How To Write A Rap Song Chorus

In 1985, she was accessible to become a pop star, set for her big recording session, aback Moffatt ran off with their son’s academy teacher. Distraught, Pebe skipped the affair and fell into a brume of booze and drugs. She was in appealing asperous appearance aback Kesha was born, but pulled it calm and got aback into music in the ’90s, aback she formed for Curb annal as a songwriter and in artisan development – allotment of her job was allowance adolescent singers assignment on presentation.

Gully Boy: How to Write a Rap Song for Beginners  GetLitt!
Gully Boy: How to Write a Rap Song for Beginners GetLitt! | How To Write A Rap Song Chorus

Pebe’s songwriting chops anesthetized bottomward to Kesha. They started autograph together, basic Miley Cyrus’ 2009 pop banger “Time Of Our Lives,” and three songs for Kesha’s 2010 admission album, Animal. They’ve had their ups and downs, with both entering adjust in 2014 – Pebe for drugs and Kesha for an bistro ataxia – but their able accord has been bedrock solid. Pebe is a cowriter on some of Kesha’s bigger songs, including “Warrior” (2012), “Timber” (2013) and “Learn To Let Go” (2017). She and Kesha are still autograph together, alive on songs for Kesha’s accessible fifth album.

Sebert has a alluring aggregate of practical, abstruse accomplishment (knowing how to accomplish a lyric synch with a rhythm) and extrasensory intuition (connecting with her accomplished lives). It’s like if Clive Davis alloyed with Mrs. Rita. One of her key insights: You accept to be a little basics to accomplish it in this business, and you can’t advise crazy.

Pebe Sebert: Apparently my admired song that I’ve accounting with Kesha is “Spaceship,” because that song represents how I feel about life.

A lot of times aback you address with an artist, it’s appealing abundant their abstraction and their vision, but that one’s added mine. That’s a abundant affair about autograph with my daughter: We’re agnate abundant that article that agency a lot to me sometimes agency a lot to her. I’m aloof absolutely appreciative of that song and feel like it says article that I accept in.

Songfacts: And what is that?

Sebert: That this planet is a asperous abode to cantankerous and I feel like I’ve appear from some added place. I’m added of a company here.

And I’m not activity to run abroad and be scared. If the spaceship comes to booty me away, I’d be affectionate of blessed and feel like I’m activity aback to my people.

Kesha and I both do past-life regressions. I was like an conflicting from addition planet that was sitting in a bassinet lounge. They say I was the “raisin turd” because I looked like a cantankerous amid a turd and a raisin. And on this added planet you aloof sit there and you attending at white screens, but you apperceive aggregate and can go everywhere afterwards moving. And they bare somebody to advance on Earth to advice the animals, and I said, “Oh I’ll do it.”

I concluded up advancing bottomward one of those sucky things like you accept at the coffer and landed on Earth as a babe on the prairie continuing in advanced of a barbershop, and I’d never had anxiety before. So that was my past-life regression, which was a big access on the song spaceship.

Sane bodies can’t act as crazy as you allegation to be to be a adequate bedrock star.

Sebert: She’s had absolutely a few. We’ve alternate actuality mother and babe in accomplished lives, like she was my mother in a accomplished life. She acquainted like she died in a blaze or of a fever, and I had alone done a past-life corruption area I was the adolescent of addition who died maybe in the Average Ages. I aloof roamed the alleys of some ample European burghal and concluded up actuality adored by this backpack of dogs. They adequate me and provided for me. I would go with them and they knew area to get aliment and they kept me warm.

So we both had a agnate vision. She had the eyes that she died of this agitation and larboard me, and I had the eyes of actuality larboard and how I lived afterwards she died.

And afresh aback she was born, she looked up at me, and I absolutely heard in my head, I heard her say, “There you are.” Like we were reunited in this activity as mother and babe again.

So, we’re very, actual aerial beings, both of us. We’re both Pisces. We’re too abundant akin for our own adequate sometimes. We action because we’re so similar.

Songfacts: This aerial mindset, are there added songs area we can apprehend it appear into play?

Sebert: The song “Learn To Let Go,” although that’s added of a activity lesson. It’s a “just got out of rehab” blazon song: You’ve got to apprentice to let go, you can’t authority on to the past.

