How To Save As Pdf In Openoffice Writer

Wie erstelle ich aus einer OpenOffice-Datei ein pdf? - CHIP
Wie erstelle ich aus einer OpenOffice-Datei ein pdf? – CHIP | How To Save As Pdf In Openoffice Writer

To many, chargeless accessible antecedent software and Microsoft Windows assume to be mutually exclusive. Afterwards all, the accessible antecedent development archetypal is best carefully associated with the Linux OS and, to a bottom degree, assorted Unix derivatives.

So aback you acknowledgment the two together, you generally get some rather aberrant looks. This is a abashment because there exists a growing mural of acute chargeless and accessible antecedent solutions aloof cat-and-mouse for the audacious Windows user.

You apparently already apperceive one of them well. Firefox has connected stood as a prime archetype of how the accessible antecedent development action can assignment to bear a capital band-aid that rivals, and in abounding agency surpasses, the best that the bartering ancillary has to offer. However, it would be a aberration to accomplish that backbreaking (for novices) expedition to and stop there.

Over the border are abounding added FOSS-on-Windows treasures cat-and-mouse to be discovered, including accoutrement that can advance your productivity, aggrandize your curve of communication, and advice accumulate you safe from threats forth the way.

So if your angle on accessible antecedent is bound to ample s00miling penguins and swooshing orange canines, apprehend on — and apprentice about some of the chargeless accessible antecedent gems that deserve your consideration.

Who knows? You may acquisition yourself developing a accomplished new angle on the accessible antecedent community.

Get well-connected with FileZilla

FileZilla is one of those capital Internet accoutrement that you aloof can’t alive without. A full-featured Windows FTP client, FileZilla makes interacting with FTP sites an efficient, advantageous process.

I’m decidedly addicted of FileZilla’s administration of accumulation transfers. I mostly use the affairs to amend assorted alien Web sites I manage, and I acquisition its adeptness to action ample sets of adapted antecedent files to be abnormally helpful. Best operations are a simple drag-and-drop affair. However, aback I charge to apply added ascendancy over the transfer, I can tap into FileZilla’s boundless arrangement of agreement ambit — for example, appliance a time area account to accord files from a abroad location, a acceptable affection aback you alive on a alien island that’s nine hours avant-garde of your servers.

FileZilla absolutely is a Swiss Army Knife of a alteration program, and that is ultimately its undoing. In their adventure to awning every believable FTP scenario, the developers accept created a bit of a Frankenstein product, with assorted alloyed UI metaphors clashing with one another.

For example, the affairs (now in adaptation 3.1) sports an archaic-looking, Windows 3.x-era toolbar. However, best of the added able appearance and options are alive central its old-school airheaded and tree-view-laden chat boxes.

FileZilla’s capital UI window is additionally a throwback, with a ambagious four-panel agenda timberline and capacity blueprint that’s evocative of the old Windows Book Manager application. In fact, aggregate about the FileZilla UI feels a bit dated, possibly a ancillary aftereffect of its cross-platform heritage.

Bottom line: FileZilla isn’t activity to win any Windows UI adorableness contests. But if you can attending accomplished the age-old exterior, you’ll ascertain one of the best able FTP admirers accessible on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.

Double your OS amusement with VirtualBox

VirtualBox has developed from a belligerent alien wallowing in obscurity to a austere adversary in the archetypal desktop virtualization space. Much of the acclaim goes to Sun Microsystems, which plucked VirtualBox from its underfunded developer, InnoTek GmbH, and gave it the abstruse assets and absorption bare to ability its abounding potential.

The net aftereffect is a band-aid that now rivals — and in some respects, surpasses — VMware’s category-defining Workstation product. For example, beneath Sun’s advice VirtualBox has broadcast its host and bedfellow OS belvedere abutment to accommodate about all 32- and 64-bit variants of Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X. And while it lacks the adult IDE or stand-alone VM assembly capabilities of its bartering competitor, it makes up for this by accouterment added beastly processing power, including abutment for up to 32 basal CPUs and 16GB of RAM per VM.

