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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. strode assimilate the date at a Southern California church, beaming Kennedy aplomb and analysis the continuing acclaim army with his acute dejected Bobby Kennedy eyes. Then, he launched into an anti-vaccine rant. Democrats “drank the Kool-Aid,” he told bodies accumulated for a far appropriate conference, branded as continuing for “health and freedom.”

How to Write a One Shot: 15 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
How to Write a One Shot: 15 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow | How To Write A One Shot

“It is bent medical abuse to accord a adolescent one of these vaccines,” Kennedy contended, according to a video of the event, one of his abounding assertions that abandoned or went adjoin legal, accurate and accessible bloom consensus.

Then, Kennedy hawked his book. If aloof 300 attendees preordered it on Amazon that night, he told the crowd, it would acreage on the album account and they could “stick it to Amazon and Jeff Bezos.”

All profits, he said, would go to his charity, Children’s Bloom Defense.

While abounding nonprofits and businesses accept struggled during the pandemic, Kennedy’s anti-vaccine accumulation has thrived. An analysis by The Associated Columnist finds that Children’s Bloom Defense has raked in allotment and followers as Kennedy acclimated his brilliant ability as a affiliate of one of America’s best acclaimed families to accessible doors, accession money and accommodate his accumulation credibility. Filings with alms regulators actualization acquirement added than angled in 2020, to $6.8 million.

Since the communicable started, Children’s Bloom Defense has broadcast the ability of its newsletter, which uses slanted information, cherry-picked facts and cabal theories to beforehand disbelief of the COVID-19 vaccines. The accumulation has additionally launched an internet TV approach and started a cine studio. CHD has all-around ambitions. In accession to aperture new U.S. branches, it now boasts outposts in Canada, Europe and, best recently, Australia. It’s advice accessories into French, German, Italian and Spanish, and it’s on a hiring spree.

According to abstracts from Similarweb, a agenda intelligence aggregation that analyzes web cartage and search, Children’s Bloom Defense has become one of the best accepted “alternative and accustomed anesthetic sites” in the world, extensive a aiguille of about 4.7 actor visits per month. That’s up from beneath than 150,000 account visits afore the pandemic.

As Children’s Bloom Defense has formed to aggrandize its influence, experts said, it has targeted its apocryphal claims at groups that may be added decumbent to disbelief the vaccine, including mothers and Black Americans. It’s a activity that experts anguish has baleful after-effects during a communicable that has dead added than 5 actor people, back misinformation has been accounted a blackmail to accessible health. The afterlife assessment in the United States hit 800,000 this week, and about a third of those bodies accept died back vaccines became accessible to all adults in the U.S. Unvaccinated bodies are 14 times added acceptable to die of COVID-19 than those who get the shot, according to the CDC.

As vaccines accept become a block political issue, Kennedy’s activity to the attempt has at times brought him abutting to anti-democracy armament on the appropriate who accept fabricated accepted account with the anti-vaccine movement. The begat of the country’s best arresting Autonomous ancestors has appeared at contest that pushed the lie that the 2020 acclamation was baseborn and associated with bodies who accept acclaimed or downplayed the agitated Jan. 6. beforehand on the U.S. Capitol.

Kennedy has been a key allotment of the anti-vaccine movement for years, but doctors and accessible bloom advocates told the AP that COVID-19 launched him to a new level.

“With the pandemic, he’s been turbocharged,” said Dr. David Gorski, a blight surgeon at Wayne Accompaniment University Academy of Anesthetic in Detroit and a analyzer of the anti-vaccine movement.

Dr. Richard Allen Williams, a cardiologist, abettor of anesthetic at UCLA and architect of the Minority Bloom Institute, said Kennedy is arch “a announcement movement,” and “absolutely a racist operation” that is decidedly alarming to the Black community.

“He’s absolutely the agitator of the misinformation campaign,” said Williams, who has accounting several books about chase and medicine. “So abounding people, alike those in accurate circles, don’t apprehend what Kennedy is doing.”

Even Kennedy’s own ancestors associates alarm his assignment “dangerous.”


Kennedy, 67, is a nephew of Admiral John F. Kennedy and the son of his collapsed brother. He carved out a career as a bestselling columnist and top ecology advocate angry for important accessible bloom priorities such as apple-pie water.

His assignment as a arch articulation in that movement acceptable would accept been his legacy, but added than 15 years ago, he became bedeviled on a acceptance that vaccines are not safe. While there are attenuate instances back bodies accept astringent reactions to vaccines, the billions of doses administered globally accommodate absolute apple affirmation that they are safe. The Apple Bloom Organization says vaccines anticipate as abounding as 5 actor deaths ceremony year.

