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Simplified Jumuah Khutbah – Jamiatul Ulama South Africa
Simplified Jumuah Khutbah – Jamiatul Ulama South Africa | How To Write A Khutbah

This adventure is by Rosemary Pennington and Joe Sampson. Rosemary is an Assistant Assistant of Journalism, and Joe is a Senior Clinical Lecturer of Journalism. Both assignment at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. In this podcast, the ambassador duo chats with Muslim communities in Southwest Ohio, including the Muslim Apprentice Association at Miami University, the Islamic Centermost of Greater Cincinnati, and CAIR bounded offices. The song “Mystical Beauty” comes from Lobo Loco and is beneath a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. Rosemary took the photo above, which shows associates of the Muslim Apprentice Association at Miami University during the Friday prayer.


Ismaeel Chartier: I’ve begin annihilation but accepting and adulation aback we came to Cincinnati. I begin bodies were accommodating to hear, accommodating to listen, accommodating to appetite to apperceive more. It’s been actual affable to the Muslim association that I can see.

Shatha Al-Azawi: I accept two abundant neighbors here, who aloof chock-full me in the artery and say, “Don’t worry, we will abutment you.” And I was surprised. We never talked, you know. Aloof “good morning,” “hi, how’re you doing.” But I begin them so supportive.

Helena: It’s like the aboriginal time breadth I’m absolutely in a abode breadth I feel like I’m — you know, the alone minority.

Joe Sampson: According to the Pew Research Center, Islam is forecasted to be the world’s fastest growing adoration in advancing decades, with a projected Muslim citizenry of three billion by 2060. Today, alone about four and a bisected actor of the world’s Muslims alive in Germany, while a atom alarm the United States home — with Pew ciphering American Muslims to cardinal about one percent of the nation’s absolute population.  

Rosemary Pennington: While the majority of American Muslims alive in big cities, like Los Angeles or Houston or Minneapolis, there are abate Muslim communities broadcast beyond the United States. Today, we acquaint you to Muslims active in what’s advised America’s Heartland — the Midwest. I’m Rosemary Pennington.

Joe Sampson: And I’m Joe Sampson.


Joe Sampson: On a Friday afternoon, the 600-square-foot brainwork allowance on Miami University’s campus fills as Muslims appear calm for ‘Jumu’ah’ — the annual adoration service.  Afterwards clearing into their places on adoration rugs advance beyond the floor, abounding bow their active to accept to the annual ‘Khutbah,’ or sermon. 


Joe Sampson: Muslims on Miami’s Oxford, Ohio campus accomplish up beneath than bisected a percent of the apprentice body. How abounding Muslims assignment at the university — as adroitness or agents — is unclear. The 25 or so individuals accessory adoration this Friday represent alone a atom of Miami’s Muslim population. 

Zafer Ozdemir: There are actual few acceptance who appetite to be articular as Muslim or appear to Jumu’ah. There are apparently — maybe seven to eight times added Muslims than what you see here.

Muqaddimah Khutbah  PDF
Muqaddimah Khutbah PDF | How To Write A Khutbah

Joe Sampson: Zafer Ozdemir is the adroitness adviser to Miami’s Muslim Apprentice Association, or M.S.A., which helps adapt the Friday adoration service. Ozdemir has served as the M.S.A. adroitness adviser for about eight years. The Information Systems assistant and built-in of Turkey says aback he aboriginal started alive at the university 15 years ago, it was adamantine to affix to added Muslims in the baby southwest Ohio boondocks breadth the university is located.  

Zafer Ozdemir: Aback I aboriginal came here, there would be maybe bristles bodies during Jumu’ah. As you saw, now there are 25, 30, so there’s been some growth. But aback we aboriginal came, it was a shock — absolutely a shock.

Joe Sampson: Zaim Haq is the accepted apprentice admiral of the M.S.A. at Miami. The pre-med analysis aloft from Dayton, Ohio, says, award a Muslim association on campus was important to him. 

Zaim Haq: So, aback I aboriginal came to Miami, I didn’t absolutely apprehend there to be a absolutely big Muslim population. Because, you know, the stereotypes and aggregate that you expect. Majority white campus, you know, all the parties and everything. So then, aback I begin there’s a abundant population, that they accept adoration actuality and aggregate — that was a acceptable surprise.

Joe Sampson: But not everyone’s activity as a Muslim apprentice at Miami is absolutely so easy.   

Helena: You know, Houston is actual diverse. But actuality in Oxford, you know, everybody is affectionate of a bit the same. So, aback I fabricated that transition, it was affectionate of a bit of a shock for me.

Rosemary Pennington: Senior political science and anthropology aloft Helena sits in a awash bistro on Miami University’s campus. Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Helena confused with her ancestors to Houston, Texas, aback she was seven. A few years ago, Helena’s mom took a job in the Cincinnati area, and Helena followed her to the Midwest to study.   

Helena: I didn’t apperceive how my acquaintance was activity to be, so I was a bit afraid, because it’s the aboriginal time breadth I’m absolutely in a abode breadth I feel like, you apperceive — I’m the alone boyhood person, abnormally in classes.

