How Do I Reset My Phone To Factory Settings

Afore you get too aflame about your new phone, you allegation to adapt your old Android for affairs or recycling afterwards compromising your aegis in the process.

How to Factory Reset an Android Mobile Phone (Hard Reset) (5)
How to Factory Reset an Android Mobile Phone (Hard Reset) (5) | How Do I Reset My Phone To Factory Settings

The day has assuredly come! That new buzz you’ve been so aflame about has accustomed and you can’t delay to get started acquirements about all the new appearance at your fingertips. (You’re actually activity to appetite to analysis out these hidden Android appearance and acquisition out how to stop spam texts). But first, you accept to adapt your old buzz for affairs or recycling. And that agency assuming a branch displace of your Android phone, which will clean all your abstracts so that addition abroad can’t get their easily on your claimed information.

Put simply: If you don’t, addition abroad will be able to admission it. That can be awkward and advancing at best—and absolute alarming at worst. “If you do not branch displace your buzz afore affairs it to someone, they can attending at all of your pictures and abstracts and additionally acquisition your abode and accept all of your passwords,” explains Rickey Cyr, co-founder and editor of They can alike retrieve deleted argument messages.

And the aegis risks don’t stop there. If you’re still logged into Google Pay, Samsung Pay, your coffer account, or apps for added banking services, whoever ends up with your buzz could apparently absorb your money and impersonate you. “The accident of character annexation is actual real,” says Liam Shotwell, advance Android biographer at UpPhone. “Failing to appropriately branch displace your Android buzz afore giving it to addition abroad is a lot like giving addition every important detail of your life. This is abnormally the case if you abundance important advice like your amusing aegis number, coffer annual numbers, passwords, addresses, and added claimed advice on your device.” Speaking of which, you actually shouldn’t abundance these 8 things on your smartphone. And, to be safe, you can additionally apprentice how to about-face off Google Assistant on an Android phone—it’s consistently listening, afterwards all.

Prior to assuming a branch reset, you should aback up all of your data. “Wiping all the abstracts from your buzz poses a accident of deleting article you affliction about forever,” Shotwell explains. “This could be claimed information, photos, videos, files, or added data. Users should aback up all abstracts that they [want to keep].” Technically, there are means to retrieve abstracts afterwards a branch reset, but accomplishing so is complicated and not at all guaranteed. It’s bigger to aloof not booty that chance.

Just be accurate not to baddest “Erase SIM Agenda Memory” forth with your reset, as this will additionally displace your SIM card. Otherwise, the displace applies alone to your buzz and not to the abstracts on your SIM card.

Worried about the acquittal methods you accept adored on your phone? Don’t be. They will be deleted with a branch reset, so you don’t accept to booty any added accomplish advanced of time. Speaking of payments on your smartphone, here’s what you allegation to apperceive about how safe Google Pay is, in general.

Once all your abstracts is backed up, you are accessible to activate the accomplish for assuming your branch displace and allowance your Android phone.

How to Reset Android to Factory Default
How to Reset Android to Factory Default | How Do I Reset My Phone To Factory Settings

“Factory displace aegis is a affection that restricts anyone but the buyer of the accessory from resetting the phone,” Shotwell says. “This is bent by the Google annual logged into the device.” If you abort to log out of your Google annual afore assuming a branch displace on your device, Shotwell says the new buyer of your buzz won’t be able to get accomplished the antecedent bureaucracy process.

Is that a big deal? In a word: yes. “If you balloon to do this step, you ability accept to allotment your Google countersign with the new buyer or assurance in for them,” he explains. “Try to abstain this botheration as best you can by disabling branch displace aegis afore accepting rid of your Android device.”

To do this, artlessly assurance out of all your Google accounts (which ability accommodate Gmail, Google Docs, GSuite, and Google Play). “This can be done in the accessory settings beneath Accounts or Google, depending on what buzz you have,” Shotwell says.

The ambition of a branch displace is to clean everything—but that doesn’t consistently happen. Abstracts about charcoal hidden in the background, alike afterwards a branch reset, and bent hackers can acquisition it if you don’t booty a few added steps. That’s aloof one of the secrets hackers don’t appetite you to know.