During the pandemic, Kennedy has become a near-ubiquitous antecedent of apocryphal advice about COVID-19 and vaccines. Beforehand this year, Kennedy was alleged one of the “Disinformation Dozen” by the Center for Countering Agenda Hate, which says he and the Children’s Bloom Defense website are amid the top spreaders of apocryphal advice about vaccines online.

Kennedy’s spokeswoman, Rita Shreffler, told the AP on Dec. 6 that he was not accessible for an account for this story.

On Dec. 2, however, she had accounting to AP accusatory of a “complete blackout by boilerplate media” about Kennedy’s book, and alms him for interviews.

An AP anchorman responded aural 20 account and beatific assorted aftereffect emails. Back Shreffler assuredly responded, she asked for “your account of account questions to be accustomed above-mentioned to scheduling an account by the team.” AP beneath that restriction, and Shreffler afresh said Kennedy would not allege with AP.

More than 200 actor Americans accept been accustomed a COVID-19 vaccine, and austere ancillary furnishings are acutely rare, according to government assurance tracking. That tracking and testing in tens of bags of bodies has apparent that the vaccines are safe and able at abbreviation the accident of austere ache and afterlife and that any bloom risks airish by the vaccine are far lower than the risks airish by the virus.

Children’s Bloom Defense and its followers, gluttonous to attenuate that message, use able techniques to accompany anti-vaccine misinformation alike to those not attractive for it.

The AP begin links to Children’s Bloom Defense accessories all over Facebook. While abounding were aggregate as posts on the pages of adolescent anti-vaccine activists, abounding added could be begin in the comments sections on pages that bodies about-face to for reliable information, including official government Facebook pages in all 50 states, and in bloom departments in about every state.

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“The vaccine was not created to save us all from a pandemic. The communicable was created to get us to booty the vaccine and more,” one actuality wrote in February beneath a North Carolina Department of Bloom and Human Services Facebook post.

Then, they affiliated to a January Children’s Bloom Defense commodity that claimed 329 deaths afterward the COVID-19 attempt had been appear to VAERS, a federal vaccine assurance surveillance arrangement that has been abolished by anti-vaccine activists.

“Every Friday, the accurate American hero Robert F Kennedy Jr. pulls the abstracts from the VAERS report. Here is the latest up until 1/22,” the commenter wrote. Accession user replied that the animadversion had been appear for dishonesty, but it was still up 10 months later.

People additionally aggregate CHD links beneath posts fabricated by governors, schools, hospitals, aggressive outposts, universities, account outlets, alike a above alliance soccer team. One accompaniment agent from Alaska has aggregate CHD links on her Facebook folio at atomic four times back March. They were additionally aggregate alfresco the United States, on Facebook pages in places such as Canada, Norway and Greece.

Kennedy has hundreds of bags of followers on Facebook and Twitter, although he was kicked off Facebook’s Instagram belvedere beforehand this year. Children’s Bloom Defense charcoal on all three platforms.

Since January, Children’s Bloom Defense’s COVID-19 vaccine-related posts were aggregate added frequently on Twitter than links to vaccine agreeable on boilerplate sites including CNN, Fox News, NPR and the U.S. Centers for Ache Control and Prevention, according to Indiana University’s Observatory on Amusing Media, which beforehand COVID-19 vaccine-related agreeable on Twitter. In some weeks, it found, CHD COVID-19 vaccine agreeable was aggregate added generally than that of The New York Times and The Washington Post.

A altered analysis aggregation begin Kennedy’s group, forth with the now-removed accumulation alleged Stop Mandatory Vaccination, bought added than bisected of the anti-vaccine announcement on Facebook above-mentioned to the pandemic. A affiliate of that team, David Broniatowski, of George Washington University, said the groups had targeted Facebook ads to ability women of bearing age application demographic data.

“They’re abundant added able at it than our accessible bloom infrastructure,” he said. “That’s in allotment because they aloof accept a centralized foundation with a actual bright faculty of what it is they appetite to do.”

CHD’s capability is in allotment because it’s axial to a arrangement of anti-vaccine websites that articulation to and amplify ceremony other, creating a bamboozlement answer alcove that reinforces apocryphal narratives that downplay the dangers of COVID-19 while exaggerating the risks of the vaccine. For example, the day afterwards the FDA accepted abounding approval to Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, Kennedy and CHD beatific out an commodity falsely claiming that the vaccine that was accountant was not the one that was available, said Dorit Reiss, a abettor at UC Hastings College of the Law and an able in vaccine law.

“It started with CHD the day afterwards the licensure and afresh was best up by appropriate accession outlets,” Reiss said.

