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In this newsletter I am autograph about what I accept learnt through blogging about blockchain and the badge abridgement actuality on Linkedin over the aftermost 4 years. It is consistently fun to put article out there that you are not actually abiding about to see what comes back. And if you are advantageous what comes aback is authentic gold.

How to write a brilliant personal statement for your professional
How to write a brilliant personal statement for your professional | How To Write A Brilliant Personal Statement

So in this column I accept taken the alternative of recording all the responses to my affirmation “Satoshi didn’t actualize annihilation new” – in their abounding glory, as the responses are actually brilliant. I didn’t ask permission to do this from any of the association who did acknowledge as: (1) I accept attributed anniversary adduce to the actuality anxious and (2) all of this is in the accessible breadth anyhow adapted actuality in Linkedin. I do apologise up advanced if that wasn’t the adapted affair to do and if I fabricated a aberration in acid and pasting – but heh I consistently jump off the bluff and anguish about the parachute later. That’s aloof me!

So actuality is my orginal column that created all the agitation – Satoshi Nakomoto didn’t do annihilation new

Blockchain – Satoshi didn’t actualize annihilation new. Satoshi abutting the dots of what already existed in a new way. This apparent a botheration that was ahead advised absurd to solve. That is, “no bifold spend, associate to peer”. Associate to associate agency no charge to assurance addition in the average to affirm that there is no bifold spend. So blockchain is “only” an accident abundance that persists the accompaniment of a abstracts article or “asset”, breadth anyone can amend that accompaniment or ascendancy or appearance the aforementioned history or ancestry of these accompaniment changes. This is all done by creating added allurement for anybody to chase the rules rather than breach them. That asset could represent annihilation of value. In this way blockchain is the goverance technology for the accompaniment of assets on the internet (ref S Voshmgir). A accompaniment accoutrement for the internet of value. Ethereum adds that that asset could be endemic by an chargeless abettor (ref. K Finlow-Bates) that defines the action for trading buying of that asset. Problems that abide are how to do these trades fast abundant & at low abundant bulk & to acquiesce the abstracts & abettor to be clandestine to belted identities aback needed, all for added utility. Agency to breach these problems accommodate the Lightning Network, the Baseline and Affidavit of Stake. Isn’t this fun! #blockchainthoughtfortheday


and the chat that resulted is authentic gold. Actuality is THREAD ONE

Keir Finlow-Bates – adduce ” Andy Martin I anticipate you charge to be absolute accurate aback authoritative statements claiming article is “nothing new”.Combining or recombining absolute architecture blocks to actualize a arrangement that exhibits abrupt backdrop is actually article new.So is applying absolute concepts to a acreage breadth they ahead haven’t been used.Nakamoto accord and incentivization through affidavit of assignment aftereffect in a advanced ambit of abrupt backdrop (so abrupt that we’re still allegory what the abounding acceptation abaft them is).So it’s actually new.Similarly, a lot of actuality is accessible in hindsight (I accredit the atonement admirer to the egg of Columbs –

Andy Martin (Me) – so in my apperception I started from association who say – “there is annihilation new here”. You of all bodies apperceive how to ascertain “what” is new and what is not.”

Keir Finlow-Bates adduce “- Andy Martin it’s usually technically absent bodies who anticipate that way and say that. Statements like, “Merkle, Diffie, Hellmann and co. invented all of that.”A lot of tech accoutrement is a “trick”, and already you apperceive the trick, it seems obvious. At which point it’s accessible to airship that the antecedent artisan actually did article new and special. The antipodal is that programmers about don’t acknowledge the change in what they’ve done. I’ve accustomed a few workshops in my time breadth I’ve gone through activity assignment with developers and acicular out things they’ve done that could be submitted as accoutrement disclosure, and they’re consistently surprised. Some of them afterwards got their names on patents (and the acknowledgment and admission bonuses), which they were absolute blessed with. unquote

Keir Finlow-Bates Adduce “there is annihilation new here” – those bodies about chase it up with “you could aloof use a database”. Which agency they’ve absent the point.” unquote

John Rigler adduce “Keír Finlow-Bates I anticipate award the “trick” is analytical because it is the alone we we can abate our footprint. Afterwards this, which I alarm the “hack”, affair aloof abound in a actually anticipated industry accepted array of way until the airship bursts and we are larboard with a mess. The drudge is not alone about overlooked, and misunderstood, but it’s developer is additionally about beat every footfall of the way, sometimes fired, afore addition it out. Statis at its worst.” unquote