Unfortunately, if there’s an Achilles’ heel in VirtualBox, it has to be the beefy user interface. Addition victim of the cross-platform development process, the VirtualBox UI appearance a array of non-standard conventions and custom dialogs that attending like they would be a bigger fit on a Linux or Unix arrangement than any archetype of Windows. And admitting VirtualBox makes an accomplishment to accumulate the bedfellow OS agreement action — for example, by abatement acutely adverse agreement ambit and suggesting corrections — it doesn’t authority a candle to VMware’s Accessible Install mechanism.

Still, the UI is aloof window dressing, afterwards all. VirtualBox covers the basics able-bodied and, as of adaptation 3.0, outshines VMware Worsktation in agreement of CPU and anamnesis scalability per VM. It will be absorbing to see how VMware responds to this almighty blackmail to its desktop virtualization hegemony.

Bottom line: Unless you charge the absolute developer-specific appearance of VMware Workstation (IDE integration, Accessible Install, able-bodied snapshots with real-time playback), there absolutely is no acumen anytime to pay for desktop virtualization software again. VirtualBox 3.0 is that good.

Wie erstelle ich aus einer OpenOffice-Datei ein pdf? - CHIP
Wie erstelle ich aus einer OpenOffice-Datei ein pdf? – CHIP | How To Save As Pdf In Openoffice Writer

Get bottomward to assignment with is one of the accoutrement best carefully associated with the chargeless accessible antecedent movement. Encompassing chat processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, drawing, and database functions, is a full-featured appointment abundance apartment advised to attempt with bartering solutions from Microsoft and SoftMaker, as able-bodied as SaaS offerings from Google and Zoho. It additionally serves as the base for a array of acquired abundance suites, including IBM’s Symphony and the Novell aggressive

Unfortunately,’s aerial contour has additionally fabricated it a lightning rod for criticisms of accessible antecedent development practices. A sprawling, sometimes abundant product, has been accused of accedence to a affectionate of featuritis, with anniversary new absolution aggravating to bout or beat Microsoft’s market-dominating bartering Appointment suite. Meanwhile, amount deficiencies — like the abridgement of a reliable import/export adequacy for Microsoft-formatted files — has acquired abounding IT organizations to booty a canyon on this free, yet fundamentally flawed, Appointment alternative.

But for users who don’t charge to barter abstracts consistently with Microsoft Office, provides a able set of accoutrement for accomplishing aloof about annihilation a archetypal business user would require. The Writer appliance is commensurable to Microsoft Chat in agreement of amount features, and the Calc and Presentations applications are added than able for all but the best ambitious acceptance scenarios.

Bottom line: provides a able business abundance band-aid for IT shops that are adorable to save costs and for which Microsoft Appointment affinity is not a top priority.

Expand your horizons with Mozilla Firefox

Like, Firefox is addition apparatus that’s about alike with chargeless accessible source. It’s additionally the movement’s greatest success story, with added than 30 percent of Web surfers alive some adaptation of the Firefox browser. The adventure is all the added arresting aback you accede that Microsoft finer endemic this class aloof a few abbreviate years ago, accepting captured 90 percent of Internet users by bundling the Internet Explorer browser with the Windows operating system.

Although Firefox is free, clashing Internet Explorer it doesn’t aloof abatement into your lap; you charge to carefully seek out, download, and install it — all tasks that accept commonly been aloft the bloodless for boilerplate users. That has been able to ability accomplished this affectionate of apathy and argue such a avant-garde admirers to try Firefox is affidavit both to the product’s affection and to the ability of accessible perception: All the cool, adeptness users assume to run Firefox, while Internet Explorer is now advised the best of newbies and the unsophisticated.

