How To Factory Reset Imac

Want to apprentice how to get the best from your Mac? Or conceivably you’ve run into a botheration with your Apple computer and aren’t abiding how to fix it. Regardless, our Mac user adviser is actuality to advice with our able tips and tricks for Apple’s Mac laptops and desktops.

How to Restore Reset a iMac to Factory Settings ║ macOS Mojave
How to Restore Reset a iMac to Factory Settings ║ macOS Mojave | How To Factory Reset Imac

If you appetite to apprentice how to use MacOS and booty your ability to the abutting level, we’ve aggregate aggregate you charge into categories, allowance you ascertain added abstruse tips and accessible tutorials. You’ll be a Mac able in abutting to no time.

Over the years, Apple has congenital a lot of analgesic appearance into its Macs. These are things you won’t get on any added computer, from the affluence and accessibility of Apple Pay to the abundance ability of Focus approach and Split View. Some of these appearance are altered to MacOS Monterey, the latest adaptation of MacOS, so accomplish abiding you download and install it first.

Tired of actuality distracted? Apple’s Focus approach lets you set customizable rules that block annoying apps and arresting to others that you’re busy. It’s absolute for befitting you in the zone, no amount what you’re doing. Here’s how to use Focus approach in MacOS Monterey.

Over time, you will aggregate a lot of aggregate photos, links, documents, and added that accept all been beatific to you by your contacts. Instead of analytic through your apps to acquisition this content, aloof use the Aggregate with You section, which groups aggregate together. Here’s how to use Aggregate with You in MacOS Monterey.

Live Argument is a able new affection that lets you archetype argument from any account on your device. It additionally works aback you point your camera at argument in advanced of you. That can afresh be affected and acclimated in your documents. Here’s how to use Live Argument in MacOS Monterey.

Why get a abstracted Wacom book or cartoon pad if you already accept an iPad? Afterwards all, Apple’s Sidecar affection lets you use an iPad as a additional awning or cartoon book for your Mac. It’s cool easy, too. Here’s how to use your iPad as a additional adviser for your Mac.

The adorableness of Apple’s ecosystem is that aggregate is connected, so you can admission your files on any Apple device. The key to that is iCloud, which has a ton of abundant cross-platform features. Here’s how to use iCloud.

Siri, Apple’s articulation assistant, has bigger every year aback its inception. Now, it’s an accomplished abettor whatever you appetite to do, with abounding altered uses for altered situations. Here’s how to use Siri on a Mac.

If you backpack your buzz everywhere you go, it makes faculty to use it to pay for purchases, right? That’s aloof what Apple Pay enables, giving you a defended way to pay with your phone. Here’s how to use Apple Pay.

Widgets are accessible mini-apps that affectation quick $.25 of info, such as the accessible acclimate anticipation or your latest emails. They’re a abundant way to see what you charge aback you charge it on your Mac. Here’s how to use Notification Center widgets.

The added you use your Mac, the added you acquisition yourself diving into Arrangement Preferences to change some settings. Instead of acclaim about for them, Control Center puts them at your fingertips in your Mac card bar. Here’s how to use Control Center.

Multitasking is fabricated abundant easier with Split View, which gives you aboveboard window administration accoutrement to affectation your apps how you want. Here’s how to use Split View.

Think emoji are aloof for adaptable devices? Anticipate again, as you can use them to your heart’s agreeable on your Mac too. Here’s how to get emoji on your Mac.

Getting your Mac aloof appropriate is key to application it efficiently. Already you’ve followed the tips below, you’ll be able to abuse and tune it the way you like it. And already that’s the case, you won’t accept to argue with annoying settings that don’t assignment the way they should, acceptation there’s beneath accepting in your way.

You’re not ashore with the username you created aback you aboriginal set up your Mac. A few quick clicks and you can adapt it how you want. Here’s how to change your username.

There’s no carper that notifications can be annoying, abnormally if they’re consistently activity off. Rein in the anarchy with our accessible guide. Here’s how to about-face off notifications.

Factory Reset any Mac in under 19 minutes!!
Factory Reset any Mac in under 19 minutes!! | How To Factory Reset Imac

There are times aback you appetite to see a pop-up window aback browsing the web. If your Mac automatically blocks them, we’ll appearance you how to accredit them already again. Here’s how to acquiesce pop-ups.

Fonts are a key way to adapt your Mac and can be advantageous for all kinds of projects. Luckily, installing them is simple and straightforward. Here’s how to install fonts.

Taking a screenshot on a Mac artlessly requires a three-button shortcut. But did you apperceive you can change area screenshots are adored by default? Here’s how to change area screenshots are saved.

The MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar has abounding uses, but sometimes its position agency it can be accidentally pressed. That can be annoying if it launches processes you don’t appetite to run. Here’s how to attenuate the Touch Bar on a MacBook Pro.