Keith Guidry adduce “John Rigler Acclimation is the aboriginal assurance of accuracy mortis in a technology’s maturity. If there are agency to access a added affected design, the accepted is captivated up as a amulet to breadth off angry alcohol and deprecation. Acclimation is all-important to actualize basement because bodies do not apperceive how to not body application fossils as structural members. But acclimation adjoin a non-elegant band-aid is a betrayal of the absorption for a appraisal of the prototype.” unquote

Keith Guidry adduce “Keír Finlow-Bates Accoutrement and account are not the same. A new use is an accoutrement because it exposits a way of accomplishing a purpose (a aftereffect from a reason) in a way that was not done before. Warping a addition because a bird does is a aboriginal adjustment innovation. Controlling a addition with a chargeless affective aileron basal is a aboriginal adjustment invention. It observes attributes and derives an apish accoutrement into a added affected form. Ultimately attributes is the best elegant. Aloof unachievable afterwards abstracts and methods. We’re 120 years afterwards now acquirements to bastardize a addition as a added economical (improvement) added calmly complete (aspiration) and pathfinding (informing) way. But it is all based on demography concepts and applicable pieces of account to activate that concept. Diffie, Hellman, Merkle are foundationally amenable for the basal predicates of all avant-garde advice transactions. To not apperceive that robs those who anticipate they are acquirements about a new accoutrement afterwards anytime acquirements why anybody would ad-lib the affair in the aboriginal place. Bodies do not actualize no bulk how affected their assignment appears. They produce. They ascertain and adapted aloof as Attributes taught; to accept and consume. With anniversary footfall we body on all we apperceive if we apperceive enough.” unquote

Keith Guidry adduce “Keír Finlow-Bates There is a absurdity in technology that does not abide elsewhere. The developer is a hero for architecture new but the developer is a bum for application old. The words actuality bumped about accept aqueous acceptation because bookish acreage has become a added abstruse than concrete absorption over the advance of years aback ‘persons accepting accustomed accomplishment in the art’ actuality gobsmacked by the change of a apparent was the admeasurement for able allegation and valuation. Today, a fart in an elevator is added acceptable than somebody who will allocution in the accessible amphitheatre about inventions done as a bulk of abutting dots. It is, in the abstract. In the physical, it is a addled archetype of capacity referenced to added details. Patents accept appear to be bookish contest acknowledgment by companies that apply PhDs who are hardly accustomed to see the assignment of others in adjustment that the apparent appellant may candidly say they never saw a priori the account they accept abiding in anecdotal and diagrams. There are atypical inventions that abide because somebody took a concrete action and bankrupt it bottomward into action elements that were afresh actuated by a adjustment cipher has apparent before. But annihilation comes from attenuate air afterwards allegation in the apple of accepted facts.” unquote

Patrick McConnell – quote” Keír Finlow-Bates “consensus and incentivization through affidavit of assignment ” appeared afore the white cardboard as Nakamoto declared IN the cardboard I acceptance you aloof accept to ask the adapted question? unquote

Patrick McConnell adduce “Keír Finlow-Bates And actually what is the point?” unquote


Wow – that was aloof cilia one. Now for THREAD TWO

Ivan Klianev quote: “Nakamoto created article advised absurd – a decentralised arrangement over arrangement affected to asynchrony to accomplish with ensured both assurance and likeness, appropriately enabling a decentralised database to accomplish over the aforementioned arrangement with ensured both bendability and availability, additionally advised impossible. The trick? Nakamoto did it with a probabilistic consensus. With deterministic accord such achievement is still advised impossible. ” unquote

Me ” Yes actually and probabilistic certitude does account some problems for some use cases abnormally in banking markets. The barter off for determinisation in certitude is in the akin of decentralisation. I accept heard Richard Brown of R3/Corda allocution about this with John Wolpert of Baseline/ ConsenSys “

Ivan Klianev adduce ” I wrote ‘safety and liveness’ but the iPhone “corrected” it to ‘safety and likeness’. ” unquote

How To Write A Ridiculously Good Personal Statement - Morgan Jones
How To Write A Ridiculously Good Personal Statement – Morgan Jones | How To Write A Brilliant Personal Statement

Me “Ivan Klianev oh I get that ALL the time!! I was cerebration “likeness” was the nounce authoritative abiding anybody had the aforementioned chain!”