The abstraction broadcast on binding media outlets on the far right. Then, added than a ages afterwards the commodity was published, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin went on Tucker Carlson’s actualization on Fox Account and afresh the incorrect abstraction that the accustomed vaccine was not accessible in the United States.

It became one of CHD’s better accessories of the accomplished year, with about 40,000 interactions on Facebook, according to CrowdTangle, a Facebook-owned apparatus that helps clue actual on the platforms.

In comments on CHD’s website, bodies bidding anger, abhorrence and calls to action. “You know, the added I apprehend the account the added my abdomen tightens up into a little ball,” one wrote. “And they admiration why we don’t assurance them and why bodies won’t get the ‘jab,’” said another. One appropriate bodies beforehand on Washington on the 20th ceremony of the Sept. 11 attacks, writing, “Make Jan 6 attending like a picnic.”

In accession to its acceleration on amusing media, CHD’s website has additionally apparent an admission in traffic. According to Similarweb, in November 2019, a few months afore the communicable began, Children’s Bloom Defense accustomed 119,000 visits. That had developed to about 3 actor visits aftermost month, afterwards peaking in August at about 4.7 million.

And its circadian newsletter alcove added than 8 actor bodies a ages via email, according to a CHD fundraising address that approved to accession $1 actor by Nov. 30. AP was not able to apart verify the claim.

In November, Kennedy appear his book, “The Absolute Anthony Fauci,” in which he accuses the nation’s arch communicable ache doctor of allowance arrange “a acclaimed accomplishment d’etat adjoin Western democracy.” A agent for Fauci did not comment.

Kennedy additionally uses the book to beforehand ambiguous COVID-19 treatments such as ivermectin, which is meant to amusement parasites, and the anti-malaria biologic hydroxychloroquine, and he contends that adolescence vaccines are not appropriately assurance tested, alike admitting the FDA requires three phases of testing that involves hundreds of bags of bodies afore acknowledging a adolescence vaccine.

His sister, Kerry Kennedy, who runs Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, the all-embracing rights accumulation founded by their mother, Ethel, told AP that it was capricious to beforehand doctors and scientists. Many, including Fauci, accept accustomed afterlife threats, which can avert bodies from entering the profession.

“Our ancestors knows that a afterlife blackmail should be taken seriously,” she said.

The group, which supports government-mandated vaccinations and accomplish such as acute affidavit of vaccination, awarded Fauci its “Ripple of Hope Award” aftermost year.

Kennedy Jr. by adverse has spent months hyping his book, including at the far appropriate Reawaken America appointment in Southern California in July. Aftermost month, CHD apprenticed supporters to buy the book appropriate abroad so it would accomplish the New York Times album list. Some commenters on CHD’s armpit said they bought assorted copies to drive sales. One said they had bought nine and were planning to buy added to put in adjacency book barter boxes “to advice addition the book to cardinal one on the New York Times album list.”

Kennedy’s ambition was granted. “The Absolute Anthony Fauci” accomplished No. 5 on the Times’ account aftermost ages and hit No. 1 at Amazon. It awash about 166,000 copies through the alpha of December, according to NPD BookScan, which beforehand about 85 percent of book sales.

Kennedy’s anti-vaccine bulletin has brought him abutting to abounding arch abstracts who accept attacked the nation’s autonomous norms and institutions. A photo acquaint on Instagram July 18 and allegedly taken backstage at the Reawaken America event, shows Kennedy alongside above Admiral Donald Trump’s accessory Roger Stone, anti-vaccine profiteer Charlene Bollinger and above National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, all of whom accept pushed the lie that the 2020 acclamation was stolen.

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The last idea for a one-shot with HalahxGray Writing words, Book | How To Write A One Shot

Kennedy has appeared at assorted contest with Bollinger and her husband, alike afterwards their Super PAC sponsored an anti-vaccine, pro-Trump assemblage abreast the Capitol on Jan. 6, when, as AP ahead reported, Bollinger acclaimed the beforehand and her bedmate approved to admission the Capitol. Kennedy filmed a video chat for their Super PAC in the spring.

He has additionally courted above GOP donors including Leila and David Centner, who were listed as CHD lath associates for 2021 on a filing the accumulation fabricated in August with Georgia alms regulators, and which AP acquired in a accessible annal request. The brace are best accepted for the clandestine academy they accustomed in Miami, Centner Academy, which put in abode anti-vaccine behavior for accouchement and teachers.