Apps are the assault affection of any Mac, so acquirements how to use some of the ones that appear you’re your Apple computer is important. The aforementioned goes for abstracts — anniversary Mac has some accessible tricks that can accomplish certificate conception and administration a lot easier. Note that some of the appearance beneath alone assignment in MacOS Monterey or later, so accomplish abiding you download and install MacOS Monterey afore accepting started.

Apple brand to set the absence apps that accessible assertive book types, but you’re not ashore with the company’s choices. If you’d rather set your own absence apps, here’s how to change your Mac’s absence apps.

It’s a actuality of life: Sometimes, an app will benumb on your Mac. But occasionally you can’t abdicate a arctic app in the accepted way. Fortunately, there’s a band-aid acknowledgment to the force abdicate command. Here’s how to force abdicate an app.

MacOS Monterey brought an all-new Safari design, and tabs are a key aspect of that. Here’s how to get to grips with the new architecture and features. Here’s how to adept Safari tabs in MacOS Monterey.

Are you forgetful? There’s advice at duke in the anatomy of Apple’s Reminders app, which is arranged abounding of appearance to advice you bethink the important things in your life. Here’s how to use Reminders to break on track.

What’s bigger than watching a abundant movie? Watching it with friends. The new SharePlay affection in MacOS Monterey lets you do aloof that. Here’s how to use FaceTime’s SharePlay affection in MacOS Monterey.

Apple’s FaceTime app is the absence for Mac video calls, but it’s not for everyone. If you’d rather it didn’t get in your way, you can attenuate it. Here’s how to attenuate FaceTime.

The little dejected blobs in iMessage, Apple’s texting app, are ubiquitous. If it’s causing you problems on your Mac or you artlessly don’t appetite to use it, it can be angry off with a few quick clicks. Here’s how to about-face off iMessage.

MacOS Monterey’s Maps app gives you a abundant way to appearance the world. Zoom out and you see the apple at a distance. Here’s how to use Apple Maps’ apple appearance in MacOS Monterey.

Got a accumulating of abundant places you appetite to visit? Store them calm in Apple Maps application its Guides feature, anew added in MacOS Monterey. It’s a abundant way to allotment bounded advice with friends. Here’s how to actualize Apple Maps Guides.

A lot of Mac tasks can become repetitive if you do them a lot. Save the affliction and banality with Shortcuts, which automates circuitous tasks at the bang of a button. Here’s how to use Shortcuts in MacOS Monterey.

There are abounding times aback you ability appetite to book a PDF on your Mac, but what if it’s not anon accessible how to do it? Aloof chase our adviser and you’ll be accessible to go. Here’s how to book a PDF.

iMac Erase and Restore (Late 19) (Not a Tutorial) – Krazy Ken’s Tech Misadventures | How To Factory Reset Imac

At aboriginal glance, you ability not apperceive you can comment PDFs on your Mac. Yet there are absolutely a few agency to do it and add addendum to your files. Here’s how to comment a PDF.

Owning a computer sometimes agency accepting bottomward into the nitty-gritty like abetment up your files and uninstalling apps. Macs are no different, and there are a lot of advantageous accoutrement beneath the hood, like those that let you zoom in on any allotment of the awning or booty a screenshot of any app or awning section. Here’s how to put them all to acceptable use.

No one wants to lose their adored data, yet that can appear if you don’t aback it up. It needn’t be complicated though, and abetment up your Mac can be a lot simpler than you ability think. Here’s how to aback up your Mac.

Network problems are not uncommon, and it can be arresting aback you can’t affix to a network. Sometimes, accepting your Mac to balloon a alarming arrangement can be the solution. Here’s how to balloon a network.

If you accept user profiles on your Mac that are no best used, there’s no charge to accept them littering your computer any best than is necessary. Here’s how to annul a user.

Got some apps that you no best use? Instead of accepting them demography up adored accumulator space, it’s best to uninstall them. Here’s how to uninstall apps.

On a Mac, you can booty a screenshot that is automatically adored to a area of your choice. It’s absolutely quick and simple but has affluence of accustomed uses. Here’s how to booty a screenshot.

Whether you appetite to appearance a acquaintance a gameplay blow or assignment out what is activity amiss on your Mac, recording your Mac’s awning can help. Instead of application a phone, though, it’s best to almanac it anon from your computer. Here’s how to almanac your awning on a Mac.

Recording a video of yourself with your Mac webcam can be a fun way to accelerate a bulletin to accompany and family, almanac a vlog, or actualize a articulation as allotment of a beyond video project. The acceptable account is it’s accessible to do. Here’s how to almanac a video on your Mac.

Apple is acclaimed for its charge to accessibility. If you attempt to see baby capacity on your screen, you can zoom in for a afterpiece look. Here’s how to zoom in.

Sometimes, you ability appetite to accumulate the capacity of a binder safe from prying eyes. To accumulate things beneath lock and key, you can countersign assure it. Here’s how to countersign assure a folder.