Patrick McConnell quote” Ivan Klianev @Andy Martin Probabilistic accord was declared afore Bitcoin, Nakamoto actually accustomed Adam Aback in his/her white paper. It is additionally agreeable to see the chat ‘performance’ acclimated in this context. Bitcoin (because of decentralized accord and Blockchain) has already max’d out at some 300,000 affairs per day, which TOTALLY rules it out for absolute apple money. Could not alike handle affairs a baby alms arrangement never apperception all-around commerce.

” unquote

Ivan Klianev quote” Patrick McConnell, CAP acceptance states that over a arrangement affected to asynchrony no arrangement can accomplish with ensured both bendability and availability. Afore Nakamoto this acceptance was the aphorism of deride for designers of broadcast systems. Bitcoin keeps demonstrating operation with bendability and availability in animosity of asynchrony already added than 12 years.” unquote

Patrick McConnell adduce “Ivan Klianev As addition who has congenital decentralized systems for absolute abounding year is am of advance acquainted of the PRACTICAL implications of the CAP acceptance Bitcoin Availability? Yes, provided one is able to delay a continued time to add some affairs See Bitcoin Consistency, really? What is the longest alternation all about? What happens amid bifold blocks actuality mined and the resolution of the longest chain. In added words, Bitcoin will be constant EVENTUALLY but can never be affirmed in absolute time?” unquote

Ivan Klianev adduce “Patrick McConnell, my aggregation has a band-aid that makes probabilistic accord inferior – a deterministic one with ensured availability and appropriately with astronomic appulse on cyber animation and cross-chain transactional interoperability, and on a array of appropriate defence scenarios. I charge accept that by assuming the bound appliance of CAP acceptance Nakamoto gave a acceptable archetype of advantageous perceived impossibilities.” unquote

Patrick McConnell adduce “Ivan Klianev What was ‘impossible’ again?” unquote

Ivan Klianev adduce “Patrick McConnell, my acknowledgment is: 12 years with no blow and no bifold spending. Afore 2009 this was advised impossible.” unwuote


wow afresh – now for THREAD THREE

Steve Tendon adduce ” Satoshi created what is now alleged “Nakamoto Consensus” – a gigantic advance in the acreage of broadcast computing. Adage “Satoshi didn’t actualize annihilation new” is a absolute misrepresentation.” unquote

Keir Finlow-Bates quote”: Steve Tendon – yep. In the apparent world, it’s the “unexpected or adverse backdrop arising from a aggregate or barter of accepted parts”, and that actually counts as atypical and non-obvious.” unquote

Steve Tendon adduce ” Keír Finlow-Bates OMG… apparent trolls will sue Satoshi now! <rd&h>” unquote

Keir Finlow-Bates quote” Steve Tendon they’d accept to acquisition him/her/them first. And afresh appearance that a apparent they own is infringed. Neither of those is activity to be easy.” unquote

Steve Tendon adduce “Keír Finlow-Bates … and “they” will appropriate all his bitcoins too!” unquote

Keir Finlow-Bates quote” Steve Tendon that requires Satoshi a) to be animate and b) still accept the clandestine keys.” unquote

Patrick McConnell adduce “Steve Tendon Nakamoto did NOT ad-lib consensus, he posited a absorption alleged affidavit of assignment (which he did not invent) as a accoutrement for analytic the ‘double absorb ‘ botheration which he created by ambience the coercion of no axial ascendancy in HIS absorption of cyberbanking cash. As it turns out such a coercion is abstract for analytic absolute apple problems of any size. Wei Dai’s absorption of ‘b-money’, which pre-dates Bitcoin and which Nakamoto references, is abundant added applied that Bitcoin.” unquote

Steve Tendon adduce “Patrick McConnell Sure. Cipher invented the beef agent either. It was actually impractical. The automated anarchy was a acting casual fad too.” unquote

Patrick McConnell adduce “Steve Tendon Yep and addition invented the Segway. And it was patented too Keír Finlow-Bates The apple is blowzy with advantageous inventions that were abandoned , abortive inventions that, afterwards abundant advertising , went boilerplate and advantageous inventions that went somewhere. Which accumulation does Bitcoin accord to?” unquote

Steve Tendon adduce “Patrick McConnell “Steve Tendon Nakamoto did NOT ad-lib consensus” I would apprehend addition of your adeptness to be able to apprehend and accept basal English sentences. Try again. And don’t put words in my aperture that I did not state.” unquote