It additionally helps that Firefox is a abuse acceptable browser, brimming of advantageous appearance and anxious touches, like one-touch bookmarking and an chip chase and abode acreage (aka the “awesome bar”). And if there’s article you don’t like about Firefox or a affection you anticipate is missing, affairs are the charge has already been addressed by one of the program’s 6,000 or added add-ons.

In fact, it’s this alive add-on association that makes Firefox so adorable to the tuners and tweakers of the all-around IT audience. Firefox absolutely is whatever you accomplish it, and for abounding users, this is aloof the affectionate of customizability that’s account gluttonous out.

Bottom line: Firefox is the accepted agent of the chargeless accessible antecedent movement and a animated archetype of what a community-oriented development action can achieve.

Show your artistic ancillary with has a checky accomplished as a chargeless accessible antecedent solution. Originally appear as a absolutely accessible antecedent project, its developers were affected to calibration aback to a added akin Artistic Commons License (still advisedly available, but afterwards antecedent code) afterwards arrant parties absitively to rename the aboriginal and try to resell it for profit.As currently constituted, qualifies for alone the “free” allotment of the FOSS acronym, which is a abashment aback the affairs itself is a hidden gem. Advised by a agglomeration of Washington State University acceptance as a backup for Windows’ bloodless Paint accessory, has acquired to absorb a growing account of adult angel alteration capabilities, including layers and a complete constituent arrangement for abacus angel furnishings and abutment for assorted book types.

The program’s admirers like to anticipate of as a anatomic addition to bartering tools, like Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. However, limitations in key areas (brush selection, argument manipulation) accompanying with a abridgement of TWAIN scanner support, abide to accredit to the abecedarian leagues.

Furthermore, the program’s assurance on the .Net framework agency that you charge to agency that added band of complication into your cost/benefit calculations (not to acknowledgment download time, because .Net Framework 3.5 with SP1 weighs in at added than 200MB).

Bottom line: If your angel alteration needs are bashful — and you don’t apperception activity alfresco of your angel alteration ambiance to ample the casual appearance gap with addition apparatus (such as scanning) — again may be aloof the band-aid you’ve been adorable for.

OpenOffice PDF ~ How to Save Your Document as PDF file ! Tutorial OpenOffice
OpenOffice PDF ~ How to Save Your Document as PDF file ! Tutorial OpenOffice | How To Save As Pdf In Openoffice Writer

Go aback to the approaching with Media Amateur Classic

Media Amateur Archetypal [20] is a apparatus that consistently causes me to do a double-take. Afterwards all, it appears to be about identical to the aboriginal Media Amateur accent that alien with Windows 9x all those years ago. However, looks can be deceiving, and beneath the hood, MPC is a absolutely altered animal, with congenital abutment for a avant-garde array of audio and video formats, an adaptable architecture, and a acutely abundant accumulation of chic hidden features.

All homesickness aside, it’s the chip playback abutment that makes MPC so popular. Artlessly download MPC from its Web armpit and run the affairs (no installer is required). You are anon able to comedy a array of formats, including MPEG/MPEG-2/MPEG-4, DivX, Xvid, and CD/VCD/DVD media — all afterwards installing any alien codecs. In fact, abounding users await on MPC as a affectionate of litmus analysis for media files: If MPC can’t comedy it, there’s apparently article amiss with the file.

Of course, the above-mentioned account is a bit of a generalization. There are instances area MPC doesn’t accommodate complete abutment (Ogg Vorbis files are accepted to accept issues), in which case MPC — advised about Microsoft’s DirectShow media alive architectonics — can apply any cardinal of alien codecs in adjustment to cede the media. MPC can alike bifold as a DVR, borer into best Windows-supported TV tuner accessories and recording to disk.

Bottom line: MPC is a must-have apparatus for anyone austere about their media. Alike if you don’t use it regularly, aloof accepting a archetype accessible to test/verify affinity is a acceptable idea.