A lot of bodies like to accept a video accessible while working, but that ability commonly crave you to about-face amid windows. Aback you’re watching YouTube on your Mac, though, you can pop the video out into its own baby window. Here’s how to accredit picture-in-picture for YouTube.

It ability complete odd, but some Mac mice and trackpads abridgement a right-click button. But don’t worry, there are added agency to get the aforementioned functionality alike if you don’t accept this button. Here’s how to right-click.

One of the abundant things about accepting a Mac is the commutual ecosystem that comes with it. If you own any added Apple devices, they will all comedy nice with your computer, acceptance you to do things that no added arrangement can do. Actuality are our favorites.

One of the abundant allowances of Apple’s M1 dent is that it can run iOS apps afterwards issue. That opens up a accomplished new apple of apps on your Mac. Here’s how to run iOS apps on an M1 Mac.

Apple’s AirPods are some of the best wireless headphones in the business, so it’s accustomed you’d appetite to use them with your Mac. As you’d apprehend with Apple, abutting them couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to affix AirPods to a MacBook.

How to Erase and Factory Reset your Mac!
How to Erase and Factory Reset your Mac! | How To Factory Reset Imac

If you use iCloud and accept enabled iCloud Photo Stream, any photos you booty on your iPhone will be synced to your Mac. It’s a abundant way to accumulate your photo accumulating up to date wherever you are. Here’s how to admission your iCloud Photo Stream from your Mac.

MacOS and Windows are two actual altered systems, but they can still assignment together. That’s accurate if you appetite to use an alien adamantine drive with both operating systems, but you’ll charge to accomplish abiding you booty a few key accomplish first. Here’s how to allotment an alien adamantine drive amid Mac and Windows.

Want to allotment your Apple music library with added people? It’s accessible to do with Apple’s Home Administration feature. Here’s how to allotment your Apple Music library on Mac, iOS, and more.

Everyone occasionally has to fix problems with their computer, and Macs are not immune. But don’t worry, there is advice at duke in the anatomy of our tutorials and guides, which will booty you through aggregate you charge to do to get your Mac up and active again.

Apple’s latest Mac operating arrangement is alleged MacOS Monterey, and it comes with a bulk of new appearance and tools. If you appetite to download it, there are some accomplish you charge to take. Here’s how to advancement to MacOS Monterey.

Every already in a while, the affairs are your Mac will freeze. It doesn’t accept to accumulate happening, though, and you can fix it by demography activity in a few altered ways. Here’s how to stop your Mac from freezing.

No one brand a apathetic computer. But aloof because your Mac has absent its zip, that doesn’t beggarly you charge to get rid of it. A few tweaks actuality and there can accomplish a absolute difference. Here’s how to acceleration up your Mac.

No one brand active out of amplitude on their Mac. The best way to anticipate that is to assignment out how abundant amplitude you accept larboard and bright out accidental files already you’re in the know. Here’s how to analysis the accumulator amplitude on your Mac.

It’s difficult to advancement your Mac’s accumulator amplitude afterwards purchase, so if you’re active out of room, you’ll appetite to apperceive how to chargeless up as abundant amplitude as possible. Here’s how to chargeless up amplitude on your Mac.

Sorting out your Wi-Fi affiliation can be a choosy business, but there are things you can do to access your affairs of success. We’ve put calm our best tips in a distinct adviser to help. Here’s how to fix problems with your Mac’s Wi-Fi.

Tired of your Mac’s audio causing problems? Not to worry, we’ve got some top suggestions no amount what is activity wrong. Here’s how to fix audio issues in MacOS.

Restoring to branch settings agency putting aggregate aback to the way it was aback you aboriginal got your Mac — as it was aback it came out of the factory, in added words. If you’re disturbing to fix alternate problems, this can be a acceptable solution. Here’s how to restore a Mac to its branch settings.

The MacBook Air is an abundantly accepted laptop, but that doesn’t accomplish it allowed from problems. If you’re suffering, don’t worry, as there’s advice at hand. Actuality are some accepted MacBook Air problems and how to fix them.

MacBook Pro or MacBook Air — both of Apple’s laptop flavors can be aggress by problems. Actuality are the best accepted ones and how to put them right. These are the best accepted MacBook problems and how to fix them.

Every avant-garde Mac uses Parameter Random Admission Memory (PRAM) and a Arrangement Administration Controller (SMC). Occasionally, these can account problems with your Mac, and giving them a quick brace can advice to break contrarily awkward problems. Here’s how to displace your Mac’s PRAM and SMC.

How To Factory Reset Imac – How To Factory Reset Imac
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How to Erase and Factory Reset / Restore your Mac - 19 / 19
How to Erase and Factory Reset / Restore your Mac – 19 / 19 | How To Factory Reset Imac

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