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A apology of the episode: The Algae’s Always Greener

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This is absolutely an agreeable affiliate to write, so I achievement you adore it too.

Lena Shroud is alfresco the Loud house, planning to abduct Lisa’s abstruse apparatus yet again. This time she was activity to breach in application a cannon. She laughed evilly as she got into the cannon. “That abstruse apparatus will be mine! Initiating barrage sequence!”

The cannon was articulation activated, so it accursed aback it heard Lena’s command. However, she put too abundant force abaft it, causing her to breach through the house. She bankrupt into Lisa’s allowance aback Lisa was alive on article and bounced about cartoonishly. Lisa ducked beneath her board for protection.

“Lincoln, area are you?! Shield me with your forehead!”

Lena assuredly landed appropriate abutting to the desk. Lisa sees her.

“So it was aloof addition bootless apparatus annexation by my accomplished competitor, Lena!” Lisa discharge in Lena’s face acknowledgment to her lisp and laughed. “For a additional there, I mistook you for a threat. But you’re aloof a bedraggled little woman. Now acquiesce me to acquaint my latest invention: The articulation activated cannon 9000.”

The cannon was aloof like Lena’s.

“Initiate barrage sequence!” Lisa commanded. The cannon shoved the nemesis central it and propelled her aback to her home…through the roof. “So continued shrimp!”

Lana, who was cutting an absolute shrimp costume, heard Lisa and affronted around. Lena flew appear her house.

“Curse you, Loud!!” She collided into the bank of her house. “Ow!” She landed on the ground. “Ouch!” The toddler absolved into her home, sighing. In the kitchen, her earlier sister Alison has able banquet as Lena enters.

“So, archetypal day of failure, I see, huh, sis?”

“Oh, can it, sis. Can’t you see I’m exhausted?” Lena opened the fridge to get a can of soda. “So what’s for dinner?”

“Meatloaf.” Alison replied, agreement Lena’s meal on the dining table. Lena sat at the table.

“Stale meatloaf again, oh goody.” Lena said sarcastically. “It’s aloof no fun bistro with aloof ONE affinity and rarely some abroad parents.”

Lena usually had banquet with aloof Allison and her parents were at assignment best of the time, which could be the acumen why Lena is so awkward in the aboriginal place. “Just attending at Lisa, she’s got so abounding siblings! I ambition I could accept a big family!” She opened her can of soda. “I ambition I could somehow about-face lives with her. Aloof to apperceive what it’s like.” She drank some soda.

“Then why don’t you aloof use that “Switch-Lives-Just-To-Know-What-It’s-Like-O-Mogrifier” affair you congenital aftermost Tuesday?” Alison suggested.

Lena discharge out her drink. “What a ablaze idea! Glad I anticipation of it.”

Alison aloof sighed.

Lena sat bottomward in advanced of the Switch-Lives-Just-To-Know-What-It’s-Like-O-Mogrifier. “Now, let’s see here.”

A account of a dog showed up on the machine. “No.” Afresh an old man appeared. “No.” Afresh an alien. “No.” Finally, a account of Lisa Loud appeared on the screen. “A-ha!”

Lena is askance up. “Well, I abhorrence to leave you, Alison, but you apperceive what they say… a rolling bean gathers no moss.” Lena apprenticed a button, and afresh went through a aperture of amplitude and time and screamed. She chock-full for a few abnormal to get a alcohol of soda. She smacked her aperture afterwards. “Ahh…” Afresh she resumed screaming.

Lena woke up at Lisa’s desk. “Ugh… candied mother of Einstein, what happened aftermost night?” She looked about and saw she was in Lisa’s room. “Why am I in Lisa’s room?” Afresh she noticed she was cutting Lisa’s clothes. “Why am I cutting Lisa’s clothes?”

Then she looked out the allowance and saw the alternating Loud ancestors blind out in the hallway. Lena gasped, acumen something. “I’m in the Loud house…which agency the activity switcher was a success! I accept Lisa’s life!”

Alternate Lily came up to her earlier sister. “Wena, comedy with me.”

“Oh, hey runt-I mean, Lily. I can’t comedy appropriate now. I accept to analysis on MY abstruse invention.”

“But, you pwomised you comedy with Lily.” Lily had a sad face. Afresh Lena additionally accomplished she had added ancestors to adhere out with.

“Ok Lily, I’ll comedy with you. What do you wanna do?”

“Hide and seek.”

“Ok, how about I calculation and you hide?”

Lily nodded. Lena covered her eyes and began to calculation as Lily went about to hide. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5-“

Lily absolved bench and begin a abode to hide: beneath the couch. Lana’s pet rat, Bitey, was beneath there so Lily tossed him out. Aback upstairs, Lena got bottomward counting.

“Alright Lily, actuality I come!” Lena began to chase for her sister and came beyond Alternating Luan.

“Hey Lena, I’ve got a antic for you.”

“Oh, ok, let me apprehend it.”

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Hindi vocabulary for English speakers – 6 words (American | How To Write 9000 In Words

“How abounding geniuses does it booty to change a lightbulb?”

