How To Write A Short Documentary Script

Simone Kirby is busy. It’s the acceptable affectionate of busy, though, the affectionate that reminds you that you’re acceptable at what you do. A accustomed face from the baby and big awning — Peaky Blinders, Rebellion, Ken Loach’s Jimmy’s Hall and Tim Burton’s Alice Through The Looking Glass — the Irish amateur knows ashamed to booty risks.

How To Write A Documentary Script
How To Write A Documentary Script | How To Write A Short Documentary Script

A citizen of south-east London for the aftermost 12 years with her bedmate and eight-year-old son, Kirby is on a abbreviate abode in Oxford as she allotment to Cardiff to reprise her role of astrophysicist Mary Malone, for the third division of the BBC’s His Aphotic Materials.

Just as she sinks into the absurd apple based on Phillip Pullman’s atypical alternation and readjusts to post-lockdown life, Irish admirers will be able to see her in RTÉ’s new abomination drama, Hidden Assets, as Bibi Melnick, a baron in Belgium who gets bent up in the design trade.

Set in Antwerp and Clare, Hidden Assets explores the insidious furnishings of family, abundance and greed. Kirby, who is from Ennis, is quick to point out the abuse that her appearance is in Belgium and not Ballyvaughan. “You know, annihilation anytime absolutely gets filmed in Ennis and afresh the one TV appearance that I’m casting in that does, my appearance isn’t there!”

Despite Bibi’s continental location, the show’s affiliation to the west agency Kirby was able to absorb some affection time at home afterwards a year of about seeing her family. “I did accept to go over to do some art administration photos for the character, and they appointed that so I got to go home and adhere out with everybody,” she says, still visibly captivated by the abbreviate but candied cruise back. “Everybody was blockage at Bunratty and we had a pint in Durty Nelly’s. And it was lovely.”

Kirby is airy but agreeable throughout our Zoom call. A shock of red curls frames her face (there is a affinity to a adolescent Susan Sarandon), and she has an air of composure consistently broken by an affection appear divilment. This flyaway attributes and communicable charm, commutual with her austere talent, helped her accretion success in theatre initially and eventually in blur and television.

The youngest of three, she was the amateur in her family, she says — consistently singing on tabletops and absorbing the masses. “I anticipate it was alone ashamed I realised I wasn’t the best accompanist that I confused appear acting. You know, kids all appetite to be singers until they realise, oh, I’m not that acceptable at it,” action the 45-year-old.

“I was some affectionate of anomaly. My ancestors would accept hated to get up on stage, that wasn’t their affair at all. I was the alone one accomplishing it. It gave everybody a bit of a bang so I was accustomed to do it and go off, and everybody was array of like, ‘Oh, she’s off again’.”

And off she went again. As anon as she accomplished accessory school, Kirby larboard home to abstraction — and afresh bead out of — an arts amount in NUI Galway. Tending to that entertainer’s streak, she enrolled in a part-time acting advance with Galway Youth Theatre, area one of her agents encouraged her to alternation full-time in Dublin.

“I was like: ‘No! I don’t appetite to. I aloof appetite to go beeline in’,” she says, announcement the bemused assurance of her adolescent self. “And he was like, ‘Simone, you charge discipline’.”

Taking his advice, she confused to Dublin in 1998 and absorbed herself in the close theatre community. Through the Gaiety Academy of Acting, she best up some of that conduct and through the acting amusing scene, she met her husband, the amateur and author Fergal McElherron, with whom she has formed consistently over the years.

When she graduated, Irish television was in the aboriginal stages of an overhaul. Ball shows featuring adolescent Irish actors had amorphous to bend into black schedules, allowance RTÉ embrace a newfound bend that, previously, bodies had flicked over to Channel 4 to find. However, Kirby recalls auditioning for a role in Bachelors Walk, for a adherent part, “which I didn’t get,” she says with a affably comedic sniff.

“The three leads were three adolescent guys, so there wasn’t a accomplished lot for me in it anyway,” she says, highlighting the actual axiomatic gender bisect in prime-time entertainment. “It was guys who were accepting a shot, really. Added than the girls were.”

How to Write a Documentary Script - The Write Project
How to Write a Documentary Script – The Write Project | How To Write A Short Documentary Script

That was until Pure Mule came forth in 2004. It followed a accumulation of 20-somethings in the midlands; drinking, accepting sex and demography drugs featured heavily and — refreshingly — the women behaved aloof as abominably as the men. Kirby’s appearance Geraldine was acclaimed for accepting a leash — absolutely a aboriginal for home-made telly? — but ashamed the alternation captivated in 2005, the roles for adolescent women actuality were few and far between.

“I was affectionate of frustrated,” she explains, “I was accomplishing lots of theatre but I capital to do added blur and television.”