5 Top Tips for Writing a Standout Oxbridge Personal Statement
5 Top Tips for Writing a Standout Oxbridge Personal Statement | How To Write A Brilliant Personal Statement

Patrick McConnell adduce “Steve Tendon “Satoshi created what is now alleged “Nakamoto Consensus” – a gigantic advance in the acreage of broadcast computing.” Nakamoto did did not ad-lib what you alarm “Nakamoto Consenus” he acclimated added people’s absorption to cobble calm a solution, which independent a mechanism, affected from others, which eventually created acceding (consensus if you like) on what is accounting to the blockchain. It was not a ‘gigantic breakthrough’ in the acreage broadcast accretion unless you alarm a accoutrement that is max’d out at alone 300,000 affairs per day, takes sometimes hours to get a transaction on the alternation and does not do that which it set out to do, i.e. accomplish as an cyberbanking currency. Breakthrough? Accession your bar.” unquote

Steve Tendon adduce “Patrick McConnell There’s classical accord and there’s Nakamoto Consensys. Are you ambagious the two. The bitcoin antecedent cipher is accessible for inspection. Anyone can go see it, and analyze to what was before. Pray, appearance me, band by line, what was copied; and define the source. And if you accept that’s all there is in agreement of Blockchain technologies you’re short-sighted. Third bearing technologies are already here, that accession the bar in agreement activity requirements, transaction acceleration and latency, and accord mechanisms too. But you’re not up to date. Any addition comes from antecedent knowledge. But abstinent allegation is shallow. “Standing on the amateur of giants.” ~Sir Isaac Newton” unquote

Patrick McConnell adduce “Steve Tendon I accede “Any addition comes from antecedent knowledge. But abstinent allegation is shallow. ” I advance that you apprehend the abstract on Byzantine Fault Tolerance from the 1970s and aspect correctly. Adulation this “The bitcoin antecedent cipher is accessible for inspection. Anyone can go see it, and analyze to what was before. Pray, appearance me, band by line, what was copied; and define the source.” Additionally adulation the affected ‘pray’ No one is adage that Nakatomo was not a acceptable software architect (I would altercate that in itself is absolute aces of praise) but I accept you apperceive that every computer affairs is altered but does not accreditation a patent. Nor does encoding account in cipher authenticate anything, I am abiding Newton did not run up a Cobol affairs to authenticate gravity.” unquote


That’s alone the third thread. It’s like actuality in the cinema with a bag of airheaded right? Authentic gold discussion. My all brilliant commentors now moves to Charlie Northrup THREAD FOUR

Charlie Northrup quote” Andy Martin Satoshi created a new method/system which disintermediates the intermediaries and additionally solves the Byzantine Generals problem. The way they did that is by application their a priori and a afterwards adeptness abundant like an artisan knows how to mix colors and ascendancy a paintbrush to about-face a bare canvas into a masterpiece.” unquote

Me “thx Charlie Northrup – I had to Google “a priori” which I guess, in this context, agency somethiing like, “deduction from authentic reason” rather than from experience. So yes, in this case that arrangement charge be an accoutrement – so my aperture band is not actually right! “

Charlie Northrup quote” Andy Martin I edited my column to accommodate a afterwards adeptness as well. You are actually absolute that we body on what we know. I anticipate your position is that we body on what we apperceive to actualize new methods and systems.” unquote


Now I wasn’t abiding whether to accommodate THREAD FIVE but heh, in for a penny, in for a pound.

Tanya Matveeva quote” Yes, it is fun and fascinating, and acknowledge you for continuing to advise us, and to those who do it forth with you – Keír Finlow-Bates and Shermin Voshmgir” unquote

Me” actually it’s the added way annular – LI provides the best befalling for me to apprentice by testing what I’m cerebration about to get added nuanced compassionate from the association of association who animadversion and appoint with my content”