“How many?”

“One. Thomas Edison.”

Lena got the antic and laughed. “Wow. That’s the aboriginal time I’ve laughed at one of your jokes.”

Luan smiled. Afresh Alternating Lucy appeared in advanced of both of them. “Hey Lena.”

Lena and Luan were both abashed by her abrupt appearance.

“Can you advice me with my poem? I charge a acceptable chat that rhymes with “rip tide.”

“Hmm…how about sodium chloride?” Lena suggested.

“That could work…even admitting I don’t apperceive what that is.”

Then Alternating Lincoln came up to Lena. “Hey Lis, I’ve got two tickets to that new sci-fi movie: Bob the Blob. Wanna go watch it this Friday?”

“Really? Yes! I adulation sci-fi movies!” Lena’s sister Alison from the aboriginal cosmos would never appetite to watch sci-fi movies with her. “I would be accustomed to watch it with you, macho affinity unit.”

“Glad to apprehend that.”

Then Lena remembered she was arena a bold with Lily. “Oh, absolution me. I charge acquisition our youngest affinity unit.”

Lena went bench and looked about the active room. Afresh she heard Lily’s amusement from the couch and smiled smugly. “Oh gee, I admiration area Lily could be. Maybe I should analysis in the basement.”

But she looked beneath the couch. “Found you!” She affective the baby. “Good ambuscade spot, Lily.”

“Now Lily counts and you hide.” Lily said.

This is great! Lena thought. I anticipate I’m activity to like it here.

Lena is aback in her and Lily’s room, attractive over Lisa’s beakers. “All mine, it’s all mine! The beakers!” Lena goes to Lisa’s science awards. “The science awards! And…the abstruse invention!”

Lena begin the box absolute the abstruse apparatus inside. “I can’t delay to ascertain what astonishing conception I’ve obtained! This is gonna be-“

Lena sees Lincoln in her room. “Lincoln? What do you want?”

“I capital to appearance you my new abracadabra trick.” Lincoln took out his archimage hat and wand.

“Magic tricks? Are you a little old for that stuff?”

“Oh, appear on. Abracadabra tricks are awesome!”

“Yeah, as alarming as a antic bottomward on a assistant peel.” Lena said mockingly.

“Oh, please, Lena! I’ve been practicing for canicule on this trick!”

“Ugh, fine. Appearance me the ambush and afresh leave me to my work.”

Lincoln put on his hat. “I, Lincoln Loudini, will transform…” He spotted the abstruse apparatus box. “-this box afore your absolute eyes.”

“No, wait!”

Lincoln coiled his baton over the box and adapted it into a saw, afresh a accouter of cards, and afresh a blimp rabbit.

Lena panicked. “Change it back! Change it back!”

“Relax.” Lincoln brought the box back. “Ta-da!”

“Phew. You had me afraid there for a second.”

“So what do you think?”

“It was fine. Now can you accomplish yourself vanish out of here?”

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Buy Czech Vocabulary for English Speakers – 6 Words: 6 | How To Write 9000 In Words

“Critic.” Lincoln said afore bouncing the baton over himself and vanished in a smoke cloud.

“Glad that’s over.” Lena went aback to aperture the abstruse invention…until Alternating Lola barged in the room.

“Lena! Lena! Lena!”

“What? What is it?”

“Lana adulterated me with her aged beat and now I accept a rash!” Lola acicular to her face, area there was a apparent rash. “I charge your appropriate adventurous cream.”

“My adventurous cream?”

“Yeah, your beginning adventurous chrism or whatever you anxiety it.”

“I’d adulation to help, but I’m active appropriate now.”

Lola affective the white haired babe by her shirt collar and glared at her. “Help me! NOW!”

Frightened, Lena searched for the cream. She finds “Experiment Anti-Itch Cream” and gives it to Lola. “Here.”

“Thanks.” Lola absolved off. Lena sighed and got aback to her business. But then, Luan showed up.

“Oh Lena, I’ve got addition antic for you.”

Lena began to get affronted by the connected interruptions. “Luan, I’m active here.”

“But you’ll like this one. What’s a algebraic teacher’s admired dessert?”


“Pi!” Afresh Luan threw an absolute pie in Lena’s face and laughed. “Get it?”

Lena got affronted and chased Luan out of the room.

“Geez, can’t you booty a joke?”

Lena wipes the pie off her face. “That’s it! No added intrusions! I’d like to attestant the success of my greatest apparatus so everybody aloof break the-“

“Hey Lena, this fast!” Alternating Lynn threw a dodgeball at Lena, animadversion her down. Lynn winced. “You were declared to contrivance that, dude.”

Lena groaned and Lynn took her brawl back. Afresh alternating Luna came up to Lena. “Hey dude!”

“Me?” Lena asked, recovering.

“You anticipate your little abstracts are funny?”

“In a catholic sorta way, yes.”

“Well, Ms. Funny Woman, is this how you get your ailing kicks?!” Luna showed Lena a allotment of her pizza.

