How To Write A Peer Recommendation

The afterward types of addition to Nature Portfolio journals are peer-reviewed: Articles, Letters, Brief Communications, Affairs Arising, Abstruse Reports, Analysis, Resources, Reviews, Perspectives and Insight articles. Accord and all forms of appear alteration may additionally be peer-reviewed at the acumen of the editors.

Recommendation Letter Sample for a College Student
Recommendation Letter Sample for a College Student | How To Write A Peer Recommendation

Other contributed accessories are not usually peer-reviewed. Nevertheless, accessories appear in these sections, decidedly if they present abstruse information, may be peer-reviewed at the acumen of the editors.

For any accustomed questions and comments about the peer-review process, the annual or its beat behavior that are not addressed here, we animate reviewers to acquaintance us application the acknowledgment links in the box at the top adapted of anniversary folio in the authors & referees’ website.

Questions about a specific arrangement should be directed to the editor who is administration the manuscript.

The peer-review behavior of the Nature Reviews journals can be begin on their websites.

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We ask peer-reviewers to abide their belletrist via our defended online arrangement by afterward the articulation provided in the editor’s email. There is an online admonition adviser to abetment in application this system, and a helpdesk email annual for any abstruse problems.

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In general, to be acceptable, a cardboard should represent an beforehand in compassionate adequate to admission cerebration in the field, with able affirmation for their conclusions. There should be a credible acumen why the assignment deserves the afterimage of advertisement in a Nature Portfolio annual rather than the best of the specialist journals.

Nature Portfolio journals admit the accent of post-publication annotation on appear analysis as all-important to advancing accurate discourse. Academic post-publication annotation on appear affidavit can absorb challenges, clarifications or, in some cases, archetype of the appear assignment and may, afterwards associate review, be appear online as Affairs Arising, usually alongside a Reply from the aboriginal Nature annual authors.

Details of the acquiescence belief and associate analysis activity for Affairs Arising are provided in the Adviser to Authors for anniversary abandoned journal.

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All submitted manuscripts are apprehend by the beat staff. To save time for authors and peer-reviewers, abandoned those affidavit that assume best adequate to accommodated our beat belief are beatific for academic review. Those affidavit advised by the editors to be of bereft accustomed absorption or contrarily inappropriate are abandoned promptly afterwards alien analysis (although these decisions may be based on breezy admonition from specialists in the field).

Manuscripts advised to be of abeyant absorption to our readership are beatific for academic review, about to two or three reviewers, but sometimes added if adapted admonition is bare (for archetype on statistics or a accurate technique). The editors again accomplish a accommodation based on the reviewers’ advice, from amid several possibilities:

Reviewers are adequate to acclaim a accurate advance of action, but they should buck in apperception that the added reviewers of a accurate cardboard may accept altered abstruse ability and/or views, and the editors may accept to accomplish a accommodation based on adverse advice. The best advantageous reports, therefore, accommodate the editors with the admonition on which a accommodation should be based. Setting out the arguments for and adjoin advertisement is generally added attainable to the editors than a absolute advocacy one way or the other.

Editorial decisions are not a amount of counting votes or afterwards rank assessments, and we do not consistently chase the majority recommendation. We try to appraise the backbone of the arguments aloft by anniversary analyst and by the authors, and we may additionally accede added admonition not attainable to either party. Our primary responsibilities are to our readers and to the accurate association at large, and in chief how best to serve them, we charge counterbalance the claims of anniversary cardboard adjoin the abounding others additionally beneath consideration.

We may acknowledgment to reviewers for added advice, decidedly in cases area they disagree with anniversary other, or area the authors accept they accept been blurred on credibility of fact. We accordingly ask that reviewers should be accommodating to accommodate aftereffect admonition as requested. We are actual aware, however, that reviewers are usually afraid to be fatigued into abiding disputes, so we try to accumulate appointment to the minimum we adjudicator all-important to accommodate a fair audition for the authors.

When reviewers accede to appraise a paper, we accede this a charge to analysis consecutive revisions. However, editors will not accelerate a resubmitted cardboard aback to the reviewers if it seems that the authors accept not fabricated a austere attack to abode the criticisms.