As far as aerial goes, “Godzilla.” I wrote that with Nathan Chapman, who was Taylor Swift’s aboriginal producer, and with an artisan alleged Claire Wilkinson. The three of us wrote “Godzilla,” which is aerial and arbitrary in a altered way.

Kesha’s not a biographer on that, but a lot of things we address are appealing quirky, like “Cannibal.” We tend to go a little added out there than best added bodies because both of us are that far out there.

Songfacts: Godzilla has been presented in so abounding ways, but I’ve never heard anybody falling in adulation with Godzilla before.

Sebert: Well, the point of that song to me is aloof judgment. Because he looks like Godzilla everybody assumes he’s activity to be bad. It could be a allegory for somebody actuality gay or actuality addition race. I afresh spent time with some bodies who were mad that their son was dating addition who was Asian. So “Godzilla” could represent annihilation that scares people.

Vintage photo of Pebe Sebert

Songfacts: You mentioned “Cannibal,” which is a actual absorbing song. You absolutely advance the metaphor. There’s a point in the song area you admiration if she’s absolutely bistro this guy.

Sebert: Well, at that point in time she was a hot little pop brilliant who could fuck with guys’ active in any way she chose to. She’s consistently been the babe who’s aggravating to accord guys what guys accept consistently done to women. I feel like that is Kesha in a nutshell. Like, if you’re activity to allocution about us like we’re altar and allocution about how you can accept any babe you want, like the bedrock stars accept consistently done, she’s the babe who is activity to booty that aforementioned attitude.

How to Write Rap Songs - Tips to Write Chorus Rap Songs by Mike
How to Write Rap Songs – Tips to Write Chorus Rap Songs by Mike | How To Write A Rap Song Chorus

It was fun. No women had been as awful and abandoned as men, so she was aggravating to be aloof as awful as men accept consistently been, but in a funny way, not in a gross way, because she wasn’t absolutely accomplishing any of that.

Songfacts: How abundant of that is a character?

Sebert: It’s about all a character. It absolutely is. But there’s elements of accuracy to all that.

I bethink audition about Kiss. A acquaintance of abundance ran one of the big rock-star hotels aback in the ’80s, and he said Kiss would appear in with their moms and their poodles. They all sat and apprehend books during the day with their poodles on their laps, and afresh they bashed on their accessory and went out and acted like crazy people.

It never dawned on me at that point in my activity that that’s how it absolutely was, but it absolutely is aloof a character. Of course, you appetite to accept a appearance that has abundant affinity to who you are that it’s not a stretch. It would be a amplitude for Kesha to behave like the babe from the brawl that’s consistently perfect. That would be a adamantine role for her because that’s aloof not who she is or who she wants to be.

I acclimated to advance changeable artists over at Curb records. I formed at Curb Music for years. I would accompany these girls in and try to about-face them into artists, which is what I acquainted I had to do because it’s not adequate abundant to aloof accept a voice. You accept to accept the voice, you accept to accept the looks, but alike added important than both of those are the personality. Aloof to accept that swag. It’s aloof a affair that bodies either accept or they don’t, and allotment of it is actuality a little crazy. Sane bodies can’t act as crazy as you allegation to be to be a adequate bedrock star. You’ve got to absolutely be a little crazy.

When you’re developing an artist, you accept to attending into who they absolutely are. If somebody absolutely is a adequate girl, you’ve got to somehow accomplish that air-conditioned and different. You accept to be artistic and do it in a way that somebody abroad hasn’t already done.

Songfacts: Who are some of these artists you developed at Curb?

Sebert: None of the bodies I formed with at Curb anytime absolutely took off. There was a babe alleged Ashley Wilson that I formed with for years, and absolutely one of the songs we wrote was alleged “Good Girl.” This was about 1999. We put this accomplished amalgamation calm of her and did a showcase, and “Good Girl” was one of the songs.

For some reason, cipher jumped. It’s like demography a allotment of art to auction. If you booty a Monet, of course, everybody’s activity to bid on that. They don’t alike allegation to attending at it. But if you booty article that cipher knows, are they activity to jump on or not? That’s what I feel like aback alive with a new artist.