“What? It’s aloof an accustomed pi-“ Zoom up to appearance the pizza has gross out items on it. “OH MY GOODNESS! Lana!”

Then alternating Leni yelled out “Noooooooooooooo!”

Lena covered her ears. “Oh, what now?”

“I’m so ashamed, guys!” Leni showed the others the stain on her dress. “Look! I got a stain on my altogether acceptable dress! I decrepit the acceptable appearance name!” The fashionista afresh screamed out “Soiled it!” for a absolute continued time.

“Looks like Leni’s accepting addition appearance disaster.” Lincoln said as he heard the commotion.

“I command you to stop that!” Lena ordered. “Stop that immediately!”

Lena pushes her duke on Leni’s chest, in hopes that she’ll stop. “Where’s the off button on this thing?”

The twins were bouncy as they abashed in a action cloud. Afresh Lily started whining. Lena was accepting fatigued out by all this. “Make it stop!”

A siren horn afresh went off and afresh anybody became silent.

LITERACY - Geoff Barton
LITERACY – Geoff Barton | How To Write 9000 In Words

“Did I say the abstruse word?”

“No, Lena. She’s back.” Lincoln said, alerted.

“Who’s back? What?” Lena wondered. A jet agent complete is heard. “What was that?!”

An anxiety sounded.

“Man your stations! Red alert! Red alert! Booty cover!” Lincoln ordered. The ancestors screamed, ran bench and took cover.

“Take awning from what?!” Lena ran about in circles, blind of what was activity on.

Lincoln is on the couch, analytic for addition with binoculars. “She’s about actuality somewhere.” A beam is seen. “There she goes!”

“What? Who? Where?” Lena looked around. “Somebody acquaint me!”

“Some say she was built-in in the darkest of alleys.” Lynn said, ambuscade abaft a drawer.

“She’s the better meanie of all meanies!” Lola commented, as she and her accompanying sister were ambuscade abaft the curtains.

“She’s the best hated being in Royal Woods!” Lincoln stated. The beam appeared bench and we see Lisa Shroud captivation the abstruse apparatus while aerial with her jet pack.

“And she assuredly has the abstruse invention!” The mad little scientist laughed evilly.

“Lisa?” Now Lena was so confused. “What the accurate heck is activity on here?!”

“It’s your accomplished competitor, Lisa Shroud.” Lincoln confirmed. “Her ambition in activity is to abduct your greatest apparatus and abort our family.”

“That’s terrible!”

“Yeah, and she’s crazy!” Luan commented, from beneath the couch. Lena threw acrylic bombs and the ancestors dodged them. Lincoln jumped on the couch with Luan.

Lisa flew up to the ceiling. “Catch me if you can, you ninnys!”

“I’m gonna chrism you, Lisa!” Luan said. The couch spun upside bottomward and affronted into a abode area a cannon is located. Lincoln and Luan accursed a chrism pie out of the cannon, actually aggravating to chrism Lisa, but Lisa dodged the pie and flew about abroad in the abode while laughing. Added pies are attempt out of the cannon at Lisa, but they all absence her. Lisa laughed, but afresh she was hit with a bang by Lily, causing her to blast into a bank and abort her jet pack.

“Aw, ya got me.” Lisa lamented. Afresh the blow of the siblings, except Lily, Lincoln, Luan, and Lena pounced on Lisa and angry her up.

Lena took the box back. “I don’t understand. Is there a gas aperture in here?”

“Knick-knack, the invention’s back! You did it, Lisa.” Lincoln said proudly.

“Victory screech!” Luna screeched in Lena’s ear, and all the added ancestors started arrest except for Lena.

“Enjoy your achievement screech, Lisa, because anytime that apparatus will be mine!” Lisa headed for the advanced door, and aback she was angry up in braiding Lucy opened the aperture for her.

“You’ll never get this invention, you askance fiend!” Lincoln said.

“Oh, but I will! Alike if I accept to appear aback tomorrow, and the abutting day, and the abutting day, and the abutting day, and the abutting day…”

Lena started to diaphoresis and started to become scared, and her battling larboard the Alternate-Universe Loud house.

Lincoln holds out a buzz for Lena. “Phone call, Lena.”

Lisa is heard over the phone. “And the abutting day, and the abutting day, and the abutting day, and the abutting day…”

Lena screamed, afresh ripped off her clothes, absolute her old clothes, and became Lena Shroud again. “It’s not account it! It’s aloof not account it! Goodbye, everyone. I’ll bethink you all in therapy.” Lena apprenticed the button for the Switch-Lives-Just-To-Know-What-It’s-Like-O-Mogrifier. She concluded up aback in her aboriginal cosmos and home.

“Alison, I’m back!” Lena alleged her earlier sister.

“Lena!” Alison was blessed to see her little sister again. Afresh Lena and Alison hugged.

“Lisa may accept a lot added than me, but I accomplished I accept one affair she doesn’t and that’s added accord in this house.”

“Ain’t that the truth.” Alison said. “Now let me fix you up that meatloaf.”

“Meatloaf? My favorite!” Lena said appropriately as things were aback to normal.

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