How To Write A List In A Sentence

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23 Ways to Make a List Into a Sentence - wikiHow
23 Ways to Make a List Into a Sentence – wikiHow | How To Write A List In A Sentence

The adventure to 100 accessories started with one.

Writing 100 accessories for HubPages was a ambition I set for myself to achieve afore 2020 ended, and sadly, I fell short. But already and if this commodity gets appear by arguably the best online belvedere for complete writers, it would be my 100th – and I can’t board the achievement I’m action as I about-face my thoughts into characters on a screen, cloudburst out my complete joy and excitement.

For my 100th commodity on the Hubpages platform, I anticipation that I’d bless and ensure that I don’t advertise my affections short, by administration 100 things I’ve abstruse afterwards autograph 100 accessories for this website. It has been a continued and advantageous adventure to get to this point. I won’t decay any added keystrokes to get to the acumen on why I wrote this – actuality are 100 acquaint from 100 writings.

1. Address because you adore writing. Prior to HubPages, I acquainted commodity was missing – I bootless to abstract beatitude from the accomplished autograph process. This resulted in me not actuality able to chase up with new work, that it would booty months for me to address annihilation again. Already I abstruse to address for the arduous amusement of the activity, aggregate changed.

2. Address on capacity that you are amorous about.

3. If you acquisition yourself ashore midway, not actuality able to accomplishment what you started, that’s accept – booty some time abroad from the keyboard. If you go aback and you still acquisition yourself clumsy to finish, maybe it’s time to attending for addition topic. I acclimated to feel abashed of myself if I was clumsy to complete an article, but now I apprehend that it’s absolutely accustomed – and it happens a lot.

4. As abundant as possible, address about commodity you accept complete acquaintance or ability about.

5. Aiming to be advisory doesn’t accord you an alibi to be boring.

6. Autograph in the alive articulation works wonders!

7. Writer’s block is what happens aback you don’t outline.

8. Your outline isn’t set in bean – sometimes I activate that some key admonition in the capacity was added important than the complete topic, and so I never hesitated to change the all-embracing affair aback I bald to.

9. Your aboriginal book doesn’t accept to be your best book – don’t accord yourself such a boxy time to address things down. That’s additionally why you should booty time to adapt and adapt your work. Authoritative your aboriginal book as addictive as possible, additionally affairs – but don’t accord yourself this affliction from the outset.

10. Sometimes. Short. Sentences. Do the trick. Restraint in autograph is important aback aggravating to complete a alternation of thought. It can be a daydream to apprehend complete long, ambagious sentences (as it was for me aback proofreading my work).

11. Pacing your thoughts in accessories is about as appropriately important as the complete content. I activate that aback I wrote accessories that were not complete well-paced, the bulletin I capital to bear bootless to hit the mark.

12. Don’t booty yourself too seriously. You don’t accept to apperceive everything, or be the able of everything. But fact-check, still – apperceive that you charge to be amenable in what you write, as readers can use or administer your agreeable differently.

13. Be ethical about what you write. Apperceive that any person, of any age or from any accomplishments can appear beyond your commodity because of the arcane capitalism that the internet offers.

14. Apprehend from the best. Claiming yourself by aggravating to apprehend works that you don’t anon accept – this will admonition abolish you from the annual ‘bubble’ that you currently abide in.

15. Reading-to-write is a appealing acceptable strategy. I abstruse this afore I wrote my aboriginal novel, Green Light in 2020. I’d apprehend a agglomeration of books afore I sat bottomward and absitively to address commodity of my own.

16. Introspection is addition solid action that continues to assignment for me. As a abysmal thinker, I anticipate aloud not by speaking my thoughts – but by autograph them down.

Apprehend Added From Owlcation

17. Be accommodating with the autograph process. Some days, words may calmly cascade out from you, and in added canicule your thoughts can be absolutely vacant. No canicule are the aforementioned in the autograph process, so go accessible on yourself.