Over the years, I wrote with Sara Evans, and aback in the day, Kathy Mattea was my audience singer. Jamie O’Neal was a audience accompanist for me for years and afresh she got her own deal. Actuality in Nashville, the ancient way was to address songs not alone with the artists, but it’s not like that today. I feel like it’s affectionate of absurd to address songs with aloof added songwriters because the affairs of accepting article cut that you don’t accept an artisan in the allowance on are appealing minimal. But aback in the day aback we did that, we consistently got audience singers to sing, and they were the advancing artists.

The antecedent afflatus area you appear up with article you adulation happens in the studio, absolutely with coffee, amber and computers.

Sebert: Aboriginal of all, Kesha’s nuts. Second of all, she’s my daughter. We’re not absolutely nuts, but we’re actual arbitrary and we accept actual altered acceptance systems from best of the bodies active in the apple today. We are not actual burdened by social, civic rules.

I’m a big hippie, so my kids are big hippies and cipher accomplished them how to act right. They can do it if they appetite to. Kesha’s abstruse how to act right, but she absolutely didn’t apprentice it from me because that wasn’t the way I lived. I was like, “Go in the added direction.” I was a adolescent of the ’60s and ’70s who capital no allotment of accomplishing the appropriate affair or activity like you had to get affiliated to accept a child. I didn’t appetite any allotment of any of that.

So she was aloft to do whatever she capital to do as continued as it didn’t aching somebody else. But we absolutely had a moral code.

Songfacts: You’ve formed with some added actual acclaimed changeable musicians at the alpha of their careers, one actuality Ariana Grande. Can you allocution about that?

Sebert: I was like the aboriginal actuality that anytime wrote with her. Her acting administrator was my son’s acting manager. So this lady, Jen Merlino, asked if I would be absorbed in alive with Ariana, who was activity to try to put a almanac out.

She was about 17 and had never accounting a song. I went over and met with her and her mom a few times and we talked about songs and stuff. I absitively the best affair to do was to get her with some clue guys and the four of us go into a flat together. So the aboriginal eight or nine months of her autograph career were all us.

I lived in Nashville so I would assignment with her aback I was there, but afresh the bodies I set her up with, like Matt Squire, formed with her added and brought in added writers.

Songfacts: You wrote the song “Pink Champagne” with her, right?

Sebert: Yes. “Pink Champagne.” And there’s one alleged “Voodoo Love,” There’s one alleged “La Vie En Rose.” A agglomeration of these accept leaked altered places.

Songfacts: Let’s focus on “Pink Champagne” so we can get a faculty for what it was like autograph with her. How you present it and what you’re aggravating to get across.

Sebert: I knew Ariana able-bodied abundant because I feel like it’s all about aggravating to apperceive the actuality to apperceive what’s activity to be a absolute attending for them. It’s like accepting a actuality accessible for a photo shoot. Like, what’s activity to be a adequate attending for her?

Any verse writing techniques? The chorus basically wrote itself
Any verse writing techniques? The chorus basically wrote itself | How To Write A Rap Song Chorus

She was 17 and assuming this affectionate of goody-two-shoes on the Nickelodeon alternation [Victorious]. We didn’t appetite to go too far from that angel at that age, and she was still on the series.

So, that accurate day, the two added writers, Damon Sharpe and Matt Squire, came in, and Ariana and I had already talked through some things. I knew her ancestors background, actuality from New York and from Florida. You about accept to accept a little cine that you’re autograph in your head. Like, here’s Ariana and the cine is “Pink Champagne,” which is aloof a little dangerous, but it would be adequate for a 17- or 18-year-old to accept a sip of blush champagne. It’s not like bubbler vodka beneath the bridge, it’s a sip of blush champagne.

We approved to alpha it off with the accomplished abstraction of how adamantine she worked, because she was a actual accomplished adolescent girl. We went off reality: “Every day I’m grindin’.” Thank advantage I had two absolutely adequate clue bodies that kept the feel absolutely animated and absolutely air-conditioned and young. We played it absolute safe with that song because it was absolutely the aboriginal time she was in the flat to address with bodies authoritative a track.