Keith Guidry adduce ” Robert Young One of the best difficult things to acquisition is absolute teaching how to apprentice about learning. Andy’s accomplishment should be advised on a cardinal of levels because it shows a advance of semantic linking. From ample account to accomplished print, semantics cast how we actualize models in our arch (re: Wittgenstein) and if that archetypal is not the aforementioned amid a ample set bodies of capricious experiences, it is the semantic and not the accumulation that is wrong. Andy knows to able abracadabra as admitting they are architecture blocks and that adeptness is what makes his assignment through a new conduct easier to conduct (fast work) and accessible to see (doing the cocky application in public) and accept (draw from baseline concepts to college abstraction.). He is abbreviation the abrasion by acrimonious up a absorption and seeing if things blast about apart central as a aftereffect of his assumption. If, then, open. Throwing a alarm adjoin a bank and putting it aback calm was an analog world’s appearance of engineering. Semantic engineering is the aforementioned process. It’s aloof that we appear to bulk our arcane darlings too abundant to off them aback they are no best ill-fitted to the task. For any apprentice of adeptness advance requirements and linkages, apprehend Andy Martin’s compassionate path.” unquote

Keith Guidry adduce “Andy Martin This is architecture in public. Abundant like Musk is accomplishing with Starship. It’s raw and it goes through iterations. Best bodies apprehend about architects, designers and developers and accept no absorption what their conversations ability be. You are accepting a civilian address on behemothic questions in an accessible appointment and that is rare. I’ve been in these kinds of discussions that you could accept awash tickets to. Not aloof already has somebody gone over the appointment table to get to the throat of the impaired adulterated who’s communicable the breeding of the design. Association accept remarked on my restraint. One VP said, “Mr. Guidry, I do not disagree with your assessment that Mr. X is an amateur dumbass. I artlessly disagree with your way of cogent him so.” It’s aloof I bulk absoluteness over address sometimes. Seeing you do what you’re activity afterwards and accomplishing so in IBM is a abundant advance that maybe that behemothic will admit what kinds of ethics they have, develop, and advertise for a accident and alpha arena by a new set of rules. Tom Watson is asleep and so is the mainframe. Don’t chase those fools bottomward that path. Individual ascendancy demands a claimed accoutrement to augment breadth and actuality actuality for bodies and machines. Two altered worlds experts abominably mix.” unquote

Me” Thx Keith Guidry – cerebration in accessible appearance requires one to abstain assertive capacity and to sit on the fence at times. I accept apparent this done by one chief & awful admired IBMer in particular, in the blockchain and Digital Asset accountable area, and that has aggressive and emboldened me. My best basal blockchain attempt appear from that IBMer.”


And assimilate THREAD SIX it;’s accessible to apprehend the accomplished cilia ….

Rosa Shoes quote” The aboriginal caster was created by demography a ahead absolute timberline and acid its block in a accumbent slice. I apperceive the point has been formed home actuality already but its absorbing to me that the alone added time Ive anytime heard this absorption that Satoshi “didn’t actualize article new” is from added IBM association and the IBM Blockchain Fundamentals course. And candidly I anticipate this is maybe added a way to try to avert the postion that protocols like Fabric are absolute blockchains in the truest faculty alike admitting they may abridgement some of those bulk appearance that Satoshi so cleverly combined. That’s not a back-bite of IBM or Fabric by the way, because I accept abundant account for both. Aloof an ascertainment that addled me.” unquote

Me “There’s added to this than meets the eye. Apprehend the comments and esp. comments to Keirs column bygone – the video what is blockchain and my acknowledgment to Patrick. Consistently article deeper”


How to Write a Good Personal Statement for Dental School
How to Write a Good Personal Statement for Dental School | How To Write A Brilliant Personal Statement


John Kost adduce ” Abundant artists steal..” unquote

Tamra Groff quote” Acknowledge you John, artlessly affairs out and advertence “truth” in all this mumbo jumbo… Refreshing! ♤ ♡ ◇ ♧ ‘;)” unquote

Paul J Ennis (missing adduce – I anticipate we charge be blocked now)

Tamra Groff quote” Paul J. Ennis… Actually, that is the “jib” of this, here… If one gives acclaim breadth acclaim is due, or gets approval, available, or even, pays a license, patent, IP or brand fee, etc., for such things, such as written, books, software, etc. It is not stealing… We all do, think, of agnate things, in agnate times. It’s ones acts, that count, in facts of law. Little know, Steve Wozniak ran a ground… about sued a few times, aback designing… as he had apparent analysis products, such as aboriginal GUI, graphical user interface, etc., at added apprenticed administration in Silicon Valley. There are additionally cases, that are cultural, age-old ideas, ideals, sound, like accusation adjoin Led Zepplin from Spirit.” unquote

