actuality and beatific us the money. Alike helped out at the restaurant. And never asked for annihilation in return.” said Mrs. Boonchuy putting her duke on her shoulder.

“That’s absolutely cool.”

“It is appealing cool.”

Linda and Lawrence were animated at them both for that moment. Afresh suddenly, a accumulation of apprentice drones flew beyond the Thai temple. Anne, her mother, and the Flynn-Fletchers parents noticed aback looked up in the sky.

“Huh? What are those things?”

Everyone including Mickey and his accompany are attractive up at the sky and sees a accumulation a drones.

“What the?” Mickey shocked.

“What’s activity on?” The woman gasp.

“Whoa! Drones! They charge be from the robot!” Anne shocked.

“Robots?” Mrs. Boonchuy asked.

Anne absolutely forgot to apprehend that her mother was still with her. She bare to covered up so that she won’t apperceive that the Cloak-Bot accelerate the drones to acquisition her.

“Uuuuh, the apprentice is the name the account blog those girls from academy run! They uh, charge accept beatific the drones to booty added photos of me!” Anne aria while she pushes her mom to get safety. “Just acquaint anybody they accept to booty cover! I’ve got this!”

Both Linda and Lawrence shrugged off and larboard the arena to booty cover. Afresh suddenly, The drones try to bang Anne, but they attempt at the bench. The Plantars heard article from three abstracted screenshots splits. Mickey and his accompany heard article too from aforementioned three abstracted screenshots splits. The Plantars, Mickey, and his accompany rushed to Anne aback there’s trouble.

“What was that?!” Donald asked frantic.

“Anne! We heard a blast! What’s activity on?” Sprig asked concerned.

“Looks like the apprentice beatific some scouts afterwards us! We accept to assure the temple of anybody in it!”

“Right!” said The Plantars are on bouncer while Hop Pop put on his mask.

“We’re appropriate abaft you.”

Anne and her accompany turns about and saw Mrs. Boonchuy are ambulatory The Thai association runs to coact with Anne, the Plantars, and the Sensational Six. Anne was abashed accept that the bodies are accepting themselves afflicted including her friends.

“Mom! I told you to acquaint anybody to booty cover!” Anne yells.

“This is OUR temple and OUR community. Aback one of us is beneath a threat, we ALL are.” Mrs. Boonchuy declared aback arresting the temple.

“Yeah! Be gone, Saint James Average Academy paparazzi!” shouted Ba-Med.

“Yeah! Yeah!” “We’ve got your back!”

The Thai association accumulation chanted as they adhere out with Anne, the Plantars, and the Sensational Six. Alike the Flynn-Fletchers siblings, Fireside Girls, Timon, and Pumbaa are out there to advice their friends. Mickey was afraid that they got added supporters.

“Gosh! It looks like we charge all the advice we can get.” said Mickey amazed.

“Were those robots that Anne’s been talking about?” Minnie asked.

“As the amount of fact, yes.” replied Mickey.

“Were appropriate abaft you, Mickey.” said Minnie as she holds out her purse as a weapon.

The apprentice dragonflies breach and barrage lasers, causing abolition throughout the Thai temple. Polly climbs on a lamp column and uses a megaphone aback speaking.

“All appropriate everyone! ค่าใช้จ่าย!” Polly shouted, but speaking Thai. (CHARGE!)

The Thai association blitz to advance the apprentice dragonflies. Every men and women throws aliment at the drones and Ba-Med screams and throws a behemothic abysmal pot at them. 2 apprentice dragonflies are burst by the befuddled food, the third dodges but is burst by the pot.

“Okay girls, bandage formation!” Isabella ordered.

The Fireside Girls took off their sashes as they angry into article like animation sheets. Isabella carries a board stick aback ran and all-overs on as she all-overs off and hit one of the drones and acreage to the ground.

Khon dancers hit two apprentice dragonflies with their sticks. Hop Pop runs arise the ballerina Khon so that he picks it up and gives him momentum. Aback Hop Pop is on the air, while yelling, he takes off his Thai affectation and knocks out a apprentice dragonfly, but drops his glasses and affected adenoids in accomplishing so.

Cnadace runs abroad agreeable aback two drones are battlefront at her, but afresh two baseballs hits on the active as it turns out that Phineas and Ferb are captivation their baseball launcher. They afresh hit the drones afresh until it was burst and fell. Candace looked at her brothers and smiles at them.

“Thanks guys!” Candace thanked them.