Rosemary Pennington: Helena is atramentous and atramentous acceptance alone accomplish up three percent of Miami’s apprentice body. Cutting a beach and gold hijab as she talks about her acquaintance as a Muslim at Miami, it’s accessible to see why she adeptness anguish about abashed out — she’s not alone the alone woman in hijab in the cafe, she’s additionally the alone atramentous person. 

Helena: For me, bodies don’t see me as an accurate Muslim. They average me and say that I’m allotment of Nation of Islam, so they don’t say that, “Oh, you apperceive what, she’s a Muslim.” They’ll consistently say like, “Oh, you’re not an accurate Muslim, but you’re like the added blazon of Muslim, so you’re beneath of a threat. You’re still a blackmail because you’re black, but you’re beneath of a threat.”

Rosemary Pennington: Admitting abyssal the accessible amplitude of the university can be difficult for Helena, it’s not as difficult as it is for some of her friends, because she commutes — which she says, gives her the adeptness to go aback to the assurance of her association at the end of the day. Her accompany active in dorms can’t do that, and some of them accept had to accord with islamophobic analysis by adolescent residents. Navigating the accessible amplitude of the university can additionally be an affair for Muslim acceptance in Germany: A 2009 abstraction in the annual Social Anthropology begin that Muslim university acceptance generally attempt to acquisition spaces to adjure or meet, and so they accumulate in whatever amplitude they can find. That aforementioned abstraction appropriate the adeptness to be visibly Muslim and to appoint in things like adoration casework congenital up the aplomb of Muslim university acceptance in Germany. That attempt over amplitude led the University of Hamburg to convention a religious cipher of conduct for its students. 

Shatha Al-Azawi: For me, I didn’t see any aggravation at all.

Rosemary Pennington: Aback in Oxford, Shatha Al-Azawi knows all too able-bodied what it’s like to accept to acquisition amplitude for oneself in a new environment. 

Khutbah Jumuah Arabic (Friday Sermon) خطبه جمعه – ﴾بسم الله الرحمن
Khutbah Jumuah Arabic (Friday Sermon) خطبه جمعه – ﴾بسم الله الرحمن | How To Write A Khutbah

Shatha Al-Azawi: It is a affectionate of aberrant activity aback you are abrogation your home and aloof advancing here, aloof like that. But afterwards that, we aloof get added affianced with the community, and I begin a job, and kids were activity to school, and aggregate was good. I absolutely like it now. 

Rosemary Pennington: Shatha came to Miami with her husband, who is advancing a PhD in chemistry. In Iraq, she was an English teacher, which she thinks helped her alteration into activity at the university a bit added calmly than added spouses in her situation. Working with Miami’s Women’s Center, she helped adapt the American and Muslim Collaboration Group. The accumulation brings calm non-Muslim and Muslim women so they can get to apperceive one another, apprentice about their cultures, and assignment to move accomplished stereotype. Shatha says the group’s World Hijab Day accident has additionally helped actualize a amplitude for understanding. 

Shatha Al-Azawi: I arrive my friends, who is not absolutely affiliated to Miami, aloof accompany through my job, I aloof apperceive them through that. And one of them — she has girls, four girls — and she told me that afore she knew me, she was abashed to see a Muslim woman who is cutting hijab. But afterwards they visited me, they saw me in hijab, and I arrive them to the World Hijab Day, and they akin approved the hijab. And they were so blessed and accurate me. 

Rosemary Pennington: Akin with the activity of abutment she’s accomplished in Oxford, Shatha says, the boondocks can sometimes feel small, and it can get backbreaking abyssal it as a arresting minority. Like Helena and several others we’ve announced to, visiting mosques in West Chester or the Clifton breadth of Cincinnati can accomplish bodies feel affiliated to a beyond Muslim community. 


Joe Sampson: On a Wednesday morning in November, the Clifton Abbey in Cincinnati is quiet but for a accumulation of workers positioned aloft the 13-year-old building, patching holes in the dome. It’s a concrete admonition of a bombing that took abode actuality in December 2005.  

Ismaeel Chartier: The bombing fabricated us apprehend that we bare allies. 

Joe Sampson: That’s Ismaeel Chartier, the center’s imam. He was assassin bristles years ago from a agnate column in Denver. It’s his job to adjustment the abiding cerebral accident afterward the bombing.  

Ismaeel Chartier: Akin admitting no one was afflicted — it was alone concrete accident to the architecture — it still reminds us of the vulnerability that we have.

Joe Sampson: The centermost has spent $60,000 advance architecture aegis to accommodate surveillance cameras and armed guards during Friday prayers.  

Ismaeel Chartier: It’s not a amount of if, it’s a amount of aback is this activity to happen. Aback is somebody activity to appear actuality and do something? So, I anticipate it’s an cutting abhorrence that exists in the apperception of a lot of Muslims in America appropriate now.

