How To Pick Up Prostitutes In Gta San Andreas

Since its release in 2004, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has become one of the most beloved and iconic video games of all time. One of the most iconic elements of the game is the ability to pick up prostitutes. Whether you’re a new player or a veteran of the game, this guide will teach you the basics of how to pick up prostitutes in GTA San Andreas.

Step One – Find a Prostitute

The first step to picking up a prostitute in GTA San Andreas is to find one. Prostitutes can usually be found in areas of the game that have a higher crime rate. They can be found near the hospital, in some of the back alleys in Los Santos, and in the red light district in San Fierro. Once you’ve identified a prostitute, you can move to the next step.

Step Two – Engage the Prostitute

After you’ve found a prostitute, the next step is to engage them. You can do this by driving up to them and honking your horn. This will cause the prostitute to approach your car and talk to you. You can then negotiate a price with them and, if you agree to their terms, they’ll get in your car and you can move to the next step.

Step Three – Drive the Prostitute to a Secluded Location

Once you’ve agreed to the prostitute’s terms and they’ve gotten in your car, you’ll need to drive them to a secluded location. This could be an alley, a parking lot, or any other location that’s away from people. This is important as it will give you the privacy that you need to complete the next step.

Step Four – Have Sex With the Prostitute

Once you’ve driven the prostitute to a secluded location, you can then have sex with them. This will be simulated in the game and will involve your character and the prostitute engaging in sexual activities. After you’ve completed the sex scene, you can then move to the next step.

Step Five – Pay the Prostitute

Once you’ve completed the sex scene with the prostitute, you’ll then need to pay them for their services. You can do this by pressing the “Pay” button on your controller. This will cause your character to give the prostitute the agreed upon amount of money and they will then exit your car. Once this is done, you can move on to the next step.

Step Six – Drive Away

The final step to picking up a prostitute in GTA San Andreas is to drive away. After you’ve paid the prostitute and they’ve exited your car, you’ll need to drive away from the scene. This will end the mission and you’ll be free to explore the rest of the game.