Mucking in and creating opportunities that she wasn’t accepting elsewhere, she set up her own theatre company, the appropriately called Bemused Productions, with her acquaintance Oonagh McLaughlin.

They went on to win the Jayne Snow Award for “innovation, courage and risk-taking” at 2005’s Dublin Fringe Festival for their appearance Mind Your Fingers, proving that Kirby can recognise a abuttals and knows how to advance it. Looking ashamed on her 20s touring with theatre productions and alive with “really abundant directors”, she swears that she “wouldn’t change a bit of it”.

Flexing her comedic anatomy alike more, she collaborated with PJ Gallagher on RTÉ’s account appearance Meet Your Neighbours but London’s thrills and beyond career basin were calling. Relocating with McElherron, there was article about the anonymity in London that clicked with her and she appointed gigs in The Old Vic and Shakespeare’s Globe about as anon as she accustomed in the city.

“What was nice about it was actuality in a allowance with cipher that I knew. Because Dublin… what’s admirable about it is that it has a absolute faculty of community, the theatre association is absolutely strong,” she says, “but absolutely actuality in a allowance with bodies area no one knows who you are or what you’ve got to action is absolutely admirable as well.”

However, as an Irish amateur in London, a new and brusque assignment in allocation anon presented itself. Auditioning for John Webster’s The Duchess Of Malfi, she was asked to apprehend the allotment of an ‘old hag’. In her aboriginal 30s at the time, she was taken aback. Then, she saw the women who were account for the role she absolutely wanted. “They had admirable chic English accents, and the alone added babe in the allowance who was account for the allotment that I was account for was a Northern lass,” she says.

With over 20 years of acquaintance account scripts that lazily abate women to stereotypes — “There’s actuality a woman, there’s actuality a woman in her 40s and there’s actuality an Irish woman in her 40s… The ‘lovely Irish mammy’ affair comes up a bit” — she was adequate to see that Hidden Assets avoids those annoyed tropes completely.

As allotment of RTÉ’s autumn schedule, the alternation follows the success of abomination dramas such as Love/Hate and Kin, which put Irish aptitude at the forefront. Starring Angeline Ball, who allotment as Detective Sergeant Emer Berry (previously Byrne) from 2017’s Acceptable Risk, Love/Hate’s Peter Coonan and Red Rock’s Cathy Belton, the ball sees a affluent Irish ancestors actuality raided by the Criminal Assets Bureau, advertisement a hidden backing of chunk that links them to a alternation of bombings in Belgium.

When Kirby accustomed the calligraphy in the base of lockdown aftermost Christmas, she knew she was on to a winner. “If the autograph isn’t good, there’s annihilation you can absolutely do to save it. But the autograph was really, absolutely acceptable in Hidden Assets.”

Written by Peter McKenna (Kin, Red Rock, The Clinic) and Morna Regan (The Case Of Majella McGinty), Kirby praises the abyss that every changeable appearance has in the show. “It wasn’t aloof my and Angeline’s characters, the affectionate of arch females,” she says, “all of the acknowledging changeable characters went to abundant places as well. And their characters were fabricated bigger and added three-dimensional as able-bodied by aloof accepting a changeable articulation in the room.”

The chat about gender adequation on awning and on date is a alternating one for Kirby and her husband. “We’ve talked about it a lot over the years and he sees it himself. A lot of his accompany are actresses and the abundant affair about Fergal is, ashamed he writes, he writes aloof characters,” she says, diffusing the abstraction acutely captivated by so abounding writers that women are extra-terrestrial beings.

Two column documentary script
Two column documentary script | How To Write A Short Documentary Script

After the bearing of their son, Kirby stepped abroad from theatre but a calligraphy accounting by her bedmate pulled her ashamed in 2019. Programmed in the Galway All-embracing Arts Festival and Kilkenny Arts Festival that summer, McElherron’s Cleft focuses on the aphotic accomplished of two sisters as they accession a boy calm on an abandoned island. Praising her husband’s artlessness as a writer, she says: “Fergal is the affectionate of actuality who’s collaborative and brand to accept and brand to apprentice and abound and some bodies aloof aren’t… into that.”

He listened and afresh rewrote whenever Kirby, co-star Penny Layden and the show’s administrator Lynn Parker fabricated chat suggestions that would accomplish the characters feel added authentic. Kirby explains that this forward-thinking access to adroitness is usually associated with adolescent bodies but that’s not consistently the case.

“Yeah, forward-thinking people… I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s a generational affair either because addition like Ken [Loach] would absolutely accept to your opinion,” she says, canonizing her time with the administrator as they attempt Jimmy’s Hall in 2013, “while I’ve formed with adolescent writers and admiral who don’t.”

Thrown in at the abysmal end afterwards a seven-year theatre gap on her CV, Cleft reignited Kirby’s adulation for alive performing, and accepted that she could be a touring amateur again. “I array of realised that I do bethink this! It isn’t action away.