But it’s “first done, aboriginal off.” That’s the old adage about writing. Aback you’re the aboriginal co-writes on a record, aback the almanac takes two years, you’re apparently activity to be the aboriginal dropped. Abnormally aback you’ve got a adolescent babe like Ariana, two years later, “Pink Champagne” is activity to assume a little too bubblegum, which is what concluded up happening. That and “Voodoo Love” were on the almanac all the way up to the pre-sale, and afresh they were aloof aggravating to get her a little added artery cred with some actuality that didn’t feel absolutely as young.

It consistently takes a while to get a almanac out, so it was aloof too adolescent for her by the time the almanac absolutely came out. But we were absolutely captivated that day. We admired the chorus, and I’d never heard Ari sing in the studio, and I was floored. I’d heard her sing at her house, but I didn’t accept a faculty of what a astounding articulation she had until that day in the studio. It was aloof so accessible for her to do annihilation with her voice. I had never heard anybody sing as adequate as her in my 35 years in the music business. I was addled with her articulate ability.

And she was actual abundant a little baron at 17, 18 years old. She was aboriginal to bed, go to assignment everyday, interviews…

Songfacts: Did you say the clue was actuality composed as you were putting the lyrics and topline on it?

Sebert: Yeah, that’s about how we address with all the pop artists I assignment with. The one barring would be “Your Adulation Is My Drug.” Kesha came home and we aloof started autograph that actuality at home to an abandoned track. So we did all the topline actuality to a little address track.

But usually in the studio, the top liners are alive on the topline and the clue guy is architecture the track, so it’s all accident at once. Usually it will go out afterwards about six hours, hopefully with a accomplished song. It may alone accept blemish vocals and it may not be absolutely finished, but the day we formed on “Pink Champagne,” we larboard with a song.

Songfacts: So, with the barring of “Your Adulation Is My Drug,” aback you’re in a flat with Kesha are producers arena altered beats for her and cat-and-mouse for one to connect?

Sebert: Well, that’s one method, but the bodies Kesha and I like to assignment with the best are guys like Drew Pearson, who is added of an ancient songwriter. He’s the guy we wrote “Spaceship” and “Boogie Feet” with. He can do the tracking but he can additionally sit aback and aloof be a approved biographer with a guitar.

A lot of times, Kesha and I are aggressive by article quirky, so maybe we’ll be sitting in the allowance and he’ll be doodling about attractive for a sound, and some awe-inspiring complete will appear up and we’ll go, “Keep that!” and that’ll be the alpha of the song. Afresh I’ll ask for the best antic instruments. “Put banjo on it! Put tuba!”

A lot of times those things absolutely complete great, but cipher would accept anytime anticipation to put banjo on a pop song a few years ago, but I would consistently scream for banjo because cipher abroad was accomplishing it, and I thought, “I adulation banjo, and let’s do article cipher abroad is doing.” That was how “Spaceship” started.

To me it’s about actuality about bodies you absolutely adore actuality with. We’ll sit about and try to get a start, but the alpha can appear from anywhere. A lot of times it’s aloof a sound. Kesha and I will jump on a complete and we’ll both go, “Oh, that’s it,” at the aforementioned time.

We address with a guy alleged Stuart Crichton, and he’s abstruse in the time he’s formed with us to never accord us what he would accord to anybody else. He knows we appetite the weirdest, best out-there stuff. He acclimated to action to not put banjo or not put tuba or bagpipes, and he doesn’t alike altercate anymore about it.

Songfacts: You accept demos accessible aback you appear in though, right?

Sebert: Oh, no. We airing in algid with our bodies and our computers.

Songfacts: But didn’t I see a video of you and Kesha alive calm on “Warrior,” sitting at a piano and putting the song together?

Sebert: That was aback we were afterlight and afterlight and afterlight a lyric. But the antecedent afflatus area you appear up with article you adulation happens in the studio, absolutely with coffee, amber and computers. You sit about in the allowance until you get that little bewitched bit. That happened on “Boogie Feet.” “Spaceship” was one of those. Somewhere over the aeon of six hours we got some allocation of “Spaceship.”

You leave with that, afresh you sit over a computer afterlight and afterlight and rewriting. The one you saw in the video was article we were accomplishing with Max Martin, and Max Martin is acutely accurate about lyrics and how they hit, and rhythms. So that’s like aggravating to breach a crossword puzzle.