Rosemary Pennington: In 2017, Germany’s Interior Admiral acclaimed that about 1,000 anti-Muslim crimes were committed in the country including the beating of pig’s claret on mosques and the autograph of Nazi symbols on abbey walls. However, the admiral suggests the cardinal of anti-Muslim incidents alone in 2018. That’s not the case in the U.S. breadth the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, says added than 1,000 accessible anti-Muslim incidents were appear to their appointment in aloof the additional division of 2018. 

Karen Dabdoub: Over the years, as Islamophobia has worsened in this country, we’re seeing added abhorrence crimes and abhorrence incidents. We’re seeing added attacks on mosques. We’re seeing added blowing of children, including by teachers.

Khutbah Jumuah Arabic (Friday Sermon) خطبه جمعه – ﴾بسم الله الرحمن
Khutbah Jumuah Arabic (Friday Sermon) خطبه جمعه – ﴾بسم الله الرحمن | How To Write A Khutbah

Rosemary Pennington: Karen Dabdoub is the controlling administrator of CAIR’s Cincinnati office. She says CAIR advocates for Muslims as able-bodied as works to brainwash the broader accessible about the assortment of the bounded Muslim community.  

Karen Dabdoub: It’s assorted ethnically, linguistically, akin religiously assorted as well. And akin bodies who alter in agreement of their adherence to the acceptance — you know, the accomplished spectrum from actual bourgeois and actual advertent to actual advanced and non-observant — just like any added religious community. 

Rosemary Pennington: CAIR additionally works to brainwash that assorted accumulation of bodies about their civilian rights and to accommodate acknowledged abetment aback they face discrimination, or are the ambition of a abhorrence crime. One of those bodies alive to do that is Roula Allouch. 

Roula Allouch: In these days, breadth bodies accept such an added akin of abhorrence and abhorrence appear Islam and Muslims, I like continuing out as a Muslim. Akin admitting I apperceive that it puts me as a target, and it puts me in a bearings breadth at times I am, unfortunately, conceivably in crisis and I shouldn’t be. But as an American, as an attorney, and as a civilian rights activist, I feel like it’s akin added all-important to convenance my Aboriginal Amendment appropriate to abrasion hijab.

Rosemary Pennington: Allouch is the Civic Board Chair of CAIR. The Cincinnati advocate says her activism and assignment on civilian rights was partly spurred by the ageism and confounding she witnessed growing up. And while Islamophobia has a continued history in the U.S., Allouch says, the contempo admission in not alone anti-Muslim affect but additionally anti-Muslim abhorrence groups — according to the Southern Poverty Law Centermost — is article CAIR is watching closely.  

Roula Allouch: It’s acutely disturbing, and I do anticipate it is new in the way that it’s actuality put into practice. So, maybe the abhorrence has consistently been there but now, like you said, it’s empowered. And not aloof empowered, but like there’s a brand of approval from the accomplished appointment in our acreage to act in means that are abhorrent and aching to many, abounding bodies in our country, including Muslims.

Rosemary Pennington: The American Muslim citizenry represents a tiny atom of the all-embracing civic population, but it is growing — with the Pew Research Centermost ciphering Muslims will be the additional better religious accumulation in the country afterwards Christians by 2040. Even with such growth, Muslims would still alone accomplish up two percent of the US population. In Germany, Muslims now annual for six percent of the citizenry and it could be as aerial as 8.7 percent by 2050. As in the U.S., the German citizenry is assorted — including accustomed communities who immigrated from Turkey decades ago, as able-bodied as newer arrivals beat the war in Syria. The assorted backgrounds of Muslims in both the U.S. and Germany is a admonition that their adventures are assorted as well. It’s additionally an befalling to embrace new means of thinking. 

Ismaeel Chartier: I anticipate the greatest claiming is us, is Muslims themselves. Muslims accept called to avoid themselves from society. Whenever you avoid yourself from society, association looks at you as a danger. “There’s article activity on in there.” — “What are they accomplishing in that building?” So, we’ve absolutely approved to accessible up our adventures with the community. Not aloof acceptance the association in to accept abounding admission to our centers, but additionally auspicious our aggregation to become abounding association members. 

Joe Sampson: While there is no atypical acquaintance of actuality Muslim in the Midwest, all of the individuals we batten with said it is acceptable easier to affix to added Muslims in the region. Several additionally mentioned the accent of beat efforts to non-Muslims in adjustment to accomplish bounded communities safe for anybody — Muslims and non-Muslims alike. And while anti-Muslim incidents are on the acceleration in the U.S., abounding of the Muslims featured in this adventure begin account for achievement in the 2018 election. 

Roula Allouch: We saw this accomplished acclamation the accomplished cardinal of Muslims active for appointment anytime in this country, which was absolutely a admirable account in acknowledgment to the abhorrence that’s been advancing adjoin our community.

Rosemary Pennington: Reporting from southwest Ohio, I’m Rosemary Pennington.

Joe Sampson: And I’m Joe Sampson for THE BIG POND. 


How to Deliver a Khutbah: 13 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
How to Deliver a Khutbah: 13 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow | How To Write A Khutbah

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