How To Wire A Cigarette Lighter Plug

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Wiring a cigarette lighter plug is a simple process that can be done in just a few minutes. Most of the time, all you need is a few tools and a bit of patience. This guide will help you understand everything you need to know about wiring a cigarette lighter plug so that you can successfully complete the task.

Tools You’ll Need

In order to properly wire a cigarette lighter plug, you’ll need the following tools:

  • Wire strippers
  • Wire cutters
  • A Phillips screwdriver
  • Crimping tool
  • Shrink tubing
  • Cigarette lighter plug

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Prepare the Wires

First, use the wire strippers to strip the insulation from the ends of the wires. Make sure that the wires are not too short or too long. If the wires are too short, you won’t be able to correctly attach them to the plug. If they are too long, there won’t be enough slack to properly attach them.

Step 2: Connect the Wires to the Plug

Next, use the wire cutters to cut the wires to the correct length. Then, use the Phillips screwdriver to attach the wires to the plug. Make sure that each wire is securely connected.

Step 3: Secure the Wires

Once the wires are connected to the plug, use the crimping tool to secure them. Make sure that the crimped connection is strong and secure.

Step 4: Add Shrink Tubing

Finally, add some shrink tubing to the plug. This will help protect the wires and keep them from becoming loose. Use the heat gun or lighter to shrink the tubing.

Once you have completed these steps, your cigarette lighter plug should be wired correctly. Be sure to test the plug before using it to make sure it is properly functioning.


Wiring a cigarette lighter plug can be a simple task if you follow the right steps. Just make sure that you have all the right tools and that you take your time. With a bit of patience, you should be able to wire a plug in no time.