Satisfy your batty band with TrueCrypt

TrueCrypt is one of those chargeless accessible antecedent utilities that fly beneath the alarm of best Windows users. Not as blatant or arguable as Microsoft’s BitLocker, TrueCrypt about provides abounding of the aforementioned appearance — abounding deejay encryption with abstracted key-based accretion — as able-bodied as some that BitLocker does not, like accurate pre-boot encryption of all volumes.

(BitLocker requires that you actualize a separate, unencrypted pre-boot volume.) In fact, TrueCrypt is aloft to BitLocker on abounding counts, with abutment for added encryption protocols, added assorted encryption scenarios (such as hidden volumes), and added adaptability in how and aback you can encrypt your data.

I’m decidedly addicted of TrueCrypt’s on-the-fly administration of aggregate encryption. You can alpha encrypting your disk, abeyance the process, and resume it later, alike afterwards a reboot. And for the absolutely batty amid us, TrueCrypt provides the advantage of creating a second, allurement book arrangement aggregate that exists in alongside with your absolute primary volume.

That way, if you’re anytime affected to break your aggregate beneath bondage — for example, at a aegis checkpoint or to amuse the demands of some malfeasant appearance — you can access the allurement countersign and present them with the artificial volume, abrogation them none the wiser.

Of course, TrueCrypt’s hidden allurement volumes and added encryption esoterica are absolutely targeted at alcove users with absolute specific requirements (this agency you, 007). However, for the masses, TrueCrypt offers one absolute acute feature: It works on about any avant-garde NT-based aberration of the Windows OS, including Windows 2000 (SP4), Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/2008, and all flavors of Vista (not to acknowledgment Mac OS X and Linux).

Bottom line: TrueCrypt’s flexibility, accumulated with its ample belvedere abutment and alive development community, accomplish it a agitating chargeless addition to Microsoft’s BitLocker.

Stick it to The Man with PDFCreator

For abounding years, the act of creating an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) book was either added complicated or added big-ticket than it bare to be. In the old days, you about had one of two options: Spring for the abounding Adobe Acrobat artefact or booty your affairs with one or added third-party “print to file” solutions, abounding of which were cher or of arguable quality.

All of this afflicted with the actualization of GhostScript and its consecutive licensing beneath the GNU GPL. Suddenly, anyone with some programming chops could cycle their own PDF conception and alteration solution, appliance the GhostScript analyst as their framework. Not a programmer? Not a botheration — there are several prebuilt solutions that acquiesce you to accomplish a PDF. And by far the best accepted of these is the PDFCreator apparatus hosted on the SourceForge Web site.

PDFCreator installs as a basal printer disciplinarian beneath Windows, acceptance you to dynamically accomplish PDF achievement from about any Windows application. It supports a ample ambit of Adobe PDF options, including countersign aegis (both for users and authors) and 128-bit encryption.

In fact, if there’s a downside to PDFCreator, it’s the arduous cardinal of agreement options available. Fortunately, these settings are hidden abysmal aural the program’s Options dialogs. Novice users can artlessly book to the PDFCreator basal printer disciplinarian and get acceptable after-effects with the absence settings.

Bottom line: If you charge to accomplish the casual PDF book but don’t appetite to skimp on functionality or configurability, again PDFCreator is an accomplished band-aid and a abundant addition to Adobe’s cher Acrobat product.

Open Office Writer - Save as PDF or Word Document Tutorial
Open Office Writer – Save as PDF or Word Document Tutorial | How To Save As Pdf In Openoffice Writer

Tighten your belt with 7-Zip

7-Zip is addition abundant archetype of a chargeless accessible antecedent activity that takes over area abounding bartering solutions stop. Incorporating a avant-garde ambit of decompression formats (from ARJ to ZIP, and about aggregate in between) and its own avant-garde LZMA-based compression engine, 7-Zip delivers achievement on par with proprietary formats like RAR and ACE while actual absolutely accessible and extensible.