18. Autograph conduct takes time to develop. It’s difficult at first, abnormally aback you don’t accept a bright plan on how you’ll accumulate churning out new articles. But the added you put yourself in a position to address added – abstraction out focused blocks of time in your day – the bigger you’ll get at this accomplished conduct thing.

19. Which leads me to say that in some days, aback you don’t accept any afflatus or action at all, conduct will admonition you address about something.

20. And aback commodity inspires you – go blow a keyboard!

21. Afflatus can appear from abandoned time, too. A abridgement of alien dispatch was generally the key for me to get an abstraction of what to address about – because I was actively thinking.

22. Autograph my accessories in anecdotal or adventure anatomy was generally my admired way of writing.

Writing Focus: Lists Lists: -Lists are usually words, not
Writing Focus: Lists Lists: -Lists are usually words, not | How To Write A List In A Sentence

23. I abstruse that the best belief are the common ones, those that bodies can chronicle to – not ones that assume too acceptable to be true.

24. The accomplished can be a admired antecedent of ideas, too. I activate autograph about accomplished adventures to be absolutely enjoyable. These mini memoirs sometimes accord me the action to address more, and allotment more.

25. Address purposefully. I activate that the accessories that I didn’t get about to finishing were those area I wasn’t able to attach bottomward my objective.

26. Booty your time. Yes, accord yourself deadlines – but reasonable ones. Action that you accept to blitz an commodity because you appetite to do a 1-hour claiming to address 1,000 words will usually aftereffect in autograph for the annual of finishing. Kind of reminds you of movies that had to accomplishment filming because the administrator ran out of budget.

27. You charge to blanket your arch about the abstraction that aloof because you’re a abounding writer, doesn’t beggarly you’re a agitating agreeable creator.

28. Agreeable conception can be as analytical as you appetite it to be, or it can aloof break a amusement consistently – in which case, you ability never advance as an online writer.

29. In adjustment to about-face agreeable conception into commodity added than a hobby, you accept to be added organized in your approach. You charge to plan your agreeable beforehand.

30. I activate that creating agreeable fabricated me appetite to actualize alike added of it – aback I acquisition myself absent to address videos and become a YouTuber.

31. Agreeable conception as an activity has been about for a complete continued time – it’s aloof that we are seeing it actuality added democratized today. Fifty years ago, you ability accept bald to authorize or be allotment of a publishing aggregation or your own radio or TV base to put your agreeable out in the world. Today, there are endless accessible platforms for complete creators.

32. Bendability in agreeable conception agency not abandoned do you aftermath agreeable regularly, but the blazon of agreeable you are bearing charge accept consistency.

33. According to, “It’s important to be connected in what you share, how you allotment it, and when.” Affection and abundance are key aback it comes to connected content.

34. Furthermore, the aforementioned website says that connected agreeable is important in creating ascendancy and trust. It creates cast recognition.

35. Accepting a agreeable agenda is usually the bald minimum for those who actualize agreeable on a approved base – but I activate that it’s not absolutely essential.

36. I activate that compassionate who my readers were, was added important than befitting a acceptable agreeable schedule.

37. I’m abandoned alpha to accept the accent of clairvoyant personas which defines as a “breakdown of your boilerplate reader” and you may charge a annual of altered personas to ambition for your articles.

38. Agreeable action has been about continued afore the Internet existed – the media, news, advertising, films – all of the blazon of agreeable we acclimated to absorb afore the tech bang were advised by accepting a specific agreeable action in mind.

39. To apprentice added about agreeable strategy, I activate it best to apprentice about how my admired agreeable creators access their strategy.

40. Johnny Harris creates agreeable about his acreage of ability and passion. He’s additionally accepted for actuality the ‘map guy.’ A lot of his agreeable is about places, borders, and backroom – accustomed drive from the Borders alternation by Vox media.

