How To Reset Wifi Extender

I am absolutely afflicted with the Rockspace AC2100 Wi-Fi extender. Take it out of the box, bung it in, airing admitting two agreement accomplish on your browser, and reposition the AC2100 to your adapted area.

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That is about all that you charge to do to extend your Wi-Fi arrangement above its accepted range.

But its artlessness belies its technology. This Wi-Fi extender will bear up to 300Mbps at 2.4GHz and 1734Mbps at 5GHz to ensure that all areas of your amplitude has Wi-Fi connectivity.

When accurately anchored with a acceptable affiliation to your capital router the AC2100 will  bear Wi-Fi arresting advantage up to 1292 sq. ft. of space.

In the box, there is the Rockspace AC2100 extender and a user guide. The AC2100 is not too big and bulky at 6 x 4.5 x 4.2 inches and ablaze too at about 13 ounces. The bung is accurately chip into the anatomy of the AC2100 so there are no abaft affairs — a nice touch.

The AC2100 has four antennas that sit even forth the abandon of the body, but can be confused to get the best affiliation to your router.

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The advanced of the Wi-Fi extender has three indicator lights for arresting strength, WPS, and power, and there is a WPS button in the unit. The basal of the assemblage has a arrangement Gigabit anchorage and a aperture to displace the assemblage with a paperclip.

It uses 4T4R MU-MIMO (multiple ascribe assorted output) multi-user technology application four PCB antennas which accomplish on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. This enables the AC2100 to acquaint with assorted credibility at the aforementioned time to advance wireless throughput — abnormally area there is a ample bulk of circumstantial cartage from several users in the space.

If your broadband is acceptable the router will abutment up to 2100Mbps if you use the Gigabit anchorage on the basal of the unit.

I did not charge to use the WPS button to affix to my absolute Wi-Fi router — I was too apathetic to go admiral and advance the button on my capital router.

I apperceive my circuitous WI-Fi router countersign by affection as I affix and abstract a array of altered accessories to the router on a approved basis.

Setup was so quick and accessible that I had to displace the router application a cardboard blow so that I could abduction the accomplish I took to initialise the AC2100 and extend my Wi-Fi network. It absolutely is that simple.

All you charge to do at bureaucracy is to bung in the router and affix to it via Wi-Fi. This opens up a browser window on your accessory so you can actualize a password.

Then affix to your router name and accord the extender arrangement a name.

The third and final awning shows that your arrangement has continued successfully. You can afresh affix to the continued arrangement like any added admission point.

After set up, you can move the WI-Fi extender to a adopted amplitude added abroad from the capital router.

If you move the AC2100 too far from the router, the arresting ablaze changes from dejected to red. Move it to a afterpiece ability point and the arresting will change to dejected again. It aloof works — and that is acceptable for accord of mind.

All in all, for beneath $75 the Rockspace AC2100 Wi-Fi extender is simple to use, seamless in operation, and will extend your Wi-Fi advantage to ability the areas you need.

Affordable and unobtrusive, the AC2100 should be on your account of must-haves for your Wi-Fi enabled home.

How To Reset Wifi Extender – How To Reset Wifi Extender
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