Kennedy generally says he started attractive at vaccines afterwards a mother told him she believed her son developed autism from acknowledgment to mercury in a vaccine. The approach has been thoroughly debunked. The anatomy of mercury, thimerosal, was removed from adolescence vaccines years ago with no aftereffect on the levels of autism. Still, Kennedy and others abide to argue, adjoin the accurate consensus, that vaccines are affiliated to autism, aliment allergies and a host of added medical problems. Amid the capacity he tells bodies to watch out for are accepted substances such as aluminum, acetaminophen, fluoride and aliment additives.

In 2015, Kennedy abutting up with Eric Gladen, who in 2007 had founded a accumulation alleged Apple Mercury Project in Southern California. Gladen believes he got mercury contagion from a tetanus attempt and had fabricated a blur alleged Trace Amounts.

Gladen told AP that Kennedy ancestors associates apprenticed him to ambit himself from the accumulation afterwards they buried the cine at Kennedy’s sister’s abode in Malibu. The abutting morning, Gladen recalled, Kennedy alleged him at 6 a.m. to say he was in.

World Mercury Project had been disturbing to break afloat, but aggregate afflicted back Kennedy joined. He was “a machine,” accomplishing research, autograph op-eds, carrying speeches and abutting with well-placed people, Gladen said. There was “almost no limit” to who they could reach.

World Mercury Project, which appear aloof $13,114 in acquirement on its 2014 tax filings, brought in $467,443 in acquirement the afterward year, back Kennedy came on board.

Gladen stepped bottomward for bloom affidavit in August 2016, but continues to abutment its work.

Kennedy became lath administrator and arch acknowledged counsel. The accumulation rebranded with the name Children’s Bloom Defense in 2018, removing the chat “mercury” from its name and announcement an broadcast mission. A columnist absolution emphasized autism, ADHD and added “health epidemics” affecting children. It mentioned vaccines abandoned once, about as an afterthought.

Kennedy told Tucker Carlson in a July 2017 actualization that his vaccine assignment was “probably the affliction career move that I’ve anytime made.” Back the Fox Account host asked him if he was “getting paid for this,” Kennedy replied, “No, I’m not. In fact, I’m accepting contributed for this.”

According to tax filings, Kennedy was paid $131,250 by Children’s Bloom Defense in 2017. In 2018, he was paid $184,375. By 2019, the best contempo year available, his advantage had risen to $255,000.

Kennedy told the cabal armpit InfoWars this ages that he had “the adverse of a accumulation motive.”

“Probably I’ve absent 80 percent of my assets because of what I’m doing, forth with a lot of friendships and, you know, and damaged relationships alike with bodies in my family,” Kennedy said.

Still, CHD’s fundraising success has abandoned developed with Kennedy’s involvement, and no year was added acknowledged than 2020.

Filings the accumulation fabricated with alms regulators in California actualization that in 2018, CHD appear $1.1 actor in gross revenue. That grew to about $3 actor in 2019. By 2020, the best contempo year available, acquirement had added than angled to $6.8 million. It appear that it spent added than $3.5 actor on affairs costs aftermost year, the aboriginal year of the pandemic. That includes bearing 49 “educational videos” and six eBooks, CHD appear to Guidestar.

Kennedy’s accumulation has additionally lobbied over vaccine legislation in the states, calm ample sums of money from appropriate interests such as chiropractors, and filed assorted lawsuits, including a $5 actor accusation aftermost year adjoin Facebook. Amid its claims is that Facebook deactivated the “donate button” on its page, affliction CHD’s efforts to accession money. In May 2019 alone, according to its lawsuit, Children’s Bloom Defense said it accustomed $24,872 in user donations from its Facebook page. A federal adjudicator absolved the accusation in June, but CHD is appealing.


Children’s Bloom Defense’s new cine flat appear a blur beforehand this year, alleged “Medical Racism.” Doctors and accessible bloom advocates said it was aimed at overextension misinformation and abhorrence of vaccines aural the Black community, which has been disproportionately hit by coronavirus.

The cine brings up racist abuses in medicine, such as the Tuskegee experiment, back hundreds of Black men in Alabama with syphilis were larboard untreated, to catechism whether the vaccine can be trusted or is necessary. Examples of racist medical practices accept contributed to disbelief and averseness about vaccines amid some associates of the Black community.

Williams, of the Minority Bloom Institute, acicular out that in the Tuskegee study, bodies were denied medication to amusement a disease. In the case of the COVID-19 vaccine, medication is accessible – but anti-vaccine activists are aggravating to actuate bodies not to booty it. He said the blur is “totally slanted.”

“It is not abandoned harmful, but it is deadly,” he said.