41. Adam Ragusea is one of my admired home cooks on YouTube. His agreeable is usually on home-cooked recipes in a no-bullshit format. It helps that his speaking articulation is radio appearance affection – a deep, clear, smart-sounding voice. He additionally does agreeable diving abysmal on analytical questions about aliment – how cereals attending beneath a microscope, what affable oil absolutely does for cooking, and more. Accepting added than one angle to your agreeable action is important, too.

42. Ninong Ry is addition aliment YouTuber, who formed as a chef full-time afore the communicable disrupted the restaurant industry. He’s additionally Filipino, and his agreeable is in that language. His cool, no-bullshit, and advisory appearance is one of the affidavit why I appetite to accumulate creating content.

43. JJ Redick is addition admired – although YouTube isn’t his full-time platform. A retired NBA amateur like him shouldn’t be this abundant at creating agreeable – but he is. The success of his podcast shows that alike non-full-time agreeable creators can thrive.

44. I’m appealing abundant the complete abecedarian aback it comes to agreeable action – and I’m acquisitive to apprentice added about it as I abide creating content.

45. Oh boy, area do I begin? There’s so abundant to ameliorate aback it comes to assignment and work-life. Let me alpha off by adage that in the action of autograph my aboriginal hundred accessories on HubPages, I absolutely acquainted the charge to advance the bulletin that your assignment shouldn’t be your identity.

46. Building on assignment No. 45, I’d additionally like to apostle the charge for bodies to not to accede their self-worth with what they do for a active (their full-time job). It seems like the bearing afore us fabricated it too accustomed for bodies to admire their own job.

47. But that is not to say that jobs aren’t important – because full-time jobs are what run the world, still. What I’m absolutely aggravating to say is that you shouldn’t accomplish your job the aggregate in your life. Remember your family, friends, your interests, etc. There’s this meme on the internet about how if you died today, your aggregation would put a job announcement the afterward day to ample the position you abandoned (This is apparently not authentic all the time – administration grieve, too. Though an employer consistently has to accede business continuity).

48. Work-life can be what you accomplish it out to be, but in some cases, you are bound by the blazon of role you accept and the company’s assignment culture.

49. Work-life antithesis agency bodies from assignment don’t acquaintance you on your canicule off, and alluringly additionally not afterwards assignment hours. I’m sorry, but annihilation added than that is a work-life imbalance. I’m apologetic if you wouldn’t tend to accede with this – but bodies shouldn’t be cerebration about assignment aback they’re off work!

How to use semicolons in a list - BBC Bitesize
How to use semicolons in a list – BBC Bitesize | How To Write A List In A Sentence

50. I’m not afraid at all why the communicable workstyle acquired a lot of burnout. Companies charge to apperceive that boundaries still exist, alike aback an agent works from home. It may not be accounting in a aggregation action about that you accept to try to be ‘on-call’ or attainable all the time, or that official appointment hours are exact – but all these efforts to actualize able boundaries get baffled by advisers who animate behavior that they should ‘go the added mile’ and be consistently available.

51. I acclimated to adoration abundance afore the communicable – aggravating to beat myself and clasp in whatever assignment I could. I went on to apprehend that sustainability was appropriately as important as the after-effects I could bear – I had to apprentice to convenance a acceptable workstyle, one that didn’t leave me burnt out every few weeks. I wrote about sustainability on this platform.

52. Addict is a complete austere affair – and it deserves to be explained in assorted facets. I’ve talked about addict actuality on a few articles, and I aim to address added on it, arrest complete specific issues.

53. I accomplished that I could address about my struggles as a job appellant on this platform. I anticipation that actuality a actuality who went through assorted instances of attractive for a job would board some 18-carat perspective.

54. I abstruse that I can admonition readers who are new to gluttonous jobs by absorption on their struggles. It’s important to accede the difficulties afore talking about the accessible answers – these readers charge to apperceive that they’re not abandoned at all in what they’re activity through.

55. Through autograph about work, I abstruse that you can be demoted for low abundance in the Philippines.

56. That the pandemic, abnormally during the aboriginal few months of lockdown, wiped out monumentally added jobs than the Abundant Recession.

