How To Make Coconut Rice

Our best rice recipes accomplish aggregate from abating rice porridges to abundant absurd rice dishes, from acceptable Southeast Asian congees to a archetypal restaurant-style Chinese appropriate absurd rice. We additionally accept admixture East-West rice dishes, such as our absurd rice with Southern appearance absurd chicken, our tonkatsu absurd rice, and our bacon and eggs breakfast rice.

Easy Coconut Rice
Easy Coconut Rice | How To Make Coconut Rice

In amid our Cambodian cookbook and comestible history (eight years in the authoritative so far!) and a cookbook of my Russian ancestors recipes, we’re alive on an agitative rice activity that emerged from our belief aftermost year on Accomplish Rice Not War, A Celebration of Rice Diversity to Affect Curiosity and Connection and How to Baker Rice Around the World: 66 Rice Dishes by 65 Rice Lovers.

We frequently baker a lot of rice but that agency we’ve been authoritative endless of the actuality recently, aggregate from an ambrosial Burmese attic rice to a ambrosial Cape Malay craven rice – both absurd with a Burmese back-scratch and Cape Malay curry, appropriately (links beneath to all) – to new rice recipes we’re developing.

I’ve been experimenting with perfuming rice in the rice cooker and perfecting my Uzbeki plov compound (I accept ancestors in Uzbekistan), while Terence fabricated a admirable absurd rice on the weekend to use up added rice – which is absolutely why absurd rice was invented.

With rice on the academician at the moment, we anticipation it time we allotment a accumulating of some of our best rice recipes, but afore I acquaint you added about our best rice recipes, I accept a favour to ask.

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Before we acquaint you about our best rice recipes, a brace of tips: if you accomplish rice frequently, buy a rice cooker for bleared rice and authoritative ambrosial flavoured rice dishes, and a carbon animate wok for absurd rice.

Easy Coconut Rice
Easy Coconut Rice | How To Make Coconut Rice

We additionally acclaim bushing your abdomen with Asian condiments, sauces and seasonings, such as assorted angle sauces, sesame oils, soy sauces, brittle absurd garlic and shallots, sesame seeds, and chilli flakes, as able-bodied as authoritative batches of our bootleg Sriracha, chilli oil, and  furikake Japanese seasoning. 

We generally get asked which angle booze we use. We’ll use a Cambodian angle booze with Cambodian food, Thai angle booze with Thai food, a Vietnamese angle booze with Vietnamese etc, but if you don’t accept admission to a arrangement of sauces, we acclaim Thailand’s Megachef for affection and consistency. American accompany additionally like Red Boat Angle Sauce. Now let’s acquaint you about our best rice recipes.

This Cambodian rice soup compound with pork meatballs is a abundance aliment favourite that’s about eaten for breakfast – and breakfast actuality in Siem Reap is one of our favourite commons as there’s so abundant to accept from, including nom banh chok, the beginning rice noodles abolished in coconut-based curries served with comestible flowers, leaves and herbs; kuy teav, a brainstorm soup with a bright borsch and beef, pork, offal, or chicken; smoky, broiled pork and rice; and, of course, borbor, Cambodia’s rice soup or rice porridge, frequently accustomed as congee beyond Southeast Asia. Alleged ‘borbor sor’ or ‘white rice porridge’ in Khmer and fabricated with added jasmine rice, it’s one of several means to accomplish Cambodian congee. ‘White’ acclimated actuality distinguishes it from rice porridges and rice soups fabricated from the assemble and aroma adhesive alleged kroeung which accept a yellow-green colour depending on the blazon of kroeung used.

This Cambodian craven rice borsch compound makes the Cambodian congee, borbor sach moan. It’s continued been anticipation that this craven rice borsch is a bowl of Chinese agent and allotment of the Cambodian-Chinese comestible ancestry rather than a Khmer dish, but no amount its ancestry it’s become a abundance aliment favourite of all Cambodians. We’ve empiric Cambodians constrict into big bowls of this borbor for breakfast, brunch, lunch, an afternoon snack, banquet (particularly if accession is activity ill), and a backward night supper (i.e. hangover cure). Actuality in Siem Reap we can acquisition borbor fabricated with chicken, pork, fish, broiled fish, seafood, snails, and frog legs, and it’s served with an arrangement of condiments, from broiled angle accessory and pickled vegetables to angle sauce, chilli flakes, and beginning ambrosial herbs.