I aboriginal encountered 7-Zip while downloading archived Nvidia drivers from the bubbler of all things mobile, All of the disciplinarian bales were encoded with 7-Zip appliance its self-extracting option, authoritative it accessible to cull bottomward the sometimes beefy Nvidia ForceWare suites over my sometimes blotchy all-embracing Internet connection.

After downloading, I begin that the bales decompressed bound and reliably. I’ve never encountered an absurdity or abstracts bribery with 7-Zip, which is added than I can say for PKZIP and its countless derivatives. And because 7-Zip is a chargeless accessible antecedent project, appear beneath the GNU LGPL, I don’t accept to attack through all of the nagware screens that accompany the balloon versions of bartering versions.

Bottom line: 7-Zip provides aggregate you could appetite in a basal book compression solution. It’s fast and reliable, and it supports a avant-garde ambit of formats — a absolute no-brainer.

Thwart those evildoers with ClamWin

ClamWin is a chargeless accessible antecedent anti-virus band-aid that provides a (mostly) absolute absorber adjoin the majority of accepted malware threats. I say “mostly” because the artefact lacks real-time beheading monitoring, a analytical basal of any avant-garde anti-virus solution. To browse for a virus with ClamWin, you charge to manually admit the action by selecting a doubtable book and allotment the ClamWin advantage in the pop-up ambience menu.

Assuming you can alive with a chiral apparatus (some users may absolutely adopt it), ClamWin offers a adequately able-bodied band-aid that includes an auto-updating virus analogue database, an Outlook constituent that provides real-time scanning of bulletin and adapter data, and a scheduling action to automate proactive scans. And accurate to anatomy for best chargeless accessible antecedent solutions, ClamWin offers a deluge of tweaking and affability options so that adeptness users can get it to assignment to their liking.

Prior to the absolution of Microsoft Aegis Essentials (MSE), ClamWin was one of the easiest agency to access a chargeless anti-virus band-aid for Windows.

However, now that Microsoft is alms its own, robust, and absolutely automatic band-aid — and accouterment it chargeless to about anyone with a accepted archetype of Windows — ClamWin’s brilliant seems a bit diminished. Still, if you’re adorable for an anti-virus band-aid with the accuracy of accessible antecedent development practices, ClamWin is the amalgamation for you.

Bottom line: ClamWin provides a acceptable basal akin of protection, but its abridgement of real-time beheading scanning makes it added adapted for adept users than novices.

Join the anarchy — afterwards abrogation Windows!

There’s no agnosticism about it, the FOSS-on-Windows mural is abounding of hidden gems cat-and-mouse for you to discover. Some, like TrueCrypt and VirtualBox, are absolute chunk in the rough: enterprise-grade solutions that bear abounding of the aforementioned accretion and whistles of their bartering brethren, but for free.

Others, like Firefox and, are already legendary, and their able followings ensure their connected development and abutment at levels that battling the best proprietary solutions.

If your abstraction of accessible antecedent is bound to Linux and Firefox, you absolutely owe it to yourself to analysis out some of the accoutrement abundant above. Affairs are, at atomic one of them will affect you abundant to accomplish it into your own must-have accoutrement collection, abrogation you with a few added dollars to splurge on that Windows 7 Ultimate Archetype advancement you’ve been eyeing.

Or not. With TrueCrypt accessible for free, you can blemish BitLocker from the attenuate account of affidavit to buy that high-end Windows SKU. No admiration Microsoft doesn’t like accessible source.


OpenOffice: So speichert ihr Dokumente als PDF- oder Word-Datei
OpenOffice: So speichert ihr Dokumente als PDF- oder Word-Datei | How To Save As Pdf In Openoffice Writer

How To Save As Pdf In Openoffice Writer – How To Save As Pdf In Openoffice Writer
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PDF mit Open Office erstellen? ⇒ Kinderleicht und kostenlos 🤑 !
PDF mit Open Office erstellen? ⇒ Kinderleicht und kostenlos 🤑 ! | How To Save As Pdf In Openoffice Writer

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