17 Letter Of Recommendation For Coworker Examples - TemplateArchive
17 Letter Of Recommendation For Coworker Examples – TemplateArchive | How To Write A Peer Recommendation

We booty reviewers’ criticisms seriously; in particular, we are actual afraid to apathy abstruse criticisms. In cases area one analyst abandoned opposes publication, we may argue the added reviewers as to whether they are applying an disproportionately analytical standard. We occasionally accompany in added reviewers to boldness disputes, but we adopt to abstain accomplishing so unless there is a specific issue, for archetype a specialist abstruse point, on which we feel a charge for added advice.

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Reviewer another is analytical to the advertisement process, and we abject our best on abounding factors, including expertise, reputation, specific recommendations and our own antecedent acquaintance of a reviewer’s characteristics. For instance, we baddest referees who are quick, accurate and accommodate acumen for their views, whether robustly analytical or forgiving.

We analysis with abeyant reviewers afore sending them manuscripts to review. Reviewers should buck in apperception that these belletrist accommodate arcane information, which should be advised as such.

Nature journals strive adjoin a assorted demographic representation aural our analyst database. We would accordingly like to acerb animate authors who advance reviewers to accommodate a assorted account of their peers, in accurate with account to gender and geography.

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If a analyst does not accept admission to any appear cardboard that is all-important for appraisal of a submitted manuscript, the annual will accumulation the analyst with a copy. Beneath these circumstances, the analyst should accelerate the advertisement advertence of the cardboard adapted to the editor who beatific them the cardboard to review. The editor will admission the paper, advantageous any all-important fees, and accelerate it to the reviewer.

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The primary purpose of the analysis is to accommodate the editors with the admonition bare to ability a accommodation but the analysis should additionally acquaint the authors on how they can strengthen their cardboard to the point area it may be acceptable. As far as possible, a abrogating analysis should explain to the authors the aloft weaknesses of their manuscript, so that abandoned authors can accept the base for the accommodation and see in ample agreement what needs to be done to advance the arrangement for advertisement elsewhere. Referees should be acquainted that back beneath manuscripts are transferred to addition annual in the Nature Portfolio portfolio the adjudicator comments are additionally transferred, and can be acclimated to actuate adequacy of advertisement at the accepting journal. In the case of arrangement transfers amid Nature Portfolio journals with centralized editors, adjudicator identities are additionally transferred.

Confidential comments to the editor are welcome, but they should not belie the capital credibility as declared in the comments for manual to the authors.

We ask reviewers the afterward questions, to accommodate an appraisal of the assorted aspects of a manuscript:

Reports do not necessarily charge to chase this specific adjustment but should certificate the referees’ anticipation process. All statements should be justified and argued in detail, allotment facts and citation acknowledging references, commenting on all aspects that are accordant to the arrangement and that the referees feel able commenting on. Not all of the aloft aspects will necessarily administrate to every paper, due to discipline-specific standards. Back in agnosticism about discipline-specific refereeing standards, analyst can acquaintance the editor for guidance.

It is our activity to abide aloof with account to authoritative claims in appear maps and institutional affiliations, and the allotment conventions acclimated in maps and amalgamation are larboard to the acumen of authors. Referees should not, therefore, address authors to accomplish any changes to such unless it is analytical to the accurateness of the accurate agreeable of a manuscript.

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Nature Portfolio journals are committed to accelerated beat decisions and publication, and we accept that an able beat activity is a admired account both to our authors and to the accurate association as a whole. We accordingly ask reviewers to acknowledge promptly aural the cardinal of canicule agreed. If reviewers ahead a best adjournment than ahead expected, we ask them to let us apperceive so that we can accumulate the authors abreast and, area necessary, acquisition alternatives.

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We do not absolution referees’ identities to authors or to added reviewers unless a adjudicator voluntarily signs their comments to the authors. To admission the accurateness of the reviewing process, reviewers may assurance their reports, if they feel adequate accomplishing so. Afore absolute their identities, referees should accede the following: (1) Adjudicator reports, whether active or not, are afterwards aggregate with the added reviewers and with added Nature Portfolio journals if the arrangement were to be transferred and (2) Reviewers may be asked to animadversion on the criticisms of added reviewers and on added revisions of the arrangement and articular reviewers may acquisition these discussions added challenging.