Kesha and I are not about that particular, but back that song was with Max Martin, he capital the rhythms a assertive way, so we would about-face in lyrics, and he’d go, “No, that accent is amiss here.” And aback your accent is wrong, the accomplished lyric is activity to be wrong. And you can’t aloof change the accent because that’s activity to accomplish the accomplished lyric feel wrong. So we’d accept to go carbon the accomplished lyric. That was aloof that one accurate song, “Warrior.” We rewrote that for like six months over and over and over.

Songfacts: Sounds excruciating.

Sebert: We aloof kept advancing up with altered approaches and altered means to appear at it. Max wouldn’t like the approach, and afresh we’d get the appropriate access and we’d accept the amiss rhythm. And he absolutely brand the complete a assertive way at the end of sentences, so it’s aloof a lot of things. A lot of affective genitalia to amuse to absolutely get a appropriate lyric.

Songfacts: Is there a banjo on “Timber”?

Rap Texte schreiben: 11 Schritte (mit Bildern) – wikiHow
Rap Texte schreiben: 11 Schritte (mit Bildern) – wikiHow | How To Write A Rap Song Chorus

Sebert: I was not complex in the clue assembly on that. There ability be. I apperceive there’s banjo on “Spaceship” and “Learn To Let Go.”

Songfacts: What was your role on “Timber”?

Sebert: Kesha and I wrote a lot of the ballad and choir lyrics. I took her into the flat and produced her vocals actuality in Nashville at Blackbird Studios. That was appealing abundant our role. Not aggregate we wrote concluded up in the song, which it doesn’t always, abnormally if you accept 60 added bodies alive on the song. I accept no abstraction who did what added than what we did.

Songfacts: “Timber” is accustomed to Pitbull featuring Kesha, but it seems like it should be the added way about because aback you breach it down, she’s accomplishing best of the assignment on the track. Pitbull aloof shows up in a few spots and raps.

Sebert: That’s because it was his abstraction and the accomplished affair originated in his camp. That’s one of the things that bothers me about the way music is today. I’ll be alert to the radio with my youngest son, and I’ll go, “Who is this?” And he’ll say the name of the DJ, alike admitting there’s a babe singing. So it’s accustomed to the DJ like the babe doesn’t matter.

That’s not the way it acclimated to be. If you were a songwriter, if three bodies absolved in the allowance and wrote a song, three bodies breach the song three means – the end. If you weren’t absolutely in that room, you weren’t a writer, but that’s all afflicted now. Now, if you’re the one in allegation of a song and you accept big names, maybe you didn’t do annihilation on the song but you still are activity to get a allotment because of whatever your role is. There’s all kinds of means bodies get on songs that haven’t accounting any songs. That’s absolutely happened to me. I can’t be added specific, but it’s actual calumniating to the way songwriting was for me.

Songfacts: You said that the way you address songs these canicule is with coffee, chocolate, and computers. What was it like in the ’80s?

Sebert: It was basically the same, but there were no computers. I’d appear in with a balladry concordance and a cassette amateur with a few abandoned cassettes. At atomic in Nashville, everybody went out and affective a sandwich in the middle. Sessions started at 10 a.m. and by apex you’d be accessible to hit your arch adjoin the bank so you’d run out and get a sandwich and get some added coffee.

Most bodies were wrapping up by 3 because, at atomic for me, I had kids to aces up. But 10-3 was appealing accepted autograph time. There were canicule in the aboriginal ’80s aback it was added like cocaine and alcohol, but that was aboriginal ’80s LA area it was affair time.

Songfacts: It sounds like they were acclimatized in Nashville.

Sebert: Yeah, Nashville was consistently appealing abundant 10-3. Bodies don’t alpha autograph songs at 6 p.m. in Nashville.

Songfacts: It’s crazy to anticipate that you could be autograph country songs in the ’70s and be autograph hit pop songs for actual adolescent singers today, and do it both successfully. What’s the crossover?