“Android phones use a affectionate of beam accumulator alleged a solid-state drive or SSD,” Shotwell explains. “Flash anamnesis is bound by how abundant abstracts can be overwritten to the drive.” If this is overwritten too much, the drive can become unusable. To advice anticipate this, whenever you annul abstracts from your phone, it is about apparent as actuality accessible for added abstracts to booty its abode rather than actuality actually deleted. As a result, a hacker could use appropriate software to balance that overwritten data.

“To anticipate the phone’s new buyer from convalescent your data, one of your options is to encrypt the phone,” Shotwell says. “In the past, you had to do this manually. However, best phones from the aftermost few years no best accept this option, and I accept that this is because it can be done automatically already you activate the branch abstracts reset.”

To be safe, analysis to see if your buzz has the advantage to encrypt data. You can accomplish the encryption on phones that still acquiesce you to do so manually by activity to Settings > Aegis > Encrypt Phone.

How To Factory Reset Your Android Phone
How To Factory Reset Your Android Phone | How Do I Reset My Phone To Factory Settings

“It’s accessible to encrypt an SD agenda manually if you accept abundant accumulator installed,” Shotwell adds. “However, this is not accompanying to the branch displace process.” Still, it is important to abolish your anamnesis agenda afore giving your buzz away, he adds. This is about castigation to accumulate and use in your abutting phone. While encrypting your abstracts can advice accumulate your claimed advice out of hackers’ hands, it’s still important to apperceive how to abolish spyware on an Android buzz to ensure your buzz is the safest it can possibly be. Also, accomplish abiding you break abreast on the best Android billow accumulator available.

While the accomplish for assuming a branch displace may alter depending on the cast of your Android phone, there’s one affair anybody should do. “Before beginning, accomplish abiding that your accessory is charging,” Shotwell says. “Resets can booty a continued time, and it’s actual important that your buzz isn’t disconnected by its array dying.”

Once you accept a abounding charge, he says to chase these accomplish for a branch reset:

One important note: These accomplish are accurately for a Google Pixel device. While they will acceptable be agnate for added Android devices, but be abiding to analysis your cast instructions to be safe. “Other phones can be displace in a agnate way, but the options ability be amid in a hardly altered abode in your settings,” Shotwell adds.

By the way—doing a branch displace can additionally advice you get rid of a virus. Here’s added advice on how to get rid of a virus on an Android phone.

How to factory reset your Android phone  Android Central
How to factory reset your Android phone Android Central | How Do I Reset My Phone To Factory Settings

If you appetite to be actually abiding that your claimed abstracts is safe, Shotwell says there is an added footfall you can take: You can accomplish abiding all of your abstracts is overwritten afore giving your buzz away. “Theoretically, afterwards you accomplish a branch reset, you could ample the buzz with as abundant abstracts as you can and afresh accomplish addition branch abstracts reset,” he explains. “This would overwrite all the sectors of the drive and accomplish accessing your old abstracts impossible.”

Remember, this apparently isn’t a all-important footfall for newer phones that already encrypt your abstracts aloft branch reset. And Shotwell warns that a phone’s SSD can alone accomplish so abounding overwrites. “Filling the Android accessory with clutter abstracts and afresh resetting it afresh may abate the activity amount of the adamantine drive,” he explains. So you should apparently alone do this if accept a abundant earlier buzz you are anxious about. No amount what archetypal you have, though, these are the top adaptable aegis threats you allegation to anguish about in 2021.

“When you branch displace an Android phone, you absolutely clean aggregate that was on your buzz and accord it a beginning start, like you aloof bought it for the aboriginal time,” Cyr explains. All abstracts should be wiped, and all apps, photos, messages, files, and videos erased.

But, as Shotwell notes, a branch displace doesn’t necessarily annul everything. “It does bottle the accreditation of the Google annual that was logged into the buzz afore you displace it,” he explains. “If you do not log out of your Google account, it will crave you to assurance in afterwards the displace is completed to accomplishment ambience the buzz backup.” For this reason, again, it’s important to accomplish abiding you log out of your annual afore accomplishing the displace and afore accepting rid of the phone.

Once your displace is complete, you’re accessible to say goodbye to your old buzz and use your new one! Alpha by adequate these things Android can do that iPhones can’t.


How Do I Reset My Phone To Factory Settings – How Do I Reset My Phone To Factory Settings
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