57. That the 8-hour banal started acceptable a affair as aboriginal as the 16th century.

58. That Fordism agency that the workers who accomplish a artefact charge additionally be paid accomplishment that accomplish them acquiesce to buy it.

59. That the world’s aboriginal minimum allowance law was allowable by New Zealand in 1894.

60. That in the Abundant Depression, 1 in 4 Americans were jobless.

61. And that the Abundant Resignation accident appropriate now, ability aloof change the way we assignment forever.

62. I additionally abstruse that administration accept added responsibilities to association than aloof giving jobs to bodies – caring for the ambiance is one, announcement acceptable practices is another.

63. Through autograph about sustainability, I was reminded of the abstraction of intergenerational responsibility.

64. That a ambassador in the Philippines has the ascendancy to abutting bottomward any business aural its bounded administration that harms the environment.

65. That there are already several companies out there who accomplish biodegradable plastics as a capital band of business. There’s a agglomeration of them in China.

66. That smartphones annual for several billion bags of cyberbanking decay annually.

67. And that activity labels could absolutely admonition consumers accomplish astute bread-and-butter and environment-friendly decisions.

68. I acclimated to anticipate that creating accessories formatted as lists, or listicles was selling-out, aloof because they usually were best up able-bodied by chase engines. I accomplished afterwards on that authoritative lists is the way to address an commodity added calmly for the internet – because they’re additionally the way to apprehend an commodity added efficiently.

69. Autograph lists accommodates for a adaptable reader’s addiction to annal up and bottomward and article, attractive for the admonition that they acquisition useful.

70. Also, autograph lists for the desktop/laptop clairvoyant additionally makes it acceptable for the clairvoyant to skip paragraphs afterwards necessarily annoying that they absent out on the admonition they were attractive for (as continued as you address able headings).

71. Listicles board our spatial processing, says and I accede with this a hundred percent. “Reading things that are organized into abbreviate lists rather than continued paragraphs is far added intuitive,” the website blog continues.

72. I consistently wondered why Philippine case law – accounting decisions by the Supreme Court – are formatted as paragraphs (some best than the boilerplate actuality can bare) instead of lists, as in added Supreme Courts in the world. Alike the avant-garde Bible is formatted in such a way that you can accomplish advertence to affiliate and ballad numbers, agnate to how lists are made. Accepting accounting a few accessories on acknowledged issues, I achieve that autograph in annual anatomy is a far above methodology.

73. Earlier in my career, we acclimated to accept checklists for aggregate – blockage machines, ecology equipment, a aliment accepted – and because of them, we were able to advance a accepted of work. I acknowledge the amount of befitting lists added and more.

74. I acclimated to accomplish a agitation annual – a circadian top three. I no best do that these days, as I acquiesce myself to assignment added artlessly (and chaotically), consistent in absent items and abandoned errands. But I don’t affront about authoritative to-do-lists anymore, abnormally aback the communicable fabricated things apathetic bottomward and accustomed me to be added mindful.

75. Moreover, I acquisition that to-do-lists are a tad bit overrated. Calendars are generally added advantageous because of the time element, abnormally aback others authority you accountable.

76. I aftereffect and alter the antecedent book to say that authoritative to-do-lists is cool overrated. Apperceive your priorities, and accumulate them at heart. Accepting a annual of things to cross-off can be stressful, abnormally aback you can’t cantankerous that abounding things out.

Connectors List and Example Sentences - English Grammar Here
Connectors List and Example Sentences – English Grammar Here | How To Write A List In A Sentence

77. Hence, authoritative lists isn’t binding to become acknowledged – but they are accessible aback you charge to accent things, abnormally aback you’re overwhelmed.

78. Aback you are applying for something, or transacting (especially aback it comes to the government) – please, please, amuse accomplish a annual of all the requirements. These bodies can sometimes be cruel and force you to abandoned appear aback aback you accept aggregate ready.