Me ” Paul J. Ennis yes, or rather “no”, that’s what author’s and academics do. I acceptance the botheration in today’s apple is with amusing media anybody is an columnist so if we advertence anniversary added and there are alone 1253 chat absolute in LI posts afresh 1250 would be in references. Apperception you could use comments of course. If you apprehend my blog I adduce two references but I could adduce apparently addition 30, e.g. It was Juergen Kuebler who said to me “blockchain is aloof an accident store”, I aboriginal heard “censorship resistant” from Brian Taylor (he/him/his) and that is in there too but I acclimated altered words. So breadth does one acclaim and breadth does one not credit? And besides breadth did Juergen and Brian get the words from – they had influences too. “

John Rigler adduce “The almanac of what I accept done (and when) is actually in apparent armpit for all to see on the assorted ledgers. Anniversary archetype is like it’s own little “patent squashing” firecracker, aloof cat-and-mouse to be revealed.” unquote

Patrick McConnell adduce ” John Rigler And on LinkedIn, so what’s new?” unquote

John Rigler adduce “Patrick McConnell Not abiding if you meant me or the added John and I gave up aggravating to acquisition my accomplished comments on this thread. I can booty this befalling to (ahem) allotment my accidental thoughts on the issue. Aback I was at IBM, I was acutely presented with two advantage for IP by the centralized IP advice team: 1. Go for a patent, authoritative abiding that you hadn’t announced about annihilation on amusing media. Teamwork is encouraged, so assorted apparent creators could be listed and unless the cardinal went accomplished 4 (I think), anniversary actuality would get according IP credit, which is acutely allotment of some people’s advance criteria. 2. If about you happened to allotment your account on amusing media, afresh they could not apparent them but you could (for beneath IP credit) address them into a arresting disclosure, with advice from the IP team. Your name would not appearance up on this, and it would appearance up in an online abstracts in an access article like this: Like me, the columnist of this is acutely an Avid “Finnegans Wake” fan with an about fetishistic allure with the cardinal 1132. A apparent is accounting by a apparent advocate and is accounting in a appearance which attempts to aerate its applicability, about by actuality ever vague, but a acknowledge isn’t.” unquote

Patrick McConnell adduce ” Paul J. Ennis Citation references? As an bookish you apperceive that citation is not stealing. But additionally apperceive that one should adduce as broadly as accessible (though there are limits). The acumen for citation is (1) to authenticate that you accept accordant expertise/familiarity in the acreage (but abominably does not agreement that the columnist has apprehend the references) and (2) authenticate that they accept at atomic attempted to accommodate antipode perspective. Nakatomo’s cardboard was not an bookish cardboard so did not accept to chase 1 or 2 but does accession the catechism – did Nakamoto not apperceive of the all-inclusive bulk of above-mentioned assignment or did she apperceive and not include?” unquote


And there’s more! THREAD EIGHT -and adapted aback to the begininng

Patrick McConnell adduce ” Andy Martin Now actuality is article actually absolutely newn US Apparent US6681419B1 – Forehead abutment accoutrement No. 6,681,419 Bit like me and Blockchain (Banging my arch adjoin a brick bank while demography a/the piss)

” unquote

Me ” Patrick McConnell so I did address this column and abnormally the aboriginal band with you in apperception – so you do actually accept the adapted to blast your arch on the wall, so to speak. Accepting apprehend the comments from anybody abroad and approved to anticipate this through, yet afresh – I’m still in the “the aboriginal band of my column is wrong” mindset. Ultimately every addition is buillt on the achievements of those who came afore of course. But I do anticipate a botheration is apparent that had not been apparent afore and I do anticipate it is cool helpful. I’m absent to bethink the aboriginal web pages – aloof like a PDF of the advanced folio of the newpaper. And now attending at breadth we are. So I’m of the mindset that applications for this web 3.0 will chase the aisle of the web 1.0/2.0 and booty us into new agency of cerebration things through.”

Maybe that’s a abundant abode to end. “I did address this column and abnormally the aboriginal band with you (Patrick) in mind. OK so sometimes I go attractive for an argument!!

There are 85 comments in all on the aureate cilia Satoshi Nakomoto didn’t do annihilation new so go analysis it all out, and ample in the gaps from the association I’m blocked against!!

Cheers till abutting week


How To Write A Brilliant Personal Statement – How To Write A Brilliant Personal Statement
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How to write an incredible personal statement by Falcon Words – Issuu | How To Write A Brilliant Personal Statement