Kennedy has additionally fabricated hay from the deaths of arresting people. Baseball fable Hank Aaron got his attempt as a way to actualization added Black Americans that the vaccine was safe. A few weeks later, the 86-year-old died in his sleep. Kennedy acquaint on Facebook and Twitter calling it “part of a beachcomber of apprehensive deaths amid aged carefully afterward administering of COVID vaccines,” but provided no affirmation of a connection. Kennedy’s Jan. 22 posts are both still up and accept been shared, commented on and admired bags of times, although the Facebook column now carries a admonishing that it is missing ambience and “could mislead people.”

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155-day writing challenge: Day 15 ejridener | How To Write A One Shot

In the movie, Kennedy and others additionally adjure the bequest of his ancestors and its captivation in causes such as civilian rights, Appropriate Olympics and bloom affliction advocacy.

Dr. Oni Blackstock, who founded the ancestral and bloom disinterestedness consulting accumulation Bloom Justice and who is a above abettor abettor in the New York City Bloom Department, said the Kennedy name adds “heft” to the anti-vaccine movement amid bodies who accept absolute associations with the Kennedys’ bequest as advocates for civilian rights.

“It may accomplish bodies added accommodating to accept and to accede what’s actuality said,” Blackstock said.

Kennedy additionally uses his ancestors name and bequest to accession money. On assorted occasions, he has offered a cruise to the Kennedy admixture on Cape Cod as a allurement to boom up donations for Children’s Bloom Defense. As ancestors photos and images of bodies including Admiral Kennedy flashed on awning of one Facebook appeal, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., said the champ would accommodated Kennedy ancestors associates on the visit.

“There’s consistently affluence of bodies and acceptable conversation,” he said in one video acquaint in 2020. “If my mom decides to come, chance is guaranteed.”

Kerry Kennedy said her brother had taken bottomward some family-related agreeable at her request. Still, she noted, he continues to advertence Admiral Kennedy’s name to beforehand his anti-vaccine stance.

“Anyone who believes this does not apperceive their history. Vaccinations were a above accomplishment of John F. Kennedy, both as a agent and afterwards as president,” she said.

“I adulation Bobby, I anticipate he’s aloof absolutely amiss on this affair and actual dangerous,” she said. “Failure to booty vaccines puts people’s lives at risk. It not abandoned impacts the actuality who refuses the jab but imperils the association at large.”

But that hasn’t beat him. He generally name-drops the top government admiral and scientists that he has had admission to, including Francis Collins, administrator of the National Institutes of Health.

“Part of the account of actuality allotment of my ancestors is that I could get these bodies on the buzz about instantaneously,” Kennedy said at Centner Academy.

Collins told AP he was “very disappointed” in Kennedy.

“With his name recognition, with his arresting ancestry and a ancestors that has done so abundant for America — that he’s application that to beforehand lies after somehow accepting some sense, attractive in the mirror, that he’s accomplishing harms,” Collins said, adding, “Shame on him.”

In a accent to the Ron Paul Institute in October, Kennedy told a acceptant army that his accouchement accept sometimes questioned him.

“They say, able-bodied this is activity to annihilate people. And I say to them, there’s a lot worse things than dying,” he said, afore evoking the “generation of Americans in 1776” who fought the Revolutionary War and afresh allegory their account to a “second American Revolution.”

During his speech, he referenced Nazis assorted times, askance comparing accessible bloom measures put in abode by assorted governments about the apple to Nazi announcement meant to alarm bodies into abandoning analytical thinking.

On Sunday, Kennedy afresh aloft the bogeyman of Nazis as he put out a video allurement followers to booty allotment in an all-embracing beforehand to “wallpaper your association legally” with anti-vaccine stickers. The stickers popped up abutting to his face as he spoke, including one that showed a account of Fauci with a Hitler mustache, and accession that apprehend “IF YOU’RE NOT AN ANTI-VAXXER YOU AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION.”


The communicable has accustomed Kennedy to booty Children’s Bloom Defense’s anti-vaccine bulletin global.

In August 2020, CHD launched a Europe branch, and Kennedy abounding a huge assemblage in Berlin adjoin coronavirus restrictions. Aftermost month, Kennedy appeared afore bags of bodies at protests on alternating canicule in Switzerland and Italy. He complained of conspiracies by government admiral and Big Pharma agents and claimed falsely that the Pfizer COVID-19 attempt kills added bodies than it saves. Kennedy promised that he would “see you all on the barricades” and that “I and abounding others are accessible to die with our boots on for liberty.”

It has become article of a butt accent for Kennedy, one delivered not to win political appointment but to actuate as abounding bodies as accessible not to get vaccinated.


Associated Columnist writers Lauran Neergaard, Colleen Barry, Hillel Italie, Matt O’Brien and AP researcher Rhonda Shafner contributed to this report.


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