This Cambodian vegetable congee compound makes a delicious, advantageous vegetable-driven rice borsch or borbor in Khmer, with a abject of kroeung, a Cambodian aroma paste. This is a vegetarian congee with tips for vegans. This rice bowl was commonly fabricated in a ample pot on a adobe brazier, over an accessible blaze or on a gas burner. While best households in Southeast Asia apparently accept a rice cooker, not all Southeast Asians accomplish rice in a rice cooker as ‘Uncle Roger’ would accept you believe. In Cambodia, for example, aflame rice is still mostly acclimatized in a pot on a adobe brazier or anon over an accessible fire. Back we confused to a apple on the bend of Siem Reap at the alpha of the pandemic, we’d watch our neighbours ablaze a blaze in their backyard anniversary day on which they’d abode a ample metal pot to baker their rice and soups. I’ve acclimatized the compound for rice cookers.

Rice porridges are apparently the best broadly captivated blazon of porridge, eaten everywhere from Asia to Europe and the Middle East – from Portugal to Turkey, The Levant to Taiwan – yet they ability aloof be the best all-over in Asia. Originating in India – in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, apparent rice borsch is alleged kanji, which comes from the chat for ‘boiling’ – China is conceivably the country we best accessory with rice borsch or congee, although I’d action that best Asian countries accept a congee. Our affable bacon and eggs breakfast congee compound makes a abating East-West savoury rice borsch that’s aggressive partly by the archetypal Australian breakfast of bacon and eggs with sautéed mushrooms, and partly by Chinese and Southeast breakfast porridges with pork and aloft eggs, and we account it’s one of our best rice recipes. You will charge a adhesive and abrade to agilely batter the lemongrass, amber and garlic a few times, aloof abundant to absolution the aromas, not to accomplish a paste.

This accessible Burmese attic rice compound makes a deliciously addictive turmeric-tinted rice, ambrosial with biscuit and cloves, that’s fabricated for affluent Burmese curries. I’ve acclimatized it from a acceptable Burmese compound in Mi Mi Khaing’s cookbook, Baker and Entertain the Burmese Way (1978), which calls for affable over embers, but indicates it could be fabricated with an electric rice cooker. I accustomed the challenge. While it ability abridgement the begrimed aromas had I acclimatized the rice “over charcoal alone and put baking dress-down over lid”, it still has affluence of aroma and flavour from the attic milk, cloves, cinnamon, and bay leaves. The columnist recommends confined it with this Burmese Indian appearance craven curry. If you adore this, you ability additionally like these added recipes from Myanmar, including recipes for Burmese absurd chicken, Shan vermicelli brainstorm salad, Shan amazon salad, Burmese raw banknote salad, Burmese egg curry, and ohn no khao swe, one of our favourite Myanmar soups.

Nigerian Coconut Rice Recipe
Nigerian Coconut Rice Recipe | How To Make Coconut Rice

This Cape Malay craven rice compound makes the absolute accessory for a abundantly spiced Cape Malay curry. Add buttery roti and auspicious amazon and onion and cucumber sambals and you’re set for a Cape Malay feast. The compound will accomplish you a actual moreish candied and savoury rice to accompany this archetypal Cape Malay craven back-scratch compound that we learnt to accomplish some years ago in a actual memorable Cape Malay affable chic in Cape Town’s celebrated Bo-Kaap neighbourhood, the affection of Cape Malay cuisine and ability in South Africa. If you’re not accustomed with Cape Malay food, you can apprentice added about it on that affable chic link. As with the curry, we acclaim authoritative added than you need, as this rice is accession of our best rice recipes and it’s absurd as leftovers.

Our Chinese appropriate absurd rice compound makes use of that added aflame rice you accept in the fridge and that admirable burn siu pork you cooked. Absurd and filling, it’s our go-to compound back we’re attractive for an accessible one-pot bowl to accomplish and it’s calmly accession of our best rice recipe. Long-known to us as a archetypal Chinese appropriate absurd rice of the affectionate we’d eat in Chinese restaurants growing up in Australia, this absurd rice bowl is sometimes alleged Yangzhou absurd rice, because its ancestry is the burghal of Yangzhou in Jiangsu arena in China, one of the comestible hotbeds of Huaiyang cuisine. The acceptable adaptation of this Chinese appropriate absurd rice bowl includes acclimatized rice, burn siu pork, shrimps, scallions, accolade eggs, peas, and carrots. Sea cucumber and backtalk meat were added additions. Growing up in Australia, absurd rice was consistently served in the Cantonese restaurants that were in every burghal and town’s Chinatown, at suburban Chinese restaurants, and at aliment cloister all-you-can-eat buffets. While this bowl apparently tastes aloof accomplished afterwards sitting in a bain-marie for a few hours, it absolutely shines back fabricated beginning and bleared hot.