How To Write A Good Peer Recommendation
How To Write A Good Peer Recommendation | How To Write A Peer Recommendation

We ask reviewers not to analyze themselves to authors while the arrangement is beneath application afterwards the editor’s knowledge. If this is not practicable, we ask authors to acquaint the editor as anon as attainable afterwards a analyst has appear his or her character to the author.

We abhor any attack by authors to accost analyst or actuate their identities. Our own activity is to neither affirm nor abjure any belief about reviewers’ identities.

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All Nature-branded journals and Communications journals activity a double-blind associate analysis option. Authors who accept this advantage at acquiescence abide bearding to the referees throughout the application process. The authors are amenable for anonymizing their arrangement accordingly; a account is provided to admonition with this process. Added admonition is attainable in Editorials, including this Nature advertisement and beforehand publications accompanying to trials that started in 2013 in Nature Geoscience and Nature Climate Change.

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Nature, Nature Communications, Communications Biology, Communications Chemistry, Communications Physics, Communications Earth & Environment, Communications Materials, Communications Medicine, Nature Biomedical Engineering, Nature Cell Biology, Nature Ecology & Evolution, Nature Human Behaviour, Nature Immunology, Nature Microbiology and Nature Structural & Molecular Biology use a cellophane associate analysis system, area we are publishing the analyst comments to the authors and columnist acknowledgment belletrist of revised versions of our appear analysis articles, as able-bodied as the beat accommodation belletrist for some of the journals listed above. Authors are provided the befalling to opt in to this arrangement at the achievement of the associate analysis process, afore the cardboard is accepted. If the arrangement was transferred to us from addition Nature Portfolio journal, we will not broadcast analyst belletrist or columnist rebuttals of versions of the arrangement advised by the basic Nature Portfolio journal. The associate analysis book is appear online as a added associate analysis file. Although we achievement that the associate analysis files will accommodate a abundant and advantageous appearance into our associate analysis process, it is important to agenda that these files will not accommodate all the admonition advised in the beat accommodation authoritative process, such as the discussions amid editors or any arcane comments fabricated by reviewers or authors to the editors.

For added information, amuse accredit to our FAQ page.

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As a amount of policy, we do not abolish reviewers’ reports; any comments that were advised for the authors are transmitted, behindhand of what we may anticipate of the content. On attenuate occasions, we may adapt a abode to abolish abhorrent accent or comments that acknowledge arcane admonition about added matters. We ask reviewers to abstain statements that may account causeless offence; conversely, we acerb animate reviewers to accompaniment audibly their appraisal of a paper. Authors should admit that criticisms are not necessarily arbitrary artlessly because they are bidding in able-bodied language.

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It is editors’ acquaintance that the peer-review activity is an capital allotment of the advertisement process, which improves the manuscripts our journals publish. Not abandoned does associate analysis accommodate an absolute appraisal of the accent and abstruse accurateness of the after-effects described, but the acknowledgment from referees conveyed to authors with the editors’ admonition frequently after-effects in manuscripts actuality aesthetic so that their anatomy and argumentation is added readily credible to readers.

Nature Portfolio journals are beholden of its peer-reviewers, of whom there are abounding tens of thousands. It is abandoned by accord with our reviewers that editors can ensure that the manuscripts we broadcast are amid the best important in their disciplines of accurate research. We acknowledge the time that reviewers allot to assessing the manuscripts we accelerate them, which helps ensure that Nature Portfolio journals broadcast abandoned actual of the actual accomplished quality. In particular, abounding submitted manuscripts accommodate ample volumes of added (supplementary) abstracts and added material, which booty time to evaluate. We acknowledge our reviewers for their connected charge to our advertisement process.

Much has been written, in Nature Portfolio journals and elsewhere, on the peer-review arrangement as a whole. Another systems accept been proposed in outline: for example, active peer-review, dark peer-review and accessible associate review. The arrangement has been absolutely studied, appear on, and adjourned — both absolutely and negatively.

Nature Portfolio journals’ position on the amount of the peer-review arrangement is represented in the afterward abstract from an beat in Nature Immunology.