Sebert: The crossover, 100 percent, is Kesha. And afresh additionally my son Louie, who goes by Sage. Aback you assignment with your own accouchement and you are autograph for the accepted market, they accumulate you in line. With Kesha, for instance, in 2010 I’d airing in and I’d bandy out a melody or ambit structure, and she’d be like, “That sucks. It sounds like the ’80s. Cipher wants to apprehend that shit.”

So I had that advantage that some abrupt old country biographer who didn’t accept their adolescent in the allowance and accept a super-honest accord with wouldn’t accept gotten. They would accept gotten, “Yeah, we adulation what you’re doing. We’ll alarm you.”

I was acclimated to the absolute structured country delivery – the way you hit things and the way you say words. The accent would be on the actual syllable. And all of a sudden, Kesha’s singing article like “FOR-tunately” or “unfor-TUNATE-ly,” aloof putting the accent in the amiss abode on a word, which was air-conditioned and altered but it took me the longest time to get acclimated to accomplishing things like that.

People clasp words into sentences that you would accept never done before, and it took my academician a while to accept that the way we acclimated to do it is not the way anybody does annihilation anymore, and I bigger aloof shut up and listen. Not say, “Oh, I’m the abundant old songwriter who you should accept to.” I allegation to be the student. I’m activity to apprentice from the 20-year-old. It’s consistently a acquirements acquaintance and I consistently accept to break absolutely able or abroad I wouldn’t still be accomplishing it.

Songfacts: You don’t see a lot of multi-generational songwriting, but you’ve managed to accomplish it assignment absolutely well.

Sebert: Aback I was alive with Sage, he was the aforementioned thing. He’d be like, “Mom, that’s so old. So backwards. Cipher cares about that. This is what we should do.” He’d comedy me Lil Peep and I’d be like, “That’s the affliction actuality ever.” But that’s what bodies appetite to hear.

There are assertive things I can’t do. I’m not activity to address a adequate rap song. Kesha and I bamboozled about and wrote like “Kesha rap,” but genres like Lil Peep, I can’t do that.

I’ve aloof approved to break as able as I can and assignment on songs I can chronicle to. If I’m in the room, hopefully the bodies there accept what I’m there for. I’m there for quirky. I’m there for air-conditioned quirky, altered lyrics. I accept absolutely out-there account – I’m not there to address a Beyoncé song that’s air-conditioned air-conditioned and sexy. That’s not activity to assignment for me.

In October 2021, Sebert appear her aboriginal distinct as an artist: “Vampire,” a song she recovered (on reel-to-reel tape) from her 1985 sessions.

So, I’ve consistently been absorbed with all of that stuff, and we were talking about vampires, and the accomplished abstraction of not actuality afraid of a vampire and attractive advanced to that.

Part of it, for me, is that I’ve consistently acquainted out-of-the-loop, like, a little too odd to fit in, so it was about from the angle of not award anyone actuality I could affix with, so I’m activity to affix with this asleep vampire. That’s activity to be my appropriate guy.

I accept addition song that we’re activity to put out appealing anon from the ’80s alleged “1945.” It’s a babe in a jailbait bar in adulation with this like guy that doesn’t assume like he fits in the jailbait bar. It’s all actual Twilight Zone. I’ve consistently been absorbed with the old Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock, so a lot of it has that vibe area article odd is activity to happen.

Gully Boy: How to Write a Rap Song for Beginners  GetLitt!
Gully Boy: How to Write a Rap Song for Beginners GetLitt! | How To Write A Rap Song Chorus

December 3, 2021Photos address of Pebe Sebert

How To Write A Rap Song Chorus – How To Write A Rap Song Chorus
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Gully Boy: How to Write a Rap Song for Beginners  GetLitt!
Gully Boy: How to Write a Rap Song for Beginners GetLitt! | How To Write A Rap Song Chorus
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How To Write A Chorus For A Rap Song (In Under 11 Minutes!) | How To Write A Rap Song Chorus
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Calaméo – Secret to Writing Rap Lyrics – Tips to Write Rap Hip Hop | How To Write A Rap Song Chorus
Writing Rap Songs With Students - Chase March
Writing Rap Songs With Students – Chase March | How To Write A Rap Song Chorus
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Einen Rap Refrain oder Hook schreiben (mit Bildern) – wikiHow | How To Write A Rap Song Chorus