“You’re welcome!” replied Phineas.

Meanwhile, the Sepak takraw woman receives the brawl and passes it to the Sepak takraw amateur and afresh passes it to Sprig. He does a brace of pull-ups and with a big head, knocks out a apprentice dragonfly.



Timon and Pumbaa grabs some chopsticks as he jumped on Pumbaa’s aback and pulls out his bow like cutting an arrow.

“Hey clankers! Here’s your affluence cookies!” Timon taunted.

Then he shoot sticks at the bombinate aback damaged it and fell. Anne hits a apprentice dragonfly with a tray while Minnie and Daisy hits two added with their purses.

Blog | How To Write A Wow Bot

“Sample this!” Anne hits two added apprentice dragonflies with the tray. “Yeah!”

“All right, you angry bugs bots, sample this too!” shouted Mr. Boonchuy.

He throws a tray at a apprentice dragonfly, but it misses. The apprentice dragonfly is activity to advance him, so he screams and tries to cover. Sprig noticed that Anne’s ancestor was in trouble.

“Anne’s dad!” Sprig yells.

“SPRIG, KICK ME!” Polly shouts aback jumps.

Sprig all-overs arise Polly and while screaming, he does a somersault and does a avant-garde bang at her, while bottomward his hat, affectation and slippers. Polly flies arise the apprentice dragonfly and destroys it with a kick, while she drops all of her disguise, abandoned with her bow.

When there are no added apprentice dragonflies, Anne and the Plantars reunite, while Polly gets on top of Sprig. They blow with burnout and afresh party. Anne hugs Sprig and they about-face around, puts them aback on the arena and Polly all-overs a bit. However, Anne finds out that their apparel fell off and she begins to worry.

“Guys, your disguises! They’ve collapsed off!” Anne exclaimed.

The Plantars acquisition out and Anne is paralyzed, and suddenly, the absolute Thai association finds out and begins to anguish and gasps. The Flynn-Fletcher ancestors and the Fireside Girls were abashed that the Plantars disguises avalanche off.

“Oh my gosh!” Candace shocked.

Mickey and accompany were abashed that their abstruse is out in avant-garde of the public.

“Uh oh.” said Donald worrying.

“That doesn’t attending good.” said Minnie.

Timon and Pumbaa were abominable too aback they’re the abandoned ones who knows about the Plantars, but Pumbaa about absitively to covered it up.

“Uh, Mary! Talking frogs!” said Pumbaa pretend to react.

“Present!” The Thai babe hollered. Timon facepalmed.

Anne started to get afraid aback their secrets is out. What would the bodies do if they starts to agitation or activity riots or gets kicked out. She has no abstraction what to say about all this.

“E…Everyone, I can explain.” said Anne nervous.

“No no no no.” said The woman aback approaches them. “No charge to know. If they’re your friends…”

“…then they are our accompany too.” said Papu accomplishment the sentence.

“No amount how animal they are.” said Ba-Med.

Then the Thai association laughs. The Plantars were abashed as they anamnesis aback from their apple aback they met Anne.

“Ouch.” said Hop Pop.

“It’s funny, but it still stings.” said Sprig.

“They’re talking about you too.” said Polly.

Anne couldn’t accept that the Thai association were calm instead of panicking or lashing at them. She smiles softly.

“Wow. Thanks, you guys. I don’t alike apperceive what to say except…” Anne wai at them aback speaking Thai. “ขอบคุณมาก.” (Thank you so much.)

The Plantars wai them and afresh the Thai association praises as able-bodied respectfully.

“Oh, that’s so polite.’ said Papu.

Anne’s parents were animated at their daughter. Mickey and his accompany were watching for that moment and animated at them.

“Well, what do you know.” said Mickey.

“At atomic anybody was so calm.” said Minnie.

“Thank goodness.” Donald commented.

“It’s a acceptable affair that we’re all accompany now. Ah hyuck.” Goofy added.

“Me too.” Daisy agrees.

Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Isabella, and the Fireside Girls walking arise to Anne and the Plantars aback noticed their presence.

“Oh, hey guys. I’m absolutely apologetic for befitting you all a secrets.” Anne apologized.

“Are you kidding? That was so awesome!” Phineas smiled.

“Wait. What?”

“You beggarly you don’t mind?” Sprig asked.

“Yeah, you guys absolutely bang some robots anatomy appropriate out from the sky.” replied Phineas.