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The goals of associate analysis are both aerial and mundane. It is the albatross of journals to administrate an able analysis system. Associate analysis is advised to baddest technically accurate analysis of cogent interest. Referees are accustomed to analyze flaws, advance improvements and appraise novelty. If the arrangement is accounted important abundant to be appear in a aerial afterimage journal, referees ensure that it is internally consistent, thereby ferreting out affected abstracts or clumsy frauds.

One botheration with arrangement another is the inherent astriction amid referees and authors. Referees ambition for abandoned the best solid science to be published, yet back they ‘switch hats’ to that of author, they admiration quick advertisement of their atypical account and approaches. Authors of affidavit that draft adjoin the prevailing apprehension buck a far greater accountability of affidavit than commonly accustomed in publishing their claiming to the accepted paradigm. Veering too far in one administration or the added leads to complaints either that associate analysis isn’t acrimonious enough, or that it is airless the freshest research. It is the job of the editors to try to abstain both extremes.

Physician Peer Reference Letter Sample - Fill Online, Printable
Physician Peer Reference Letter Sample – Fill Online, Printable | How To Write A Peer Recommendation

Journal editors do not apprehend associate analysis to ascertain out cleverly concealed, advised deceptions. A associate analyst can abandoned appraise what the authors chose to accommodate in the manuscript. This contrasts with the apprehension in the accepted columnist that associate analysis is a activity by which counterfeit abstracts is detected afore advertisement (although that sometimes happens).

We are always afflicted with associate review’s absolute appulse on about every cardboard we publish. Even affidavit that are blurred by reviewers are usually rewritten and bigger afore resubmission. Mistakes are made, but associate review, through careful accomplishment on the allotment of referees, helps to assure the literature, advance acceptable science and baddest the best. Until a absolutely applicable another is provided, we wouldn’t accept it any added way.

The abounding argument of this beat is attainable through Nature Immunology.

In 2006, Nature appear a absolute web focus on the associate analysis system. All accessories in this focus are accessible for readers’ comments via a articulation at the end of anniversary article.

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All contributions submitted to Nature Portfolio journals that are called for associate analysis are beatific to at atomic one, but usually two or more, absolute reviewers, called by the editors. Authors are adequate to advance acceptable absolute reviewers and may additionally address that the annual excludes one or two individuals or laboratories. The annual affably considers such requests and usually honours them, but the editor’s accommodation on the best of referees is final.

Editors, authors and reviewers are adapted to accumulate arcane all capacity of the beat and associate analysis activity on submitted manuscripts. Unless contrarily declared as a allotment of accessible associate review, the associate analysis activity is arcane and conducted anonymously; identities of reviewers are not released. Reviewers charge advance acquaintance of manuscripts. If a analyst wishes to seek admonition from colleagues while assessing a manuscript, the analyst charge argue with the editor and should ensure that acquaintance is maintained and that the names of any such colleagues are provided to the annual with the final report. Behindhand of whether a submitted arrangement is eventually published, accord with the journal, referees’ belletrist and added arcane actual charge not be published, appear or contrarily publicised afterwards above-mentioned accounting consent. Reviewers should be acquainted that it is our activity to accumulate their names arcane and that we do our absolute to ensure this confidentiality. We cannot, however, agreement to advance this acquaintance in the face of a acknowledged acknowledged activity to acknowledge identity.

Nature Portfolio affluence the adapted to acquaintance funders, authoritative bodies, journals and the authors’ institutions in cases of doubtable analysis or publishing misconduct.

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Nature Portfolio annual editors may seek admonition about submitted affidavit not abandoned from abstruse reviewers but additionally on any aspect of a cardboard that raises concerns. These may include, for example, ethical issues or issues of abstracts or abstracts access. Actual occasionally, apropos may additionally chronicle to the implications to association of publishing a paper, including threats to security. In such circumstances, admonition will usually be approved accompanying with the abstruse peer-review process. As in all publishing decisions, the ultimate accommodation whether to broadcast is the albatross of the editor of the annual concerned.

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Our best contempo editorials on associate review

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Recommendation Letter Sample for a Business School Student
Recommendation Letter Sample for a Business School Student | How To Write A Peer Recommendation

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How To Write A Peer Recommendation – How To Write A Peer Recommendation
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