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March 10th
Districts to help fund charter school?
August 18th
Funding for New Century and Regents scholarships to be restored
July 1st
Applications for the Carson Smith Scholarship are due

Jun. 17, 9:00 AM
The Education Interim Committee of the State Legislature holds a public meeting.
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Feb. 23 - Mar. 22
Comcast Newsmakers interviews Robyn Bagley about www.Utah-EducationFacts.com
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Mar. 12
The 2009 Legislative Session concluded on Thursday, March 12th at midnight
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Did You Know?

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the landmark report, A Nation at Risk.
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In the 2007-08 school year, Utah spent $8,224 per public school student.
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Charter schools are independent public schools run by parents or non-profits.
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The average class size in Utah is 22.2
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High school students can graduate with an associate's degree and a scholarship worth 75% of college tuition.
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Open Enrollment

Open enrollment allows Utah students to attend any public school in the state so long as it has capacity (based on the school district's average class size).  Local school boards are required to post information on their district's website showing each school's open enrollment capacity.

School districts may charge a one-time $5 processing fee paid at the time of application.

All public school students in Utah may transfer to a non-residential public school, without discrimination, as long as the school has capacity. During the Early Enrollment period, which ends on the 3rd Friday in February for the upcoming school year, capacity is based on the school's physical capacity and the average class size in the school district.  During the Late Enrollment period, which begins after the 3rd Friday in February, capacity is based on the number of teachers in the school and the average class in the school district.

Local school districts are required by law to post information about capacity at all of heir schools and on the school district's website. Once a school has been located with space for your student, submit an application. You will be notified within 6 weeks for an application submitted during the open enrollment period, and within 2 weeks during the late enrollment period if your application has been accepted.

House Bill 349

Utah's open enrollment program was broadened in 2008 through passage of House Bill 349

Representative Julie Fisher

Senator Dan Eastman (no longer a Senator)

HB 349 Status


HB 349 Text

Read the text of House Bill 349>>

HB 349 Summary

  1. Clarifies reasons a school may reject an application for enrollment.
  2. Defines a school’s capacity for open enrollment based on district average class size. As class sizes drop, the capacity of the school drops proportionally.
  3. Modifies the threshold below which a school is open for enrollment of nonresident students from 90% of capacity to 90% of capacity or space for 40 additional students.
  4. Introduces a “late enrollment” period during which a student may apply for enrollment in a nonresident school. Late enrollment capacity is based on current staff and will not effect a schools staffing plans. The regular open enrollment period ends the 3rd Friday in February prior to the start of the school year.
  5. Requires local school boards to post data on the school district's website regarding school capacity and applications for enrollment of nonresident students.
  6. Requires local school boards to establish policies ensuring that schools do not discriminate against any individual or group of nonresident students.


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