This Cambodian absurd rice compound makes the best Cambodian bai cha (fried rice), a lighter adaptation of the accepted Chinese absurd rice, and accession of our best rice recipes. Thanks to abounding centuries of Chinese barter and migration, Chinese absurd rice is begin beyond Southeast Asia. In Cambodia, there are abounding variations of absurd rice, bai burn actuality the best ubiquitous. Bai cha (also accounting as bai tcha, bai char, bai chaa, bay cha) is artlessly ‘fried rice’ – ‘bai’ is rice and ‘cha’ is to stir-fry – and it’s acclaimed by two quintessential breakfast ingredients, sausage and eggs, Siem Reap sausage in particular, the bounded booty on lap cheong, the Cantonese name for a smoked, sweetened, red Chinese sausage. Sometimes you’ll see a absurd egg plopped on top in accession to the egg accumulated through the rice. You’ll additionally see absurd rice fabricated with pork and shrimps; absurd rice with alloyed seafood, mainly begin on the Cambodian bank (look for bai burn Kampot and bai burn Kep, alleged afterwards the littoral towns area they originate); and the abundant bai burn kdam (fried rice with crab).

This shrimp absurd rice with shrimp adhesive compound makes Cambodia’s bai burn kapi – ‘bai’ is rice and ‘cha’ is to fry or stir-fry and kapi is shrimp paste. It’s a archetypal absurd rice acclaimed by candied beefy prawns and the acerbity of shrimp adhesive and it’s accession of our best rice recipes. If you adulation the salty, blue flavours of shrimp adhesive and angle sauce, you’ll adulation this. You don’t? Then leave out the shrimp adhesive and you’ve got a absurd shrimp absurd rice. This shrimp absurd rice with shrimp adhesive is cool accessible to accomplish if you accept added aflame rice in the fridge – day-old aflame rice is good, but a brace of canicule old is alike better. You won’t see this shrimp absurd rice with shrimp adhesive on airheaded all over Cambodia, as best Cambodians adopt angle booze and their admired brewed angle adhesive alleged prahok to shrimp paste, however, you’ll appear beyond this shrimp absurd rice bowl wherever you acquisition shrimp adhesive fabricated and sold, whether it’s fabricated from river prawns or ocean prawns. We use a bounded shrimp paste, but you’ll apparently accept greater luck award a Thai shrimp adhesive than a Cambodian shrimp adhesive alfresco the country. You could additionally add a little angle booze to this if you absolutely adulation funky, ambiguous flavours.

This tonkatsu absurd rice with onsen eggs compound combines a few of the things we adulation – absurd rice, eggs and tonkatsu, the delicious Japanese pork cutlet breaded in panko crumbs and deep-fried. Like the aboriginal Chinese absurd rice that was invented to use added rice, this tonkatsu absurd rice with onsen eggs compound is the aftereffect of accumulation assortment – we had a brace of pieces of tonkatsu, the deep-fried Japanese breaded pork cutlets, and some aflame rice in the fridge – as able-bodied as a little experimentation, as Terence had been authoritative onsen eggs. It’s one of our best rice recipes. If you adore this, you’ll additionally adulation these tonkatsu burgers, so accomplish extra. You’ll charge this tonkatsu compound to accomplish your tonkatsu and tonkatsu booze first.

This craven absurd rice compound combines our favourite Nashville-style Southern absurd craven by chef Morgan McGlone of Belles Hot Craven with a archetypal absurd rice. Like the tonkatsu rice above, this craven absurd rice compound is the aftereffect of experimentation, as the best rice recipes are. Whenever Terence accomplish batches of Southern absurd chicken, we consistently accept leftovers. Often, we’ll reheat the craven the abutting day and accept it for cafeteria or a snack. However, afterwards authoritative tonkatsu absurd rice and it axis out so well, we anticipation Terence should try authoritative absurd rice with ambrosial absurd chicken. One of his attempts at this craven absurd rice bowl absolutely stood out, adopted from a Japanese back-scratch absurd rice recipe. He fabricated it with a little back-scratch crumb and it was magic. Not all back-scratch powders are created according obviously. In this case, we use the Nguan Soon back-scratch crumb cast which comes from Thailand but you could use your favourite back-scratch crumb – or alike accomplish your own back-scratch crumb blend.

Please do let us apperceive if you accomplish our best rice recipes in the comments below, as we’d adulation to apperceive how they about-face out for you.

Easy Coconut Rice
Easy Coconut Rice | How To Make Coconut Rice

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Easy Coconut Rice
Easy Coconut Rice | How To Make Coconut Rice

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Coconut rice (Thengai sadam)
Coconut rice (Thengai sadam) | How To Make Coconut Rice
How to Make Coconut Rice
How to Make Coconut Rice | How To Make Coconut Rice