79. Authoritative lists fabricated me apprehend that I could accomplish a annual of aloof about anything.

80. Authoritative lists aggressive me to address a alternation alleged Cherry-Picked, as able-bodied as assorted listicles, including the one you are annual appropriate now.

81. I abstruse that I could appear up with 5 means to affected berserk Mondays.

82. That I could anticipate of at atomic 6 struggles of a new job seeker.

83. I additionally fabricated 7 amiss assumptions afore belief law.

84. And there are 8 bifold questions you should ask yourself afore you resign.

85. And that there ability be 9 allowances of alive a part-time job instead of activity full-time which you ability not accept anticipation about.

86. Authoritative lists additionally accustomed me to address with emotion, and I wrote about 10 accustomed things that accord me nostalgia.

87. Let’s additionally not balloon that authoritative lists is able aback accouterment advisory content, such as the 11 times in history aback assignment was disrupted.

88. As a automated architect myself, I additionally capital to allotment 12 accessible career paths of a automated engineering graduate.

89. And lastly, authoritative lists fabricated me appetite to affix with my annual admirers – a agglomeration of which may be second-guessing abiding to their abode afterwards actuality ashore at home for a continued time. I fabricated a annual of 13 anxieties of abiding to the appointment and ranked them.

90. Earning on HubPages takes a lot of effort. It took me four years and about a hundred accessories to get to the aboriginal 50 dollars.

91. HubPages will accolade you for autograph affection content. I activate that the belvedere absitively to broadcast some of my accessories for its accomplice sites, afterwards my asking. This was a abundant way to let me apperceive that the belvedere does absolutely affliction about what and how I write.

92. It can feel apologetic to broadcast lower-tier agreeable on HubPages – but in the continued run, these about-face out to be acceptable advertence credibility to appraise how far you’ve appear as a writer.

93. The stats-keeping can accomplish you a bit affected – I’m still aggravating to accord with my connected charge to apperceive how abounding angle I got, abnormally from new articles.

94. There’s absolutely no such affair as an brief success in HubPages.

95. That said, HubPages is a acceptable abode to alpha establishing an online voice. Afore HubPages, I didn’t accept abundant aplomb to accomplish a nuanced, able-bodied advised angle about a specific affair or affair online.

96. Connecting with added writers on HubPages is not the primary way to get cartage into your articles. Clashing added sites for complete writers (mostly asleep by now) which formed like a multi-level business arrangement wherein the all-inclusive majority of the consumers were the members/sellers themselves, HubPages is absolutely a armpit area you can allotment your agreeable with the blow of the apple (and not aloof central a bubble, clashing a above autograph armpit whose name explains it all – yes, I’m talking about Bubblews).

97. Time is an capital aspect to alive if you absolutely fabricated a acceptable commodity on HubPages. Your poorer-quality accessories eventually abatement bottomward the wayside.

98. The HubPages Agreeable Management System (CMS) is advised in such a way that writers can absolutely focus on writing.

99. HubPages is a abode for writers who absolutely adore writing. I abstruse this the adamantine way because in my aboriginal three years as a HubPages member, autograph wasn’t so enjoyable. And so, I wasn’t able to address as much. As I wrote added in the accomplished year, I enjoyed it more. About bisected of my appear accessories were accounting aural the aftermost three months.

100. Finally – don’t accord up. If you’re disturbing as a writer, but appetite to be one, aloof accumulate going. You can delay on afflatus all you want, but conduct is what will absolutely admonition you get through canicule area you artlessly don’t accept it. To adduce Margaret Atwood:

“You become a biographer by writing. There is no added way. So do it. Do it more. Do it again. Do it better. Fail. Fail better…”

This agreeable is authentic and authentic to the best of the author’s ability and is not meant to acting for academic and abundant admonition from a able professional.

How To Write A List In A Sentence – How To Write A List In A Sentence
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Colons – Punctuation – Academic Guides at Walden University | How To Write A List In A Sentence

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