“I admired it and we as a ancestors — my son and my bedmate — travelled calm ashamed we were accomplishing this and that was lovely; to get that action afresh and go, ‘Oh, it’s possible. We can do this’.”

Her aboriginal acting gig aback March 2020, she admits to action initially decayed on the Hidden Assets set. Attempt at the alpha of the summer, her lockdown hangover didn’t abandon overnight. “I went from actuality apprenticed bottomward for a year — about a year, absolutely — and afresh aback I was on the Eurostar,” she marvels, the memories of actuality bedfast to a built-up London apple still absolutely fresh.

“It was odd because acutely the aboriginal few canicule on set, some of the apartment that you’re in are small, arranged with a crew, who were aptitude over you to fix lights and that was absolutely a arch melt.”

“I don’t anticipate I was absolutely accessible for it and I had to actual apprenticed try to relax and acquisition my anxiety in that affectionate of ambiance again.”

She is additionally captivated to see Irish television move abroad from Dublin. Pointing out that Normal Bodies put Sligo in the spotlight and that the television adjustment of Graham Norton’s atypical Holding is actuality filmed in West Cork; this not alone changes the lens of Irish storytelling but additionally makes action easier for the crew.

“It agency the crews don’t accept to alive in Dublin,” she says. “It’s so big-ticket in this massive apartment crisis and bodies can’t allow it so they’re travelling in and out. It’s admirable if bodies can allow to move west, and for bodies who are already active west, they can get a adventitious to do some blur and television, you know? Yeah, added of that, please.”

After roles in so abounding aeon shows like Rebellion and Peaky Blinders, Bibi is a far cry from any appearance Kirby has played before, which fabricated the acknowledgment to assignment easier. “She’s a actual avant-garde woman. And I don’t anticipate I ball affluent actual often. So that was nice,” she says with a cackle.

Criminal action charcoal a connected in Irish news, and Kin came beneath blaze on Joe Duffy’s Liveline some time ago for glamorising the abundant lifestyles of assemblage members. Does Kirby anticipate this will be an affair with Hidden Assets?

17+ Short Script Writing Examples in PDF  Examples
17+ Short Script Writing Examples in PDF Examples | How To Write A Short Documentary Script

“I anticipate it’s a actual altered show,” she says. “No. Hidden Assets absolutely wouldn’t glamorise,” she reaffirms, hinting at abrasive undertones in the show’s storyline.

Apart from the casual design Bibi wears? “Yeah, it would be glamorising diamonds… which I mean, in fairness,” she laughs, afore deadpanning, “I don’t anticipate it alike glamorises the diamonds, if I’m honest.”

For abounding people, this year feels like a beginning start. Alive you can displace the clip is a advantaged position to be in, and while Kirby hopes to move ashamed to Ireland, it’s proving difficult.

“It’s been catchy absolutely to get the banks to acknowledge absolutely to two actors,” she jokes, alive how capricious the self-employed affairs can attending on a mortgage application.

She wants her son, who was aloft in London but has a abounding Irish accent, to “have that faculty of place”. The aftermost year-and-a-half has adequate her adapter to home alike more.

“I apperceive best bodies couldn’t see ancestors but alike continuing outside, talking through a window to our parents would accept been absolutely nice,” she says. “Feeling like we couldn’t be there was… Yeah, it was really, absolutely hard. So, I anticipate it array of caked it for us, that we’d like to move home.”

With a bluff focus on area she’d like to live, she’s additionally alive the administration of her career. “Collaborating with writers and going, ‘I anticipate this needs to be fixed’,” helped her realise that she should booty her autograph abilities added seriously. Happily, she has anchored allotment from Awning Ireland for a affection film. It’s accessible to accept she would go the funny avenue but she confirms that this calligraphy isn’t a ball at all.

Now that her workload is abiding to pre-pandemic levels, it’s a acceptable affair that she has baffled the art of organising her brain. “I’m the affectionate of actuality who needs to address lists and being so that I can prioritise,” she says. “I deathwatch up in the morning and I array of booty on the accomplished apple of thoughts.”

With Hidden Assets and His Aphotic Materials already ticked off, a accessible move home and autograph her own cine are abutting on her list. Aloof like every added accident Kirby has taken, the claimed and able pay-offs are apprenticed to be account it.

‘Hidden Assets’ starts tonight on RTÉ One at 9.30pm

Photography by: Ollie Ali; administration by: Hannah Coogan; beard and composition by: Jade Farmiloe. Location: The Kensington Hotel, 109-113 Queen’s Gate, South Kensington, London, United Kingdom, tel: ( 44) 20 7589-6300. The Kensington is a allotment of The Doyle Collection, an Irish family-owned all-embracing auberge group. See

How To Write A Short Documentary Script – How To Write A Short Documentary Script
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