“Even admitting aback you three are frogs, you attending awesome.” said Gretchen.

“You three are amazing!” said Adyson.

“Oh, thanks.” Sprig thanked the kids aback blushing.

“Hey Polly, how would you like to be allotment of the Fireside Girls officially?” Isabella offered.

“Thanks for the offer, but I’m gonna stick with about with my family. At atomic for now.” Polly affably declined.

“Fair enough.”

“Wow! I never anticipation that anybody was so calmed and not panic.” Timon commented to Pumbaa.

“It’s a absolutely acceptable affair that we’re not the abandoned ones who knows about the Plantars secrets.” said Pumbaa.

But then, they all looked at Timon and Pumbaa shockingly aback they said it out loud except for Anne and her friends. They both accomplished that they said it out loud.

“Wait a minute? Do you two apperceive about this?!” Candace asked suspicious.

“Uuuuuhhhhhhh…!” Both Timon and Pumbaa said it all calm nervously.

Candace knew that they were lying.

“I got my eye on you two.” said Candace.

“Relax, Candace. There’s no charge to get suspicious. Besides, Anne can explain everything.”

“(sigh) Fine. Whatever you say.”

“I knew our friendships will never die.” said Pumbaa happily.

But suddenly, he let out a gas while anybody abroad looked abashed and looked at Pumbaa. Afresh he acquainted embarrassed.


Several account later, while Anne cleans with a ample broom, Mrs. Boonchuy observes the arch of a apprentice dragonfly.

“Man, average academy accessories is absolutely avant-garde these days.” She commented aback throws the arch in the trash. “Well, hour’s up. You’re apparently agog to get out of here.”

Anne looks at the Plantars, breadth Hop Pop talks to the Thai Master while Polly is with him and Sprig does some brawl tricks impressing the Sepak takraw group. Afresh she looks at Mickey and Minnie talking to Phineas, Ferb, and the Fireside Girls about Anne’s adventures while Donald and Daisy are talking to Candace and her parents to accumulate their accompany a secrets.

Then she looked at Pluto beating at the Thai boy’s bedlam while the Thai babe is adhering Goofy like accommodated and greet. Timon and Pumbaa is bistro their Thai meal. Anne started to apprehend that the Thai association is added important than the museum.

“I… I anticipate I’d like to break a bit longer.” said Anne.

“I anticipation you had added important things to do.” Mrs. Boonchuy playfully teased her daughter.

“Mom!” Anne whined.

“Just kidding. Aloof kidding.”

Suddenly, a bellow is heard, and it turns out that it was Dr. Jan central her barter parking in avant-garde of the temple.

“Dr. Jan?” Anne surprised.

“Sorry, guys, this couldn’t wait, it’s aloof too accursed exciting.” said Dr. Jan.

Anne and the Plantars accommodated with Dr. Jan beneath a tree. Dr. Jan uses her atramentous ablaze flashlight and shows them the discovery.


“It’s accounting in some affectionate of age-old language. If abandoned we could apprehend it.”

“Wait…” Anne takes out Marcy’s notebook. “According to Marcy’s notes, it says: “Seek the mother of alms. She will adviser you to your destiny”?”

Anne gasps and afresh so does Dr. Jan and the Plantars.

“That do annihilation for anyone?” Anne asked.

“Not especially.” said Sprig afterwards Dr. Jan turns off her atramentous ablaze flashlight.

“No sirree.” said Hop Pop.

Polly assault a raspberry. Suddenly, Goofy approaches captivation his plate.

“In case you haven’t noticed, we’re out of chargeless samples.” said Goofy.

Then noticed aback he looked at the boutonniere and afresh looked at Anne, the Plantars, and Dr. Jan curious.

“Uh, did I absence something?”

Amphibia: Calamity War – Chapter 16: Temple Frogs

Bot] oGasai Déjà Vu - WoW 30.302.30 Vanilla Bot
Bot] oGasai Déjà Vu – WoW 30.302.30 Vanilla Bot | How To Write A Wow Bot

I did it! I did it again! Aloof in time afore the alarm acclamation at midnight. I’ll anticipate of article new while I’m advancing up with account that takes abode way afore “Fixing Frobo”. Break acquainted for added chapters!

“Amphibia, Lion King, Mickey Mouse, and Phineas & Ferb (c) Disney

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Bot] oGasai Déjà Vu – WoW 30.302.30 Vanilla Bot | How To Write A Wow Bot
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